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Apollo 7

Day 2 (preliminary)

Corrected Transcript and Commentary Copyright © 2018 by W. David Woods and Alexandr Turhanov. All rights reserved.
Last updated 2018-04-02


024:00:18 Evans: How does the weather look?
024:00:21 Schirra: Not bad. About six to four-tenths scattered stratocumulus just coming in across Tallahassee at this point. See a little breakwater just south of there and the Jet [garble] going down to Orlando down by the ocean. [Long pause]
024:00:34 Evans: Roger. [Pause]
024:00:39 Unidentifiable crewmember: Just took a picture of the breakwater for you. That's frame [garble]. [Pause]
024:00:48 Evans: Did you request Crestview direct to Orlando? [Pause]
024:00:53 Unidentifiable crewmember: We use (laughter) Tallahassee direct to Canaries. [Long pause]
024:01:14 Unidentifiable crewmember: Right north of Daytona W, just about over Jacksonville, I guess. The sky is about three-tenths coverage, but the Cape is out in the clear. Do you have anything else you want to send up? It's a good day for it. [Long pause]
024:01:28 Evans: Nothing right now. [Pause]
024:01:32 Evans: We'll have you almost continuous coverage here through Canaries for another 15 minutes or so. [Pause]
024:01:39 Unidentifiable crewmember: Roger. I've got to get back to the store here and get this little food down. [Pause]
024:01:46 Evans: Okay. We'll stand by.
Comm break.
024:02:56 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. Opposite omni.
Long comm break.
024:08:10 Cunningham: Twenty-four hours and 6 minutes into the flight, five clicks on the water gun for the LMP. [Pause]
024:08:17 Evans: Roger. Copy. [Long pause]
024:08:33 Unidentifiable crewmember: Computer [garble] in the computer for the PIPA test.
Long comm break.
024:16:00 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. Opposite omni.
Comm break.
024:18:20 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. One minute LOS Canary; we'll pick you up at Tananarive in about 15 minutes.
Very long comm break.
024:32:19 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston through Tananarive.
024:32:22 Schirra: Roger. Loud and clear.
024:32:24 Evans: You're five-by, also. We'll have continuous coverage here through Carnarvon. ARIA 2 comes up when we lose Tauanarive in about 8 minutes. [Long pause]
024:32:36 Schirra: Roger. We have an observation for you: It's a confusing thing, we concede; but every tine we have transit at sunset or at sunrise, the particles that we have dumped through the dump system illumninate brightly as we have seen in the past. These affect the sextant and telescope observations severely. [Long pause]
024:33:06 Evans: Wally, I didn't quite get it. Are you saying that the dumps are affecting the sextant operation or is that... [Pause]
024:33:14 Schirra: The reflection off the particles that came out the rear deck on water dump. [Pause]
024:33:22 Evans: Roger. Copy.
024:33:24 Schirra: [Garble] stars, this would be a problem when we don't have the Earth to block out the Sun. [Pause]
024:33:31 Evans: Okay. Copy.
024:33:33 Unidentifiable crewmember: I would like to get that info to flight planing for subsequent flights. The recommendation was not to dump urine or water prior to a required sighting. [Long pause]
024:33:44 Evans: Okay. Copy that.
024:33:47 Schirra: Roger. [Long pause]
024:34:08 Schirra: Houston, Apollo 7.
024:34:10 Evans: Roger. Go ahead.
024:34:12 Schirra: We have a COAS alignment for you.
024:34:15 Evans: Okay. Go ahead.
024:34:17 Schirra: To place the X-axis of the spacecraft on target, the target must be located in the upper right Quadrant - the so-called northeast quadrant up 1 degree end right 1 degree. [Long pause]
024:34:38 Evans: Roger. Copy.
Comm break.
024:36:07 Eisele: This is Apollo 7. I have the results of the command module RCS temperature check. [Pause]
024:36:13 Evans: Say again, 7.
024:36:16 Eisele: I have the results from the commmand module RCS temperature check I've just completed. You may copy. [Pause]
024:36:21 Evans: Go ahead.
024:36:23 Eisele: Roger. 5C and D and 6B, C, and D are all 5 volts. 6A is reading 4.90 volts. [Long pause]
024:36:36 Evans: Roger. Copy.
Long comm break.
"HANEY This is Apollo Control Houston 24 hours 38 minutes into the flight. We've been in touch with the crew by Tananarive. We are now, and here's how that conversation is going."
024:42:38 Evans: ARIA 2. Go REMOTE. [Long pause]
024:43:03 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston through ARIA 2. Standing by. [Pause]
024:43:10 Cunningham: [Garble].
024:43:12 Evans: Okay. Walt, you're five-by. We're standing by.
Comm break.
024:45:29 Communication Technician: ARIA 2 has acquisition, dropping in and out right at this time.
Comm break.
024:46:34 Communication Technician: ARIA 2 has two-way lock; ARIA 2 has two-way lock.
Long comm break.
024:50:35 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston through Carnarvon. Standying by. Stand by. [Pause]
024:50:41 Cunningham: Roger. Read you loud and clear.
024:50:43 Swigert: You're five-by. [Pause]
024:50:49 Swigert: Walt, we pick up Honeysuckle in about 5 minutes. You might want to turn up your S-band at that time. [Long pause]
024:51:08 Cunningham: Roger. I give you and O2 partial pressure reading of 200 mm of mercury. [Pause]
024:51:13 Swigert: Say again.
024:51:16 Cunningham: O2 partial pressure, 200 mm of mercury.
024:51:19 Swigert: Okay. Copy that. [Pause]
024:51:25 Cunningham: Jack, I think you were breaking up. Did you say we should probably bring up S-hand on this pass? [Pause]
024:51:30 Swigert: We pick up Honeysuckle in at 55 here. You can turn up S-hand volume if you want. [Pause]
024:51:37 Cunningham: Roger. [Pause]
024:51:43 Cunningham: By the way, how does S-band sound to you down there today?
024:51:46 Swigert: Everything sounds res1 good. It is a real nice COM. [Pause]
024:51:52 Cunningham: Very good. We were surprised you fellows started talking over Tananarive this morning. [Pause]
024:51:57 Swigert: Roger.
024:51:59 Cunningham: That was pretty bad yesterday.
Comm break.
024:53:29 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. Could we switch your BIOMED switch to the commander? [Pause]
024:53:36 Schirra: Roger. Ny pulse is down now.
024:53:38 Swigert: Okay. [Long pause]
024:54:17 Schirra: Houston, Apollo 7.
024:54:19 Swigert: Go ahead.
024:54:21 Schirra: Did you validate the BC [garble] 0197.8, is that correct? [Pause]
024:54:29 Swigert: Stand by. [Long pause]
024:55:01 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. That is the correct number at this time. We expect update, though, as we progress. [Pause]
024:55:10 Schirra: Roger.
Comm break.
024:57:00 Schirra: Houston, Apollo 7.
024:57:02 Swigert: Go ahead.
024:57:03 Schirra: Roger. just before band check, we're GO.
024:57:06 Swigert: Roger. Copy. [Long pause]
024:57:52 Schirra: Jack, could you give us an update on our ascending node? [Pause]
024:57:59 Swigert: Roger. You want a chart update, is that - [Pause]
024:58:03 Schirra: That's affirm.
024:58:04 Swigert: Okay. Stand by. [Long pause]
"This is Apollo control Houston, 24 hours 58 minutes into the flight. We are over Australia and the pass is progressing in this way."
024:59:04 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. I have the orbital map update. [Pause]
024:59:10 Schirra: Go ahead.
024:59:11 Swigert: Roger. For REV 16, the GET of the node will be 25 plus 12 plus 45, longitude will be 168.5 west, a right ascension 06 plus 27. [Long pause]
024:59:36 Schirra: Roger. Right ascension 06 and 27, and the crossing on the map is 25 plus 12 plus 45, 168.5 west. [Long pause]
024:59:48 Swigert: Roger. [Pause]
024:59:54 Schirra: Jack, on the cold I have, I took two aspirin before sleep last night and one Actifed. That is the total dose so far. Should I take another Actifed during this period? [Long pause]
025:00:07 Swigert: Dr. Berry says, "Yes. Take another one during this period." [Pause]
025:00:11 Schirra: Wilco. [Pause]
025:00:19 Unidentifiable crewmember: And we are currently doing the oxygen part of P5.8.
Very long comm break.
"This is Apollo Control Houston. 25 hours 2 minutes into the flight. The spacecraft is now proceeding northeast of Australia and we will not expect another contact until perhaps Hawaii, the pass shades in right on the line just below the line of acquisition, looks more like a solid acquisition at the Huntsville. The Huntsville is due to acquire at 19 minutes 25 hours 19 minutes into the flight about 16 minutes from now. A word on the visitors in the control center this afternoon, this morning, Mrs. Low Cunningham, the wife of Lunar module pilot Walt Cunningham was here, arrived about 9:50 with their two children, Bryan and Kimberly and they stayed in the control center for about an hour along with a house guest of the Cunninghams, a Mrs. Lynda Johnson. They left here about 10:50. We discussed Schirras admitted cold with Dr. Berry and all hands agree that Wally sounds a little stuffed up, a little husky and you heard him ask for and it was suggested that he take another Actived which is a decongestant tablet. This is the second Actived, he took two aspirin before he went to sleep last night. At 25 hours 4 minutes into the flight, this is Apollo control Houston."
025:04:11 Eisele (onboard): Can you read my intercom okay?
025:09:30 Schirra (onboard): Fan 1 was turned OFF at 25 hours and 9 minutes. Correction, fan 2 turned OFF at 25 hours and 9 minutes.
025:15:40 Eisele (onboard): While performing P5.8, the cryogenic zero-g test, the oxygen tank went to the 90 percent level, with the heaters OFF, the fans OFF [garble]. The pressure dropped very sharply, in a matter of several seconds, all the way down to 860 for oxygen tank 1 and 850 for oxygen tank 2 [garble].
025:16:31 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston.
025:16:34 Schirra: Roger, Houston. [Pause]
025:16:38 Swigert: Apollo 7. We're going to pass - the present plans now are to pass the three NAV loads up to you - send three NAV loads up to you over Texas. Can you tell me how your last P52 came out? [Long pause]
025:17:01 Schirra: Roger. Jack, the P52 came out fine. We got five balls star difference and [garble]. No problem with the optics. There will be [garble] and all came out fine. [Long pause]
025:17:17 Swigert: Okay. That's real good news. We'll expect you to be in P00 sometime around 25 33 for these comand uploads here. [Long pause]
025:17:29 Schirra: Fine.
025:17:30 Swigert: Okay. One other message here this morning: the flight of Apollo 7 dominates the news this morning. We received a number of special messages regarding the flight, including one from President Johnson, who watched the launch on television at the White House. Here is his message to you. "Congratulations on the splendid beginning of this Apollo 7 flight. The nation is proud of you and the many in NASA, the services, and the private companies which have combined to make such a successful manned space flight. Everything in the President's office came to a halt as I and the Foreign Minister, Debret, of France watched with mounting excitement the magnificent launch of the Saturn IB. You can well imagine the great pleasure which filled the room as word came of your successful insertion into orbit. The path to the Moon takes courage, ability, and devotion to our goal. You are making a major stride in this star-studded way." Also, we received another message from Vice-President Humphrey, the Head of the Space Council, which says that the nation is proud of Apollo 7. Also, the Olympic Games start today in Mexico City. We'll keep you posted on the result.
Comm break.
025:19:01 Eisele: Roger. Thank you.
025:19:03 Swigert: Roger.
025:19:05 Eisele: Hey, Jack, I just finished the CRYO fuel G test for the oxygen tanks at the 90-percent level, and it looked like there was very noticeable stratification at 910 psi. When I turned the heaters off and the fans on, the surface dropped in the left tank down to 860 and the right tank down to 850. All heaters and fans are back on AUTO now. [Long pause]
025:19:29 Swigert: Okay. Roger. We copy. [Pause]
025:19:33 Schirra: Jack, we look very good up here, and we've had our little crises, but [garble]. [Pause]
025:19:43 Swigert: Roger. Thank you.
025:19:45 Schirra: Jack, we just had a Program alarm 1105 downlink 25. Could you have somebody check that out for us? [Pause]
025:19:53 Swigert: Okay. We copy that. We'll check it out.
025:19:56 Schirra: Roger.
Long comm break.
"This is Apollo Control Houston, 25 hours, 23 minutes into the flight. We've been in touch with the crew by Hawaii, they're now in the Huntsville, the ship Huntsville zone of acquisition and here is how their conversation is going."
025:26:52 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston.
025:26:55 Eisele: Roger.
025:26:57 Swigert: Roger. Donn, we would like you to key in ENTER so that we can look and see whether there were any additional program alarms. [Long pause]
025:27:08 Eisele: Okay. Jack, I did, and nothing came up.
025:27:11 Swigert: Okay. Real fine.
Comm break.
025:29:03 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston.
025:29:06 Eisele: Go ahead, Houston.
025:29:08 Swigert: Roger. If you will hit the RESET button, we can get rid of that program alarm 1105.
Comm break.
025:30:13 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston.
025:30:16 Eisele: Go ahead, Jack.
025:30:17 Swigert: Roger. If you will go to ACCEPT, we will send you up those three updates. [Pause]
025:30:23 Eisele: Roger. You got it.
025:30:25 Swigert: Okay. [Long pause]
"This is Apollo Control Houston. In this lapse, you will recall in the Morning News Flyer the Cap Com references and the message from Vice-President Humphrey. In the full text of that message is as follows: "Hearty congratulations and all good wishes for this historic Apollo 7 mission. The nation is proud." End of statement. Now we will go back to the pass."
025:31:08 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. I have the MCC1 msneuver update that I'd like to give you whenever you're ready to copy. [Long pause]
025:31:20 Eisele: Understand. This is an improvement on the last one?
025:31:22 Swigert: Yes, sir.
025:31:23 Eisele: Ready to copy.
025:31:25 Swigert: Roger. MCC1 026 24 5520 plus 00635 minus 00013 plus 019 63 1961 plus 1252 019 62 32339 minus 090 minus 030 010 35 19 92 162 025 42 all balls plus 2756 minus 05340 1225 358 285 359. Remarks: posigrade, pitch down 70 degrees, heads up.
025:32:48 Eisele: Roger. Readback follows: MCC1 026 24 5520 plus 00635 minus 00013 plus 019 63 1961 plus 1252 019 63 1961 plus 1252 019 62 32339 minus 090 minus 030 010 35 19 92 162 025 42 0000 plus 2756 minus 05340 1225 358 285 359. It's a posigrade, pitch down 70 degrees, heads up. Over. [Long pause]
025:33:42 Swigert: Roger. That s correct. Thank you. [Long pause]
025:34:30 Schirra: Houston, Apollo 7.
025:34:32 Swigert: Go ahead. [Pause]
025:34:36 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. Go.
025:34:38 Schirra: Roger. Were you trying to send us some piano music then? [Pause]
025:34:45 Swigert: Yes, we were trying to send you a NAV update for the CSM and target. And, 7, your sextant star check will not be visible after 26 plus 18 plus 00. [Long pause]
025:35:10 Schirra: Roger. Twenty-six plus 18. Say, can you work up one for the COAS? [Pause]
025:35:16 Swigert: Roger. Stand by. [Pause]
025:35:24 Swigert: Apollo 7. There was no COAS star available at that attitude. [Pause]
025:35:31 Schirra: Roger. [Long pause]
025:36:29 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. Our NAV loads are in and verified; the computer is yours. [Pause]
