Apollo Astronauts on Moon A Historic Meeting on Spaceflight . . . A Historic Meeting on Spaceflight . . . A Historic Meeting on Spaceflight . . . Blank Graphic
Apollo Astronauts on Moon Background Analysis Links Supporting Documents
Centaur Rocket Engine
Transcript of the Meeting Audio
Collage of Saturn 1B Launch; Sputnik; NASA Leadership Triumvirate; James E. Webb; and Centaur Rocket Collage of Centaur Rocket Engine and table meeting



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President Kennedy’s decision to begin the Apollo program

Biographical sketches of the key NASA and other aerospace officials

Great Images in NASA (GRIN) photo database

Stephen Garber’s Quest: The History of Spaceflight Quarterly journal article about President Kennedy’s attitude towards space from the summer 1999 issue

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library


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