SP-400 Skylab, Our First Space Station





a picture of Skylab from a distance.


Skylab's unprecedented success is a tribute to the space activities of the past in that it was a direct product of the technology, design concepts, ground and flight hardware, facilities, and experienced team of people from earlier programs and activities. This vast resource of knowledge and experience, coupled with the commitment to establish a space station of significant size and capability, enabled NASA and the related organizations-industry, government, and universities-to produce exciting results in engineering, physics, astronomy, earth resources, biomedicine, and space processing far greater than had ever been anticipated.

One of a series of books devoted to the Skylab program, this volume presents the dramatic story of Skylab's design, development, launch, and successful operation. In the preparation of this book, guidance and technical counsel were provided by a NASA Editorial Board for which Robert E. Pace, Jr., served as Managing Editor. Other members were John A. Chambers, William B. Chubb, Robert G. Eudy, Carlos C. Hagood, George B. Hardy, Richard T. Heckman, George D. Hopson, James E. Kingsbury, Jerrol W. Littles, Richard A. Marmann, John D. Stroud, Arnold D. Aldrich, Thomas R. Loe, and Walter D. Wolhart. Their outstanding contribution to the program qualified them as authoritative technical consultants in the preparation of this volume. The manuscript was prepared by Clinton Scott, John C. Goodrum, Mitchell R. Sharpe, and Harry R. Melson.

This volume is offered in recognition to those dedicated thousands who contributed their skill and knowledge to the success of Skylab. The wealth of information obtained during man's longest journey into space has provided the answers to many questions, as well as revealing new questions and knowledge, about the Sun, the Earth, space, and man himself. An adventure of today, Skylab was also an investment in tomorrow. Its results are a legacy for all, forever.


Leland F. Belew
Skylab Program Manager
Marshall Space Flight Center