025:36:37 Cunningham: Roger. We've got it. Thank you. [Pause]
025:36:42 Cunningham: And, Jack, we'll be standing by for when we go ahead and restow the cabin gas analyzers and have it out of our way. [Pause]
025:36:51 Swigert: Roger. [Long pause]
025:37:09 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. You can go ahead and stow the cabin gas analyzers. [Pause]
025:37:13 Cunningham: Roger. Thank you. I'll give you one final reading.
025:37:16 Swigert: Okay. [Long pause]
025:37:41 Cunningham: Do you receive, Jack, 210?
025:37:44 Swigert: Say again.
025:37:47 Cunningham: 210 mm of mercury.
025:37:49 Swigert: Roger. Copy.
Long comm break.
025:41:54 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. Opposite omni. [Long pause]
025:42:10 Swigert: Apollo 7. One minute LOS.
Long comm break.
025:48:59 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston through Canary. Standing by. [Pause]
025:49:03 Schirra: Roger. We'll try to give that attitude now.
025:49:06 Swigert: Roger. Could we get you to switch the BIOMED switch to the LMP? [Pause]
025:49:14 Schirra: You say I'm kind of dull today? You've got it.
025:49:17 Schirra (onboard): You've got it.
025:49:19 Swigert: Roger. Thank you.
025:49:21 Schirra: We're still in 8 hours of our prime time.
025:49:24 Swigert: Roger. [Long pause]
025:50:22 Swigert: 7, you're 1 minute LOS; we'll pick you up at Ascension in about 3 minutes. [Pause]
025:50:27 Schirra: Roger. We're in good shape here.
Comm break.
025:52:20 Schirra (onboard): At 25 hours 52 minutes, we'd like to log two suggestions for housekeeping. One is using the channel grip fitting on the water gun to pick up goblets of water, or droplets of water. The other is to olean the inlet screens that go in the red tip of the two hoses, knock it off on one screen, and then take the dust and debris off with tape.
025:53:51 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston through Ascension. Standing by. [Pause]
025:53:56 Schirra: Roger.
Comm break.
025:55:57 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. One minute LOS; pick you up at Tananarive in 10 minutes. [Pause]
025:56:02 Schirra: Roger.
Very long comm break.
"Over Ascension the crew simply was advised that we were standing by here. There was no conversation. They are now nearing Tananarive and shortly will be coming up on the first major use - the first use of the SPS, the service propulsion system, to make the first burn setting up their rendezvous. That burn is programed to take place between Tananarive and Carnarvon. I'm sorry it looks like most of it would take place over the Australian in the Carnarvon circle of acquisition. We'll be back with the Tananarive pass. This is Apollo Control Houston."
026:06:23 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston through Tananarive. Standing [Pause]
026:06:28 Schirra (onboard): Roger.
026:06:43 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston through Tananarive. [Pause]
026:06:47 Schirra: Roger, Houston. How do you read?
026:06:49 Swigert: You're five-by. We're standing by.
026:06:51 Schirra: Roger. Checking our sextants stars.
026:06:54 Swigert: Roger. [Long pause]
026:07:46 Schirra (onboard): This is a [garble] a good 5 degrees - less than one-half.
026:07:57 Cunningham: [Garble] less than one-half. [Pause]
026:08:03 Swigert: Roger. We copy.
Long comm break.
"Apollo Control 26 hours 9 minutes. At Tananarive we had this conversation."
026:10:25 Eisele (onboard): Roger, and SPS [garble] everything looks fine.
026:10:29 Eisele (onboard): [Garble] magazine 1 [garble].
026:13:01 Eisele (onboard): [Garble] CMC ATTITUDE, IMU.
026:13:08 Eisele (onboard): 0.05g switch, OFF.
026:13:16 Eisele (onboard): 0.05g switch OFF?
026:13:22 Schirra (onboard): 0.05g, OFF.
026:13:23 Cunningham (onboard): SCS LOGIC, BUS 3.
026:13:24 Unidentifiable crewmember: [Garble]
026:13:25 Schirra (onboard): SCS LOGIC, BUS 3.
026:13:27 Cunningham (onboard): Donn, check thc caution-warning.
026:13:30 Cunningham (onboard): Wally, the DELTA-V counter set?
026:13:32 Schirra (onboard): 196.0.
026:13:36 Cunningham (onboard): Block test complete. It looks GO.
026:13:41 Eisele (onboard): We've done P40 IMU attitude...
026:13:43 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. You're 1 minute LOS Tananarive. We'll pick up ARIA 2 in about 2 minutes have continuous coverage through Carnarvon. [Pause]
026:13:53 Schirra: Roger, we're just doing our checklist for IMU alignment. [Pause]
026:14:02 Swigert: Roger. I couldn't copy that, Wally.
026:14:04 Schirra: Roger, we're going to CMC AUTO MODE. [Pause]
026:14:08 Swigert: Roger.
026:14:09 Schirra: Keep coming down live to you.
026:14:11 Swigert: Okay.
Comm break.
026:14:12 Schirra (onboard): CMC, AUTO.
026:14:13 Eisele (onboard): Go.
ARIA 2 (REV 17)
026:15:35 Swigert: ARIA 2, go REMOTE. [Long pause]
026:16:30 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston through ARIA 2. Standing by. [Long pause]
026:17:05 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston through ARIA 2. Standing by. [Pause]
026:17:09 Schirra (onboard): Roger.
026:17:12 Schirra: We are waiting for our 25 plus 30 update.
026:17:15 Swigert: Roger. Copy. [Pause]
026:17:23 Swigert: ARIA 2 has AOS. ARIA 2 has AOS.
Comm break.
026:19:16 Cunningham (onboard): All SPS circuit breakers, CLOSED.
026:19:17 Unidentifiable crewmember: [Garble].
026:19:19 Schirra (onboard): All circuit breakers, CLOSED.
026:19:20 Cunningham (onboard): Circuit breakers GIMBAL MOTOR CONTROL 2 four, CLOSED.
026:19:23 Schirra (onboard): One, two, three, four. They're all CLOSED.
026:19:27 Cunningham (onboard): DIRECT RCS, OFF.
026:19:29 Schirra: DIRECT, OFF.
Long comm break.
026:19:30 Cunningham (onboard): One ROLL CANNEL, ENABLE.
026:19:32 Schirra (onboard): B/D, ENABLE.
026:19:34 Cunningham (onboard): BMAG MODE, three of them, RATE 2.
026:19:36 Schirra (onboard): Three, verify, RATE 2.
026:19:38 Cunningham (onboard): SPACECRAFT CONTROL, CMC, AUTO.
026:19:41 Schirra (onboard): CMC, AUTO [Garble].
026:19:45 Cunningham (onboard): SCS TVC, both RATE COMMAND.
026:19:46 Schirra (onboard): TVC RATE COMMAND, PITCH, YAW.
026:19:48 Cunningham (onboard): TVC GIMBAL DRIVE, PITCH and YAW, AUTO.
026:19:50 Schirra (onboard): PITCH and YAW, AUTO.
026:19:53 Cunningham (onboard): TVC SERVO POWER, one and two, AC 1, AC 2.
026:19:57 Schirra (onboard): One, AC 1; two, AC 2.
026:19:59 Cunningham (onboard): HAND CONTROLLER POWER to 1.
026:20:00 Schirra (onboard): HAND CONTROLLER, 1.
026:20:02 Cunningham (onboard): Rate HAND CONTROLLER 2, ON.
026:20:03 Schirra (onboard): 2, ON.
026:20:04 Cunningham (onboard): Stand by for BUS TIES.
026:20:06 Schirra (onboard): Roger.
026:20:15 Eisele (onboard): BUS TIES, both ON.
026:20:16 Schirra (onboard): Roger.
026:20:19 Cunningham (onboard): GIMBAL MOTORS, PITCH 1, YAW 1, START.
026:20:22 Schirra (onboard): PITCH 1, START.
026:20:25 Cunningham (onboard): ON.
026:20:26 Schirra (onboard): YAW 1, START.
026:20:28 Cunningham (onboard): ON.
026:20:30 Cunningham (onboard): THC, clockwise.
026:20:31 Schirra (onboard): Clockwise.
026:20:33 Cunningham (onboard): Verify no MTVC.
026:20:36 Schirra (onboard): Negative MTVC.
026:20:38 Cunningham (onboard): GIMBAL MOTOR, PITCH 2, YAW 2, START.
026:20:40 Schirra (onboard): PITCH 2, START.
026:20:43 Cunningham (onboard): ON.
026:20:44 Schirra (onboard): YAW 2, START.
026:20:46 Cunningham (onboard): Both ON?
026:20:47 Schirra (onboard): Roger.
026:20:48 Cunningham (onboard): Confirm set GPI trim.
026:20:49 Schirra (onboard): Roger. Minus 0.8 and minus 0.25.
026:20:54 Cunningham (onboard): Verify MTVC.
026:20:59 Schirra (onboard): That's GO.
026:21:00 Eisele (onboard): GO.
026:21:02 Cunningham (onboard): THC, NEUTRAL.
026:21:04 Schirra (onboard): NEUTRAL.
026:21:05 Cunningham (onboard): HAND CONTROLLER POWER to BOTH.
026:21:07 Schirra (onboard): BOTH.
026:21:10 Cunningham (onboard): Let's watch this goody here.
026:21:22 Schirra (onboard): Verified.
026:21:24 Cunningham (onboard): DIRECT RCS, ON.
026:21:26 Schirra (onboard): Verified.
026:21:36 Schirra (onboard): Get a GO?
026:21:41 Cunningham (onboard): MANUAL ATTITUDE, three of them, RATE COMMAND.
026:21:58 Schirra (onboard): [Garble] Aw, looks like it's about 0.2. Okay.
026:22:03 Cunningham (onboard): BMAG's, three of them, ATT 1, RATE 2.
026:22:10 Schirra (onboard): BMAG, ATT 1, RATE 2.
026:22:12 Cunningham (onboard): Standing by [garble].
"This is Apollo Control, Houston. The crew is over Mid-Indian Ocean. They're running through the checklist leading up to the first SPS burn. Presently programed 4 minutes uh 4-1/2 minutes from now. That would make it about 2:25 2:26, 26 hours 25 minutes into the mission. The burn will be, as we said, using the service propulsion system. It will be a 9.6-second burn. Now that might vary ery slightly, but it will be on the order of 9 to 10 seconds. Uh, imparting differential velocity of 207 feet per second. The burn will be done in-plane, in other words, in the direction of flight and the resultant apogee perigee should be 122 by 197 or thereabout. Have the effect of raising the apogee. Our present orbital elements leading up to the burn are a perigee of 120 and apogee of 164. At 26 hours 21 minutes into the flight, this is Apollo Control, Houston."
026:22:42 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston.
026:22:45 Unidentifiable crewmember: Roger, Houston, just a minute.
026:22:47 Swigert: Roger. I will give you that time hack at T minus 2 minutes. [Pause]
026:22:51 Unidentifiable crewmember: Roger.
026:22:53 Swigert: Two, one.
026:22:55 Swigert: MARK.
026:22:56 Swigert: T minus 2 minutes.
026:22:58 Schirra: Very good.
026:22:59 Swigert: FDAI scale 55.
026:23:01 Swigert: DELTA-V sets A and B, normal.
026:23:04 Eisele: A normal, B normal. [Pause]
026:23:09 Swigert: Hand control ON. [Pause]
026:23:13 Eisele: Roger. ON.
026:23:14 Swigert: Number 2, standing by for 30 seconds.
026:23:17 Eisele: Roger. [Long pause]
026:23:50 Eisele: [Garble] And standing by for 30.
"This is Apollo Control Houston 26 hours 23 minutes into the flight. We have acquired at Carnarvon and we are standing by. We are about 60 seconds away from the first burn of the service propulsion engine. This burn will be handled by the guidance and navigation system. Standing by for an ullage burn, 15 seconds away from the burn. The countdown from 10, 4, 3, 2, 1 and we are thrusting, the crew reports. Thrust cutoff and it looks like we had about 9 to 10 seconds. Wally Schirra's comment was that was a ride and a half. Walt Cunningham did most of the commentary - most of the advising us to what was going on during that time. So the service propulsion engine, which puts out something like 21,000 pounds of thrust, has passed its first major test in space. And now we have compared the data here, and it was a 10 second burn. It's been quiet from the spacecraft since the burn. We are looking at the data here, we got it by the Carnarvon station. The spacecraft, at the start of the burn, was about 300 miles due west of the Australian continent, about due west Perth. Donn Eisele has just checked in, he is happy with the burn in all respects. Here is the tape of the entire sequence as it occurred. [Pause]
026:23:56 Swigert: Minus 60.
026:23:58 Eisele: Roger. [Long pause]
026:24:26 Eisele: Thirty seconds.
026:24:28 Swigert: EMS, DELTA-V on AUTO.
026:24:30 Eisele: AUTO.
026:24:31 Swigert: Roger. Full charge in 15 seconds. You hitting when you have 5 seconds, Donn?
026:24:34 Eisele: Roger. I'll hit the ENTER. [Pause]
026:24:38 Swigert: You have got one count on the PIPA.
026:24:40 Unidentifiable crewmember: [Garble]. [Pause]
026:24:45 Swigert: Ten, nime, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, zero. [Long pause]
026:24:57 Schirra: Tested. Like a bomb, yahadabadoo! Great, man! That's like a ride and a half down there, gang. [Long pause]
026:25:13 Swigert: Roger. Copy that. [Pause]
026:25:17 Swigert: Spacecraft control SPS.
026:25:20 Cunningham: I switched gimbals, Walt. [Long pause]
026:25:38 Cunningham: Get ready for DELTA-V correction, [Long pause]
026:25:58 Cunningham: Burning left 1.2, burning up 1.9, and we burn aft 2.4. [Pause]
026:26:06 Swigert: Roger. Copy that. [Long pause]
026:26:33 Cunningham: Roger. We are burning dowh to plus four balls 1, minus four balls 3, plus four balls 4. We are going to quit here. [Pause]
026:26:42 Swigert: We copied real fine.
026:26:44 Schirra: Recounter residuals minus nine plus nine. [Pause]
026:26:48 Swigert: Roger. Copy that. [Pause]
026:26:53 Schirra: GimbaI motors are all OFF. Circuit breakers OPEN. [Garble] direct OFF, LC OFF. [Long pause]
026:27:13 Schirra: Nouston, Apollo 7.
026:27:15 Swigert: Go ahead.
026:27:17 Schirra: Give you a plus one on that. That's a real kick in the center. That really socks it to you. [Pause]
026:27:22 Swigert: Roger.
026:27:24 Schirra: A very sudden start that's like a hydraulic catapult - almost like a steam cap. [Pause]
026:27:33 Swigert: Okay. I can't help you out on any comparison there, Wally. [Long pause]
026:27:44 Schirra: This is Apollo 7. We are now drying off our hands.
026:27:47 Swigert: Roger. (Laughter)
Comm break.
026:30:25 Swigert: You are about 30 seconds to LOS in Carnarvon. We will pick you up at Hawaii in about 18 mintes. [Pause]
026:30:34 Schirra: Roger. [Pause]
026:30:38 Swigert: Everything looked real fine down here.
026:30:41 Schirra: Did up here. It turned out real well. Surprised at the instantaneous start. [Pause]
026:30:46 Swigert: Roger.
Long comm break.
ARIA 3 (REV 17)
026:34:01 Swigert: ARIA 3. Go REMOTE. [Long pause]
026:34:28 Swigert: Apollo 7, this is Houston. We will be monitoring through ARIA 3 at this time.
Very long comm break.
"This is Apollo Control Houston 26 hours 34 minutes into the flight. We may have some additional comm through an ARIA aircraft off the north coast of Australia, but it is really rather doubtful. The burn was completed, the burn at 26 hours 25 minutes into the flight. It was 10 seconds duration. It was the first burn of the service propulsion engine imparting a differential velocity of 207 feet per second. Our resultant apogee and perigee are 125.3 nautical miles, 125.3 nautical miles perigee, 196.1 nautical miles, 196.1 nautical miles apogee. Those are the new elements of the flight, and the burn was normal in all respects. This is Apollo Control Houston."
026:48:20 Eisele (onboard): Probably showed the results of that [garble] exercise we did a few minutes after the NCC 1 burn. I started at...
026:48:32 Swigert: Apollo 7, through Hawaii. Standing by.
026:48:35 Eisele: Roger. Jack, I just did a preliminary T dash 20 to look at the hoosier, and I think I saw it, but it was a little hard to tell because of all the debris out there. I've been picking it up since sunrise and the AUTO OPTICS put something right in the middle of the sextant which appeared to be an object rather than just a point light source, and I'm sure that is it. Like I said, there is a lot of trash and debris [garble] it's kind of hard to tell. [Long pause]
026:49:08 Swigert: Okay. Roger. We copy that, Donn.
Very long comm break.
"This is Apollo Control Houston, 26 hours, 49 minutes into the flight. We have just acquired by the Hawaii station. We should have a good long pass here. We're on the 17 rev, it should carry us all the way over the Antigua station and will pick up again quickly at Ascension. The - I'm sure the most recent burn will be discussed, as we move across the States and let's find out what else. There is no conversation on the loop right now and - but we do have this opening conversation a few seconds ago as we moved in to Hawaii. Let's listen to it now."

