[89-90] TABLE 6.- Scientific Equipment Suppliers


The companies that built scientific equipment for the Apollo program, including 17, are shown here. Clearly, I could not list every company that produced a small screw; there would be too many. So I have chosen to list those companies, or governmental agencies, that contributed significantly to the design, building, etc., of hardware.






Motorola, Inc., Govt. Elec. Div

Scottsdale, Ariz .

Command Receiver, ALSEP Control Data System

U.S. Geological Survey

Flagstaff, Ariz

Lunar Geology Investigation

Murdock Engineering

Los Angeles, Calif.


Ames Research Center

Moffett Field, Calif

Lunar Portable Magnetometer and Lunar Surface Magnetometer

Analog Technology Corporation

Pasadena, Calif

Particle Shadows/Boundary Layer (Subsatellite), Particles Experiment Subsystem, and Gamma Ray Spectrometer

California Institute of Technology

Pasadena, Calif

Neutron Flux Gradient Experiment

Electro- Optical Systems, Inc

Pasadena, Calif

Design and fabrication of electronics and packaging, ALSEP Solar Wind Spectrometer

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Pasadena, Calif

Gamma Ray Spectrometer, and Medium Energy Solar Wind

North American Rockwell

Downey, Calif

Lunar Sounder


Palo Alto, Calif

Lunar Tri-Axis Magnetometer

Space Ordnance Systems, Inc.

Saugus, Calif

Grenade Launcher, Subsystem of ASE

Stanford Electronic Laboratory, Stanford University

Stanford, Calif

Bistatic Radar

Time Zero Corporation

Torrance, Calif

Magnetometer (Subsatellite), Suprathermal Ion Detector, and Electronics Subsystem of LEAM

TRW Systems Group

Redondo Beach, Calif

S-Band Transponder (Subsatellite and CSM/ LM), and SS Particle Boundary Layer

University of California at Berkeley

Berkeley, Calif

Cosmic Ray PI Support

Velonex, Inc

Santa Clara, Calif

High Voltage Power Supply, Lunar Surface Ultraviolet Camera/Spectrograph

Martin Marietta Corporation

Denver, Colo

Apollo Lunar Surface Drill (ALSD)

Barnes Engineering Co

Stamford, Conn

IR Scanning Radiometer

Chicago-Latrobe Co

Chicago, III

Core stems, core and bore bits, Apollo Lunar Surface Drill

Applied Physics Laboratory

Silver Spring, Md

FAR UV Spectrometer

Black and Decker Manufacturing Co

Towson, Md

Powerhead, Apollo Lunar Surface Drill

Westinghouse Electric Corp.

Baltimore, Md

CM Color TV Camera

American Science & Engineering, Inc.

Cambridge, Mass

Alpha Particle Spectrometer, and X-Ray Fluorescence


Lexington, Mass

24-Inch Panoramic Camera

Arthur D. Little, Inc.

Cambridge, Mass

Heat Flow Probes, Surface Electrical Properties, Boron Filament/ Glass Epoxy-bore stems, Apollo Lunar Surface Drill, and LSG Thermal Subsystem

Littleton Research & Engineering Corp

Littleton, Mass

Assist in structural verification of hardware

Massachusetts Institute of Technology-Draper Laboratory

Cambridge, Mass

Lunar Gravity Traverse

Massachusetts Institute of Technology- Center for Space Research Geophysics

Cambridge, Mass

Surface Electrical Properties

RCA Aerospace Systems Division

Burlington, Mass

Laser Altimeter

David Clark Co

Worcester, Mass

Communication Carriers (Coin-caps)

Raytheon Co

Sudbury, Mass

Surface Electrical Properties

Bendix Corp

Ann Arbor, Mich


Rosemont Engineering Co

Minneapolis, Minn

Platinum Sensors

Eagle-Picher Ind., Electric Division

Joplin, Mo

Battery housing and attachment design

Washington University at St. Louis

St. Louis, Mo

Cosmic Ray PI Support

The Singer Co., Kearfott Division

Little Falls, N.J

Pendulous Vertical Sensors


Sinden, N.J

Hasselblad Cameras and Equipment


TABLE 6.- Scientific Equipment Suppliers- Continued






RCA-Astro Electronics Div

Princeton, N.J

Ground Commanded Color TV

RCA-Government Systems

Camden, N.J

EVA Communications Systems and Lunar Communications Relay Unit (LCRU)

Atomic Energy Commission

Albuquerque, N. Mex

Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator (RTG)

Bulova Watch Co., Ine., Systems & Instrument Division

Valley Stream, N.Y

LSP Timers

Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corp

Syosset, Long Island, N.Y

3-Inch Mapping Camera

General Electric R. & D. Center

Schenectady, N.Y

Cosmic Ray Detector (Sheets)

Norton Research Corp

Merrick, N.Y

Cold Cathode Gauge

Yardney Electric Corp

New York, N.Y

Silver Zinc Battery Apollo Lunar Surface Drill


Long Island, N.Y

16 mm Camera System

Research Foundation of NY

Albany, N.Y

PI Support for UV Photography

Naval Research Laboratory.

Washington, D.C

FAR UV Camera/Spectroscope

Hershaw Chemical Co

Solon, Ohio

Inorganic scintillator assembly-Gamma Ray Spectrometer

General Electric

Valley Forge, Pa

Equipment design-Cosmic Ray Detector (Sheets)

Radio Corporation of America

Lancaster, Pa

Photomultiplier tubes-Gamma Ray Spectrometer

Three-B Optical Co .

Gibsonia, Pa .

Schmidt optics for Lunar Surface Ultraviolet Camera

Union Carbide Corp

Oak Ridge, Tenn

Sample Return Containers (SRC's)

LaCoste & Romberg

Austin, Tex

Sensor for LSG

Manned Spacecraft Center

Houston, Tex

Lunar Dust Detector, Cold Cathode Ionization Gauge, and Soil Mechanics

Rice University

Houston, Tex

Suprathermal Ion Detector

Teledyne Industries Geotech Division

Garland, Tex

Seismic Detection Subsystem of ASK

University of Texas at Dallas

Dallas, Tex

Mass Spectrometer and Atmospheric Composition

University of Berne

Berne, Switzerland

Solar Wind Composition