SP-423 Atlas of Mercury




[126] We would like to express our thanks and appreciation to Raymond M. Batson, Chief Cartographer of the Mercury series of maps, and to airbrush artists Jay L. Inge, Patricia M. Bridges, and Susan L. Davis, all of the U.S. Geological Survey ( Branch of Astrogeological Studies ) at Flagstaff, Arizona. for their help and patience in adapting their maps to the Atlas format. Inge was responsible for the H-1, H-6, and H-15 maps. Bridges for the H-3, H-7, H-8, and H-12 maps and Davis for the H-2 and H-11 maps.

We are grateful to the many people at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and Boeing Aircraft Company who made the Mariner 10 mission a success. We recognize that the project was in existence for many years and that the 'team" consisted of hundreds of people who contributed to the design, manufacture, and testing of the spacecraft, to mission operations, and to mission management. We would like to mention a few of the people we worked with during this phase of our lives. At NASA Headquarters, N. William Cunningham efficiently managed the program. Also contributing were Arnold C. Belcher. Maurice E. Binkley, Stephen C. Hiett, Henry E. Holt, James C. Hood. Diane M. Mangel, Nicholas W. Panagakos, Guenter K. Strobel, Margaret S. Ware. and Althea R. Washington.

At the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, we valued our association with W. Eugene Giberson. the project manager, his deputies John R. Casani and Victor C. Clarke. Jr., and project scientist James A. Dunne, and appreciate their dedication to the project. We worked with many outstanding people at JPL on the project and would like to mention a few: Dallas F. Beauchamp. Wailen E. Bennett, Frank F,. Bristow. Frank Colella, Virgil B. Combs. Vincent L. Evanchuk, Richard M. Goldstein, William B. Green, Mark Herring, A. Adrian Hooke, Ralph A. Johansen, Jeremy B. Jones, Kenneth P. Klaasen, Lawrence K. Koga, Susan K. La Voie. Gerald S. Levy, Donald J. Lynn, Robert J. MacMillin, David D. Norris, Donna Shirley Pivirotto, William I. Purdy. Jr., Michael J. Sander, James M. Soha, Anthony J. Spear. Ronald C. Spriestersbach, Gael F. Squibb, Norma J. Stetzel, David L. Thiessen, Robert I. Toombs. Fred E. Vescelus. Peter B. Whitehead, and Steven J. Zawacki.

From the Boeing Aircraft Corporation w e appreciated the efforts of James M. Ellis, James J. Farrell, Merlyn J. Flakus, Charles W. Luke, and Rod A. Zieger.

We are indebted to James A. Dunne, JPL, John F. McCauley, USGS, and Ermine van der Wyk, JPL, for valuable and timely review of draft manuscripts.

Finally we would like to recognize Bruce C. Murray for his energetic and dedicated leadership of the television team and his encouragement in the preparation of this Atlas.