Apollo 1 Spacecraft History




Fabrication of spacecraft 012 at North American Aviation, Downey, CA.

Aug 1964



Basic structure completed.

Sept 1965



Installation and final assembly of subsystems completed. Critical design reviews completed. Checkout of all subsystems initiated, followed by integrated testing of all spacecraft subsystems.


Mar 1966



Customer acceptance readiness review completed. NASA issued certificate of flightworthiness and authorized spacecraft to be shipped to KSC.


Aug 1966



Command module received at KSC.

26 Aug 1966



CM-012 mated with service module in altitude chamber. Alignment, subsystems and system certification tests and functional checks performed.


Sep 1966



First combined systems tests completed.

01 Oct 1966



Design certification document issued which certified design as flightworthy, pending satisfactory resolution of open items.


07 Oct 1966



First manned test at sea level pressure to verify total spacecraft system operation completed.

13 Oct 1966



Unmanned test at altitude pressures using oxygen to verify spacecraft system operation.

15 Oct 1966



Manned test with flight crew completed.

19 Oct 1966



Second manned altitude test with backup crew initiated, but discontinued when failure occurred in oxygen system regulator in spacecraft environmental control system. Regulator removed and found to have design deficiency.



21 Oct 1966



Apollo program director conducted recertification review which closed out majority of open items remaining from previous reviews.


21 Dec 1966



Sea level and unmanned altitude tests completed.

28 Dec 1966



Manned altitude test with backup flight crew completed.

30 Dec 1966



Command module removed from altitude chamber.

03 Jan 1967



Spacecraft mated to launch vehicle at Cape Kennedy Launch Complex 34. Various tests and equipment installations and replacements performed.


06 Jan 1967