Public Affairs Officer - "That was Dorm Eisele you heard saying that he thinks he saw the booster, which would be about 100 miles away according to our last check. Possible, I think certainly possible. We will leave the line open and continue the moderator."

027:01:43 Cunningham: Hello, Houston, Apollo 7. Do you read?
027:01:46 Swigert: Read you five-by, 7. [Pause]
027:01:56 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston.
027:01:58 Cunningham: Roger. At 27 hours into the flight, we're fixing to take some pictures of the [garble]. [Pause]
027:02:08 Swigert: Roger. Understand. And, Walt, over Texas in in about 3 minutes, we're going to have three NAV loads that we'd like to send you. There will be no NCC2 maneuver, and I'll pass you your maneuver PAD as soon as I get it. [Long pause]
027:02:29 Cunningham: Roger. Waiting and ready. [Pause]
027:02:34 Cunningham: About 3 minutes, we got a completion statement.
Comm break.
027:05:21 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. We would Iike to send you your three up posts. Would you go to ACCEPT, please? [Pause]
027:05:28 Schirra: ACCEPT. We are in ACCEPT. [Pause]
027:05:33 Swigert: Roger. Copy. Coming up. [Long pause]
027:06:33 Cunningham: Apollo 7. Proeeeding down trip to direct Houston. [Pause]
027:06:37 Swigert: Roger. Copy. [Long pause]
027:06:58 Cunningham: Hey, Jack, when we go past Houston, run outside and wave, will you. We want to look at you in the sextant. [Long pause]
027:07:09 Cunningham: And when you get back in, Jack, why don't you have the EECOM take a look at the performance of the fuel values and if they are matching up my performance curves. [Long pause]
027:07:20 Swigert: Say again about the fuel cells, Walt.
027:07:23 Cunningham: How about having someone take a look at how they are doing with the specs on the performance curves. Looks a little low to me. [Pause]
027:07:28 Swigert: Okay. Will do. [Long pause]
027:08:26 Cunningham: Apollo 7. Just cleared New Orleans; going direct to Orlando. [Pause]
027:08:31 Swigert: Roger. Copy. [Long pause]
027:09:06 Swigert: Apollo 7, your Houston. I have NSR PAD that I'll give to you whenever you are ready. [Pause]
027:09:16 Cunningham: Ready to copy. Go.
027:09:17 Swigert: Roger. NSR 028 00 5000 minus 00927 plus 00013 minus 01486 1536 plus 1139 01649 31599 minus 086 minus 040 008 NA NA NA 027 17 0000 plus 1959 minus 055534 1750 001 096 000. Remarks: retrograde pitched up 55 degrees, heads down.
Comm break.
027:10:38 Cunningham: Roger. Say again after NA, and it seems to me the CAP COMM's - there is a difference in purpose here - I think you're giving an NA for each line. [Long pause]
027:10:51 Swigert: Roger. Let me read after the burn time. Burn time is 0 plus 08 NA NA NA. Do you want - did you get copy NOUN 34 NOUN 43? [Long pause]
027:11:06 Cunningham: Did not.
027:11:07 Swigert: Okay? 027 17 all balls plus 1959 minus 05534 1750 001 096 000. I have a correction on the NOUN 33 time. That should be - the second should read 5600. [Long pause]
027:11:42 Cunningham: Roger. Readback follows: NSR 028 00 5600 minus 00927 plus 00013 minus 01486 1536 plus 1139 01649 31599 minus 086 minus 040 008 no sextant star 027 17 0000 plus 1959 minus 05534 1750 001 096 000 retrograde pitched up 55 heads down. Over. [Long pause]
027:12:28 Swigert: Roger. I have the boresight star for you. That's 045 plus 278 up 0.2 left. [Long pause]
027:12:45 Cunningham: Roger. Star 45 plus 278 up and 0.2 left. Where is the decimal on the up? [Pause]
027:12:53 Swigert: 27.8. [Pause]
027:12:57 Cunningham: 27.8. Thank you.
027:12:59 Schirra: Jack, do you mean 27. or 2.78? [Pause]
027:13:03 Swigert: 27.8.
027:13:06 Schirra: Thank you. [Long pause]
027:13:17 Schirra: Houston, Apollo 7. We completed a series of photographs from the Hawaiian Islands across the Gulf Coast, Houston, New Orleans, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Orlando, Cape Patrick, into the Grand Bahamas [garble] [Long pause]
027:13:42 Swigert: Wally, you were a little bit garbled. I didn't catch you. [Pause]
027:13:47 Schirra: Roger. We continued from the Hawaiian Islands, across the Gulf Coast, through Florida to Grand Bahama on magazine Peter at that time, P as in Peter. [Pause]
027:13:57 Swigert: Oh, Roger. Copy that now. [Pause]
027:14:01 Schirra: [Garble].
027:14:03 Swigert: Okay.
027:14:05 Schirra: [Garble] across the Gulf Coast today. [Pause]
027:14:11 Swigert: Apollo 7. All three loads are in and verified. Canputer is yours. [Pause]
027:14:17 Schirra: We've got it. Thank you.
Long comm break.
"This is Apollo Control, Houston, 27 hours 16 minutes into the flight. We still have a little ways to go in the Antigua circle, but it's questionable whether we will have any more COMM with the crew unless perhaps we pick them up again in Ascension. We've been looking here at the consumable chart on weights up to date, and actually these numbers are coming to us from Antigua. They read like this: the command module dry weight - that is if there were no other weights aboard: The present dry weight reading of it is 12 205 pounds; service module dry weight, 8630 pounds. We have some additional readings here on the various - uh the four quads. RCS quads, the reaction control system quads on the service module. They go like this: quad A, propellant weight - total propellant weight in pounds, 281; Quad b, 289 pounds; Quad C, 276 pounds; Quad D, 288 pounds. The SPS fuel propellant weight in the service module 3374 pounds and we just lost the chart. Stand by one until we find which channel it was switched to. I'm sorry, we've lost the chart. It's - we will locate it and come back to you and -. The crew has just been given a 60 seconds to LOS and in which they Rogered. This is Apollo - This is Apollo Control Houston."
027:19:26 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. One minute LOS; we'll pick you up at Ascension in 5 minutes. [Pause]
027:19:31 Schirra: Roger.
Long comm break.
027:25:37 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston through Ascension. [Pause]
027:25:42 Cunningham: Roger. Would you mark 20 clicks of water for CDR? Over [garble]. [Pause]
027:25:50 Swigert: How many clicks of water?
027:25:52 Cunningham: Twenty.
027:25:53 Swigert: Twenty. Roger. Copy. And on the fuel cell performance: we are finding the fuel cells are right on nominal; however, we are going to continue to monitor the performance as we go along here. [Long pause]
027:26:08 Schirra: Roger. He's doing a pretty good job today. [Pause]
027:26:12 Swigert: Thank you. You guys are, too.
027:26:15 Schirra: Jack, how are we looking on our fuel budget? [Pause]
027:26:20 Swigert: Could you say again, Walt?
027:26:21 Schirra: This is Wally. How are we doing on our fuel budget? [Pause]
027:26:26 Swigert: Okay. Just a minute. We'll get it right to you. [Pause]
027:26:30 Schirra: [Garble]. [Pause]
027:26:37 Swigert: Wally, on the RCS budget: we think we'll be right on nominal going into TPI. [Pause]
027:26:46 Schirra: Great.
027:26:48 Schirra: And Jack, okay, we've got our tape back now, I guess, or are we dumping it if we use another 32 pass again with no tape to log that stuff on. [Pause]
027:26:58 Swigert: Okay.
Long comm break.
"This is Apollo Control Houston 27 hours 27 minutes into the flight. Via Ascension we have had this conversation."
027:34:08 Swigert: Apollo 7, you are 1 minute LOS Ascension; we'll pick you up in Tananarive in 8 minutes.
Long comm break.
027:43:05 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston through Tananarive. [Long pause]
027:43:08 Schirra (onboard): Roger, loud and clear.
027:43:32 Swigert: Apollo 7, Rouston through Tananarive. [Long pause]
027:43:36 Cunningham (onboard): Roger, we're reading you.
027:43:58 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston through Tananarive. [Pause]
027:44:00 Schirra (onboard): Roger, we read you loud and clear, Jack.
027:44:05 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston through Tananarive.
Comm break.
027:45:29 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston through Tananarive. [Long pause]
027:45:31 Schirra (onboard): Roger, loud and clear. How do you read?
027:45:55 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
027:45:57 Schirra (onboard): Go ahead.
027:46:20 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. [Pause]
027:46:24 Cunningham: Roger. Houston, Apollo 7. Reading you loud and clear. How me? Over.
027:46:27 Swigert: You are five-by now, Walt. We would like you to put your up-telemetry switch to COMMAD RESET, then NORMAL. We missed the command going Out of Ascension. [Long pause]
027:46:41 Cunningham: Roger. Telemetry RESET and then NORMAL.
027:46:44 Swigert: Roger. And you will be omni A for the burn. [Pause]
027:46:48 Cunningham: Roger.
Comm break.
027:49:00 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston: You are 1 minute LOS to Tananarive; we pick you up over Carnarvon in about 7 minutes. [Pause]
027:49:09 Unidentifiable crewmember: Roger. Will we be in touch during the burn? [Pause]
027:49:18 Swigert: Say again.
027:49:20 Unidentifiable crewmember: Will we be in touch during the burn?
027:49:22 Swigert: Yes, sir, you will.
Long comm break.
"This is Apollo Control Houston 27 hours 51 minutes into the flight. We've got some conversation through Canary. We will play that for you in just a moment. Before we get to that, one or two other things. We've got some data here taken on the last pass over Ascension where we looked at the heart rate, some of the physical parameters on board the spacecraft and some of the specific physical parameters on the lunar module pilot, Walter Cunningham. They look like this. His mean heart rate was 66, his respirations were 21 per minute, and then as to the cabin, the cabin pressure at Ascension was 5.1 and very steady, cabin temperature 69 degrees Farenheit. I guess those are the pertinent readings on that chart. The S-IVB, the second stage coming on this second burn, which will be performed about 8 minutes from now over Carnarvon, second in a series of burns to bring off the rendezvous with the S-IVB. The present position on that S-IVB is about 80 miles trailing the command module, about 80 miles trailing it. It will reach a maximum separation according to our plots, of about 87 miles, just a minute or two before the burn. We have now the Tananarive conversation, let's play it.
027:55:26 Schirra (onboard): Valve closed?
027:55:28 Cunningham (onboard): Circuit breaker GIMBAL MOTOR CONTROL, four CLOSE.
027:55:32 Schirra (onboard): Four, CLOSE.
027:55:33 Cunningham (onboard): DIRECT RCS, OFF.
027:55:35 Schirra (onboard): DIRECT, OFF.
027:55:36 Cunningham (onboard): One ROLL CHANNEL, ENABLE.
027:55:38 Schirra (onboard): B/D, ENABLE.
027:55:44 Cunningham (onboard): BMAG MODE, three, RATE 2.
027:55:48 Schirra (onboard): RATE 2.
027:55:49 Cunningham (onboard): SPACECRAFT CONTROL, CMC, AUTO.
027:55:51 Schirra (onboard): CMC, AUTO.
027:55:54 Cunningham (onboard): Okay, SCS TVC forward, RATE COMMAND.
027:55:58 Schirra (onboard): RATE COMMAND.
027:55:59 Cunningham (onboard): TVC GIMBAL DRIVE, PITCH and YAW, AC 1, AC 2.
027:56:04 Schirra (onboard): AC 1, AC 2.
027:56:07 Cunningham (onboard): HAND CONTROLLER POWER to 1.
027:56:10 Schirra (onboard): 1.
027:56:12 Cunningham (onboard): Rotate the HAND CONTROLLER to 2, armed.
027:56:14 Eisele (onboard): Standby for bus tie.
027:56:24 Cunningham (onboard): Bus tie, ON. GIMBAL MOTOR, PITCH 1, YAW 1, START.
027:56:27 Schirra (onboard): PITCH 1, START. YAW 1, START.
027:56:30 Cunningham (onboard): Alright.
027:56:34 Cunningham (onboard): The translation HAND CONTROLLER, clockwise; verify no MTVC.
027:56:39 Schirra (onboard): No MTVC.
027:56:41 Cunningham (onboard): GIMBAL MOTOR, PITCH 2, YAW 2, START.
027:56:42 Unidentifiable crewmember: [Garble] pitch 2, [garble].
027:56:43 Schirra (onboard): PITCH 2, START.
027:56:45 Eisele (onboard): ON.
027:56:46 Schirra (onboard): YAW 2, START.
027:56:47 Eisele (onboard): ON.
027:56:49 Cunningham (onboard): Confirm and set GPI trim, verify...
027:56:52 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. [Pause]
027:56:56 Unidentifiable crewmember: Roger. Standby, we're in a ... [Long pause]
"This is Apollo Control Houston, 27 hours, 57 minutes into the flight. We have established contact by Carnarvon and we're about 2 minutes away from our second SPS burn today. Burn program for about 8 seconds, a differential velocity of 175 feet per second. We'll you in on the conversation, Jack Swigert is going to give the crew a mark of 2 minutes."
027:56:57 Schirra (onboard): MTVC, GO.
027:56:59 Cunningham (onboard): Roger, THC, NEUTRAL: HAND CONTROLLER POWER to BOTH.
027:57:03 Schirra (onboard): NEUTRAL: to BOTH.
027:57:05 Cunningham (onboard): Do your trim.
027:57:31 Cunningham (onboard): Okay, DIRECT RCS, OFF.
027:57:35 Schirra (onboard): DIRECT, OFF.
027:57:36 Cunningham (onboard): MANUAL ATTITUDE, three of them, RATE COMMAND.
027:57:38 Schirra (onboard): Verify.
027:57:40 Cunningham (onboard): BMAG MODE, three, ATT 1, RATE 2.
027:57:43 Schirra (onboard): ATT 1, RATE 2.
027:57:44 Cunningham (onboard): Standing by for 2 minutes.
027:57:47 Schirra (onboard): Okay, [garble] gimbals are set.
027:57:53 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. Reading you five-by. I'll give you a MARK at 2 minutes. [Pause]
027:57:58 Schirra: Roger.SC Roger. [Long pause]
027:58:53 Swigert: Three, two, one.
027:58:56 Swigert: MARK.
027:58:57 Unidentifiable crewmember: T minus 2 minutes.
"We've just given a mark of T-2 minutes. Cunningham advises he's standing by for a 30 second mark. This burn is programed to have the effect on the orbit resulting, should be 114 by 154 nautical miles. We're 1 minute away from the burn. 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and we are thrusting, Schirra says. Pressures in the service propulsion engine are quite good and I think we heard thrust off. And as the pitch and yaw thrusters are shutdown, they are reported by the crew. SPS burn, according to the chart here began at 28 hours, 1 minute, 6 seconds into the flight. It ended at 28 hours, 1 minute, 14 seconds, an 8 second burn. The other burn set us up on a circular plane which has carried us around to a point where we are now firing the booster about 85 miles. Now we will begin closing and at about 1 hour, 25 minutes from now, at 29 hours, 23 minutes we should begin the terminal phase of initiation burn, which will be the final burn on bringing us from a point we're on a plane now running about 8 miles under the line on the line of flight of the booster and this will swing us up to hopefully the rendezvous with the booster, coming up just slightly in front of it, we estimate and about 30 hours into the flight. Here is the entire tape through the second burn sequence. We'll play it for you now.
027:58:59 Unidentifiable crewmember: SCAI, scale 55. [Garble] A and B normal,A normal, B normal. [Long pause]
027:59:12 Swigert: End controllers ON. Standing by for 30 seconds. [Long pause]
027:59:56 Swigert: Minus 1 minute.
027:59:59 Unidentifiable crewmember: Roger. One minute. [Long pause]
028:00:29 Unidentifiable crewmember: T and S DELTA-V AUTO.
028:00:32 Swigert: Check. [Pause]
028:00:36 Unidentifiable crewmember: Roger. That's at the count of four, five now [garble]. [Pause]
028:00:46 Swigert: Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, zero. [Long pause]
028:00:57 Swigert: Testing...
028:00:58 Unidentifiable crewmember: Burn complete, all four balls - out. [Long pause]
028:01:12 Swigert: Boger. Copy. [Pause]
028:01:16 Eisele: DELTA-V thrust A and V OFF.
028:01:18 Schirra: Roger. Pitch 1 OFF, yaw 1 OFF, pitch 2 OFF, yaw 2 OFF.
Comm break.
028:02:28 Eisele: Residuals are plus four balls 1 plus five balls plus four balls 2, and we burnt about a total of 6 feet per second. [Garble]. [Long pause]
028:02:39 Swigert: Roger. Copy.
028:02:42 Schirra: Residuals minus 9.9. [Pause]
028:02:46 Swigert: Okay. Copy that.
028:02:48 Schirra: [Garble].
028:02:51 Swigert: Same exact number. [Pause]
028:02:57 Schirra: [Garble]. [Long pause]
028:03:45 Eisele: Houston, Apollo 7. Wish to commence battery charging on battery A; I would say a curve right now of about 2.3. [Pause]
028:03:55 Swigert: Roger.
Comm break.
028:05:10 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. We're about 1 minute LOS Carnarvon. In 2 minutes, we'll pick up ARIA 3 for about 10 minutes monitor pass, and going over the hill here, it looks like a real good burn. [Long pause]
028:05:24 Schirra: Roger.
Long comm break.
ARIA 3 (REV 18)
028:10:00 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston through ARIA 3. Standing by. [Pause]
028:10:07 Schirra: Roger. Thank you.
Long comm break.
028:13:22 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston through Guam. Standing by. [Pause]
