SP-4302 Adventures in Research: A History of Ames Research Center 1940-1965


Appendix C



List of References


Product Display


[521-531] The principal product of a research laboratory is the technical report. The following list of reports is intended to serve more as a "product display" than as a conventional reference source. The listed reports represent but a small fraction of the total output of the Ames Research Center. They were selected by the author, somewhat arbitrarily, on the basis of their historical and technical significance and, as a group, are believed to be broadly representative of the Center's best research efforts during the period of this history. The list by no means includes all of the important reports produced by the Center. Nor does it document the Center's continuous and effective development-test effort by means of which the Nation's military and civilian aircraft have, during the past quarter century, been notably improved.




A-1. Rodert, Lewis A.; McAvoy, William H.; and Clousing, Lawrence A.: Preliminary Report on Flight Tests of an Airplane Having Exhaust-Heated Wings. NACA ACR, April 1941. (Issued as NACA WR A-53, 1941.)

A-2. Hardy, J. K.: An Analysis of the Dissipation of Heat in Conditions of Icing from a Section of the Wing of the C-46 Airplane. NACA Rep. 831, 1945.

A-3. Neel, Carr B., Jr.: An Investigation of a Thermal Ice-Prevention System for a C-46 Cargo Airplane. I-Analysis of the Thermal Design for Wings, Empennage, and Windshields. NACA ARR 5A03, 1943.

A-4. Jones, Alun R.: An Investigation of a Thermal Ice-Prevention System for a Twin-Engine Transport Airplane. NACA Rep. 862, 1946.

A-5. Goett, Harry J.; Jackson, Roy P.; and Belsley, Steven E.: Wind-Tunnel Procedure for Determination of Critical Stability and Control Characteristics of Airplanes. NACA Rep. 781, 1944.

A-6. Nissen, James M.; Gadeberg, Burnett L.; and Hamilton, William T.: Correlation of the Drag Characteristics of a Typical Pursuit Airplane Obtained from High-Speed Wind-Tunnel and Flight Tests. NACA. Rep. 916, 1948.

A-7. Frick, Charles W.; Davis, Wallace F.; Randall, Lauros M.; and Moss. man, Emmet A.: An Experimental Investigation of NACA Submerged" Duct Entrances. NACA ACR 5120, 1945.

A-8. Allen, H. Julian: General Theory of Airfoil Sections Having Arbitrary Shape or Pressure Distribution. NACA Rep. 833, 1945.

A-9. Graham, Donald J.; Nitzberg, Gerald E.; and Olson, Robert N.: A Systematic Investigation of Pressure Distributions at High Speeds Over Five Representative NACA Low-Drag and Conventional Airfoil Sections. NACA Rep. 832, 1945.




B-1. Heaslet, Max A.; Lomax, Harvard; and Jones, Arthur L.: Volterra's Solution of the Wave Equation as Applied to Three-Dimensional Supersonic Airfoil Problems. NACA Rep. 889, 1947.

B-2. Spreiter, John R.: The Aerodynamic Forces on Slender Plane- and Cruciform-Wing and Body Combinations. NACA Rep. 962, 1950.

B-3. Heaslet, Max A.; Lomax, Harvard; and Spreiter, John R.: Linearized Compressible-Flow Theory for Sonic Flight Speeds. NACA Rep. 956,

B-4. Jones, Robert T.: Estimated Lift-Drag Ratios at Supersonic Speed. NACA TN 1350, 1947.

B-5. Vincenti, Walter G.; Nielsen, Jack N.; and Matteson, Frederick H.: Investigation of Wing Characteristics at a Mach Number of 1.53. I-Triangular Wings of Aspect Ratio 2. NACA RM A7I10, 1947.

B-6. Vincenti, Walter G.: Comparison Between Theory and Experiment for Wings at Supersonic Speeds. NACA Rep. 1033, 1951.

B-7. Frick, C. W.; and Chubb, R. S.: The Longitudinal Stability of Elastic Swept Wings at Supersonic Speed. NACA Rep. 965, 1950.

B-8. Chapman, Dean R.; and Perkins, Edward W.: Experimental Investigation of the Effects of Viscosity on the Drag and Base Pressure of Bodies of Revolution at a Mach Number of 1.5. NACA Rep. 1036, 1951.

B-9. Chapman, Dean R.: An Analysis of Base Pressure at Supersonic Velocities and Comparison with Experiment. NACA Rep. 1051, 1951.

B-10. Allen, H. Julian; and Perkins, Edward W.: A Study of Effects of Viscosity on Flow Over Slender Inclined Bodies of Revolution. NACA Rep. 1048, 1951.

B-11. DeYoung, John; and Harper, Charles W.: Theoretical Symmetric Span Loading at Subsonic Speeds for Wings Having Arbitrary Plan Form. NACA Rep. 921, 1948.

B-12. Kauffman, William M.; Liddell, Charles J., Jr.; Smith, Allan. and Van Dyke, Rudolph D., Jr.: An Apparatus for Varying Effective Dihedral in Flight With Application to a Study of Tolerable Dihedral on a Conventional Fighter Airplane. NACA Rep. 948, 1949.

B-13. Chapman, Dean R.; and Rubesin, Morris W.: Temperature and Velocity Profiles in the Compressible Laminar Boundary Layer With Arbitrary Distribution of Surface Temperature. Jour. Aero. Sci., vol. 16, no. 9, Sept. 1949, pp. 547-565.

B-14. Scherrer, Richard: Comparison of Theoretical and Experimental Heat Transfer Characteristics of Bodies of Revolution at Supersonic Speeds. NACA Rep. 1055, 1951.

