Mike Foale
NASA-5, May 15 - October 6, 1997

Mike Foale attached a photo of his children (top left) to the wall of Spektr, the module Foale used as his living quarters. After the collision of a Progress Resupply Vehicle with the space station, the Spektr was uninhabitable. The photo was rescued during the internal spacewalk by the Mir-24 cosmonaut Pavel Vinogradov. Also rescued was the touch point mouse pad (bottom right).

After the collision Foale received via a Progress a video tape (bottom left) from his family, a gold colored tin (top right) from his sister in England, and a draft of a science fiction novel from its author (center, three-ring binder).

Also pictured are the mirror used by Foale while on his extravehicular activity (attached to can), and a tape of Russian music from the Mir Base Block music library.

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