SP-4213 THE HUMAN FACTOR: Biomedicine in the Manned Space Program to 1980





1. Medicine, Machines, and Manned Flight.

2. The Human Factors of Project Mercury.

3. NASA's Life Sciences Program.

4. The Human Factor in Long-Duration Manned Spaceflight.

5. Life Sciences Management in an Accelerated Space Program.

6. The Biopolitics of Manned Spaceflight.

7. Lunar Trajectories: Biomedicine in the Gemini and Apollo Programs.

8. Directing the Life Sciences Program.

9. A New Bioastronautics Crisis.

10. Lunar Transit: Biomedical Results from Apollo and Biomedical Preparations for the Post-Apollo Space Program.

11. Toward an Integrated Life Sciences Program.

12. NASA Life Sciences from the Shuttle into the Future.


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A. Selected Biomedical Terms of Aerospace Interest.
B. Organizational Arrangements for the Administration of Life Sciences Programs at Headquarters and Centers, 1958-1980.
C. Formal Reviews of Organization and Management of NASA's Life Sciences Programs, 1960- 1978.
D. NASA's Life Sciences Programs, 1958-1980: Research, Development, Inflight Experiments.
E. Medical Support for Manned Spaceflight Operations.
F. NASA's Life Sciences Programs: Fiscal Year Appropriations, 1961 -1978.


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Mercury astronauts experienced weightlessness aboard aircraft

Mercury astronauts experienced weightlessness aboard aircraft