January 26, 1959: Space Task Group
Project Manager - Robert R. Gilruth
Assistant Project Manager - Charles J. Donlan
Special Assistant to Project Manager - Paul E. Purser
Technical Services Assistant to Project Manager - Jack A. Kinzler
Administrative Assistant and Head of Staff Services - Paul D. Taylor
Chief of Flight Systems Division - Maxime A. Faget
Chief of Operations Division - Charles W. Mathews
Chief of Engineering and Contract Administration Division - Charles H. Zimmerman
Services Representatives - Lt. Colonel Keith Lindell, U.S. Air Force; Lt. Colonel Martin Raines, U.S. Army; and Commander Paul Havenstein, U.S. Navy
Aero Medical Consultants - Dr. Stanley White, U.S. Air Force; Dr. William Augerson, U.S. Army; and Dr. Robert Voas, U.S. Navy

February 16, 1959:
McDonnell Aircraft Corporation Liaison Officer and Test Program Coordinator to STG - Frank G. Morgan

June 19, 1959:
Capsule Coordination Office:
Group 1 - Loads, thermodynamics, structures, and aerodynamics
Group 2 - Cabin, life support, and controls
Group 3 - Electronics, recovery, and sequencing
Group 4 - Mechanical handling and transport equipment; schedules; hardware testing, spares, and standards and specifications

August 3, 1959: Space Task Group
Director of Project Mercury - Robert R. Gilruth
Assistant Director of Project Mercury - Charles J. Donlan
Staff Assistants:
Special Assistant - Paul E. Purser
Technical Assistant - James A. Chamberlin
Executive Assistant - Raymond L. Zavasky
U.S. Air Force - Colonel Keith Lindell
U.S. Army - Lt. Colonel Martin Raines
U.S. Navy - Commander Paul Havenstein
Langley Research Center - Kemble Johnson
Public Affairs Officer - Lt. Colonel John A. Powers
Staff Services:
Personnel Assistant - Burney H. Goodwin
Administrative Services - Guy W. Boswick, Jr.
Technical Services - Jack A. Kinzler
Astronaut and Training Group - Colonel Keith Lindell
Flight Systems Division - Maxime A. Faget
Computing Group - Katherine S. Stokes
Systems Test Branch - William M. Bland, Jr.
Performance Branch - Aleck C. Bond
Aerodynamics Section - Alan B. Kehlet
Loads Section - George A. Watts
Heat Transfer Section - Leonard Rabb
Dynamics Branch - Robert G. Chilton
Flight Control Section - Richard R. Carley
Space Mechanics Section - Robert G. Chilton (Acting)
Life Systems Branch - Dr. Stanley C. White
On-Board Systems Branch - H. H. Ricker, Jr.
Electrical Systems Section - H. H. Ricker, Jr.
Mechanical Systems Section - J. B. Lee
Operations Division - Charles W. Mathews
Assistant Chief for Implementation - G. Merritt Preston
Assistant Chief for Plans and Arrangements - Christopher C. Kraft, Jr.
Assistant to Division Chief - John D. Hodge
Mission Analysis Branch - John P. Mayer
Trajectory Analysis Section - John P. Mayer (Acting)
Operational Analysis Section - Jack Coehn (Acting)
Mathematical Analysis Section - Stanley H. Cohn
Flight Control Branch - Gerald W. Brewer
Control Central and Flight Safety Section - Gerald W. Brewer (Acting)
Training Aids Section - Harold I. Johnson
Launch Operations Branch - Charles W. Mathews (Acting)
AMR Project Office - Elmer H. Buller
Preflight Checkout Section - G. Merritt Preston (Acting)
Recovery Operations Branch - Robert F. Thompson
Engineering and Contract Administration Division - James A. Chamberlin (Acting)
Field Representative at McDonnell - Wilbur H. Gray
Capsule Coordination Office - James A. Chamberlin
Contracts and Scheduling Branch - George F. McDougall, Jr.
Engineering Branch - Caldwell Johnson

August 10, 1959 (Changes):
Operations Division:
AMR Project Office - deleted from Launch Operations Branch and placed directly under division head
Preflight Checkout Section - deleted from Launch Operations Branch

September 15, 1959:
Office of the Director:
Associate Director (Operations) - established. Walter C. Williams appointed to position. Charles J. Donlan became Associate Director (Development)

