SP-4221 The Space Shuttle Decision




Some publications have accession numbers from CASI (Center for Aerospace Information) or from SHHDC (Shuttle History Historical Documents Collection), at NASA-Marshall.


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The title of a report is often followed by an accession number: CASI (Center for Aerospace Information) or SHHDC (Shuttle History Historical Documents Collection), located at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. Documents are grouped by source below. Except as noted, cited corporate documents are executive summaries.


Aerospace Corp.:
ATR-72 (7231)-1. August 1, 1971. Integrated Operations/Payloads/Fleet Analysis Final Report. CASI 72N-26790.
AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics):
69-1064. September 1969. L. J. Walkover and A. J. Stefan, "Space Station Design for Flexibility."
70-044. June 1970. F. M. Stewart and R. L. Wetherington, "Space Shuttle Main Propulsion."
70-1249. October 1970. Philip P. Antonatos, Alfred C. Draper and Richard D. Neumann, "Aero Thermodynamic and Configuration Development."
71-658. June 1971. Richard C. Mulready, Pratt & Whitney's Space Shuttle Main Engine."
71-804. July 1971. J. F. Yardley, "McDonnell Douglas Fully Reusable Shuttle."
71-805. July 1971. Bastian Hello, "Fully Reusable Shuttle."
71-806. July 1971. Robert N. Lindley, "The Economics of a New Space Transportation System."
73-31. January 1973. Eugene S. Love, "Von Karman Lecture: Advanced Technology and the Space Shuttle."
73-73. January 1973. M. W. Hunter II, R. M. Gray and W. F. Miller, "Design of Low-Cost, Refurbishable Spacecraft for Use with the Shuttle."
89-2387. July 1989. D. Warren and C. Langer, "History in the Making - The Mighty F-1 Rocket Engine."
2987. April-May 1991. B. L. Koff, "Spanning the Globe with Jet Propulsion."
D2-114012-1. November 1, 1967. Saturn V Single Launch Space Station and Observatory Facility. CASI 70N-27668.
December 1971. Ballistic Recoverable & Reusable LOX/RP Flyback Boosters. SHHDC-2965.
General Dynamics:
GD/C-DCB-65-018. April 1965. Reusable Orbital Transport Second Stage Detailed Technical Report.
GDC-DCB-67-031. 25 September 1967. Multipurpose Reusable Spacecraft Preliminary Design Effort.
GDC-DCB-68-017. November 1968. Reusable Launch Vehicle/Spacecraft Concept. SHHDC-0023.
GDC-DCB-69-046. 31 October 1969. Space Shuttle Final Technical Report. CASI 70N-31536.
SAMSO-TR-68-171. April 1968. Multipurpose Reusable Spacecraft Cruise Vehicle Preliminary Design Effort. CASI 81X-77461.
November 17, 1971. Fully Reusable Shuttle
B35-43 RP-5. 31 December 1970. Alternate Space Shuttle Concepts Mid-Term Report.
B35-43 RP-11. 6 July 1971. Alternate Space Shuttle Concepts Study.
B35-43 RP-21. September 1, 1971. Alternate Space Shuttle Concepts Study; Design Requirements and Phased Program Evaluation. CASI 73N-17877.
B35-43 RP-28. November 15, 1971. Definition of Mark I/II Orbiters & Ballistic & Flyback Boosters. SHHDC-3004.
B35-43 RP-30. December 15, 1971. Shuttle Systems Evaluation and Selection. CASI 72N-18871.
B35-43 RP-33. March 15, 1972. Space Shuttle System Program Definition; Phase B Extension Final Report. CASI 74N-30308.
February 16, 1972: Shuttle Systems Evaluation and Selection; Phase B Extension Final Briefing.
LMSC-A946632. March 1969. Space Transport and Recovery System (Space Shuttle). SHHDC-0048.
LMSC-A959837. December 22, 1969. Final Report: Integral Launch and Re-entry Vehicle. CASI 70N-31831.
LMSC-A989142. June 4, 1971. Study of Alternate Space Shuttle Concepts. CASI 74N-76538.
