SP-4103 Model Research - Volume 1


The NACA Main Committee at its semiannual meeting 21 April 1921.

The NACA Main Committee at its semiannual meeting 21 April 1921. The Committee had just met with President harding at the White House. (Photograph used by permission of Underwood Photo Archives Ltd., San Francisco).



Vol. I






1. The Quest for a National Aeronautical Laboratory: Progress, Preparedness, and Progressivism, 1910-1915.
Like-Minded Men.
The Chambers Report.
The Woodward Commission Debacle.
The Smithsonian Try.
Caesarian Section by Dr. Walcott.
2. War Business: A Laboratory and Licensing; Committees and Engines, 1915-1918.
What to Do.
Engines and Industry.
The Cross-Licensing Agreement.
Building a Future.
Defining the Future.
3. Advice and Politics, 1919-1926.
A National Aviation Policy.
The Dangers of Controversy.
Commerce Takes Over.
Saved by the Bill.
4. Tunnel Vision, 1919-1926.
George Lewis: The Organization.
The Budget.
The Langley Laboratory.
Max Munk: The Research Program.
5. Working With Industry, 1926-1930.
The NACA Style.
Industry as Client.
The Uses of the Cowling.
Pleasing Everyone.
6. The Uses of Adversity, 1931-1936.
The Critics Attack.
The NACA Defense.
Decline and Recovery.
7. Girding for War, 1936-1941.
Domestic Distractions.
The Sunnyvale Laboratory.
The Engine Research Laboratory.
The NACA's Role in War.
8. What Price Victory, 1941-1945.
Before Pearl Harbor.
Wartime Operations.
Jet Propulsion.
Looking Beyond the War.
9. The Writing on the Tunnel Wall, 1946-1950.
The New Scheme of Things.
The Rise of Industry.
The National Unitary Wind Tunnel Plan.
Hard Times.
10. New Genius, Old Bottle, 1945-1950.
Director of the NACA.
The Transition from War to Peace.
Satisfying Industry.
Whither NACA?.
11. Doubting Thomases, 1950-1955.
A Reversal in War.
The Fat in the Fire.
The NACA Defense.
Enough ?.
12. The End, 1956-1958.
The Balance of Power.
The State of the NACA.
From NASA to NASA.

Bibliographic Essay.


Vol. II



A. Legislation.
B. Committees.
C. Budget.
D. Personnel.
E. Facilities.
F. Research Authorization 201.
G. Reports.
H. Documents.


About the Author.



The NACA Main Committee, 1921.
Samuel W. Stratton.
Charles D. Walcott.
Jerome C. Hunsaker.
Brig. Gen. George P. Scriven.
First meeting of the NACA .
Main Committee at the White House, 1921.
George W. Lewis .
Wind tunnel # 1, Langley laboratory.
Henry J. E. Reid.
George de Bothezat and others, about 1920.
Max Munk.
Theodore von Karman, 1926.
Joseph Ames.
The NACA cowling.
Edward P. Warner.
Fourth annual industry conference at Langley, 1929.
NACA workers with cowling, 1929.
Model helicopter rotor; airspeed indicator for testing, 1921.
Langley nacelle tests, 1933.
First test in Langley full-scale tunnel, 1931.
Ninth annual industry conference at Langley, 1934.
NACA Executive Committee meeting, 1936.
Power-plants engine laboratory at Langley, 1938 .
Annual meeting of the NACA, 1939.
Langley 19-foot pressure tunnel, 1943.
Smith J. DeFrance.
Edward R. Sharp.
Ditching test of a B-24, 1944 .
Test in towing tank #2, Langley.
William F. Durand.
Gen. H. H. Arnold at Lewis laboratory, 1944 .
Improved supercharger design, WW II.
NACA awards for WW II service.
Lewis retires.
Postwar increase in NASA work, 1947.
Langley laboratory in 1948.
Airflow pattern, 1947 .
Conference at Ames laboratory, 1944 .
John W. Crowley, Jr.
Hugh L. Dryden at Langley.
John F. Victory.
Free-flight tunnel at Langley, 1946.
Icing research.
Dryden at Langley, 1951.
Early analog device.
Lewis control room.
Airflow from helicopter rotor, 1949.
Fire-prevention research.
John Stack.
D-558 with NACA instrumentation .
Transonic-flow testing.
Snark missile in Ames full scale tunnel.
Aerial view, Wallops Island facilities, 1947.
Langley supersonic wind tunnel.
"Sound barrier" for NACA exhibit, 1947.
Langley 16-foot high-speed tunnel 1951.
Stack receives second Collier trophy .
Full-scale tunnel at Ames laboratory, 1950 .
Turbojet in test chamber, Lewis laboratory.
Test of Martin jet-powered seaplane, 1953.
Individual jet-propulsion test, 1954.
Douglas Skywarrior in Ames full-scale tunnel.
DC-6 damaged by hail.
Test machine for structures research, Langley laboratory.
Calibrating supersonic tunnel, Lewis laboratory.
James H. Doolittle sworn in as last NACA chairman.
Reentry testing; Allen with blunt-body model.
Portable simulator, Lewis laboratory.
NACA Executive Committee, 1957.
Vol. II
NACA appropriations by fiscal year: 1915-1935, 1936-1959.
Total NACA appropriations by fiscal year.
NACA organization chart, 1918 (hypothetical).
NACA organization chart, 1928 (hypothetical).
NACA organization chart, 1938 (hypothetical).
NACA organization chart, 1948 (hypothetical).
NACA organization chart, 1958 (hypothetical).
Aerial views of Langley laboratory after WW II.
Ames laboratory after WW II.
Lewis laboratory, 1955.
Pilotless Aircraft Research Station, 1955.
V- 173 model in Langley full-scale tunnel, 1941; submarine model in same tunnel, 1950s.
Air-return passage, Langley full-scale tunnel.
Langley 5-foot free-flight tunnel.
Drawing of 19-foot pressure tunnel at Langley; model of F94F in test section.
Langley 16-foot high-speed tunnel.
Inspection of rotor blades, Langley 4-foot supersonic tunnel.
Automobile parked in Ames full-scale tunnel; vanes in tunnel.
Schematic of Lewis altitude wind tunnel .
Profile of a boundary layer.
Shadowgraph of transition from laminar to turbulent flow.
Smoke-flow visualization of wing at varying angles of incidence.
Separation of boundary layer.
Transition from laminar to turbulent flow; maintenance of laminar flow.
Camber of an airfoil section.
NACA airfoil sections.
Eastman Jacobs.
Proposed schedule, supersonic research center.