028:13:27 Schirra: Roger.
Comm break.
028:16:04 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. One minute LOS Guam; Hawaii in 8 minutes. [Pause]
028:16:09 Schirra: Roger.
028:16:11 Eisele: Roger. Jack, I've got the target instructions; it seams to be tracking pretty smooth now. I loaded in 29 hours, 20 minutes for first cutoff, TPI, and I got 29, 20, and 29 seconds back. Not too bad for a start. [Long pause]
028:16:27 Swigert: Not too bad.
Long comm break.
028:23:33 Swigert: Apollo ? through Hawaii. Standing by. [Pause]
028:23:37 Schirra: Thank you.
028:23:40 Eisele: Jack, I've got about 8 minutes here [garble]. The thing is really taking in there, right on the money. [Long pause]
028:23:53 Swigert: Roger. You're fading in and out, but I think I got it. You're tracking okay.
Long comm break.
"This is Apollo Control, Houston, 28 hours 25 minutes into the flight. Hawaii should acquire momentarily and we will be listening for that pass which will take us across the states. Early today we were talking about a chart which got unlatched in the middle of our transmission as we are discussing onboard weights, we've since run that chart down and of interest to us on it and I hope to you will be one way the current total Command Service Module weight, which is - carried at 30,980 pounds. Now we have contact with the crew, now let's find out what's going there."
028:31:45 Swigert: Huntsville two-way lock, out of range.
Comm break.
028:33:38 Schirra: Houston, Apollo 7.
028:33:41 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. Go ahead.
028:33:43 Schirra: Why can't,we get the RECORD mode here? Donn has got a lot of comments he ought to be putting on tape. [Pause]
028:33:51 Swigert: Thank, you. [Pause]
028:33:59 Schirra: [Garble] Are you recording, this down there?
028:34:01 Swigert: Are we recording?
028:34:03 Eisele: Roger. I'm almost 3 minutes into this TPI solution here, and it seems like quite awhile. I was wondering when you are planning to take it off. [Long pause]
028:34:14 Swigert: Roger. Donu, we're trying to mark the polar plot along with you here as you go through the solution. [Pause]
028:34:22 Eisele: Whenever we call P34 or some such thing, you can expect it to drop the tracking or move off some, and then it will return after you get back to the basic program. For instance, the P34 solution just came back, and before we got it [garble] target [garble]. Also, I did an attitude maneuver of 3 or 4 degrees a minute ago which kind of started me [garble]. [Long pause]
028:34:55 Swigert: Roger.
Comm break.
028:36:18 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston.
028:36:20 Cunningham: Roger.
028:36:21 Swigert: Roger. Walt, we'll have a clean tape for you to record the rendezvous on at Antigua LOS which occurs about 28.54. [Long pause]
028:36:32 Cunningham: Roger. 28.54.
028:36:35 Swigert: Roger.
Very long comm break.
"This is Apollo Control Houston 28 hours, 47 minutes into the flight and we are about half way through perhaps the longest and quietest state-side pass in our memory. The crew is working on the rendezvous, they are rapidly approaching the terminal phase of it and we can only assume that accounts for the quiet. We have the line open and we'll just leave it open and continue to monitor the situation whatever might develop."
028:48:59 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. I have you TPI update PAD. I will give you when you are ready to copy. [Pause]
028:49:09 Cunningham: Ready to copy. Go.
028:49:12 Swigert: Roger. 029. 183400 plus 150 plus 019 minus 075, 168/46 forward, 020/11 right, 003/03 down, 075/08, 01960 minus 0729 02240 35950 133 trunnion check. The GET of midcourse 029 plus 23 plus 00. Remarks: you will be flat at TPI.
028:50:20 Cunningham: Roger. That's flat at TPI mideourse. 029 plus 23 plus 00, TPI update follows: 029 183400 plus 150 plus 019 minus 075 168 46 forward 020 11 right 003 03 down 075 08 01960 minus 0729 minus 0240 35950 133 on the trunnion. Over. [Long pause]
028:50:57 Swigert: Roger. Your elevation minus 5 minutes, I copy; it should be 02240.' [Long pause]
028:51:08 Cunningham: Is that - oh - 02240. [Pause]
028:51:12 Swigert: Roger. Everything else correct. I'll give you a DELTA-VM cutoff in a minute. [Pause]
028:51:19 Swigert: Your DELTA-VM cutoff will be 90.
028:51:22 Cunningham: Ninety, read.
Comm break.
028:53:02 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. [Pause]
028:53:06 Cunningham: Go ahead.
028:53:07 Swigert: Roger. Walt, you have a clean tape on the DSE. You should have three switches in proper positian there, TELEMETRY INPUT should be HIGH. Your FORWARD REWIND switch should be OFF, your UP-TELEMETRY switch - COMMAND RESET to NORMAL. When you want to record then cycle the FORWARD REWIND switch to FORWARD, then OFF. [Long pause]
028:53:31 Cunningham: Roger. But we don't want to be recording at PCM HIGH yet; we want to still get all the RCS burn on high bit rate. Over. [Pause]
028:53:39 Swigert: Okay. Stand by. [Long pause]
028:53:54 Swigert: Okay, Apollo 7. You are GO the way you want to do it. We'll have a mixed dump, but that will be okay. [Pause]
028:54:03 Cunningham: Roger. Do you understand that I'll begining - I'll be stopping the tape and going to high bit rate for each of the RCS burns; and after the last RCS burn, I'll run at high bit rate right on into the rendezvous till the tape is up. [Long pause]
028:54:18 Swigert: Roger. we understand that.
Long comm break.
"This is Apollo Control Houston. We are out of range of the spacecraft and at 28 hours 56 minutes into the flight that's our situation."
029:01:11 Cunningham (onboard): Alright.
029:01:14 Schirra (onboard): Okay. [Garble] we normally do here.
029:01:29 Eisele (onboard): Boy, it really looks great out there.
029:01:30 Schirra (onboard): Yes.
029:01:38 Eisele (onboard): Now, we'll be out over the Atlantic shortly.
029:01:54 Eisele (onboard): A little sideways here. There it is. Want to write that one down, Walt? That's it, yes. That's the one we'll go for, and I'm not going to take any more marks.
029:02:07 Eisele (onboard): If I would have known it was going to be that fast, I would have waited, but see, those other ones took about 4 minutes apiece.
029:02:14 Schirra (onboard): Okay, let's go.
029:02:18 Cunningham (onboard): Okay. Right. Got them? Okay.
029:02:25 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston through Ascension. Standing by. [Pause]
029:02:29 Cunningham: Roger.
Comm break.
029:02:30 Cunningham (onboard): How is that time, Wally?
029:02:54 Eisele (onboard): Okay. It's night. Wally, I'm just going to let that sit there for awhile because I don't want to terminate P20 just yet.
029:03:19 Eisele (onboard): May be some help in AUTO OPTICS here.
029:03:29 Eisele (onboard): Really? Man, that's cool. Yes, I think we got her wired. What I'm going to do is sit here and let P20 cook away, now...
029:03:38 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
029:03:40 Eisele (onboard): ... until after we get the backup data, and then I'll go on into P41, and you can start a slow pitchdown to start that burn attitude, and if it looks good, I suggest we go ahead and do the...
029:03:50 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston.
029:03:51 Eisele (onboard): ... DAP again. Okay, let it take it to their attitude and...
029:03:56 Schirra: Go ahead, Houston.
029:03:58 Swigert: Just for your information only, the tracking data across the States indicates that TPI could occur about 30 seconds earlier. All our other values remain unchanged. [Long pause]
029:04:10 Schirra: Roger. [Long pause]
029:04:10 Eisele (onboard): Roger. What was our time, Walt? 16 something, wasn't it?
029:04:14 Eisele (onboard): 16:45. That's pretty good because they give us...
029:04:23 Eisele: Roger. We show 16 plus 45 on our solution. [Pause]
029:04:28 Swigert: Roger. [Pause]
Comm break.
029:04:32 Eisele (onboard): It's been backing off 30 seconds. They said - it could be 30 seconds late. That's pretty good, that's a minute and a half. We're well within the ground rule, so that makes the DSKY sound pretty good to me.
029:05:09 Eisele (onboard): Yes, well, I didn't like that. Yes, I am, Walt. I'll just stay down here. It's easier. Hell, this timer down here is wiped out. It just jumped another 10 minutes.
029:05:40 Cunningham (onboard): It's 11:07.
029:05:41 Eisele (onboard): What have we got, Wally:
029:05:43 Schirra: I'll give you MARK at 11 now, 7. I'll give you a MARK at 11.
029:05:45 Eisele (onboard): 11 minutes to go?
029:05:47 Schirra: MARK.
029:05:48 Eisele (onboard): Okay, I think I'll just use my wristwatch.
029:05:50 Schirra: Okay. It's 28. I'll give you ten, 30, or do you want ten?
029:05:54 Eisele (onboard): 10:30 is fine. Well, 10 would be better.
029:05:58 Schirra: okay. [Pause]
029:06:04 Schirra: Thirty-five seconds. [Long pause]
029:06:05 Eisele (onboard): Okay.
029:06:38 Swigert: Ten seconds, three, two, one.
029:06:40 Eisele (onboard): Huh? 10.
029:06:48 Schirra: MARK. [Long pause]
029:06:49 Eisele (onboard): MARK.
029:07:01 Eisele (onboard): No, I don't.
029:07:04 Eisele (onboard): Well.
029:07:16 Eisele (onboard): Man, this is going to be tough, I think. Well, it's getting - what the hell are you shining in my eyes, Walt?
029:07:23 Cunningham (onboard): Oh.
029:07:25 Eisele (onboard): It's dark out there, and all I can see is a flashing light. It's not all that bright.
029:07:30 Schirra (onboard): Pretty good level?
029:07:31 Schirra: Are they good numbers? [Long pause]
029:07:32 Eisele (onboard): No, not yet. Wait a second.
029:07:49 Eisele (onboard): Wally, it's no longer in automatic attitude control. I mean, it's not a complaint, but it is ust holding attitude in DAP.
029:08:00 Schirra (onboard): Okay.
029:08:02 Eisele (onboard): 19 plus 41.
029:08:05 Schirra (onboard): Now.
029:08:10 Eisele (onboard): What are we supposed to be...
029:08:12 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. Tananarive in 10 minutes.
Very long comm break.
029:08:23 Eisele (onboard): Okay, give me a holler at 8 minutes, gang.
029:08:34 Eisele (onboard): Yes.
029:08:43 Eisele (onboard): Yes, it's okay for now.
029:08:47 Eisele (onboard): Rate?
029:08:48 Eisele (onboard): Okay.
029:08:50 Schirra (onboard): You got about 2 seconds here, and I think I can clear it.
029:08:52 Eisele (onboard): That's the same engine.
029:08:58 Eisele (onboard): Wait a minute. No, I didn't - that's a better one, isn't it?
029:09:02 Eisele (onboard): I screwed up. I didn't [garble].
029:09:24 Eisele (onboard): Well. Well, I lost it now.
029:09:39 Eisele (onboard): Well, where did you go, you little devil? Well, I pulled off the eyepiece for an instant, and it's disappeared. And it's not on the telescope either. It's only that slight line [garble] P54 to show up in the telescope. And the sextant field is really too dim, so there you are.
029:10:08 Eisele (onboard): Yes, I guess so; we'll have to. Well - I think it has gone to - AUTO OPTICS is gone now, and I've got to do it manually, and it's not there.
029:10:30 Eisele (onboard): That's right.
029:10:47 Eisele (onboard): Okay, Walt, I guess we better pitch down and go to the boresight attitude. And, well, we'll see what the hell we're going to get from the DSKY solution. I think we can go MANUAL if you want - probably be a little cheaper. And we could put it back to DAP when we get there.
029:11:13 Eisele (onboard): Right.
029:11:14 Eisele (onboard): Well, that was a surprise.
029:11:20 Eisele (onboard): It's the [garble] attitude.
029:11:25 Eisele (onboard): Okay, 52 degrees inertial is your pitch angle, Wally, and plus 9 degrees out of plane. Our vector should be less than out of plane at TPF of zero.
029:11:42 Eisele (onboard): Well. Walt, oh, you don't have that. How did that check with the ground? They gave you some solutions, didn't they? Did they give you local vertical coordinates?
029:12:15 Eisele (onboard): They didn't give us any local vertical?
029:12:22 Eisele (onboard): Okay, let me see it.
029:12:30 Eisele (onboard): Here we are, we're absolute - right on, 15.0, 7.9, and 1.9 out of plane. Wally, I suggest we take about half of that out of plane. Not, not all of it. Let's roll up about 5 down and then you take out about - about 4 degrees of yaw. How's that? Well, let it fly to its attitude, and then you can override it manually, and bring it into about 4 degrees. It'll be about 8 degrees out of plane and if we pull it back into about 4 or 5, I think it'll just about jibe with the ground.
029:13:04 Eisele (onboard): Yes. Okay.
029:13:10 Eisele (onboard): You're at CMC hold?
029:13:13 Eisele (onboard): Okay, let me check that beauty. Alright? Here we go.
029:13:24 Eisele (onboard): Is it there?
029:13:32 Eisele (onboard): Okay.
029:13:41 Eisele (onboard): Yes.
029:13:44 Cunningham (onboard): Okay.
029:13:54 Eisele (onboard): Well, you might, because you have less light loss in the window that I do in the telescope. I mean - whether or not you'll see it, I don't know. Hope we are a little closer now.
029:14:08 Eisele (onboard): Okay.
029:14:17 Eisele (onboard): Huh?
029:14:19 Schirra (onboard): Well, just a minute.
029:14:25 Eisele (onboard): What?
029:14:46 Eisele (onboard): [Garble] a lot. Sure wouldn't want to have to put up with it, though. Okay.
029:14:55 Eisele (onboard): Well, that's interesting.
029:15:02 Eisele (onboard): Okay.
029:15:05 Eisele (onboard): Okay, I'd take about half of that yaw back out of there. Yes, go left about 4 degrees. Yes, you can do it right in CMC, AUTO. Yes. It'll go over. Okay, there you go. Just hold that. Okay, I'm going to proceed from this display now. Now, when those flop over, it'll be time to burn. Actually, it'll happen about 15 seconds early.
029:15:45 Eisele (onboard): What? This is your INERTIAL HOLD attitude. This is your ORB RATE, and it looks like it's going to be pretty close to 28 degrees. Move 17.6. Okay, Walt? 17.7.
029:16:05 Eisele (onboard): Put it up after awhile. Okay.
029:16:16 Eisele (onboard): 15.7. Well, we'll overburn 0.01. Why don't you leave it propped here for a minute here, ahd then you can...
029:16:25 Schirra (onboard): Very good.
029:16:32 Eisele (onboard): Good.
029:16:36 Eisele (onboard): That's it. Yes, burn it out. Okay.
029:16:43 Eisele (onboard): Yes.
029:16:49 Eisele (onboard): 17.3 on the DSKY. It would - I don't know, it's 3, and then 6, then he starts jumping, so - You almost had them right in there. Well, just a minute, you're all - you are essentially all fore and aft. Man, perfect! Okay, I don't know if you want to - I'd leave it. I don't think you're going to do any better than that. We've got plus 1, plus 3, and minus 3 on the residuals. There's a chance that we're going to press on from there.
029:17:36 Schirra (onboard): [Garble] residuals on the DELTA-V counter.
"This is Apollo Control, Houston 29 hours 17 minutes into the flight. The Spacecraft is over the southern tip of Africa and we are about to acquire via Tananarive whether there will be any conversation, we don't know. We have gotten some numbers on the first two burns using the service propulsion system - the big engine and they go as follows: the first burn performed earlier in the day used 674 pounds of propellant. That's a combination of fuel and oxidizer. Again, 674 pounds in the first burn. In the second burn, 565 pounds of propellant used and the combination leaves in, in a, leaves in the service propulsion system propellant tanks 8255 pounds remaining. Now additional burns have been done throughout the night and throughout the day with the service module reaction control system thrusters and up until this point we have logged the total usage of 262 pounds, 262 pounds of propellant in the RCS and that leaves a remainder of 1045 pounds. Tananarive should acquire momentarily and when it does we will come into that conversation. In about 5 minutes - or more precisely at 29 hours 23 minutes into the mission, 4 minutes from now, the spacecraft should be trailing the S-IVB by about 12 miles and it should be running about 8 miles below the S-IVB and at that point, approximately 29 hours 23 minutes they will begin terminal phase initiation. There's the first call going out to 7 via Tananarive.
029:17:40 Eisele (onboard): Okay, okay. Now, I want to - okay, LOW BIT RATE. I don't care.
029:17:56 Cunningham (onboard): Anybody seen my checklist? Goddamned thing, where did it go? Well, so much for that.
029:18:32 Eisele (onboard): Wally, are you in CMC, AUTO? Okay, it should start maneuvering us back up there in a minute.
029:19:06 Eisele (onboard): Okay.
029:19:16 Cunningham (onboard): There's my checklist.
029:19:20 Eisele (onboard): Huh? You can keep that. Yes, okay.
029:19:34 Cunningham (onboard): [Garble] manual [garble].
