DESTINATION MOON: A History of the Lunar Orbiter Program

Unmanned Lunar Exploration and the Need for a Lunar Orbiter.
- The call for a program of exploration.
- Mustering for the challenge of space.

Toward a Lightweight Lunar Orbiter.
- The Surveyor program.
- Early Apollo impact on lunar orbiter planning.
- The Centaur rocket program.
- The search for a lightweight orbiter.
- OSS-OMSF cooperative planning.
- The Scherer group's report.
- Problems at JPL.
- Langley enters the picture.
- Establishing management arrangements.
- Langley develops the request for proposal document.
- Stipulations of the request for proposal document.

Beginning the Lunar Orbiter Program.
- Congress questions NASA on orbiter.
- The lunar orbiter project office is established.
- Preparing for contract bids.
- The Langley source evaluation board.
- The lunar orbiter proposals.
- The Boeing lunar orbiter proposal.
- The Eastman Kodak photographic system.
- Selecting the lunar orbiter contractor.

NASA and Boeing Negotiate a Contract.
- Early Boeing preparations.
- NASA preparations for contract negotiations.
- Congressional criticism of contractor choice.
- No duplication of effort.
- NASA solely responsible for photographic data.
- Langley-JPL working relations.

Implementing the Program.
- Early funding considerations.
- Boeing negotiations with subcontractors.
- NASA cost-reduction efforts.

The Lunar Orbiter Spacecraft.
- A general description.
- Early design, fabrication, and testing problems.

Building the Spacecraft: Problems and Resolutions.
- Experiments for lunar orbiter.
- Other potential experiments.
- Preliminary mission planning activities.
- Testing procedures and program reviews.
- Problem areas: Last quarter 1964 to first half 1965.

Lunar Orbiter Mission Objectives and Apollo Requirements.
- OSSA and OMSF Planning Activities.
- Developing mission designs.
- The ad hoc Surveyor/Orbiter utilization committee (SOUC).
- Presentation of mission A.
- Funding and technical problems - 1965.
- The status of the Boeing contract.
- Spacecraft compatibility with launch and tracking facilities.
- Flight recording equipment.
- A change in delivery incentive.

Missions I, II, and III: Apollo-Site Search and Verification.
- Preparations for the first launch.
- The first launch.
- Results of the first mission.
- Prelude to mission II.
- The plan for mission II.
- The second mission.
- The third orbiter mission.

Missions IV and V: The Lunar Surface Explored.
- Preparing for the fourth mission.
- The fourth orbiter mission.
- Preparations for the fifth mission.
- Lunar orbiter V mission objectives.
- The final mission.
- The end of the operational phase.

Conclusions: Lunar Orbiter's Contribution to Space Exploration.
- A sixth orbiter mission?
- Apollo mission planning and lunar orbiter data.
- Results of non-photographic lunar orbiter experiments.
- A meaning for the lunar orbiter achievements.


Lunar Orbiter Photography.

Appendix A : Glossary.
Appendix B : Organization Charts.
Appendix C : Record of Unmanned Lunar Probes, 1958-1968.
Source notes.