SP-401 Skylab, Classroom in Space


Skylab, Classroom in Space


Edited by Lee B. Summerlin


Prepared by: George C. Marshall Space Flight Center


Scientific and Technical Information Office

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Washington, D.C. 1977


a photo of Skylab in orbit

- Contents -


Part I - The Mission
Chapter 1: Skylab.
Part II - Student Experiments
Chapter 2: Skylab and Education.
Chapter 3: Studies of the Central Nervous System.
Chapter 4: Cells in Space.
Chapter 5: Embryo Development in Space.
Chapter 6: Weight and Weightlessness.
Chapter 7: Fluids in Zero Gravity.
Chapter 8: Exploring the Stars and Planets.
Chapter 9: Celestial Objects in Space.
Chapter 10: Particle Physics in Space.
Chapter 11: Observing Earth from Space.
Part III - Science Demonstrations
Chapter 12: Fluid Behavior in Zero Gravity.
Chapter 13: Mechanics.
Chapter 14: Magnetic Effects.
Chapter 15: Particle Physics.
Chapter 16: Crystal Growth.
Chapter 17: Life Sciences.
Editor's Note.
Skylab Demonstration Films and Television Series.

picture of a spider aboard Skylab