029:19:37 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston through Tananarive. Standing by. [Pause]
029:19:41 Schirra: Roger. The residual was very low on that TPI.
029:19:44 Cunningham: [Garble]. [Pause]
029:19:48 Eisele: Okay. I read them all, and they were very small. [Long pause]
029:20:03 Eisele (onboard): Now, don't be scared, this is a phony mark. It's going to be a big number. At least, I hope it's a big number.first call going out to 7 via Tananarive.
"This is Apollo Control. I don't see any point in deafening everybody in the news center. We will come back as soon as we get a cleaner signal. Out at 29 hours 20 minutes.
029:20:18 Eisele (onboard): Not all that big, is it?
029:20:24 Schirra: Houston, Apollo 7. We made the TPI with the onboard solution, that's the computer solution, in DAP. [Long pause]
029:20:38 Swigert: Walt, we've got real bad COMM here at Tananarive. We can read you saying something, but we can't make it out. [Pause]
029:20:47 Schirra: The TPI burn was on the computer; onboard solution. [Long pause]
029:20:59 Swigert: Me couldn't make it out. We made out the word TPI, and that was all. [Long pause]
029:21:12 Swigert: Can you confirm that you've burned TPI?
029:21:15 Schirra: That's affirm. Affirmative.
029:21:17 Swigert: Roger. We got it. Tbank you. [Long pause]
029:21:32 Eisele (onboard): Okay, I'll get you one in ust a second. You want to give me a time hack?
029:21:40 Schirra (onboard): Roger [garble] stand by.
029:21:41 Schirra: Okay. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 -
Comm break.
029:21:46 Schirra (onboard): MARK.
029:21:47 Eisele (onboard): Okay, thank you. No, it's 5 minutes from the burn. I just wanted to see how long - how far away we were.
029:22:01 Eisele (onboard): If you want to.
"This is Apollo Control Houston, 29 hours, 22 minutes into the flight. We have a little tape by Tananarive; it is unreadable but we'll let you hear it anyway, and if you can understand what they're saying, you're better than a lot of people that tried to hear it. We did pick out one or two words on it that the crew had gone ahead with the TPI, the Terminal Phase Iniation, of the rendezvous situation and they are using a program which called 4 TPI at 29 hours, 17 minutes; earlier I gave you 29 hours and 23 minutes; I want to correct that. They did begin the TPI burn at 29 hours, 17 minutes. We'll all know when they get to Carnarvon how everything came out. Here's that Tananarive tape."
029:22:27 Eisele (onboard): Wally, this thing is just barely visible in the telescope now. It is very bright in the sextant, however; flashing light.
029:23:09 Eisele (onboard): Well, I'll tell you. That's really screwed up. We were doing fine up to then. I mean, hell, you lose it, you just have to - I didn't realize it would just flat disappear like that.
029:23:23 Eisele (onboard): Man alive!
029:23:40 Eisele (onboard): This flashing light is absolutely spastic, on the booster. It's bright as hell sometimes, and then again, you can hardly see it, and it's erratic, it's irregular, you know. It isn't - it's either moving around or else those lights are screwed up, I don't know which. Yes, probably turning around.
029:23:57 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. We are 1 minute LOS Tananartve. We'll pick you up for a short pass at Carnarvon in 9 minutes.
Very long comm break.
029:24:07 Eisele (onboard): Okay, you guys give me a call for - we got about 8 minutes past or 52, whichever. Might as well. Okay, thank you. Okay, fine, I'll get it for you. Okay, I'll do one more mark, and then we'll go for the backup.
029:24:46 Schirra (onboard): Houston, Apollo 7. Do you read now?
029:25:22 Eisele (onboard): No, you didn't either, or else you're going to use them right here. Okay, VERB 85 coming up. Now, let's see. 10 seconds? Man, I didn't get so far, did I?
029:25:45 Schirra (onboard): 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 -
029:25:50 Schirra (onboard): MARK.
029:25:51 Eisele (onboard): That'll do it. Ready?
029:26:05 Eisele (onboard): Okay. I'm going to get a mark in between here.
029:26:43 Eisele (onboard): Good deal.
029:26:53 Eisele (onboard): Yes, he may, especially when he gets sunlight. I think once he gets out in the Sun, it won't be so bad.
029:27:08 Eisele (onboard): (Laughter)
029:27:11 Eisele (onboard): Alright (laughter).
029:27:33 Eisele (onboard): We should have a few minutes.
029:28:05 Eisele (onboard): How many minutes, gang?
029:28:09 Eisele (onboard): 10. Okay. Don't lose track. I've got a watch running - after all, this timer down here is crummy - it's all screwy. Okay.
029:29:01 Eisele (onboard): Okay, you finished? Okay.
029:29:07 Eisele (onboard): Okay, I'm going to proceed at 22:30 and this will calculate a burn which we'll execute at this amplitude if it is big enough to be worthwhile. I hope it isn't. I'm going now.
029:29:26 Eisele (onboard): We may be a little late. This thing is pokey compared to what our sim - the simulatorsr show. If it's late, we'll just burn it late, Wally. I don't think it'll matter all that much.
029:29:43 Eisele (onboard): Okay - that's about - hit it one more time - 3.6.
029:29:59 Eisele (onboard): Yes, let's see what it says, first.
029:30:15 Eisele (onboard): Okay. I don't particularly want to take off 3.7 feet per second. I'll go along with your value, Walt. Okay, let's take off about 2 and let it go. I can't believe it. I don't - yes, sir, it's 2.
029:30:33 Eisele (onboard): It'll - Okay, this is - Okay, yes. We're not - yes, Just wait until I get to the ...
029:31:59 Eisele (onboard): Okay, have I got time to do a mark, or do you want to watch your data?
"This is Apollo Control Houston, 29 hours 52 minutes into the flight. In one small historical note perhaps worth mentioning, it was nearly 3 years ago, lacking 3 years by 2 months, that the same spacecraft commander Wally Schirra, then in command of Gemini 6, carried out the world's first rendezvous over perhaps very nearly the exact same piece of real estate when Gemini 6 pulled up in front of Gemini 7. That rendezvous took place over the Islands just north to northwest of Australia, and apparently if everything continues to go as well as it has in this maneuver, Apollo 7 will pull up in front of the S4B in almost precisely the same location. It will be another 11 minutes before we get any definitive information probably on just how the maneuvers go and that information should come to us through Guam. This is Apollo Control, Houston."
029:32:12 Eisele (onboard): Walt, what time is it? Wally?
029:32:18 Eisele (onboard): 16 or 44, whichever you got.
029:32:22 Eisele (onboard): Okay, that's all I wanted.
029:32:50 Eisele (onboard): Okay.
029:32:58 Eisele (onboard): Yes, it'll do that now and then. I don't know what the hell's the matter with it.
029:33:08 Eisele (onboard): Well, wait a minute. What the hell is it doing?
029:33:14 Eisele (onboard): Okay, got it, Walt?
029:33:15 Cunningham (onboard): Yes.
029:33:16 Eisele (onboard): I'm going to have to get at least a mark in here. Oops, I can't do that yet. I have to get out of this thing now.
029:33:55 Eisele (onboard): Where are you now?
029:34:20 Eisele (onboard): Well.
029:34:28 Eisele (onboard): You're going to have to get this a little late then, because I - it's coming out of these marks.
029:34:35 Eisele (onboard): Okay, good. I need it.
029:34:40 Eisele (onboard): The DSKY is not pulling it in too well right now on the optics.
029:34:56 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston through Carnarvon. Standing by [Pause]
029:35:02 Schirra: Roger. [Pause]
Comm break.
029:35:07 Eisele (onboard): I am almost tempted to do the marks in the telescope. The damn thing's jumping around so much.
029:35:17 Eisele (onboard): Okay. You dirty bastard, you ran off again.
029:35:49 Eisele (onboard): Okay. Got it?
029:36:01 Eisele (onboard): Is that your first or your second one now?
029:36:07 Eisele (onboard): Is that your last one? Recently? Okay. All right.
029:36:07 Swigert: 7. One minute LOS; Guam in 7 minutes. [Long pause]
029:36:21 Schirra: Roger. Coming up the pike.
029:36:23 Eisele (onboard): Okay, we're performing our...
029:36:24 Swigert: Roger.
Comm break.
029:36:25 Eisele (onboard): ... midcourse and we're calculating for a minute and a half. I do have Orion, Wally, and think if we go on up, he'll come right up in your window when you get up there. Now, this thing never did pull it back into sextant, and it got it in within a couple of degrees in the telescope. That's about as good as it did, so I don't know what the hell - and the problem with the backup solution is that all I can see is the damm flashing lights, and they are all over the place, and it's just hard to, you know, say what's the middle of the booster. Okay.
029:36:56 Eisele (onboard): Oh, sob! Hey, we're in! Look at that: 0.07! I can't believe it. Okay, alright, let me do the procedure. Call up 41 just for the hell of it - not for the hell of it, but just to see what it can tell us.
029:37:16 Eisele (onboard): That's great. Look at that.
029:37:24 Eisele (onboard): No, nothing.
029:37:26 Eisele (onboard): That's right.
029:37:29 Schirra: The last midcourse requires no correction.
029:37:31 Swigert: Real fine news. [Pause]
Long comm break.
029:37:40 Eisele (onboard): Okay, don't - don't do any more thrusting because I'm going to P00, and it's - it's on to you, Wally, and I think if you pitch down to -
029:37:51 Eisele (onboard): Yes.
029:37:59 Eisele (onboard): What was our last angle, Walt?
029:38:01 Eisele (onboard): Okay, so if you pitch down to about 63, it ought to be there (laughter). I hope the hell it is.
029:38:10 Eisele (onboard): It's going to be bright. It's flashing, and it's erratic, and sometimes it's weak, and sometimes it almost blinds you. I don't know - it must be moving around. Well, I can't do much down here. I might as well.
029:38:20 Eisele (onboard): Yes.
029:38:36 Eisele (onboard): Okay, Wally, I'll bring the whole thing up there. There you go.
029:38:40 Eisele (onboard): Okay. Boy I can tell we're -
029:38:44 Eisele (onboard): Wow! (Laughter)
029:38:48 Eisele (onboard): About -
029:39:08 Schirra (onboard): Apollo 7 coming right on up the pike.
029:39:13 Eisele (onboard): Boy' What a trauma. Jesus Christ' What would you do -
029:39:24 Cunningham (onboard): I see it [garble].
029:39:32 Eisele (onboard): You know, if you could - okay.
029:39:34 Eisele (onboard): You are 2.7 miles by the DSKY and 31.8 closing. I don't really believe that.
029:39:46 Eisele (onboard): I'll - I'm very suspect of this DSKY solution.
029:39:54 Eisele (onboard): No, wait a minute, that's right. That's bleed-off.
029:40:07 Eisele (onboard): Okay.
029:40:20 Eisele (onboard): About 24-1/2 down. You are going to screw it up.
029:40:29 Eisele (onboard): I hope we hit some daylight, for Christ's sake, before we get in there.
029:40:32 Schirra (onboard): No, no, but...
029:40:38 Eisele (onboard): Okay, you're 29 feet per second closing, according to this. How big is he in your scope?
029:40:44 Eisele (onboard): Okay. You can go DAP if you want to.
029:41:00 Eisele (onboard): We're about to start. And let me get the program 47 - or 50, please.
029:41:06 Eisele (onboard): Okay. Yes, you want a theta? See if he's on, I'll get it for you; coming up. Okay, I got 88.6. Is he in the middle, Wally?
029:41:22 Eisele (onboard): Okay, then add one, Walt, because your sextant's a little off. No, subtract one, I guess you would. The hell'with it! What the G&N is at this point doesn't matter - you're close enough to the line, It's just V going to - which way? Rotating, yes.
029:41:43 Eisele (onboard): Wait a minute. Okay. Boy, we didn't get that! It won't matter. It doesn't matter; assume it'll just cost a little more; 47 hasn't come up yet, so if you want to get it all in - why - no. But that's all that you need, and hell, throw it in. We can estimate what you're shooting - what you're shooting here. It's okay. You can go now anytime.Yes. Either one. It matters not. Okay. It might be easier on SCS: you won't have to flip so many switches. Okay, he burned about a half a foot a seeond, right, Walt?
029:42:45 Eisele (onboard): Yes, okay.
029:42:49 Eisele (onboard): Well, we're fatter than a hog right here; we've got more DELTA-V than we can - well, so far, we've only used about 24. So, you're going to have about - What's that? I hope they'll he coming to daylight pretty quick. Hold it there for your DELTA-V's. Okay.
029:43:32 Schirra (onboard): I'd say 1-1/2 miles.
029:43:35 Eisele (onboard): Your - your DELTA - your - your - the DSKY solution at this point is - is fine. It's 23 feet per second, closing at a mile and six tenths out and that should bleed off to about - well, it just popped to 22, so I don't know which one's right, but we're - we're beating the zone and here comes daylight, thank God. Well, you may - (Laughter)
029:44:01 Eisele (onboard): Well, okay. Daylight with 2 feet left. It's 1 degree...
029:44:27 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston through Guam. Standing by.
Long comm break.
029:44:29 Eisele (onboard): ... 1 degree. You're better off [garble].
029:44:32 Eisele (onboard): Okay, go SCS and we'll - huh? SCS is too sloppy? Why don't you turn down MIN DEADBAND? Well, you're not going to save enough from here on in to matter, I don't think.
029:44:55 Cunningham (onboard): (Laughter)
029:45:00 Eisele (onboard): How big is he? Can you get a measurement on the diameter? Oh. Now - you mean he's whirling around. Yes. Can you? If you could - if you can just get a gross hack, like - is it a degree or a tenth or - okay. Okay, you better take off some. I'd take off so far - about 5 feet a second. Yes.
"Apollo Control, Houston here, 29 hours 45 minutes into the flight, and we've been having some power difficulties in building 1 today as opposed to building 30 yesterday. Everything back - is up now and operating again. I understand even the phones are working. They were out for about 5 minutes. We've got a little tape from Canarvon then we'll patch right into the Guam area which is about to acquire. Here's the tape and then we'll go into a live pass across Guam."
029:45:48 Eisele (onboard): Just check it off. I got it on the - on the outfit here [garble]. Well, okay. You don't have to take it all off then if he's not half a degree. Okay. Maybe we should take the stop on [garble]. Okay. You didn't pull off the whole 5, did you? Okay. Alright. You mind if I reach over and jeer at that DELTA-V meter for you now and then? That'll help me, too. Okay. Fine.
029:46:42 Eisele (onboard): What did he - if he's a degree, you better start pulling off. Okay. You better pull some off because he's coming in pretty quick. I'd pull off at least 5 more.
029:46:56 Eisele (onboard): He's not a degree yet. Okay, even if he's a degree, he's 1200 feet. Now I'm talking the diameter, not the SLA panel. Good enough. Okay. Okay. Okay, you better pull some more off. Is he 1 degree yet? Okay, pull it off. I'd say pull off about 8. Yes. So make it 13 on your dial. Yes. I wish I could see him (laughter). Okay. Okay, I think it's just about on you from here on in. Well, good thing. She hit another [garble], huh?
029:48:09 Cunningham (onboard): You devil.
029:48:18 Eisele (onboard): You on HIGH BIT RATE? Okay. Okay. Slowly, I hope (laughter). Okay. Good. Fine.
029:49:14 Eisele (onboard): What's that? 130 degrees? Yes.
029:49:18 Cunningham (onboard): (Laughter)
029:49:19 Eisele (onboard): This is it. Yes. 123 degrees (laughter). Where the hell is he? I'm going to sneak up and look. Maybe I can see him now. Yes, I can. You're in good shape. You're still quite a ways out. Well, from here on it's just drifting in. What is it, about a degree in your scope or a little bigger than that? Okay. Well.
029:49:52 Eisele (onboard): Yes, [garble] in a while.
029:49:59 Eisele (onboard): No. I don't know. You've been watching. I can't tell if it's drifting or not [garble].
029:50:04 Cunningham (onboard): I wouldn't worry about it. You're in good shape.
029:50:07 Cunningham (onboard): Yes.
029:50:52 Eisele (onboard): This says 37 feet per second. I don't know whether that's right or not. That's NOUN 40.
029:51:15 Eisele (onboard): Okay. Yes. I figure the - if this thing's right, you got - you're up to that.
029:51:25 Eisele (onboard): Well, what the hell is it doing? It keeps integrating all the time.
"Apollo Control here. The program shows that they should be in their breaking mode about 1 mile out at this point. We have not heard from them, We do have some data coming in from Guam that shows them approximately 1 mile from target. We just heard Gene Cernan comment. He's been plotting in here that, uh - his statement was "they're right on the pike." We'll monitor the open line."

