SP-4304 SEARCHING THE HORIZON: A History of Ames Research Center, 1940-1976




[223] The major reorganizations of Ames have been discussed in the text and are illustrated in the organizational charts that follow, but neither the text nor the charts give a complete organizational history. Rather, organizational change has been used to chart other evolutions at Ames: division of authority, new research directions, increasing bureaucracy, and growing interaction with outside agencies.

The first six charts are for the entire laboratory or center. In the early years research was organized around the wind tunnel that a unit used, and the unit was typically named for that facility, e.g., the 16-Foot Tunnel Section. When research became more diversified, units were named for the area of investigation, e.g., the Flight Dynamics and Control Branch. Most of the charts do not go below the directorate or division level. The first five are from Hartman, Adventures in Research, pp. 33, 41, 180, 319, and 402. The sixth is taken from a copy of the official chart dated Sept. 1976 in the NASA History Office Archives.



[228] The last five charts show the Life Sciences Directorate during its first 14 turbulent years The major shifts in research can be easily followed. Human-machine integration in its various aspects was a strong element from the beginning. Over the years exobiology lost ground as biomedical research grew. These charts are taken from the historical files of the Life Sciences Directorate.