LMSC-A990556. June 30, 1971. Payload Effects Analysis Study. CASI 71N-37496.
LMSC-A990558. June 30, 1971. Design Guide for Space Shuttle Low-Cost Payloads. CASI 72N-31883.
LMSC-A990594. June 30, 1971. Final Report Summary, Payload Effects Analysis. CASI 71N-35028.
LMSC-A991394. September 1, 1971. Alternate Space Shuttle Concepts Study; Interim Review Presentation. CASI 74N-75495.
LMSC-A995887. 3 November 1971. Alternate Space Shuttle Concepts Study. CASI 74N-76542.
LMSC-A995931. 15 November 1971. Alternate Concepts Study Extension. CASI 73N-30844.
LMSC-D152947. 22 February 1972. Space Shuttle Final Review. CASI 75N-74948.
LMSC-D153024. 15 March 1972. Space Shuttle Concepts.
LMSC-D157302. 15 February 1972. Space Shuttle Final Review.
LPC 629-6. March 15, 1972. Study of Solid Rocket Motors for a Space Shuttle Booster. CASI 72N-22772.
LR 18790. 21 May 1965. Design Studies of a Reusable Orbital Transport, First Stage. CASI 65X-19708.
Martin Marietta:
M-69-36. December 1969. Spacemaster: A Two-Stage Fully Reusable Space Transportation System. SHHDC-214.
MCR-71-309. October 1971. Study of Titan IIIL Booster for Space Shuttle Application.
Mathematica, Inc.: See Bibliography under "Heiss" and "Morgenstern."
McDonnell Douglas - Space Shuttle:
G994. 7 February 1969. Low-Cost Reusable Orbital Transport System. CASI 72X-82639.
H321. 21 August 1969. Big G: Logistic Spacecraft Evolving from Gemini. CASI 69X-18044.
MDC E0049. November 1, 1969. Integral Launch and Reentry Vehicle System. CASI 70N-15212.
MDC E0056. 15 December 1969. A Two-Stage Fixed Wing Space Transportation System. CASI 70N-31597.
MDC E0308. 30 June 1971. Space Shuttle System Phase B Study Final Report. SHHDC-2825.
MDC E0376-1. 30 June 1971. External LH2 Tank Study Final Report.
MDC E0497. 15 November 1971. Phase B System Study Extension Final Report. CASI 76N-71552.
MDC E0558. 15 March 1972. Space Shuttle Phase B System Study Extension Final Report. CASI 77X-78418; SHHDC-2861.
1 September 1971. Interim Report to OMSF: Phase B System Study Extension. SHHDC-2854.
22 February 1972. Space Shuttle Design Review: Phase B System Study Extension.
McDonnell Douglas - Space Station:
MDC G2570. November 1971. Space Station, Laboratory in Space.
MDC G2727. April 1, 1972. Space Station Executive Summary. CASI 72N-27912.
NAS 9-10960. June 1970. Study Control Document: Space Shuttle System Program Definition (Phase B). SHHDC-2916.
SP-196. 1969. Proceedings of the Winter Study on Uses of Manned Space Flight, 1975-1985. NASA Science and Technology Advisory Committee.
SP-440. 1981. Donald D. Baals and William R. Corliss, "Wind Tunnels of NASA."
SP-468. 1985. Laurence K. Loftin, "Quest for Performance."
SP-4011. 1977. Roland W. Newkirk, Ivan D. Ertel and Courtney G. Brooks, "Skylab: A Chronology."
SP-4012. 1988. Linda Neuman Ezell, "NASA Historical Data Book: Programs and Projects."
Vol. II: 1958-1968.
Vol. III: 1969-1978.
SP-4026. 1995. Hermann Noordung, "The Problem of Space Travel: The Rocket Motor" (English translation).
SP-4102. 1982. Arnold S. Levine, "Managing NASA in the Apollo Era."
SP-4205. 1979. Courtney G. Brooks, James M. Grimwood and Loyd S. Swenson, Jr., "Chariots for Apollo: A History of Manned Lunar Spacecraft."
