Jerry Linenger launched with Space Shuttle mission STS-81 on January 12, 1997, to replace U.S. Mir astronaut John Blaha. He remained on Mir until he returned with STS-84 on May 24, 1997, after a total of 132 days in orbit -- the longest duration flight of an American male to date. Linenger joined Russian Mir-22 crewmembers Valeri Korzun and Alexander Kaleri, who stayed onboard Mir until after the Mir-23 crew of Vasily Tsibliev and Aleksandr Lazutkin arrived with German astronaut Reinhold Ewald. Ewald and the Mir-22 crew returned to Earth onboard a Soyuz on March 2, 1997.

Crew List
Valeri Korzun
Alexander Kaleri
Vasily Tsibliev
Aleksandr Lazutkin
Reinhold Ewald
Jerry Linenger

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