November 16, 1959 (Changes):
Engineering and Contract Administration Division:
Contracts and Scheduling Branch:
Contracts Section - Joseph V. Piland (Acting)
Scheduling Section - Nicholas Jevas

November 23, 1959 (Changes):
Staff Services - abolished
Administrative Services Office - established under Director - no change in personnel
Personnel Office - established under Director - no change in personnel
Procurement and Supply Office - Glenn F. Bailey
Budget and Finance Office - John P. Donovan

January 11, 1960 (Changes):
Engineering and Contract Administration Division - redesignated as Engineering Division - James A. Chamberlin, Acting Chief, was appointed as Chief and relieved of duties as Technical Assistant to Director
Technical Assistant - Kenneth S. Kleinknecht appointed to Director's staff
Staff Assistant - Martin C. Byrnes, Jr. appointed to Director's staff

January 18, 1960:
Mercury-Atlas Flight Test Working Group - B. Porter Brown (Chairman)

February 12, 1960 (Operational Organization and Appointments):
Operations Director - Walter C. Williams
Flight Director - Christopher C. Kraft, Jr.
Chief Flight Surgeon - Dr. Stanley C. White
Launch Operations Manager - G. Merritt Preston
Capsule Operations Manager - Scott H. Simpkinson
(Note: These appointments did not affect the status of individuals in the formal organization)

February 16, 1960:
Digital Computer Group - established under Director - Stanley H. Cohn appointed Head and relieved of duties as Head of Mathematical Analysis Section
Operations Division - Mission Analysis Branch:
Mathematical Analysis Section - John P. Mayer (Acting)

May 12, 1960:
NASA Resident Representative at McDonnell Aircraft - position was formally organized under the Engineering and Contract Administration Division and designated Field Representative at McDonnell. The position was now placed under the Director, and there was no change in personnel
Resident Systems Test Engineer - T. M. Edwards
Resident Inspection Engineer - J. C. Moser
Inspectors - subsequently assigned

May 25, 1960:
Advanced Vehicle Team - Robert O. Piland
(Note: Individuals appointed were charged with preliminary design studies leading to establishment of requirements for an advanced multi-man space vehicle. Team membership did not affect status of individuals in formal organization)

September 1, 1960:
Security Office - Donald D. Blume - activity established under Director
Flight Systems Division:
Systems Test Branch - redesignated Project Engineering Branch and transferred to the Engineering Division
Engineering Division:
Project Engineering Branch - William M. Bland, Jr., also appointed Assistant Chief of Division
Flight Systems Division (Reorganization - changes only):
Assistant Chief for Mercury Support - Aleck C. Bond
Apollo Projects Office - Robert O. Piland
Systems Test Branch - deleted
Electrical Systems Branch - formerly a section under On-Board Systems Branch:
Communications Systems Section - Ralph S. Sawyer
Instrumentation Systems Section - Alfred Eickmeier
Flight Dynamics Branch - formerly Dynamics Branch:
Flight Control Branch - Thomas V. Chambers
Dynamics Analysis Section - Richard R. Carley
Aerodynamics Section - Bruce G. Jackson
(Note: Flight Control Section and Space Mechanics Section maintained status quo)
Life Systems Branch - Dr. Stanley C. White
Aerospace Medical Section - James P. Henry
Crew Equipment Section - Richard S. Johnson (Acting)
Systems Engineering Branch - Caldwell Johnson:
Systems Integration Branch - Owen E. Maynard
Equipment Engineering Section - Richard F. Smith
Mechanical Systems Section - Richard B. Ferguson
Structures Branch - Robert E. Vale:
Structural Analysis Section - Robert E. Vale (Acting)
Loads Section - George A. Watts
Heat Transfer Section - Kenneth C. Weston
On-Board Systems Branch - abolished

December 8, 1960:
Office of NASA - Space Task Group Field Representative at McDonnell Aircraft Corporation - (Reorganization - no change in personnel)
Capsule Systems Test Coordinator - Thomas M. Edwards
Capsule Systems Test Engineers - Phillip M. Deans, Archibald E. Morse, and Louis Leopold
Coordination - Harle L. Vogel
Inspectors - Albert J. Eaton (lead)
Test and Schedules - William J. Nesbitt
Consultant - Scott H. Simpkinson