SP-4208. 1983. W. David Compton and Charles D. Benson, "Living and Working in Space: A History of Skylab."
SP-4210. 1977. R Cargill Hall, "Lunar Impact: A History of Project Ranger."
SP-4303. 1984. Richard P. Hallion, "On the Frontier: Flight Research at Dryden, 1946-1981."
SP-4307. 1993. Henry C. Dethloff, ""Suddenly Tomorrow Came...': A History of the Johnson Space Center."
SP-4308. 1995. James R. Hansen, "Spaceflight Revolution: NASA Langley Research Center from Sputnik to Apollo."
SP-4407. John M. Logsdon, general editor, "Exploring the Unknown: Selected Documents in the History of the U.S. Civil Space Program."
1995: Vol. I. "Organizing for Exploration."
1996. Vol. II. "Relations with Other Organizations."
TM X-52876. July 1970. Space Transportation System Technology Symposium. NASA Lewis Research Center.
TT F-9227. December 1964. Hermann Oberth, "Rockets in Planetary Space" (English translation).
North American Aviation:
AL-1347. October 1951. Development of a Strategic Missile and Associated Projects.
North American Rockwell - Space Shuttle:
LE 71-7. 1971. Shuttle - The Space Transporter of the 1980's.
SD 69-573-1. December 1969. Study of Integral Launch and Reentry Vehicle System. CASI 70N-31832.
SD 71-114-1. 25 June 1971. Space Shuttle Phase B Final Report. CASI 74N-75830.
SD 71-342. 12 November 1971. Space Shuttle Phase B Extension. CASI 72N-13860.
SD 72-SH-0012-1. 15 March 1972. Space Shuttle Phase B Final Report. CASI 74N-31330.
SSV 72-2. October 1972. Space Shuttle Summary Briefing.
SV 71-28. 19 July 1971. Fully Reusable Shuttle.
SV 71-40. 1 September 1971. Space Shuttle Phase B Extension Mid-Term Review.
Vol. I: Executive Summary.
Vol. II: Mid-Term Presentation, CASI 90N-70121.
SV 71-50. 3 November 1971. Space Shuttle Phase B Extension, 4th Month Review. SHHDC-2961.
SV 71-59. 15 December 1971. Space Shuttle Program Review.
SV 72-14. 22 February 1972. Space Shuttle Phase B Final Briefing. SHHDC-203.
SV 72-19. 8 July 1972. Space Shuttle System Summary Briefing.
North American Rockwell - Space Station:
SD 70-153. July 1970. Space Station Program Phase B Definition. CASI 70X-18668.
SD 70-160. 24 July 1970. Space Base Definition. CASI 70X-17323.
SD 70-536. November 1970. Space Station Mockup Brochure. CASI 71X-10114.
SD 71-214. January 1, 1972. Modular Space Station Phase B Extension Period. CASI 72N-18889.
SD 71-217-1. January 1, 1972. Modular Space Station Phase B Extension: Preliminary System Design. CASI 72N-18881.
SD 71-576. November 4, 1971. Modular Space Station Phase B Extension. CASI 72N-22904.
Pan Am (Pan American World Airways):
December 8, 1970. Lehman Brothers, "Prospectus: $87,375,000: 11-1/8% Guaranteed Loan Certificates Due December 16, 1986."
Pratt & Whitney:
GP 70-35. 7 February 1970. Space Shuttle Engine.
GP 70-271. 12 August 1970. Space Shuttle Main Engine Orientation.
PWA FP 71-50. 28 April 1971. Proposal for Space Shuttle Main Engine.
RSS-8333-1. 23 June 1971. Space Shuttle Main Engine Phase B Final Report. Volume I: Summary.
TWR-5672. 15 March 1972. Study of Solid Rocket Motors for a Space Shuttle Booster. CASI 73N-29820.
United Technology:
UTC 4205-72-7. 15 March 1972. Study of Solid Rocket Motors for a Space Shuttle Booster. CASI 72N-22784.