SP-345 Evolution of the Solar System


FIGURE 24.3.2.


FIGURE 24.3.2.- Number of bodies in a satellite group is a function of mathematical symbol
(where [Greek letter] tau
is the spin period of the central body and Tion is a characteristic orbital period of the bodies in the group (sec. 23.5)). The groups of satellites are the outermost Saturnian satellites (Saturnian D cloud), Galilean satellites (Jovian C cloud), Uranian satellites (Uranian D cloud), inner Saturnian satellites (Saturnian C cloud), and innermost Jovian satellites (Jovian B cloud). Assuming that the Earth's satellite system would fall into the pattern established by these groups of satellites, the Earth may once have had just a few or as many as 9 or 10 normal satellites. (From Alfvén and Arrhenius, 1972a.)
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