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Earth as photographed by Lunar Orbiter 1, 1966.

The "picture of the century" was the first view of the Earth from space. Lunar Orbiter I took the photo on 23 August 1966 on its 16th orbit just before it passed behind the moon. the photo also provided a spectular dimensional view of the lunar surface. L-66-6399





Prologue .


1. The Metamorphosis.
The Venerable Order of the NACA.
Glennan: Welcome to NASA.
Air versus Space
The Public Eye.
2. The First NASA Inspection.
Following the NACA Way.
Project Mercury.
Big Joe, Little Joe.
3. Carrying Out the Task.
A Home at Langley.
The Tracking Range.
Shouldering the Burden.
The End of the Glamour Days.
4. Change and Continuity.
The Organization.
Thompson's Obscurantism.
The Sinking of Hydrodynamics-and Aeronautics?.
Growth Within Personnel Ceilings.
The Shift Toward the Periphery.
Contracting Out.
The Brave New World of Projects.
Uncharted Territory.
5. The "Mad Scientists" of MPD.
The ABCs of MPD.
The Solar Wind Hits Home
The MPD Branch.
Out of the Tunnel.
Into the Cyanogen Fire.
The Barium Cloud Experiment.
The Search for Boundless Energy.
A Hot Field Cools Off.
6. The Odyssey of Project Echo.
The international Geophysical Year and the V-2 Panel.
O'Sullivan's Design.
Extraterrestrial Relays.
Finessing the Proposal.
The "Sub-Satellite".
Something the Whole World Could See.
Big ideas Before Congress.
Assigning Responsibilities.
A Burst Balloon.
"Anything's Possible!".
Reflections .
The Hegemony of Active Voice .
7. Learning Through Failure: The Early Rush of the Scout Rocket Program.
"Itchy" for Orbit.
Little Big Man.
Little Foul-Ups.
"3-2-1 Splash".
An Unsung Hero.
8. Enchanted Rendezvous: The Lunar-Orbit Rendezvous Concept .
Brown's Lunar Exploration Working Group
Michael's Paper on a "Parking Orbit".
The Rendezvous Committees.
Houbolt Launches His First Crusade .
The Feelings Against LOR.
The Early Skepticism of the STG.
Mounting Frustration.
President Kennedy's Commitment.
Houbolt's First Letter to Seamans.
A Voice in the Wilderness.
The LOR Decision
9. Skipping "The Next Logical Step"
"As Inevitable as the Rising Sun".
The First Space Station Task Force .
From the inflatable Torus to the Rotating Hexagon.
Betwixt and Between.
Manned Orbital Research Laboratory.
Keeping the "R" Alive.
Understanding Why and Why Not.
Lost in Space?.
10. To Behold the Moon: The Lunar Orbiter Project.
The "Moonball" Experiment.
Initiating Lunar Orbiter.
Project Management.
The Source Evaluation Board.
Nelson's Team.
The Boeing Team.
The "Concentrated" versus the "Distributed" Mission.
"The Picture of the Century".
Mission More Than Accomplished.
Secrets of Success.
11. In the Service of Apollo.
Langley's "Undercover Operation" in Houston.
The Dynamics of Having an Impact.
Inside the Numbers.
The Simulators.
Rogallo's Flexible Wing.
The Apollo Fire investigation Board.
12. The Cortright Synthesis.
The Stranger.
The Reorganization.
New Directions.
Critique from the Old Guard.







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