December 9, 1960:
Flight Systems Division:
Life Systems Branch - Redesignated Life Systems Group and transferred to Office of the Director. The Aerospace Medical Section and Crew Equipment Section remained under the Group, and there was no change in personnel

January 16, 1961:
Flight Systems Division - Flight Dynamics Branch:
Dynamic Analysis Section - Redesignated as the Navigation and Guidance Section
Flight Control Section - Redesignated as the Attitude Control Section

March 21, 1961:
Operations Division - Launch Operations Branch:
Established as the Preflight Operations Division with G. Merritt Preston as Chief
Flight Operations Division - Established from the remaining elements of the Operations Division, with the exception of the Mercury-Atlantic Missile Range Projects Office. Charles W. Mathews was appointed Division Chief
Mercury-Atlantic Missile Range Projects Office - Designated a staff function of the Director's office. No change in personnel
Life Systems Group - Accorded division status as the Life Systems Division. No change in personnel
Reliability and Flight Safety Office - Established as a staff function of the Director's office. Frederick J. Bailey was appointed office head
Business Management Office - Designated on organization chart with the following sub-offices: Procurement and Supply Office; Personnel Office; Budget and Finance Office; Administrative Services Office; and Security Office. No personnel assignment was indicated for the Chief of the Business Management Office

April 1, 1961:
Office of the Director:
Associate Director NASA - Space Task Group - Walter C. Williams. Charles J. Donlan joined the staff of the Langley Research Center in the position of Associate Director as of this date

April 13, 1961:
Business Management Office - Designation changed to Office of Assistant Director for Administration with Wesley L. Hjornevik as Assistant Director

June 5, 1961:
Flight System Division:
Flight Vehicles Integration Branch - Established with Maxime A. Faget, the Division Chief, serving as Acting Head

June 8, 1961:
Facilities Planning Panel - Established to identify and coordinate design requirements for the permanent facilities of the Manned Spacecraft Center. Raymond L. Zavasky was appointed Chairman

July 10, 1961:
Architect-Engineer Selection Board - Established to review the qualifications of an adequate number of architect-engineer firms when procurement by contract of architect-engineer services for a particular project was contemplated. I. E. Campagna was appointed Chairman

July 31, 1961:
Office of Assistant Director for Administration - Management Services Office - Established with Philip H. Whitbeck appointed as Chief
Personnel Office - Stuart H. Clark

August 24, 1961:
Manager of Space Task Group Cape Operations - G. Merritt Preston, with exception of periods when Walter C. Williams is present. Assignment was in addition to Preston's duties as Chief, Preflight Operations Division

September 6, 1961:
Office of Assistant Director for Administration - Management Services Office:
Management Analysis Office - Established with Charles F. Bingman appointed as Head (Acting)

September 19, 1961:
Office of Assistant Director for Administration - Management Services Office:
Transportation Office - Established with Edward Johnson designated as Chief

September 29, 1961:
Office of Assistant Director for Administration - Management Services Office:
Supply Office - Established with Thomas J. Porter designated as Chief (Acting)

October 2, 1961:
Engineering Division:
Engineering Data Office - Established with Robert E. McKann designated Office Head

November 1, 1961:
Space Task Group - Redesignated Manned Spacecraft Center

January 15, 1962:
Mercury Project Office - Established with Kenneth S. Kleinknecht appointed as Manager. Organization and staff were subsequently announced
Apollo Spacecraft Project Office - Established with Charles W. Frick as Manager

January 15, 1962:
Gemini Spacecraft Project Office - Established with James A. Chamberlin appointed as Manager

January 15, 1962:
Flight Systems Division - Abolished
Office of Assistant Director for Research and Development - Maxime A. Faget
Spacecraft Research Division - Charles W. Mathews
Life Systems Division - Dr. Stanley C. White
Systems Evaluation and Development Division - Aleck C. Bond
Space Physics Division - Not organized

January 31, 1962:
Engineering Division - Abolished. Workload divided among Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo Project Offices

January 31, 1962:
Mercury Project Office - Organized and manned:
Office of Project Manager:
Deputy Project Manager - William M. Bland, Jr.
Project Engineering Office - Edison M. Fields
Project Engineering Field Office (Cape) - A. E. Morse, Jr.
Engineering Operations Office - Joseph V. Piland (Acting)
Engineering Data and Measurements Office - Robert E. McKann

