SP-466 The Star Splitters



PART ONE: Preview of the Cosmos.
1. Pointing Our Thoughts.
2. The High Energy Universe.
PART TWO: The Star Splitters.
3. The Road to HEAO.
4. On the Road Again.
5. Mission Planning.
6. The Star Splitters.
7. New Perspectives in Astronomy.
PART THREE: The High Energy Universe
8. Creative Violence.
9. Explosion of a Star and a Myth.
10. Cosmic Ray Surprise.
11. Superbubbles.
12. Stellar Coronas.
13. Collapsed Stars.
14. Pulsars.
15. Tides in the Affairs of Neutron Stars.
16. Degenerate Dwarfs.
17. Black Holes.
18. The Realm of the Galaxies.
19. X-Ray Images of the Galaxies.
20. The Maw of the Abyss.
21. Stripped Spirals and Cosmic Cannibals.
22. The Mystery of the Missing Mass.
23. Cosmic Fire.
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