SP-402 A New Sun: The Solar Results from Skylab


photo of a galaxy

A New Sun: The Solar Results from Skylab


by John A. Eddy

Edited by Rein Ise

Prepared by:
George C. Marshall Space Flight Center
National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Washington, D.C. 1979

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- Contents -


Chapter 1: The Nearest Star.
Chapter 2: The Masks of the Sun.
Chapter 3: The Sun From Space.
Chapter 4: The Solar Telescopes on Skylab.
Chapter 5: The Solar Results From Skylab: An Introduction.
Chapter 6: The Quiet Sun
In the Ultraviolet: The Invisible Sun.
At the Poles of the Sun.
X-Rays From the Sun.
Holes in the Corona: The Open Sun.
Solar Preminences: The Ruffled Sun.
Outer Corona: The Etheral Sun.
Chapter 7: The Active Sun.
Bright Points: The Glittering Sun.
Active Regions: The Violent Sun.
Flares: The Explosive Sun.
Active Prominences.
Coronal Transients: The Extravagent Sun.
Chapter 8: A Look Ahead.
Editor's Note.
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close-up photo of the Sun