February 26, 1962:
Office of Assistant Director for Operations - Flight Crew Operations Division - Established with Warren J. North appointed as Chief

May 21, 1962:
Office of Assistant Director for Operations:
Flight Operations Division - Reorganization. Christopher C. Kraft, Jr. remained Chief
Technical Assistants - Sigurd A. Sjoberg and Robert D. Harrington
Executive Assistant - Chris C. Critzos
Assistant Chief for Flight Control - John D. Hodge
Flight Control Operations Branch - John D. Hodge (Acting)
Flight Operations Section - Eugene F. Kranz (Acting)
Systems Analysis Section - Arnold D. Aldrich
Training and Simulation Section - Robert E. Ernull
Operational Facilities Branch - Howard C. Kyle
RF Systems Section - James K. Meson
Information Flow Section - Dennis E. Fielder
Network Requirements Section - Thomas Stuart
Mission Control Center Branch - Tecwyn Roberts
Control Center Design Section - Richard A. Hoover
Mission Logic and Computer Hardware Section - Glynn S. Lunney
Simulation Design Section - Harold G. Miller
Data Coordination Branch - Richard G. Arbic
Assistant Chief for Mission Planning - John P. Mayer
Real Time Program Development Branch - Lynwood C. Dunseith
Gemini Program Development Section - La Rue W. Burbank
Apollo Program Development Section - Unassigned
Operations Analysis Branch - Carl R. Huss
Prelaunch Mission Analysis Section - Charlie C. Allen
Postflight Trajectory Analysis Section - Donald J. Incerto
Performance and Guidance Section - Marlowe D. Cassetti
Mathematical Physics Branch - Edward A. Knobelauch
Mathematical Support Section - Paul G. Brumberg
Computer Operation and Programing Section - I. Edna Hawkins
Advanced Mission Analysis Section - Unassigned
Mission Analysis Branch - Morris V. Jenkins
Lunar Trajectory Section - Harold D. Beck
Reentry Studies Section - John R. Gurley, Jr.
Rendezvous Analysis Branch - James F. Dalby (Acting)
Earth Rendezvous Section - John E. Gerstle, Jr.
Lunar Rendezvous Section - Unassigned
Assistant Chief for Operational Support - Robert F. Thompson
Recovery Branch - Robert F. Thompson (Acting)
Current Operations Section - John B. Graham, Jr.
Advanced Planning Section - William C. Hayes, Jr.
Operational Evaluation and Test Branch - Peter J. Armitage
Systems Suitability Section - Peter J. Armitage (Acting)
Test and Development Section - Milton L. Windler

June 15, 1962:
Office of Reliability and Flight Safety - Frederick J. Bailey
Design Evaluation Staff:
Communications and Telemetry - Lawrence Steinhardt
Electrical and Power Supply - Lawrence Steinhardt (Acting)
Instrumentation - Lawrence Steinhardt (Acting)
Navigation and Guidance - George S. Shigekawa (Acting)
Pyrotechnics - George S. Shigekawa (Acting)
Environmental Control System - John C. French (Acting)
Propulsion - John W. Conlon (Acting)
Human Factors - Thomas J. Edwards (Acting)
Structure and Ablation Shield - John C. French (Acting)
Landing Systems - John C. French (Acting)
Separation Devices - George S. Shigekawa (Acting)
Electrical Sequential Systems - Thomas J. Edwards (Acting)
Analytical Methods - Thomas J. Edwards
Quality Assurance - Karl P. Sperber
Operations Evaluation Staff:
Mechanical and Interface - Norbert B. Vaughn
Electrical and Power Supply - Norbert B. Vaughn (Acting)
Propulsion and Pyrotechnics - John W. Conlon
Flight and Checkout Procedures - Frederick J. Bailey (Acting)
Project Reliability Evaluation Staff:
Mercury Reliability Advisor - Charles Rice
Gemini Reliability Advisor - Lemeul Menear
Apollo Reliability Advisor - George S. Shigekawa

June 25, 1962:
Office of Assistant Director for Operations - Aerospace Medical Operations Office - Established with Dr. Charles A. Berry appointed as Chief

September 18, 1962:
Coordinator of Astronaut Affairs - Astronaut Donald K. Slayton

October 29, 1962:
Assistant Director for Information and Control Systems - G. Barry Graves

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