Photo Credits


To the author's knowledge, all images in this work originated with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Some were scanned from original NASA photographs by the author, but most were acquired via the Internet from either the NASA Johnson Space Center Digital Image Collection Web site (; Dr. Eric Jones’ Apollo Lunar Surface Journal Web site ([1]; or Kipp Teague’s The Project Apollo Archive Web site ([2] and are used with permission. Much of Teague’s work also appears in the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal. The author has resized, cropped or color-adjusted some images to fit the needs of this work and he is solely responsible for the results.


Except where noted, images for Apollo 1, Apollo 7, Apollo 8, Apollo 9, Apollo 10 and Apollo 13 were downloaded from the Johnson Space Center Web site or scanned and edited by the author. Lunar surface images not listed below are from Apollo Lunar Surface Journal Web site. Other images not listed below (particularly launch, recovery and post-mission images) for Apollo 11, Apollo 12, Apollo 14, Apollo 15 and Apollo 17 are also from the Johnson Space Center Web site. The remaining images are noted below with appropriate credits and are listed in order of mission and by NASA image numbers.


No copyright is asserted for NASA photographs. If a recognizable person appears in a photo, use for commercial purposes may infringe a right of privacy or publicity. Photos may not be used to state or imply the endorsement by NASA or by any NASA employee of a commercial product, process or service, nor used in any other manner that might mislead. Accordingly, it is requested that if a NASA photograph is used in advertising and other commercial promotion, layout and copy be submitted to NASA prior to release. NASA photos reproduced from this work should include photo credit to “NASA” or “National Aeronautics and Space Administration” and should include scanning credit to the appropriate individual as noted below, to whom the author extends special thanks.


Apollo 1

J. L. Pickering: 67-HC-21 from The Project Apollo Archive.


Apollo 8

Ed Hengeveld: S68-53187 from Apollo Lunar Surface Journal.

Kipp Teague: S68-56050.


Apollo 9

Kipp Teague: AS09-19-2919; AS09-19-2994; and AS09-21-3236.


Apollo 10

Kipp Teague: S69-34385.


Apollo 11

Kipp Teague: AS11-36-5390; AS11-37-5528; AS11-40-5869; AS11-40-5877; AS11-40-5886; AS11-40-5899;AS11-40-5927; AS11-40-5942; AS11-40-5964; AS11-44-6574; AS11-44-6642; AS11-44-6667; S69-21365; S69-31740; S69-39526; S69-40308.


Apollo 12.

Kipp Teague: AS12-46-6716; AS12-46-6728; AS12-46-6729; AS12-46-6790; AS12-47-6897; AS12-47-6988; AS12-48-7071; AS12-48-7110; AS12-48-7133; AS12-49-7278; AS12-49-7286; AS12-51-7507; S69-38852.


Apollo 13

Kipp Teague: 70-H-724; AS13-59-8500; AS13-59-8562; AS13-62-9004; KSC-70PC-0130; S69-62224; S70-15511; S70-34853; S70-35145; S70-35632.


Apollo 14

Kipp Teague: AS14-64-9089; AS14-64-9135; AS14-66-9344; AS14-68-9414; S70-55387; S71-18398; S71-18753.


Apollo 15

David Harland: AS15-82-11057; AS15-85-11471; AS15-85-11514; AS15-86-11603; AS15-87-11748; AS15-87-11847 from Apollo Lunar Surface Journal.

Kipp Teague: AS15-88-11866; AS15-88-11894; AS15-88-11901; AS15-88-11972; AS15-88-11980; S71-37963; S71-41356.


Apollo 16

John Pfannerstill: Apollo 16 Pan Camera frame 4623, Apollo Lunar Surface Journal.

David Harland: AS16-106-17413; AS16-109-17804; S72-37002 from Apollo Lunar Surface Journal.

Kipp Teague: AS16-107-17436; AS16-107-17446; AS16-108-17629; AS16-108-17670; AS16-108-17701; AS16-110-18020; AS16-113-18340; AS16-113-18359; AS16-114-18423; AS16-114-18439; AS16-117-18826; AS16-117-18841; AS16-117-18841; AS16-118-18885; AS16-118-18894; AS16-122-19533; KSC-72PC-176; S72-16660.

Ricardo Saleme: AS16-107-17442; AS16-116-18579 from The Project Apollo Archive.


Apollo 17

Scott Cornish: AS17-134-20380 from The Project Apollo Archive.

Kipp Teague: AS17-134-20384; AS17-134-20425; AS17-134-20435; AS17-134-20469; AS17-134-20482; AS17-137-20979; AS17-137-20990; AS17-140-21493; AS17-140-21496; AS17-145-22165; AS17-145-22257; AS17-147-22465; AS17-147-22526; AS17-147-22527; AS17-148-22695; AS17-148-22726; AS17-149-22857; AS17-162-24149; S72-50438; S72-55482; S72-55834.

[1] Apollo Lunar Surface Journal Website, Copyright © 1995-2000, edited by Eric M. Jones. All rights reserved.

[2] The Project Apollo Archive Web site, Copyright © 2000, Kipp Teague.