Public Affairs Officer - "I understand they're inside of a mile and braking. Braking like hell as one flight controller just put it."

Public Affairs Officer - "A lot of thruster activity showing up on our charts here. As we look at the RCS quads using all four of them here now again. We're getting some educated guesses that they ought to be on the order of a half mile from the S-IVB. They have not said anything as we move through the Guam area. Still got about half of it to go. Another 2 or 3 minutes. Earlier, we gave you a prior to this vital maneuver, we showed 1045 pounds of propellant remaining in the RCS quads. All four quads now are down the range of about 180 to 190. All of them with the exception of one, under 200 pounds, and all four quads very active. So, we've got something - we've used about 250 pounds of RCS fuel, it would appear, on this maneuver to date, which is pretty conservative usage."

029:51:35 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. One minute LOS Guam; Hawaii in 8 minutes. [Pause]
029:51:40 Schirra: Roger. We're closing at about 7 or 8 feet, and we're just about locked up initially. [Pause]
029:51:44 Swigert: Real fine, Wally.
029:51:47 Schirra: Looks like we used between 50 and 60 feet per second. At this point, we're just essentially holding station, moving in slow. [Pause]
029:51:56 Cunningham (onboard): 90.
029:51:56 Swigert: Real fine.
Long comm break.
029:51:59 Eisele (onboard): You - I don't - I -
029:52:01 Eisele (onboard): Hell, I don't know what I have frankly because these Goddamn numbers are jumping around on that DSKY like I've never seen it before. And I never do believe NOUN 40 because that son of a bitch sits there and integrates when there's nothing going on. So - I guess I'll have to eat my hat on that comment about...
029:52:17 Schirra (onboard): What were we calculating?
029:52:19 Cunningham (onboard): We could in the simulator, however...
029:52:22 Eisele (onboard): However, today it's just all over the lot.
029:52:28 Eisele (onboard): I think I got most of it - we were pitching left and right there, and I couldn't quite keep up with - and I got one big one in here, 12 feet a second, I don't believe, because I don't think you ever burned that long in one direction.
029:52:42 Eisele (onboard): Great. This is - hey, dad! You got to find what film?
029:52:56 Eisele (onboard): A-men! It's really in now. [Garble] really rolling (laughter).
"This is Houston, uh, you heard Schirra say he was about 400 feet away from the target, braking at 50 to 60 feet per second, and it seemed to be going very nicely. The time of that last transmission of the spacecraft was at a latitude of 20 degrees North, a longitude of a 100 and about 150 degrees East, 150 East, 20 North. Let's make that 155 East and 20 North. 155 East, 20 North. We have lost signal now by Guam. We don't know what the situation was with the S-IVB, what it's attitude was. We'll know more in about 8 minutes when we get to Hawaii. At 29 hours 53 minutes into the flight, this Apollo Control, Houston."
029:53:09 Eisele (onboard): That's why it's so hard to see, you know. Sometimes those lights get you right in the face and the next time they don't even flash.
029:53:31 Eisele (onboard): Upper or lower?
029:53:41 Eisele (onboard): (Laughter) Hey. Break out the champagne, God damn it, we made it!
029:53:45 Schirra (onboard): Right, I have a whole cup of coffee to celebrate that mother!
029:53:50 Eisele (onboard): Yes. Get some 16's of that dude going around. That's great. That's a wild bomber, isn't it?
029:54:05 Eisele (onboard): I need a drink (laughter).
029:54:13 Eisele (onboard): How would you feel over there if that were a little bitty thing about l0 feet across and there were two guys in it? With no radar?
029:54:37 Eisele (onboard): Huh?
029:54:44 Eisele (onboard): Outstanding. Okay, watch it. He's coming in pretty fast. (Laughter)
029:55:07 Eisele (onboard): I would say, Murphy, that you done made a rendezvous, or we done made a rendezvous. And we done stabilized it. Looks pretty good. See? Yes, I think that's close enough in [garble].
029:55:20 Cunningham (onboard): I want to record on tape, it looks like all four SLA panels are equally deployed now.
029:55:27 Eisele (onboard): Yes, and - she's still coming at us.
029:55:29 Cunningham (onboard): (Laughter) Just at you!
029:55:34 Cunningham (onboard): Looks pretty sturdy to me.
029:55:39 Eisele (onboard): I think on this fuel budget I'm just going to take this [garble] number for what it's worth, and use whatever PIPA bias is built in there.
029:55:49 Eisele (onboard): Okay.
029:55:56 Schirra (onboard): 20. She's coming up on 21.
029:56:01 Eisele (onboard): Yes?
029:56:14 Eisele (onboard): Okay, Wally. You've used about 80. I guess we'd better knock off, huh? If we can get her stabilized and sit there, fine. If not, I guess we'd better shove off.
029:56:29 Eisele (onboard): Well, we're not very far. You've got 200 or 300 feet, maybe.
029:56:37 Eisele (onboard): Well, I don't know, I can't tell from where I'm sitting. How big is it in the sextant - in the reticle there, Wally?
029:56:46 Eisele (onboard): Does he fill it? Is he - 10 degrees. Okay, he's about 120 feet, Wslt. I gave you a bum steer.
029:56:55 Eisele (onboard): Yes.
029:56:57 Eisele (onboard): Nice job, Walt.
029:57:00 Eisele (onboard): Yes.
029:57:01 Cunningham (onboard): [Garble] 10 degrees.
029:57:03 Eisele (onboard): Yes, look at that.
029:57:05 Eisele (onboard): No, your midcourse solution saved our ass. If we'd burned that DSKY solution, which I wouldn't have believed anyway, but if we'd burned that midcourse on the DSKY we would not - probably slid up in there at night.
029:57:16 Eisele (onboard): You didn't have any up until now, did you?
029:57:20 Eisele (onboard): No, I mean at the end there. You didn't do any Z at all hardly.
029:57:34 Eisele (onboard): What - what time is it? Well, the time was about right, too. We were pretty close to nominal.
029:57:35 Eisele (onboard): Yes.
029:57:36 Schirra (onboard): You look like [garble].
029:57:38 Eisele (onboard): (Laughter) Hey, we're 2 minutes early, gang. (Laughter)
029:57:43 Eisele (onboard): 29:57. No, actually - with the TPI on here. We were just about on the nominal. I - I'd judge we've been here about 5 minutes station-keeping.
029:58:11 Eisele (onboard): (Laughter) Okay. 19 and -
029:58:31 Eisele (onboard): Okay. I'm going to have to say we used about - well, if I believe this NOUN 40, which I really don't, I don't think we used that much, but if you do, then we've used up about 80 feet a second, 78 - or so. Something like that. But I don't believe NOUN 40 because, according to the word I got, that thing integrates PIPA pulses both ways, and you know that -
029:59:03 Eisele (onboard): Oh...PAO Apollo Control Houston here. 29 hours 59 minutes and momentarily we should acquire the spacecraft via Hawaii and hear more about how the rendezvous went. Here goes the first call.
029:59:20 Eisele (onboard): [Garble]. Isn't that pretty? That thing...
HAWAII through GUAMS (REV 19)
029:59:25 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston over Hawaii. [Pause]
029:59:29 Eisele (onboard): Go, man.
029:59:30 Schirra: Roger, we're in station with it. About 150 out. It's - and tumbling in almost any random direction.Go ahead. [Pause]
029:59:38 Swigert: Roger. Understand. [Pause]
029:59:43 Cunningham: It looks like the fourth SLA panel finally deployed fully. [Pause]
029:59:52 Swigert: We got acme poor COMM this time, Walt. We stand by a little bit until we get in a little closer. [Pause]
030:00:02 Schirra: Roger. Do you understand we are in stationkeeping with the S-IVB? [Pause]
030:00:09 Eisele (onboard): I guess he doesn't (laughter).
030:00:13 Swigert: Roger. We copy stationkeepings. [Long pause]
030:00:14 Eisele (onboard): He did. Good.
030:00:28 Eisele (onboard): Wow!
030:00:35 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. How do you read now.
030:00:38 Schirra: Loud and clear, Jack. Go.
030:00:40 Swigert: Okay. You are real fine now, Walt; we have jast switched to S-band. [Pause]
030:00:44 Eisele: Okay. This is Donn. Everything was pretty nominal as far as the solutions vere concerned. We had a DSKY solution of 3.6 to the midcourse, and Walt had a 1.7 solution on his charts. We split the difference and did 2 feet per second aft and then slid us riht in there; and except for a little hit of cross plane correction that Wally had to make at the tail end, we were nominal right up the pike. According to NOUN 40 estimates of fuel use, we used 76 feet per second. However, NONU 40 integrates velocity even when you are not thrusting, so I think we used somewhat less than that, probabaly on the order of 60 to 65 feet per second. [Long pause]
030:01:31 Swigert: Roger. Copy that. [Pause]
030:01:36 Eisele: Roger. On PCM high data, we had loss of contact with the S-IVB just prior to TPI; and in the confusion here, I didn't, get high bit rate data. The TPI burn - we hnd high bit rate data in the midcourse burn and the final RCS trusting on it. [Long pause]
030:01:54 Swigert: Okay. Copy that. [Pause]
030:02:00 Swigert: And, Walt, I have your separation PAD whenever you are ready to copy that. [Pause]
030:02:05 Cunningham: Wait one. [Pause]
030:02:11 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. How close are you now? [Pause]
030:02:15 Schirra: Pretty close, at about - oh, at about 70 feet. It's tumbling rather widly, so we are starting to stay away from it. [Pause]
030:02:22 Swigert: Roger. Understand.
030:02:25 Cunningham: Ready to copy, Jack. Go.
030:02:26 Swigert: Okay. Separation PAD: 030 20 all balls NOUN 82 NA 1618 plus 1221 00020 30847 NOUN 48 NA 0 plus 05. Sextant star angle NA NOUN 34 NA 43, NA 359 310 000. Remarks: It will be a posigrade burn, REF, heads down using minus X thrusters; the burn will take plase in front of the booster.
Comm break.
030:03:29 Cunningham: The SLA panel - the SLA panel on the opposite side of one large sphere is sticking out of the engine. It does not have a flashing light? and the other three are working fine. [Long pause]
030:03:42 Swigert: Roger. Copy.
030:03:45 Cunningham: What were the minutes on the GETI? I missed the minutes.
030:03:47 Swigert: Okay. The minutes on GETI 20. [Pause]
030:03:52 Cunningham: Roger. Readback follows, you were little garbled at times. Check close, SEP burn 030 20 0000 1618 plus 1221 00020 30847 005. All the way down to roll, pitch, and yaw 359 310 000. Over. [Long pause]
030:04:16 Swigert: Roger. That's correct. Did you copy the remarks?
030:04:19 Cunningham: Roger. Posigrade REF, heads down, minus X thrusters, from in front of the booster. [Pause]
030:04:24 Swigert: Roger. And, Walt, on your charging of battery A - [Pause]
030:04:29 Cunningham: Say again.
030:04:30 Swigert: On charging battery A, we'd like you not to stop charging - [Pause]
030:04:34 Cunningham: Say again, Jack.
030:04:37 Swigert: Apollo 7. Do you read? Houston.
030:04:39 Cunningham: Roger. I am reading you. How me?
030:04:41 Swigert: You're five-by.
030:04:43 Cunningham: What was your last question after mY readback? [Pause]
030:04:47 Swigert: We do not want you to discontinue charging the battery A at .6 amps. We'll give you a cutoff charge. [Pause]
030:04:56 Cunningham: Roger. I copied below that.
030:04:58 Swigert: You'll continue charging. We'll give you a cutoff time. [Pause]
030:05:02 Cunningham: I'll be standing by for your cutoff later.
030:05:04 Swigert: Roger.
Long comm break.
030:12:53 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston.
030:12:55 Cunningham: Go ahead, Houston.
030:12:56 Swigert: Roger. We feel you're at the end of your tape on your DSE. If you concur, we'll take command and we'll dump it, and you can go back to your normal switch configuration. [Long pause]
030:13:10 Cunningham: Roger. We concur.
030:13:11 Swigert: Okay. We're gonna dump.
Comm break.
030:14:31 Cunningham: Houston. [Pause]
030:14:39 Cunningham: Houston, Apollo 7.
030:14:40 Swigert: Go ahead, 7.
030:14:42 Cunningham: That's a real nice setup on the ground. Your solution And ours were pretty close; you did a real good job. [Pause]
030:14:49 Swigert: You all did a real fine job, too.
030:14:51 Cunningham: Very good.
030:14:52 Swigert: That's what we call teamwork.
030:14:54 Cunningham: Roger. That's a fact. [Pause]
030:14:58 Swigert: Hey, Apollo 7. [Pause]
030:15:03 Cunningham: Apollo 7. Go. [Pause]
030:15:10 Cunningham: Apollo 7, Houston. Go.
030:15:11 Swigert: Standby one.
Comm break.
030:16:13 Slayton: Apollo 7, CAP COMM.
030:16:16 Slayton: Apollo 7. Opposite omni. [Pause]
030:16:21 Slayton: Apollo 7, CAP COMM. [Pause]
030:16:25 Cunningham: Apollo 7. Go.
030:16:27 Slayton: Roger. Congratulations on a great job up there.
030:16:30 Schirra: Thank you; we'tre [garble] todays.
030:16:33 Slayton: Yes, listen; we need commitment on REV 45 and sub relative to TV from here on. [Pause]
030:16:40 Cunningham: Roger. We'll go along with that. We were awfully busy up here and behind when we started out this morningh; we had to cut you off. [Pause]
030:16:46 Slayton: Roger. Okay. And you are okay from 45 on. Is that correct? [Pause]
030:16:50 Schirra: Yes, it is.
030:16:53 Slayton: Okay. Fine. Thank you.
030:16:54 Schirra: Real job, but we did them all withiw the period, and. the range really came up beautiful today. [Pause]
030:16:58 Slayton: Roger. Okay. Have fun. We will see you later. [Pause]
030:17:03 Cunningham: Okay. Thank you.
Comm break.
030:18:24 Slayton: Apollo 7, Houston. You are 1 minute L0S Texas; we will pick you up at TananariYe in 34 minutes. [Pause]
030:18:30 Schirra: Roger. Ready to go.
030:18:32 Slayton: Roger.
030:18:34 Schirra: I know it will take awhile for you to dump that tape give us a call if you have the first tape ready. [Long pause]
030:18:49 Swigert: Okay, 7. It's gonna take a little while to get the tape dumped. EECOM will let us know when they're ready, and we'll tell you when you can use it again.
Very long comm break.
"This is Apollo Control ttouston, 30 hours, 20 minutes into the flight. And only a few minutes ago, we were within contact by the Texas station with Apollo 7 flight Crew Operations Director Deke Slayton. He had a conversation with the crew regarding - he congratulated them on the performance of the rendezvous today and he also discussed the future use of the television camera. Here is the recording of that conversation."

