AA Apollo Applications program
AAP Apollo Applications Program
ABMA Army Ballistic Missile Agency
AEC Atomic Energy Commission
AEDC Arnold Engineering Development Center
Aerojet Aerojet General Corporation
AF Air Force
All-Systems Vehicle Non-flight stage used to checkout flight-worthiness of systems
AIAA American Institute of Astronautics and Aeronautics
AMR Atlantic Missile Range
AOMC Army Ordnance Missile Command
Apollo Project designation for manned lunar landing, also spacecraft for manned lunar landing
AS Apollo/Saturn (specific payload and vehicle with a number, eg. AS-203)
ATM Apollo Telescope Mount
Battleship Stage Non-flight stage replica for engine tests
BP Boilerplate
"Bug" Lunar excursion module, landing unit of the Apollo spacecraft
C&SM Command and Service Module
C-1 Saturn C-1, early nomenclature for Saturn I
C-3 Saturn C-3, Saturn configuration considered but not used
C-5 Saturn C-5, configuration adopted for lunar landing Apollo flights
(renamed Saturn V in February 1963)
C-IB Saturn C-IB, vehicle selected in 1962 for manned earth orbital flights with full Apollo spacecraft
(renamed Saturn IB)
Cape Canaveral Launch site, name changed to Kennedy Space Center in 1963
CCSD Chrysler Corporation Space Division
CBTT Common Bulkhead Test Tank
Chance-Vought Saturn tank manufacturer, Dallas, Texas
Centaur Vehicle for support of unmanned moon probes and other missions
CM Command Module
Compromise Later changed to Promise - barge transporter for Saturn boosters
CPFF Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee contract
CPIF Cost-Plus-Incentive-Fee contract
DAC Douglas Aircraft Corporaton
DOD Department of Defense
Downey S&ID S-II stage component fabrication and testing facility location
Douglas Douglas Aircraft Corporation
Dyna Soar Air Force spacecraft for earth orbital flight featuring "glider reentry"
DX rating Highest national priority
EDS Emergency Detection System
EFL Edwards Field Laboratory
ESE Electrical Support Equipment
EST Eastern Standard Time
FAA Federal Aviation Agency
Fairchild Stratos Meteoroid satellite contractor
F-1 engine Saturn V booster (S-IC stage) engine
FRT Flight Rating Tests
GSE Ground Support Equipment
H-1 engine Saturn I booster (S-I stage) engine
High Water Project SA-2 and SA-3 experiment; water from dummy second stage was released into the ionosphere
Huntington Beach DAC S-IVB assembly facility in California
IBM International Business Machine Corporation
IO MSFC Industrial Operation organization
IU Instrument Unit
J-2 Liquid hydrogen engine for S-IVB and S-II stages
JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory
K Thousands of pounds of thrust
KSC Kennedy Space Center, was Cape Canaveral until November 28, 1963
Kiwi-B Nuclear reactor
LaRC Langley Research Center
LC Launch Complex
LH2 Liquid Hydrogen
LM Lunar Module
LN Liquid Nitrogen
LOC Launch Operations Center
LOX Liquid Oxygen
Lockheed Lockheed Aircraft Company
LR-115 First liquid hydrogen type engine (Pratt & Whitney), early designation of RL10-A-3 engine
LR-119 Proposed uprated LR-115 engine (project was cancelled)
LSSM Local Scientific Survey Module
LTV Ling-Temco-Vought
LV Launch Vehicle
LVDC Launch Vehicle Digital Computer
McDonnell Douglas Corporation Douglas Aircraft Company merged with McDonnell Aircraft Corporation, April 1967
MAF Michoud Assembly Facility (formerly Michoud Operations)
Martin Martin Company
ME MSFC's Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory
Michoud NASA's Michoud Operations
Minneapolis-Honeywell Minneapolis-Honeywell Incorporated name changed to Honeywell Incorporated
ML Mobile Launcher
MSC Manned Spacecraft Center
MSFC George C. Marshall Space Flight Center
MSS Mobile Service Structure
MSTS Military Sea Transport Services
MTF Mississippi Test Facility (at one time MTO) in Hancock County, Mississippi
NAA North American Aviation, Inc.
NAR North American Rockwell Corporation (name resulting from merger of NAA, Inc. and
Rockwell-Standard Corp. Sept. 22, 1967)
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NERVA Nuclear engine for RIFT stage
NOVA Moon direct flight vehicle deferred in favor of Saturn V
P&VE Proulsion and Vehicle Engineering Laboratory at MSFC
PCS Pointing Control System
Pegasus Meteoroid detection satellite
PFRT Preliminary Flight Rating Test
P&W Pratt & Whitney Company
R&D Research and Development
RCA Radio Corporation of America
Rocketdyne Division of North American Aviation
RIFT Reactor-In-Flight Test stage (nuclear power)
RP-1 A kerosene-type fuel
RL10-A-3 Liquid hydrogen engine for S-IV stage
S&ID Space and Information Systems Division of North American Aviation
SA Saturn I launch vehicle (with number signifies a specific vehicle such as SA-5)
S-I Saturn I originally Saturn C-1 first stage
S-II Saturn V second stage
S-IVB Saturn V third stage
S-IC Saturn V first stage
S-IV Saturn I second stage
SACTO Douglas Aircraft's Sacramento Test Facility
Santa Susana Test site for S-II and S-IVB stage and J-2 engine
Santa Monica Douglas Aircraft's fabrication facility at Santa Monica, California
Saturn I Two-stage vehicle, with eight H-1 engines in first stage and six RL10 engines in second stage
Saturn IB Two-stage vehicle, with eight H-1 engines in first stage and single J-2 engine in second stage
Saturn V Three stage vehicle, with five F-1 engines in first stage, five J-2 engines in second stage, and single J-2 engine in third stage
Seal Beach North American Aviation Assembly plant at Seal Beach, California
SLCC Saturn Launch Control Computer
Slidell A computer center that serves Michoud in Slidell, La.
SM Service Module
SPS Service Propulsion System
SRM Solid Rocket Motor
SSFL Santa Susana Field Laboratory
SSO Saturn Systems Office
Sverdrup Parcell Company Mississippi Test Facility design contractor
Uprated Saturn Nomenclature used for S-IB for a short period of time
VAB Vertical (Vehicle) Assembly Building
VCL Vehicle Checkout Laboratory

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