painting showing one of Jupiter's moon in the foreground and Jupiter in the background


[x] IN THE PREPARATION of this book, the authors gratefully acknowledge having drawn upon the work of many others too numerous to mention individually. Many scientists and project staff personnel provided interviews for researching material for the book. Of particular importance was valuable assistance in the form of initial suggestions and later comments on all or parts of drafts of the book by John V. Foster, Tom Gehrels, Robert U. Hofstetter, Joseph E. Lepetich, Norman J. Martin, Robert R. Nunamaker, Gilbert A. Schroeder, Peter Waller, and John H. Wolfe.

Personnel from NASA Ames Research Center Pioneer Project staff, Technical Information Division and Photo Technology Branch were particularly helpful in providing information and research material and producing the book. NASA Headquarters Scientific and Technical Information Office made publication possible within so short a time after analysis of the Pioneer 10 results.

The authors are also indebted to personnel of the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory and the Optical Sciences Center of the University of Arizona for astronomical information and photographs and the production of the images of Jupiter and its satellites reproduced in this book. Special thanks must go to Yin-pao Chen, Peter H. Smith, and John Kendall (computer processing), Rodney A. Norden (image display), and John W. Fountain (photographic processing). Additionally, Lyn Doose of the University of Arizona provided material on the Great Red Spot from his doctoral thesis, and Mary Ann Breen of Keith Cole Photography provided valuable processing assistance in sizing and color correcting Pioneer 10 Jupiter images for publication.




[xi] THE SUCCESS OF PIONEER 11 in repeating an encounter with the giant planet Jupiter and producing unique images of the north polar regions of the planet necessitated an updating of SP-349. Additional material has been added to the descriptive material about the flight of the spacecraft in Chapter 5. The following chapter, describing the results of the two missions, has been completely updated in the light of further interpretations of the Pioneer 10 data coupled with the new data from Pioneer 11. An additional Chapter 9 has been added to provide a selection of the better images obtained by Pioneer 11. This chapter also includes images of the four Galilean satellites. The bibliography has been updated to include scientific papers published since the original edition.