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo 7 Houston, 30 hours, 22 minutes into the flight; that last conversation primarily between Don Slayton and Wally Schirra. In the course of it, if you followed it, the Apollo 7 crew commander agreed and committed to the use of the television camera from Rev 45 on as per flight plan. Earlier in the day there had been some discussion it was scrubbed as an event leading up to the rendezvous which was carried out most successfully in the last few Revs and we will not attempt any television tomorrow because of the sleep cycle. We are next scheduled for that experiment on Rev 45 which will be Monday morning. At 30 hours and 23 minutes into the flight, this is Apollo Control Houston.

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control 30 hours 52 minutes. Apollo 7 is nearing acquisition at Tananarive. We will monitor through that pass."

030:53:41 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston through Tananarive. [Pause]
030:53:49 Schirra: Roger,
030:53:52 Swigert: Roger. Your voice is pretty, good this time. Between your chow there, I've got t block data number 4 to give you. [Long pause]
030:54:10 Schirra: Ready to copy, Go. [Pause]
030:54:17 Swigert: Say again. You are ready to copy?
030:54:20 Schirra: Go ahead. [Pause]
030:54:24 Swigert: Roger. 021 dash 4 Alfa plus 260 minus 1633 032 plus 53 plus 42 4933, 022 dash 3 Bravo plus 317 plus 1388 034 plus 13 plus 54 4523, 023 dash 3 Alfa plus 295 plus 1385 035 plus 49 plus 27 4775, 024 dash 3 Bravo plus 233 plus 1356 037 plus 24 plus 28 5013, 025 dash Alfa Charlie minus 021. Wait one, skipped GET: 038 plus 14 plus 11 4342.
030:57:25 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. On your longitude for area 25 Alfa Charlie. [Pause]
030:57:34 Schirra: Area 25 Alfa Charlie, I got lat minus 021 and no longitude. [Pause]
030:57:40 Swigert: Roger. Longitude minus 0180. Area 026 dash Alfa Charlie plus 090 minus 0240 039 plus 49 plus 27 4159. Houston, over. [Long pause]
030:58:16 Schirra: Roger. Houston. 021 dash 4 ALta plus 260 minus 1633 032 plus 53 plus 42 4933, 022 dash 3 Bravo, and I didn't get plus or minus on this, 317 plus 1388 034 plus 13 plus 54 4523. [Long pause]
030:58:47 Swigert: Roger. Your lattitude is...
030:58:48 Schirra: 023 dash 3 alfa plus 295 plus 1385 035 plus 49 plus 27 4775, 024 dash 3 bravo plus 233 plus 1356 037 plus 024 plus 28 5013, 025 dash Alfa Charlie minus 021 0180 038 plus 14 plus 11 4342, 026 dash Alfa Charlie plus 490 minus 0240 039 plus 49 plus 27 4159. over. [Long pause]
030:59:35 Swigert: Roger. Your lattitude on area 223 Bravo is 2 plus 317. [Pause]
030:59:42 Schirra: [Garble] everything else correct.
030:59:45 Swigert: Everything up correct. [Long pause]
030:59:57 Swigert: Just about LOS there, Wally. You and. Donn, we would like to have you do some troubleshooting on the BIOMED harness there when you get a chance, and maybe we can pick it up over Mercury. [Long pause]
031:00:08 Schirra: Roger. [Garble] rendezvous. [Pause]
031:00:12 Swigert: Roger.
031:00:14 Schirra: [Garble] around. If you get a readouts we'd like to hear hov much RCS propellant we have left [garble]. [Long pause]
031:00:26 Swigert: Affirmative. Go.
031:00:29 Schirra: [Garble] Do you have it for us? [Long pause]
031:00:54 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston.
Very long comm break.
"We have LOS at Tananarive. This is Apollo Control 31 hours 1 minute."
MERCURY through GUAM (REV 20)
031:17:49 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. I have a flight plan update. [Pause]
031:17:54 Cunningham: Roger. Wait one. [Pause]
031:17:58 Cunningham: Should we use the flight plan, or do we need the log book? [Pause]
031:18:03 Evans: Say again, Walt.
031:18:05 Cunningham: Did you plan to use the flight plan, or do we need the log book?
031:18:08 Evans: No, it's just one line. At time 33 30, the fuell cell purge of the O2 only. [Long pause]
031:18:21 Cunningham: Purge the O2 only of the fuell cell purge, and it has to be checked at the scheduled time. Right? [Pause]
031:18:26 Evans: Roger. It's at the same time, at 33 30. [Long pause]
031:18:44 Schirra: It's duly noted. [Pause]
031:18:52 Schirra: Round up to date due on our window status, the center hatch window nov is pretty badly blurred, I would say, useful only to detect the horizon. [Long pause]
031:19:10 Evans: Roger. You say it's hard to detect the horizon? [Pause]
031:19:15 Schirra: Negative. It is just barely usable for detecting the horizon, rather than, looking through it. It would be usable for bank angles, and that's all. [Long pause]
031:19:26 Evans: Roger.
031:19:29 Schirra: My left window, what I call my number 1 window - [Pause]
031:19:33 Evans: Roger.
031:19:34 Schirra: - is now developing a film on the inner surface of the outer pane. [Long pause]
031:19:45 Schirra: Althou it's not too bad at at this point, I would not shoot pictures through it. [Pause]
031:19:53 Evans: Roger. Copy.
031:19:55 Schirra: I'll go on around the cockpit. The number 2 window, the one we use for rendezvous, is beautifull. And interestingly enough, small hairs like a fuzz, around the perimeter of all the windows that apparently just developed as a sort of dust, it's about three-quarters of an inch to an inch long. [Long pause]
031:20:24 Evans: Roger. Is that on all windows ow just the - [Pause]
031:20:28 Schirra: That's on all windows, and I'm now over to number 4 window. It does have the same dust, and it's getting a little bit cloudy but only around the perimeter on the upper right corner, as you would think of the upper and lower with the X-axis horizontal. [Long pause]
031:20:49 Schirra: Tt looks like the number 4 window may occlude out after a few more days. [Pause]
031:20:55 Evans: Roger. Looks like number 4 may occlude out after 3 or 4 more days, right? [Pause]
031:21:00 Schirra: Roger. Number 5, I had to cello it now - it has a slight film on the inner surace. We'll be standingh by for IFR. [Long pause]
031:21:12 Evans: Yes, sound like it.
031:21:15 Schirra: Naturally, we'll keep you updated on this, and we'll discuss where we're going. [Pause]
031:21:20 Evans: Roger.
031:21:22 Schirra: Affirmative. The target was visually fixed during the final stage of braking about midway between Betelgeuse and Sirius on a line drawn between the two stars. [Long pause]
031:21:44 Evans: Reger. Copy.
031:21:47 Schirra: And it's a very traumatic experience.
031:21:50 Evans: Sounds like it vas a good one. [Pause]
031:21:54 Schirra: We arranged for an update, and I think John Young was on a while ago, on our fuel remaining, just to give us an academic theory. [Long pause]
031:22:05 Evans: I'll check.
031:22:07 Cunningham: [Garble] to pass on or maybe get fixed for subsequent spacrecraft. On panel C82, the QD that we hooked to the waste water servicing valve: that QD, after it's installed, provides interference with storage area B8 such that B8 cannot be opened and gotten into without taking down the QD again. [Long pause]
031:22:34 Evans: Roger. [Pause]
031:22:40 Schirra: There's something I think we ought to make note of, Ron. The lightweight headsets are preferable to the COMM carriers due to the comfort of not having anything on your head but the plugs in our ears. We're using the plastic plugs rather than the rubber type nipples. [Long pause]
031:22:59 Evans: You're using your own molded plastic plugs, right? [Pause]
031:23:03 Schirra: That's affirmative. [Pause]
031:23:08 Evans: Roger. From our calculations on the RCS fuel down here, it looks like it was pretty much nominal. We used the nominal plus a portion of the reserve, and so you're about right on. We're standing by for a further temperature stabilization to get a more accurate picture of it. [Long pause]
031:23:26 Schirra: Roger.
031:23:28 Evans: On your tape recorders as you know, we've recorded a lot of high bit rate and not too many places to dump it. It's going to take about three revs. So you'll have no voice recording on your tape recorder for while. We'll let you know when it's available for use again. [Long pause]
031:23:44 Schirra: Roger. [Long pause]
031:24:01 Evans: Wally, we'd like to get an indication of how you're feeling up there and if the Actifed did you any good.
Comm break.
031:25:22 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. About 1 minute to LOS Guam. [Pause]
031:25:26 Schirra: Roger. I didn't, give an answer on the Aetifed or aspirin. You were cut out. [Long pause]
031:25:37 Evans: Roger. I need to get an idea of how you feel then if the Actifed was working. Do you have any further symptoms? [Pause]
031:25:46 Schirra: My mucous is much thicker, and I think I probably should continue on Actifed and use aspirin when I go to sleep at night.
Very long comm break.
031:36:10 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston through Hawaii. [Pause]
031:36:16 Schirra: Roger. We're recording you on humidities. [Pause]
031:36:20 Evans: Say again.
031:36:22 Schirra: Roger. we're - hygrometer. [Pause]
031:36:27 Evans: Roger. Understand. [Pause]
031:36:31 Eisele: Go ahead. We're standing by. [Pause]
031:36:36 Evans: Wally. we're just a little curious if you have had any indcations of a fever at all? [Pause]
031:36:44 Schirra: Negative. I took my temperature. It's normal, and we've done the hand-holding bit on the forehead and it just appears that the nasal passage is very full. I haven't been coughing, I There's nothing in the lungs. [Long pause]
031:37:04 Evans: Roger.
031:37:07 Schirra: I'd prefer to dry it up if I could, and I believe that the decongestant is my best bet. [Long pause]
031:37:20 Evans: Wally.
031:37:21 Schirra: Go.
031:37:22 Evans: We would like for you to go ahead and stay ou the Actifed and continue with the aspirin then. [Pause]
031:37:26 Schirra: Roger. What's the frequency of the usage? [Pause]
031:37:33 Evans: Stand by.
031:37:36 Schirra: Say again. [Pause]
031:37:44 Evans: The Actifed once every 8 hours. [Pause]
031:37:48 Schirra: Roger. [Pause]
031:37:57 Evans: Wally, aspirin can be as often as two every 4 hours if desired. [Pause]
031:38:02 Schirra: Roger. Thank you for your help. [Pause]
031:38:10 Schirra: I'll follow that schedule until we land, we run out, or I feel better. [Pause]
031:38:19 Evans: Pretty hard to read that time, Wally.
031:38:21 Schirra: Roger. I'll follov that schedule until we land, run out, or feel better. [Pause]
031:38:27 Evans: Roger. Concur.
Long comm break.
"This is Apollo Control 31 hours 41 minutes into the mission. Apollo 7 is within range of the tracking ship Huntsville now. We have tape of the passes at the Mercury and the Hawaii station prior to this. We'll start with the tape at Mercury and play catchup.
031:42:26 Communication Technician: Huntsville LOS.
Long comm break.
031:46:55 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. One minute to LOS. We'll pick you up Tananarive at 32 plus 27. [Long pause]
031:47:13 Unidentifiable crewmember: Roger. [Pause]
031:47:23 Unidentifiable crewmember: That's 32 plus 37? [Pause]
"Apollo Control, 31 hours 50 minutes. The next station to acquire the spacecraft will be Tananarive at 32 hours 27 minutes."
031:47:27 Evans: That is affirmative.
Very long comm break.
"This is Apollo Control at 32 hours, 27 minutes. Apollo 7 is in it's 21st revolution coming up now on the Tananarive Tracking Station. We'll listen in through this pass."
032:27:28 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
032:28:10 Evans: Roger. [Pause]
032:28:20 Evans: Apoll0 7, Houston. [Long pause]
032:28:44 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. [Pause]
032:28:50 Schirra: Apollo 7. Go ahem. [Pause]
032:28:54 Evans: Roger. We request you terminate battery A charging at .4 amp. [Pause]
032:29:02 Schirra: Roger. .4 amp.
032:29:05 Evans: Roger. We shoved .47 amp at Guaymas. Request onboard readout this time. [Pause]
032:29:13 Schirra: Okay. We might check on are we getting my telemetry down? [Pause]
032:29:20 Evans: That's a negative telemetry on that, Tananarive. [Pause]
032:29:24 Schirra: Roger. We sorta believe we had a wire pulled out that apparently pulled out, sooner to Tananarive adition. But we'll be getting off the tape dumps beyond this pass. [Long pause]
032:29:38 Evans: Roger. We should be able to get some on the Mercury at about 32 plus 50. [Pause]
032:29:42 Schirra: Understand that at 32 after we're over the hill. [Pause]
032:29:46 Evans: Say again, amp. [Pause]
032:29:51 Cunningham: [Garble] and reading about .5 amp. [Pause]
032:29:57 Evans: Roger. Copy .5. [Pause]
032:30:07 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. You might be advised that our last check on the voice quality of the DSE is still very good. [Pause]
032:30:15 Schirra: [Garble]. [Long pause]
032:31:12 Cunningham: Houston, Apollo 7.
032:31:13 Evans: Houston, Go.
032:31:15 Cunningham: Roger. We started our ECS redundant component check about 5 minutes ago, and I brought up suit compressor 2. The AC was, prior to shutting suit compressor 1 off, and at that time, I had a half amp undervoltage on main bus A and main bus B and reset okay. [Long pause]
032:31:44 Evans: Roger. Understand. When you turned suit compressor 1 off, you also had a main bus A and B undervoltge, and it reset okay. [Long pause]
032:31:55 Cunningham: Affirmative.
032:31:57 Cunningham: Main [Garble] power breaking. [Pause]
032:32:06 Cunningham: I had two on at [garble] once. [Pause]
032:32:10 Evans: Say again, Walt.
032:32:13 Cunningham: Did. you copy?
032:32:14 Evans: Negative on the last statement.
032:32:17 Cunningham: Had two on at once and up on the main bus A and main bus B undervoltage. I'm currently reding 27 and 1/2 volts on each main bus. [Long pause]
032:32:28 Evans: Roger. Understand. [Pause]
032:32:37 Cunningham: And where is the next place where I'll be able to have you verify my main reg A and B? [Pause]
032:32:47 Evans: Roger. We should get that at Mercury. We pick them up at 32 plus 50. [Pause]
032:32:54 Cunningham: Roger. Thank you.
Very long comm break.
"LOS at Tananarive now. The Tracking Ship Mercury will acquire at 32 hours, SO minutes. This is Apollo Control at 32 hours, 36 minutes."

