Chapter 1
The Origins of the Selection Process
Early Traditions.
The Upper Atmosphere Rocket Research Panel.
The International Geophysical Year.
IRBMs and ICBMs.
The Technical Panel on the Earth Satellite Program.
The Selection of the Vanguard Experiments.
The Impact of the Sputniks and the First Vanguard.
Sputnik I.
Sputnik II.
Let the Race Begin.
The First Vanguard Fails.
Stress on the Selection Process.
Selection of the Scientists for the Explorers.
Selection of the Scientists for the Pioneers.

Chapter 2
The Origins of NASA
A National Space Establishment.
The NACA Becomes the Space Establishment.
The Legacy of the NACA.
The NACA Approach to Space.
The National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958.

Chapter 3
The Space Science Board
Formation of the Board.
The First Meeting of the Board.
Berkner's "4th of July Telegram".
The Board Selects Its First Space Scientists.
Early Board Recommendations.
The Committees of the Board.
Physics of Fields and Particles in Space.
Committee on Optical and Radio Astronomy.
The Board's Impact on NASA's Selection Process.

Chapter 4
NASA Organizes
A Change of Plans for Space Science.
Dryden's Plans for Space Science.
Glennan's Plans for Space Science.
NASA Opens Its Doors.
Silverstein's Team.
NASA Gets Its First Space Scientists.
The NACA Heritage.
The NRL Heritage.
A Love-Hate Relationship with the Space Science Board.
NASA Plans Its Own Space Science Program.
JPL Transferred to NASA.
NASA's First Official Organization.
Early Launch Failures.

Chapter 5
1959: A Year of Trouble and Conflict
Newell's Hybrid Space Science Organization.
The Unmanned Race to the Moon.
Scientists Recognize the Potential of Space Research.
Scientists Discover the Problems in Space Research.
Goddard's Tennis-Shoe Crowd.
Selection of Scientists for the Early Goddard Missions.
Explorer XII.
Orbiting Solar Observatory.
Explorer VIII.
Newell's Conflicts with Goddard.
Newell's Conflicts with JPL.
Newell's Conflicts with the Space Science Board.
Glennan Cancels Vega and Reorganizes NASA.
A Crucial Meeting at JPL.
Lessons Learned in 1959.

Chapter 6
The NASA Process for Selecting Scientists
Some Preliminaries.
Another Ad Hoc Arrangement with JPL.
Silverstein Reorganizes the Office of Space Flight.
Headquarters Becomes "HEADQUARTERS".
Technical Management Instruction 37-1-1.
The Space Science Steering Committee.
The SSSC in Action.
A Conflict of Interest in the SSSC.
Summary of the Early Work of the SSSC.
The Subcommittees of the SSSC.
The Particles and Fields Subcommittee.
A Shaky Start.
Business Picks Up.
Background of the Members.
No Substitutes, Please.
Genesis of the "AFO".
The Selection Process Bypasses the Subcommittee.
The Subcommittee Begins to Evaluate Proposals.
The Roles of the Subcommittees and the Program Offices.
Conflict of Interest in the Subcommittees.

Chapter 7
The Impact of James E. Webb
Creation of the Office of Space Science.
Early Misconceptions About Webb.
Webb Creates an Office of Space Science.
Shadow Networks.
Webb's University Program.
The Space Science Board Reorganizes.
Major Conflicts Resolved.

Chapter 8
Summary and Assessment
NASA's Unique Problems.
NASA's Solutions to Its Problems.
Conflict of Interest.
Lessons Learned.

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