Guide to Magellan Image Interpretation





Foreword, Acknowledgements, Abstract.


Chapter 1. Magellan: The Mission and the System. John P. Ford.

Chapter 2. Magellan Image Data. John P. Ford and Jeffrey J. Plaut.

Chapter 3. The Non-SAR Experiments. Jeffrey J. Plaut.

Chapter 4. Stereo Imaging. Jeffrey J. Plaut.

Chapter 5. Radar Interactions With Geologic Surfaces. Tom G. Farr.

Chapter 6. Surface Modification Processes. Catherine M. Weitz.

Chapter 7. Impact Craters. Catherine M. Weitz.

Chapter 8. Tectonic Features in Magellan Data. Ellen R. Stofan, David A. Senske, and Gregory Michaels.

Chapter 9. Volcanic Features. John P. Ford, Jeffrey J. Plaut, and Timothy J. Parker.

Chapter 10. Geologic Mapping on Venus. David A. Senske and Ellen R. Stofan.


Appendix: Availability of Magellan Data Products.