Beyond the Atmosphere: Early Years of Space Science

[439] Advisers Attending NASA's
First University Program Conference
14 August1961
(Nongovernmental Participants)

Preston Bassett

president (retired), Sperry Corporation.

Francis X Bradley, Jr.

research administrator, Notre Dame.

George E. Corcoran

Dept. of Electrical Engineering, University of Maryland.

Henry Eyring

dean of Graduate School, University of Utah.

L. E. Grinter

dean of Graduate School, University of Florida.

James Harlow

dean of College of Education, University of Oklahoma.

John C. Honey

executive associate, Carnegie Corporation of New York.

Ralph Knutti

associate director for extramural programs, National Institute of Arthritis and Metabolic Diseases, National Institutes of Health.

Charles B. Officer

president, Marine Geophysics Services Corporation, Houston, Texas.

Richard W. Poole

Dept. of Economics, Oklahoma State University.

Alex S. Pow

director for Contract and Grant Development, University of Alabama.

Guenter Schwarz

Dept. of Physics, Florida State University.

Martin Schwarzschild

professor of Astronomy, Princeton University.

John Simpson

professor of Physics, Enrico Fermi Institute for Nuclear Studies, University of Chicago.

Stafford L. Warren

dean of Medical School, University of California, L.A.

Marsh W. White

Dept. of Physics, Pennsylvania State University.

Emery Wine

Municipal Manpower Commission.