This History of Shuttle-Mir CD-ROM, NASA SP-2001-4603, has been released by the NASA Headquarters History Office to provide broad distribution of information relating to Phase 1 of the International Space Station Program. The CD-ROM was originally released in September 2001 as a companion to the illustrated history, Shuttle-Mir: The U.S. and Russia Share History's Highest Stage, NASA SP-2001-4225. The following paragraphs acknowledge the sources, materials, and individuals that provided this informative disk.

We have the story of Shuttle-Mir thanks to the hundreds of individuals in the U.S. and Russian space programs who successfully worked through countless technical, cultural, and philosophical challenges. Their efforts resulted in placing this episode in its rightful place in spaceflight history.

To preserve the history of Shuttle-Mir, Program Manager Frank Culbertson commissioned the production of the illustrated history publication, Shuttle-Mir: The U.S. and Russia Share History's Highest Stage, its companion CD-ROM, and related Website. NASA Johnson Space Center Director George W. S. Abbey authorized the resources and actively supported the effort. William A. Larsen coordinated the project for JSC, and the JSC Oral History Project provided materials and resources vital for the human element focus of the project. The contributions of the NASA Public Affairs Office were likewise incalculable. PAO news releases, weekly status reports, and Shuttle-Mir team interviews provided the continuity for the chronological narrative.

On this CD-ROM, the text from the Shuttle-Mir illustrated history is included as written by author Clay Morgan; sources for this text (chapter notes) are in the appendixes section. Morgan directed the collection of contents for this CD-ROM, which includes many of his source materials. Working with him was Sandra L. Johnson of SIGNAL Corporation, who designed and created the CD-ROM.

NASA served as the source for most of the CD-ROM information. Reports such as the Mir Mission Status Reports and Weekly Status Reports are included exactly as released during the Shuttle-Mir Program. Biographical information on the European Space Agency cosmonaut researchers was obtained from the ESA Website.

NASA archives provided most of the videos and images. The computer- generated animation is courtesy of Analytical Graphics, Inc. Also providing imagery were the Russian Space Agency, ESA, Michael R. Barratt, L.D. Stevenson, Space News, and AP World Wide Photos.

Rebecca Wright of SIGNAL Corporation organized and directed this Shuttle-Mir History Project from its beginning, and contributed to its success in many ways, including interviewing, writing, editing, design, management, and production. Paula J. Vargas of InDyne Inc. provided artistic direction for the project and selected its photos, videos, and graphics. Summer Chick Bergen of SIGNAL Corporation was invaluable in tracking down and validating sources, and compiling the chapter notes.

Gary Seloff of Indyne Corporation provided guidance and contract support, as did S. Michael Smith and Donna Baumer of InDyne Inc. Carol L. Butler and Kevin M. Rusnak of SIGNAL Corporation assisted in many areas of research and validation. D.S.F. Portree researched and gathered background materials. NASA's Chief Historian Roger D. Launius was always available with advice and support.

Besides making this history possible by living its story, many Shuttle-Mir Program team members gave hours of their time for oral histories and text reviews. The seven Mir astronauts, of course, were essential in providing the remembrances that constitute the bulk of the text. Also from NASA JSC, Michael R. Barratt, John J. Uri, Jessie Gilmore, Connie Van Praet-Cremins, Joseph P. Loftus Jr., and Kamlesh P. Lulla provided important texts and support.

Other NASA JSC organizations and individuals assisting with the Shuttle-Mir History Project include Mary Wilkerson, Allen Bond, Irene Jenkins, Mike Gentry, William Stafford, Dexter C. Herbert, Pat Ryan, Brad Sayles, Jason Fennelly, and the Digital Imagery Lab. Also, Don Bourque, Howard D. Ross, Jacque Havelka and Cherise Moore of Lockheed Martin, NASA Kennedy Space Center Photo Repository, Tom Wiseman, VideoCosmos, Russia, and Cable News Network (CNN).