SP-3300 Flight Research at Ames, 1940-1997


- Contents -



Icing Research.

Transonic Model Testing.

Aerodynamics Research.

Flying Qualities, Stability and Control, and Performance Evaluations.

Variable Stability Aircraft.

Gunsight Tracking and Guidance and Control Displays.

In-Flight Thrust Reversing, Steep Approach Research.

Boundary Layer Control, STOL, V/STOL Aircraft Research.

Boundary Layer Control Research.
STOL Research.
V/STOL Research.

Rotorcraft Research.







The authors would like to recognize several individuals for their critical review, comments, and suggestions on the contents of this report. They are Wally Acree, Seth Anderson, Rod Bailey, Chris Blanken, Bill Bousman, Dick Bray, Jack Brilla, Luigi Cicolani, Greg Condon, Woody Cook, George Cooper, Lloyd Corliss, Brent Creer, Jeff Cross, Dallas Denery, Fred Drinkwater, John Dusterberry, Kip Edenborough, Dave Few, John D. Foster, John V. Foster, Ron Gerdes, Harry Goett, Bill Harper, Loran Haworth, Bill Hindson, Bob Jacobsen, Marty Maisel, Walt McNeill, Dennis Riddle, Stew Rolls, Mel Sadoff, Fred Schmitz, Rick Simmons, Barry Smith, Bill Snyder, Howard Turner, Del Watson, Maurie White, Brad Wick, and Zoltan Szoboszlay. The following individuals participated in the editorial review and production of this work and made significant contributions to the quality and style of the document: Lynn Albaugh, Roger Ashbaugh, Charlotte Barton, James Donald, Lloyd Popish, and Marie Westfall. The lead author, Paul Borchers, is credited for his considerable effort in initiating this document and for conducting an extensive search through various sources to compile the grist from which this report was eventually written. Following his departure from Ames, the co-authors assumed responsibility for completing this work.



To the men and women who led the way in flight research at Ames Research Center for six decades.