THE ENORMOUS SUCCESS of the Viking Project was the result of the combined efforts of more than 10 000 people. To name even that group of people who contributed directly to the success of the Viking Orbiter Imaging Experiment world be an almost impossible task. Three names, however, stand out. In the early days of the Viking Project, the existence of the Orbiter Imaging Experiment was in constant jeopardy. James S. Martin Jr., Project Manager, A. Thomas Young, Primary Mission director and Dr. Conway W. Snyder, Orbiter Scientist, were unswerving in their support of a high quality orbiter camera. The pictures in this book are, in large part, the result of that loyal support.


Special mention should also be made of the Space Photography Section of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which was responsible for overseeing the design and fabrication of the cameras, and the Mission Test Imaging System personnel of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, who did most of the picture reconstruction and processing.


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