[iv] The program to land man on the Moon and to return him safely to Earth, begun 10 years ago by President Kennedy, has shown science in the making to a world-wide audience. And we scientists have had a growing responsibility to tell that audience more about the scientific aspects of the lunar missions. This booklet is intended to meet a part of that responsibility. In the preface to On the Moon With Apollo 15, I wrote-

Never before in man's history has it been possible for more than a few people to witness major scientific discoveries. Yet with each Apollo mission to the Moon's surface, millions of people throughout the world can watch through television the activities of the astronauts. The understanding by the viewer of those activities and his sense of sharing in the scientific excitement of the mission are greatly increased when there is a general understanding of the scientific and engineering aspects. Yet for most of us, the usual discussions are clouded with jargon.

My purpose in writing this new guidebook is to give in simple terms information about the Apollo 16 mission to the Moon so that others can share with me the excitement of the scientific exploration of the Descartes region of the Moon.

I have benefitted greatly from constructive comments on the Apollo 15 booklet by many people. Several hundred individuals sent me advance copy of their work and suggested ways to improve the Apollo 16 booklet. Especially helpful were the comments by Ed Roedder, Pembroke Hart, John Baum, J. W. DeWitt, Jr., Edward Anders, Nancy Anders (age 12) and George Anders (age 14).

Many people helped me prepare this guidebook. Richard Baldwin, Gordon Tevedahl, John S. Kennoy, Jr., and George Esenwein collected background material. Rex Cline coordinated all art. Jerry Elmore, Norman Tiller, Ray Bruneau, Barbara Matelski, and Boyd Mounce drew most of the original sketches. Andrew Patnesky, Fred Horz, and Mike Duke each provided several new photographs. The manuscript was improved greatly as a result of comments by Ruth and David Fitterman, Scott Baldridge, Amy and Mayme Strickland, James Head, George Esenwein, Terry Todd, Herb Wang, William Allen, Joe Allen, George Abbey, Doug Ward, Jack Sevier, Peter Mason, John Pomeroy, Don Bane, and Don Beattie. My former secretary Jean Ellis helped with many revisions. To all of these people, I express my thanks.


January 1972
Winchester, Massachusetts