Apollo Expeditions to the Moon



No one can yet fully appraise the ultimate benefits from this historic achievement. Many of the technical innovations necessary for men to go to the Moon and back have already been embodied in everyday processes and products. These range from versatile electronic computers to fireproof bedding in hospitals and special equipment for the handicapped. More applications of information acquired from space research are continually being reported.

Acrylic painting illustrating divers coming aboard on Apollo 9
Leonard Dermott, APOLLO 9 COMING ABOARD, acrylic on canvas

Possibly more significantly, the idea that if we can go to the Moon we can accomplish other feats long considered impossible has been firmly implanted in people's minds. Confidence that solutions can be found to such urgent problems as an energy shortage, environmental degradation, and strife between nations, has been nourished by this spectacular demonstration in space of man's capabilities.

Apollo was a multidimensional success, triumphant not only as a feat of scientific and engineering precision, but also as a demonstration of our country's spirit and competence. In the worldwide reaction at the time of the lunar landing, it was clear that this great adventure transcended nationality and became a milestone for mankind. Every participant in the Apollo program saw a slightly different facet of it. While reading these personal accounts and studying these pictures, you will possibly perceive more clearly the motives, the hazards faced, and the triumphs that first enabled men to set foot on the Moon.

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