SP-401 Skylab, Classroom in Space


Editor's Note


picture of an astronaut performing a spacewalk outside Skylab


[177] The beginning-to-end association with the Skylab student project has been one of my most rewarding professional experiences. It is difficult to describe, and even more difficult to explain, the enthusiasm which this program generated for the entire Skylab mission. It was certainly greater than anyone envisioned. NASA is to be commended for the interest shown in high school students and the opportunity afforded them to contribute to this significant step in conquering space.

It is impossible to recognize all of the many thousands of people who contributed to the success of the Skylab program-those people whose efforts individually and collectively made this volume possible.

Credit certainly is due to those students who participated in the Skylab student project-not just those whose activities are described herein, but all students who submitted proposals, together with their teacher sponsors. The tremendous efforts of the National Science Teachers Association and the professional scientists and engineers around the country who helped in the most difficult task of selecting proposals contributed to the success of the program.

Guidance and technical counsel were provided most capably and helpfully by members of my NASA editorial board, which included Owen K. Garriott, James E. Powers, Jr., John B. MacLeod, Raymond L. Gause, Tommy C. Bannister, and Samuel L. Walls.

Technical and editorial support was provided by Charles Murrish and Daniel C. Wenger during the preparation of the original draft of the manuscript. Special acknowledgment is due Mitchell R. Sharpe, John C. Goodrum, and Harry R. Melson for putting the final editorial and illustrative touches to the manuscript.

Finally, we offer sincere appreciation to Henry Floyd, of the Marshall Space Flight Center. Henry's patience, understanding, and tireless effort lent direction to the program from beginning to


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