SP-368 Biomedical Results of Apollo




[iii] The accolades bestowed on the Apollo Program and those who participated in it are uncountable and are richly deserved. It was a tremendously successful effort-achieving virtually every goal set for it and turning every setback into a temporary misstep toward superior achievement. The excitement which built as Apollo 11 brought man toward his first step on the moon was felt in all parts of the world. Indeed, television viewers in many lands watched in real time as the first lunar exploration took place. It was a bringing together of mankind.

The success of the Apollo Program reflects its utilization of the talents of many teams, disciplines, and individuals. A particular contribution was made by the life scientists-the physicians, engineers, scientists, and technicians who provided the life support for Apollo. These persons were directly responsible for ensuring that the astronauts remained in good health and physically fit to perform these perilous missions. The life scientists also collected critical data concerning the response of man to the stresses of extended space flight; data that continue to allow meaningful plans to be made for future space voyages.

The performance of the life scientists in the Apollo Program was exceptional. This book documents the efforts of this team and presents the results of the principal medical experiments conducted during Apollo. I extend my sincere thanks to the many life scientists who worked so hard and contributed so much to the Apollo Program.


Dr. Christopher C. Kraft, Jr.
Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center