B-15. Stalder, Jackson R.; and Jukoff, David: Heat Transfer to Bodies Traveling at High Speed in the Upper Atmosphere. NACA Rep. 944, 1949.

B-16. Stalder, Jackson R.; Goodwin, Glen; and Creager, Marcus O.: A Comparison of Theory and Experiment for High-Speed Free-Molecule Flow. NACA Rep. 1032, 1951.

B-17. Seiff, Alvin: A Free-Flight Wind Tunnel for Aerodynamic Testing at Hypersonic Speeds. NACA Rep. 1222, 1955.

B-18. Huntsberger, Ralph F.; and Parsons, John F.: The Design of Large High-Speed Wind Tunnels. Presented at Wind-Tunnel and Model Testing Panel, Fourth General Assembly, AGARD, Scheveningen, Netherlands, May 4, 1954. AGARD publication AG15/P6, pp. 127-152.

B-19. Lomax, Harvard; Heaslet, Max. A.; Fuller, Franklyn B.; and Sluder, Loma: Two- and Three-Dimensional Unsteady Lift Problems in High-Speed Flight. NACA Rep. 1077, 1952.

B-20. Vincenti, Walter G.; and Wagoner, Cleo B.: Transonic Flow Past a Wedge Profile With Detached Bow Wave. NACA Rep. 1095, 1952.

B-21. Vincenti, Walter G.; and Wagoner, Cleo B.: Theoretical Study of the Transonic Lift of a Double-Wedge Profile with Detached Bow Wave. NACA Rep. 1180, 1954.

B-22. Spreiter, John R.: On the Application of Transonic Similarity Rules to Wings of Finite Span. NACA Rep. 1153, 1953.

B-23. McDevitt, John B.: A Correlation by Means of Transonic Similarity Rules of Experimentally Determined Characteristics of a Series of Symmetrical and Cambered Wings of Rectangular Plan Form. NACA Rep. 1253, 1955.

B-24. Chapman, Dean R.: Airfoil Profiles for Minimum Pressure Drag at Supersonic Velocities-General Analysis With Application to Linearized Supersonic Flow, NACA Rep. 1063, 1952.

B-25. Chapman, Dean R.; Wimbrow, William R.; and Kester, Robert H.: Experimental Investigation of Base Pressure on Blunt-Trailing-Edge Wings at Supersonic Velocities. NACA Rep. 1109, 1952.

B-26. Eggers, A. J., Jr.; and Savin, Raymond C.: A Unified Two-Dimensional Approach to the Calculation of Three-Dimensional Hypersonic Flows, With Application to Bodies of Revolution. NACA Rep. 1249, 1955.

B-27. Van Dyke, Milton D.: A Study of Hypersonic Small-Disturbance Theory NACA Rep. 1194, 1954.

B-28. Perkins, Edward W.; Jorgensen, Leland H.; and Sommer, Simon C.: Investigation of the Drag of Various Axially Symmetric Nose Shapes of Fineness Ratio 3 for Mach Numbers from 1.24 to 7.4. NACA Rep. 1386, 1958.

B-29. Nielsen, Jack N.: Quasi-Cylindrical Theory of Wing-Body Interference at Supersonic Speeds and Comparison with Experiment. NACA Rep. 1252, 1955.

B-30. Pitts, William C.; Nielsen, Jack N.; and Kaattari, George E.: Lift and Center of Pressure of Wing-Body-Tail Combinations at Subsonic, Transonic, and Supersonic Speeds. NACA Rep. 1307, 1957.

B-31. Jones, Robert T.: Theory of Wing-Body Drag at Supersonic Speeds. NACA Rep. 1284, 1956.

B-32. Reynolds, Robert M.; Sammonds, Robert I.; and Walker, John H.: An Investigation of Single- and Dual-Rotation Propellers at Positive and Negative Thrust, and in Combination With an NACA 1-Series D-Type Cowling at Mach Numbers up to 0.84. NACA Rep. 1336, 1957.

B-33. Turner, Howard L.; Triplett, William C.; and White, John S.: A Flight and Analog Computer Study of Some Stabilization and Command Networks for an Automatically Controlled Interceptor During the Final Attack Phase. NACA RM A54J14, 1955.

B-34. Triplett, William C.; Brown, Stuart C.; and Smith, G. Allan: The Dynamic-Response Characteristics of a 35° Swept-Wing Airplane as Determined From Flight Measurements. NACA Rep. 1250, 1955.

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B-36. Charters, A. C.; Denardo, B. Pat; and Rossow, Vernon J.: Development of a Piston-Compressor Type Light-Gas Gun for the Launching of FreeFlight Models at High Velocity. NACA TN 4143, 1957.

B-37. Eggers, A. J., Jr.: A Method for Simulating the Atmospheric Entry of Long-Range Ballistic Missiles. NACA Rep. 1378, 1958.

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B-40. Holdaway, George H.; and Hatfield, Elaine W.: Transonic Investigation of Yawed Wings of Aspect Ratios 3 and 6 with a Sears-Haack Body and With Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Bodies Indented for a Mach Number of 1.20. NACA RM A58C03, 1958.

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B-43. Hall, Charles F.; and Boyd, John W.: Effects of Canards on Airplane Performance and Stability. NACA RM A58D24, 1958.

B-44. Kelly, Mark W.; Anderson, Seth B.; and Innis, Robert C.: Blowing-Type Boundary-Layer Control as Applied to the Trailing-Edge Flaps of a 35° Swept-Wing Airplane. NACA Rep. 1369, 1958.

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