Material for this document was accumulated from widespread sources, and for this reason the author is indebted to a number of individuals. In fact, several persons contributed to such a degree that formal recognition is warranted. These were as follows: Mr. Paul E. Purser, Special Assistant to Director, MSC; Mrs. Phoncille De Vore of Mr. Purser's office; Lt. Colonel John A. Powers, Public Affairs Officer, MSC; Mr. William M. Bland, Deputy Manager of Project Mercury, MSC; Mr. Robert W. Fricke, Technical Information Division, MSC; Miss Retha Shirkey, Librarian, MSC; Mr. Ralph Shankle, Public Affairs Office, MSC; Mr. David S. Akens, Marshall Space Flight Center; Mr. Alfred Rosenthal, Goddard Space Flight Center; Dr. Eugene M. Emme, the NASA Historian; and Mrs. Helen Wells of the NASA Headquarters Historical Office. Especial thanks is given to Mrs. Frankie J. Fisher, the branch secretary, for typing, layout, and research.


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