SP-423 Atlas of Mercury




[ii] This Atlas is dedicated to the members of the Television Science Team. It was their efforts, started almost five years before the spacecraft reached Mercury, that made this Atlas possible. Their technical and scientific capabilities, coupled with their dedicated motivation, produced the high quality photographs included in this book. The photographs will be used by scientists the world over to study and understand the processes that have shaped the surface of Mercury.


Bruce C. Murray, Team Leader

Michael J.S. Belton
G. Edward Danielson
Merton E. Davies
Donald E. Gault
Bruce W. Hapke
Gerard P. Kuiper
Brian O'Leary
Robert G. Strom
Verner R. Suomi
Newell J. Trask
James L. Anderson
Audouin Dollfus
John F,. Guest
Robert J. Krauss