SP-368 Biomedical Results of Apollo


picture of the lunar module orbiting the Moon with a crescent earth in the background

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Section I. Introductory
Chapter 1. Introduction.
Chapter 2. Apollo missions.
Section II. Crew Health and Inflight Monitoring.
Chapter 1. Clinical Aspects of Crew Health.
Chapter 2. Microbiological Investigations.
Chapter 3. Radiation Protection and Instrumentation.
Chapter 4. Metabolism and Heat Dissipation During Apollo EVA Periods.
Chapter 5. Environmental Factors.
Chapter 6. Flight Crew Health Stabilization Program.
Chapter 7. The Role of Toxicology in the Apollo Space Program.
Section III. Preflight and Postflight Medical Testing.
Chapter 1. Endocrine, Electrolyte, and Fluid Volume Changes Associated with Apollo Missions.
Chapter 2. Clinical Biochemistry.
Chapter 3. Hematology and Immunology Studies.
Chapter 4. Apollo Flight Crew Cardiovascular Evaluations.
Chapter 5. Exercice Response.
Chapter 6. Nutritional Studies.
Chapter 7. Skeletal Response.
Chapter 8. Apollo Flight Crew Vestibular Assessment.
Section IV. Inflight Experiments.
Chapter 1. BIOSTACK - A Study of th Biological Effects of HZE Galactic Cosmic Radiation.
Chapter 2. Apollo Light Flash Investigations.
Chapter 3. The Apollo 16 Microbial Response to Space Environment Experiment.
Chapter 4. The Apollo 17 Pocket Mouse Experiment (BIOCORE).
Section V. Quarantine.
Chapter 1. The Lunar Quarantine Program.
Chapter 2. Quarantine Testing and Biocharacterization of Lunar Materials.
Section VI. Systems.
Chapter 1. Apollo Food Technology.
Chapter 2. Waste Management System.
Chapter 3. Bioinstrumentation.
Chapter 4. Potable Water Supply
Chapter 5. Apollo Command and Service Module and Lunar Module Environmental Control Systems.
Chapter 6. Extravehicular Mobility Unit.
Section VII. A Summing Up.
Chapter 1. Summary and Conclusions.
Chapter 2. Perspectives on Apollo.

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