Baseline Apollo Food and Beverage List[1]



RSB - rehydratable spoon bowl

RD - rehydratable drink

IM - intermediate moisture

D - dehydrated

T- thermostabilized

NS - natural state




Cocoa (RD)

Coffee (RD)

Grape Drink (RD)

Grapefruit Drink (RD)

Grape Punch (RD)

Orange-Grapefruit Drink (RD)

Orange Juice (RD)

Pineapple-Grapefruit drink (RD)

Pineapple-Orange-Drink (RD)



Breakfast Items

Bacon Squares [8] (IM)

Cinnamon Toasted Bread Cubes [4] (D)

Canadian Bacon and Applesauce (RSB)

Cornflakes (RSB)

Fruit cocktail (RSB)

Sausage Patties (RSB)

Scrambled Eggs (RSB)

Peaches (RSB)

Spiced Fruit Cereal (RSB)

Apricot (IM)

Peaches (IM)



Cubes and Candy:

Brownies [4] (IM)

Caramel Candy (IM)

Chocolate Bar (IM)

Creamed Chicken Bites [6] (D)

Cheese Crackers (D)

Cheese Sandwiches [4] (D)

Beef Sandwiches [4] (D)

Jellied Fruit Candy (IM)

Beef Jerky (IM)

Peanut Cubes [4] (NS)

Pecans [6] (IM)

Pineapple Fruitcake (IM)

Sugar Cookies [4] (D)

Turkey Bites [4] (D)




Applesauce (RSB)

Banana Pudding (RSB)

Butterscotch Pudding (RSB)

Chocolate Pudding (RSB)

Cranberry-Orange Sauce (RSB)

Peach Ambrosia (RSB)



Salads and Soups:

Chicken and Rice Soup (RSB)

Lobster Bisque (RSB)

Pea Soup (RSB)

Potato Soup (RSB)

Shrimp Cocktail (RSB)

Tomato Soup (RSB)

Tuna Salad (RSB)



Sandwich Spreads and Bread:

Bread [Slice] (NS)

Catsup (NS)

Cheddar Cheese [2 oz.] (NS)

Chicken Salad [8 oz.] (T)

Ham Salad [8 oz.] (T)

Jelly (NS)

Mustard (NS)

Peanut Butter (NS)




Beef Pot Roast (RSB)

Beef and Vegetables (RS)

Beef Stew (RSB)

Chicken and Rice (RSB)

Chicken and Vegetables (RSB)

Chicken Stew (RSB)

Pork and Scalloped Potatoes (RSB)

Spaghetti, Meat Sauce (RSB)

Beef and Gravy (T)

Frankfurters (T)

Meatballs, Sauce (T)

Turkey and Gravy (T)

[1] Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center Flight Crew Support Division.