Apollo 7 Spacecraft History[1]




Individual and combined CM and SM systems test completed at factory.

18 Mar 1968

Saturn S-IB stage delivered to KSC.

28 Mar 1968

Saturn S-IVB stage delivered to KSC.

07 Apr 1968

Saturn S-IB instrument unit delivered to KSC.

11 Apr 1968

Integrated CM and SM systems test completed at factory.

29 Apr 1968

CM #101 and SM #101 ready to ship from factory to KSC.

29 May 1968

CM #101 and SM #101 delivered to KSC.

30 May 1968

CM #101 and SM #101 mated.

11 Jun 1968

CSM #101 combined systems test completed.

19 June 1968

CSM #101 altitude tests completed.

29 Jul 1968

Space vehicle moved to launch complex 34.

09 Aug 1968

CSM #101 integrated systems test completed.

27 Aug 1968

CSM #101 electrically mated to launch vehicle.

20 Aug 1968

Space vehicle overall test completed.

04 Sep 1968

Space vehicle countdown demonstration test completed.

17 Sep 1968

Space vehicle flight readiness test completed.

25 Sep 1968



[1] There are conflicts in NASA literature regarding the history of Apollo hardware. Where conflicts exist, the author has used the dates that appear to be most logical. The sources for these events are: Apollo Program Summary Report (JSC-09423); Stages To Saturn: A Technological History of Saturn/Apollo Launch Vehicles (SP-4206); and the Saturn V Flight Evaluation Report for each mission.