NP-119 Science in Orbit: The Shuttle & Spacelab Experience, 1981-1986


[117] Acknowledgments


Authors and Editors:
Valerie Neal, Tracy McMahan, and Dave Dooling, all of Essex Corporation


Assistant Editor:
Charlotte Shea, Essex Corporation
Graphic Designer:
Brien O'Brien
Production Assistants:
Jo Ann Jones, Elaine McGarry, Katherine Reynolds, and Margaret Shirley, all of Essex Corporation
Editorial Board:
H.G. Craft, Spacelab 1 Mission Manager, Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC)
C.R. Chappell, Spacelab 1 Mission Scientist, MSFC
R.C. Lester, Spacelab 2 Mission Manager, Kennedy Space Center
E.W. Urban, Spacelab 2 Mission Scientist, MSFC
J.W. Cremin, Spacelab 3 Mission Manager, MSFC
G.H. Fichtl, Spacelab 3 Mission Scientist, NASA Headquarters
Review Board:
L.W. Acton, Spacelab 2 Payload Specialist, Lockheed Palo Alto Research Laboratory
R.J. Arnold, Deputy Director, Earth Science and Applications Division, NASA Headquarters
J.D.F. Bartoe, Spacelab 2 Payload Specialist, NASA Headquarters
R.H. Benson, Director, Shuttle Payloads Engineering Division, NASA Headquarters
R.K. Crouch, Chief Scientist, Microgravity Science Division, NASA Headquarters
D.B. Drachlis, Media Services, MSFC
O.K. Garriott, Spacelab 1 Mission Specialist, Teledyne Brown Engineering
M.L. Lampton, Spacelab 1 Payload Specialist, University of California
B.K. Lichtenberg, Spacelab 1 Payload Specialist, Payload Services, Inc.
R.O. McBrayer, Payload Projects Office, MSFC
D. Mesland, European Space Agency
R.B. Monson, Earth Science and Applications Division, NASA Headquarters
R.J. Naumann, Director, Microgravity Science and Applications Division, NASA Headquarters
A.E. Nicogossian, Director, Life Sciences Division, NASA Headquarters
S.D. Shawhan, Chief, Space Plasma Physics, Earth Science and Applications Division, NASA Headquarters
G.W. Simon, Spacelab 2 Payload Specialist, National Solar Observatory
J.B. Taylor, Director, Public Affairs Office, MSFC
M.R. Torr, Chief, Solar-Terrestrial Physics Division, Space Science Laboratory, MSFC