SP-4401 - NASA SOUNDING ROCKETS, 1958-1968: A Historical Summary







I. Importance of Sounding Rockets in Space Science.

II. Development of Scientific Rockets prior to the V-2.

III. The V-2 at White Sands.

IV. Development of the First Sounding Rockets.

V. The Use of Sounding Rockets during the IGY.

VI. Genesis of the Goddard Space Flight Center Sounding Rocket Program.

VII. Sounding Rockets during the Heyday of Scientific Satellites.

VIII. Sounding Rocket Resurgence, 1965-1968.

IX. A Summary of Sounding Rocket Development.


General Bibliography.


Appendix A. Short Descriptions of Major Sounding Rockets.

Appendix B. Compendium of NASA Sounding Rocket Firings,1959-1968.

Particles & Fields.
Ionospheric Physics.
Solar Physics; Galactic Astronomy; Radio Astronomy.
Biology; Special Projects; Test & Support.

Appendix C. Trends in Vehicle Usage, 1959-1968.

Appendix D. A Typical Memorandum of Agreement .

Appendix E. Trends in Use by Discipline, 1959-1968.

Appendix F. Financial Summary, 1958-1970.


The Author.