SP-4221 The Space Shuttle Decision

Cover art: From the Seeds of Change.....a Discovery. By Robert A. M. Stephens, oil on canvas, c.1984.

Cover art: From the Seeds of Change.....a Discovery. By Robert A. M. Stephens, oil on canvas, c.1984.



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Abbreviations and Acronyms.

Chapter 1. Space Stations and Winged Rockets.

The Collier's Series.
Background to the Space Station.
Winged Rockets: The Work of Eugen Sanger.
Navaho and the Main Line of American Liquid Rocketry.
The X-15: An Airplane for Hypersonic Research.
Lifting Bodies: Wingless Winged Rockets.
Solid-Propellant Rockets: Inexpensive Boosters.
Dyna-Soar: A Failure in Evolution.

Chapter 2. NASA's Uncertain Future.

Technology Bypasses the Space Station.
Apollo Applications: Prelude to a Space Station.
Space Station Concepts of the 1960s.
Early Studies of Low-Cost Space Flight.
Two Leaders Emerge: Max Hunter and George Mueller.
NASA and the Post-Apollo Future.

Chapter 3. Mars and Other Dream Worlds.

Nuclear Rocket Engines.
A New Administrator: Thomas Paine.
Space Shuttle Studies Continue.
Space Policy: Opening Gambits.
Paine Seeks a Space Station.
Space Shuttles Receive New Attention.
Space Task Group Members Prepare Plans.
Agnew Leads a Push Toward Mars.

Chapter 4. Winter of Discontent.

The Sixties.
Mars: The Advance.
Mars: The Retreat.
The Turn of Congress.
Paine Leaves NASA.

Chapter 5. Shuttle to the Forefront.

The Air Force in Space.
The Air Force and NASA.
A New Shuttle Configuration.
Station Fades; Shuttle Advances.
The Space Shuttle Main Engine.

Chapter 6. Economics and the Shuttle.

Why People Believed in Low-Cost Space Flight.
The Shuttle Faces Questions.
Change at NASA and the Bureau of the Budget.
The Fall of the Two-Stage Fully-Reusable Shuttle.

Chapter 7. Aerospace Recession.

The Boeing 747.
The Supersonic Transport (SST).
The Lockheed L-1011.

Chapter 8. A Shuttle to Fit the Budget.

The Orbiter: Convergence to a Good Solution.
The Booster: Confusion and Doubt.
End Game in the Shuttle Debate.
TAOS: A New Alternative.
A Time to Decide.

Chapter 9. Nixon's Decision.

Nixon and Technology.
Space Shuttle: The Last Moves.
The Hinge of Decision.
Loose Ends I: A Final Configuration.
Loose Ends II: NERVA and Cape Canaveral.
Awarding the Contracts.

Bibliography , Reports and Other Publications: AIAA, Corporations, NASA.


The NASA History Series.