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control, 32 hours, 50 minutes into the mission. Apollo 7 is about to acquire at the Mercury Tracking Ship."

032:53:00 Cunningham: Houston, Apollo 7. How do you read?
032:53:03 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. Loud and clear. [Pause]
032:53:07 Cunningham: If you have somebody standing by, we would like to check our main oxygen rate. [Pause]
032:53:14 Evans: Roger. We're receiving the data; continue. [Pause]
032:53:22 Cunningham: Okay. [Pause]
032:53:30 Evans: Stand by; we just lost data.
032:53:32 Cunningham: Stand by till you get data back. [Pause]
032:53:36 Evans: Roger. That data is back in; continue. [Pause]
032:53:40 Cunningham: Main reg B valve closed. [Pause]
032:53:50 Evans: Okay. We're reading 10 - 10. [Long pause]
032:54:01 Evans: Ro6er. We ere reading 102.
032:54:04 Cunningham: Roger. Thank you. 102. [Pause]
032:54:12 Cunningham: Main reg B valve nov is back ON. Main reg A valve OFF. [Long pause]
032:54:23 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. Say again.
032:54:25 Cunningham: Standing by for your reading on the other valve. [Pause]
032:54:31 Evans: Roger. We are reading 105.
032:54:34 Cunningham: Understand 105, thank you. [Pause]
032:54:44 Evans: Roger. [Pause]
032:54:48 Cunningham: Are you reading Wally'S BIOMED now? [Pause]
032:54:52 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. Affermative. It looks good now. [Pause]
032:54:57 Evans: We'll work on Donn's when he wakes up. [Pause]
032:55:01 Cunningham: Exercising right now.
032:55:02 Eisele: It's a first!
032:55:05 Evans: Amazing!
032:55:08 Evans: The CDR is exercising, you say? [Pause]
032:55:12 Cunningham: Wall's exercising. [Pause]
032:55:22 Eisele: I think you ought to pass that on to Deke. [Pause]
032:55:26 Evans: I'll call him on the phone. [Long pause]
032:56:01 Evans: Apollo, Houston. Number one surgeon certainly appreciates your efforts there. [Pause]
032:56:09 Cunningham: Roger. The lead came apart, apparently. [Pause]
032:56:14 Evans: Roger. We understand. [Pause]
032:56:23 Cunningham: Houston, Apollo 7. The ECS redundant component check is complete; we did not close secondary radiators. [Long pause]
032:57:07 Evans: Roger. Understand. Did not close secondary radiators. [Pause]
032:57:11 Cunningham: Also wonder if - how long we want to go with the primary boilers without trying it and possibly reservicing it? [Pause]
032:57:21 Evans: Roger. Looks like right now we're going to work on that maybe on the next shift; I don't knov. On tomorrow. You have 1 minute LOS; be advised turn up your S-band volume at 33 plus 09. We w'll have a - S-band pass over Hawaii. [Long pause]
032:57:42 Cunningham: 33 plus 09.
032:57:45 Schirra: Hey, Ron. This is Wallly.
032:57:46 Evans: Go.
032:57:48 Schirra: Do you have enough time to agree to bring the TV up? [Pause]
032:57:52 Evans: I'm getting an update on the time, and I'll pass it up later. [Pause]
032:57:56 Schirra: Roger.
032:57:57 Cunningham: Roger. What is the time for the next TV pass and we will turn our S-band volume up till there would, be a lock-on on Hawaii. [Pause]
032:58:06 Evans: Roger. Concur.
Very long comm break.
"This is Apollo Control. Mercury has LOS now. Hawaii will acquire at 33 - 8. We're attempting to get the heart rates on Wally Schirra during that exercise. If you will stand by, we'll come up with those in just a minute."

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control 33 hours 4 minutes into the mission. Flight Surgeon John Zeiglschmid reports that Wally Schirra was already exercising as they came into the pass and he started monitoring with rates of 88 and those rates climbed right up to 96 as he continued to use the inflight exerciser. He reports Captain Schirra's normal base heart rates at 65 to 75. At 33 hours 5 minutes this is Mission Control."

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control 33 hours 8 mintes and the Hawaii station is about to acquire Apollo 7. Tracking ship Huntsville has a slight bit of overlapping coverage on this pass. We will stand by now."

033:10:06 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
033:10:19 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston.
033:10:21 Unidentifiable crewmember: Roger. Loud and clear. I understand.
033:10:23 Evans: Hey, sounds beautiful.
033:10:25 Schirra: Very good. [Pause]
033:10:29 Schirra: And now would you give us an ascending node update? A chart update? [Pause]
033:10:34 Evans: Roger. Stand by. I don't have one right now. Give you one shortly.
033:10:37 Schirra: No rush.
033:10:40 Evans: And be advised on the TV usage; it's about 71 plus 40. [Pause]
033:10:47 Schirra: Okay. [Long pause]
033:11:17 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. There is your nodal update. [Pause]
033:11:27 Schirra: Go ahead, Houston.
033:11:28 Evans: Roger. REV 21, GET is 32 plus 40 plus 09. Longitude 71.1 east, right ascension 0618. [Pause]
033:11:35 Schirra: Roger. We have that. Thank you. [Long pause]
033:11:56 Evans: Roger.
Comm break.
033:14:24 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
033:14:44 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. We will have a handover to Huntsville at 33 plus 16, so stand-by for S-band volume decrease slightly before that. [Long pause]
033:15:00 Communication Technician: Hawaii here, Apollo 7. [Pause]
033:15:06 Schirra: Houston, Apollo 7.
033:15:07 Evans: Houston. Go. [Pause]
033:15:14 Evans: Wally, did you copy that at 33 16 we will switch to Huntsville? And that S-Band will break lock at that time? [Pause]
033:15:21 Schirra: Houston, Apollo 7.
033:15:23 Evans: Houston, Apollo y, Houston. Do you re_ [Long pause]
033:15:45 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. [Pause]
033:15:53 Schirra: Houston, Apollo 7.
033:15:55 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. [Pause]
033:16:03 Unidentifiable crewmember: [Garble]. [Long pause]
033:17:02 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. [Pause]
033:17:06 Schirra: Roger. Ron, 7. Go.
033:17:08 Evans: Roger. We are back in VHF again. Missed your last comments on S-band. [Pause]
033:17:14 Schirra: Roger. We have had LMP back on BIOMED as per flight plan. [Pause]
033:17:22 Evans: Roger. We confirm.
Comm break.
033:19:30 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. One minute AOS Tananarive 34 plus 03.
Comm break.
033:20:48 Communication Technician: Huntsville LOS.
Very long comm break.
"The Huntsville has LOS now. This twenty first revolution is too far east for the Redstone to acquire Apollo 7. So we will be out of range of any tracking stations - that is Apollo 7 comes down across the South Pacific, South America, and the South Atlantic Ocean. And the next station to acquire will be Tananarive at 34.hours, 3 minutes. At 33 hours, 21 minutes, this is Apollo Control.

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control 34 hours 3 minutes and Apollo 7 coming up on Tananarive station. Capcom Ron Evans plans to just put in a call and telling them we will standby through the pass. We don't intend to initiate any communication here, but we will stand by to monitor anything the flightcrew might care to communicate to us."

034:04:34 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. Tananarive standing by.
Long comm break.
"We are getting so much crosstalk and noise here that will punch off and come back up if there is any communication on this pass."
034:07:38 Cunningham: Houston, Apollo 7. Do you read? Over.
034:07:41 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. Go.
034:07:44 Cunningham: Roger. we have the instrument meter readouts for you if you have got time to take them. [Pause]
034:07:52 Evans: Roger. we have 1 minute to LOS. [Pause]
034:07:56 Cunningham: Forget it.
034:07:58 Evans: Roger. We'll check you on Mercury at 34 plus 25.34 + 25.
Very long comm break.
"This is Apollo Control, 34 hours 8 minutes. There will be no more communication at Tananarive. We'll pick up the Mercury at 34 hours 25 minutes. At this time we are planning a change of shifts in the Control Center between 23:00 and 23:30 p.m. Central Daylight Time which would place the News Conference with Flight Director Gene Kranz between 23:00 and 24:00 Central Daylight Time. Apollo Control."
034:25:57 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston - Mercury. [Long pause]
"This is Apollo Control 34 hours 25 minutes into the flight. Apollo 7 has just been acquired at the Mercury tracking ship. There is a call now."
034:26:23 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. Opposite omni. [Pause]
034:26:30 Cunningham: Roger. [Pause]
034:26:34 Cunningham: Hey, Ron, vould you identify a filter for us please? [Garble]. [Pause]
034:26:40 Evans: Which one?
034:26:42 Cunningham: Serial number 1002, aud the number on the other side, Sugar Easy Baker 33100050 dash 206. Over. [Long pause]
034:27:01 Evans: Roger. What was your request on this?
034:27:04 Cunningham: Want you to verify if that ts the 2A filter, the filter that is called out as 2A in our documentation. That is the only labeling on tis filter. [Long pause]
034:27:21 Evans: Roger. A filter you say? [Pause]
034:27:25 Cunningham: A filter for the 70 mm Hasselblad. Over. [Pause]
034:27:29 Evans: Roger. Copy now. [Long pause]
034:27:57 Evans: Walt, we would like some onboard reading: your battery charger current, and the service module RCS propellant quantities. [Long pause]
034:28:10 Cunningham: Battery current is still reading .5 amp, and I vould like to know what you have on it, and I will read you the onboard quantities in the service module RCB propellant. [Long pause]
034:28:28 Cunningham: Quad A is shoving 58 percent. Quad B is still at 93 percent where we launched at. Quad C is 65 percent. Quad D is showing about 68 percent. Over? [Long pause]
034:28:56 Evans: Roger. We copy, and we are reading .43 on the battery charger current. [Pause]
034:29:02 Cunningham: Roger. I will continue charging, and I am still reading .5 down the line, and you can give me a call when they cease charging. [Pause]
034:29:10 Evans: Roger. Will do.
Comm break.
034:31:23 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. Do you want your temperature corrected onboard readout for the RCS? [Pause]
034:31:32 Schirra: Affirmative. Please go with it.
034:31:34 Evans: Roger. Alfa five six - disregard. Bravo Charle six one and Delta is six four. [Long pause]
034:31:48 Cunningham: Five six six one six four. I have all the service test meter readouts. Are you interested in any of them in particular? I have them logged in the flight plan. [Long pause]
034:32:12 Cunningham: I will give you the RCS - comnand module RCS temperatures anyway. That is five C and D and six A, B, C, and D, all five modes except 60 C and 64.6. [Long pause]
034:32:32 Evans: Roger. We copy, and we would like the battery pressure if yon have it available. And, Walt, S-band volume up at 34 plus 44. [Long pause]
034:32:46 Cunningham: .4 volts, and it seems to be in a standard position. We check it before we make a urine dump, and it goes right dovn to .6 volts; and soon as you close the dump, it goes right back up to 1.4. [Long pause]
034:33:02 Evans: Roger.
Very long comm break.
"This is Apollo Control, We have LOS at the Mercury now. Hawaii will acquire 34 hours 43 minutes. At 34 hours 33 minuts this is Mission Control Houston."

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control at 34 hours 43 minutes. Apollo 7 coming up on Hawaii now on it's 22nd revolution. The Hawaii station has just acquired. We'll stand by and wait for a call."

034:44:58 Evans: Apollo 7. Houston. [Long pause]
034:45:20 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston.
034:45:23 Schirra: Apollo 7. Loud and clear.
034:45:26 Evans: Roger. Loud and clear. You're coming down, down. Voice back up now. [Pause]
034:45:30 Schirra: Roger. [Pause]
034:45:36 Evans: Wally, we'd like to select Po at your convenience just to update the state vector. [Long pause]
034:45:54 Schirra: Houston, ao you read [garble]?
034:45:57 Evans: Apollo 7, affirmative.
034:46:00 Schirra: Roger. Do you want us to give [garble]. [Pause]
034:46:05 Evans: Say again. A little garbled that time.
034:46:07 Unidentifiable crewmember: We'd like to give you an update, We'd like to put the sextant calibration test when we call for 36 hours and 30 minutes into Dolm Eisele's wake period. [Long pause]
034:46:30 Evans: Roger. Sextant calibration test. We'll see if we can't move that into Donn, wake period. [Pause]
034:46:39 Schirra: Thank you. [Long pause]
034:47:26 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. We're still looking on that dash 206 filter to determine which one it is. [Pause]
034:47:34 Schirra: Roger. It's showing red; it's not green. We're hoping it's 2A. [Pause]
034:47:41 Evans: Roger.
034:47:43 Schirra: Clear coil filter. It's one of those last little things thrown at us before we launched.
Comm break.
"This is Apollo Control. We've got about a minute to LOS. It seems doubtful we'll have anymore transmissions on this pass. We'll come back up if we do."
034:49:33 Evans: One minute to LOS. We're getting a lot of static on the ground down here. I was just wondering if you're getting it. [Pause]
034:49:42 Schirra: say again. [Pause]
034:49:46 Evans: You are.
034:49:47 Schirra: Go ahead. [Pause]
034:49:53 Schirra: Ron, would you say again?
034:49:55 Evans: Roger. We're receiving a lot of static on the ground. Are you receiving any at all? [Pause]
034:50:00 Schirra: Negative. [Pause]
034:50:04 Evans: Roger.
Very long comm break.
"LOS at Hawaii now. The tracking ship Redstone in the South Pacific will pick up the spacecraft at 34 hours 59 minutes. This is Mission Control Houston at 34 hours 51 minutes."

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control, 34 hours, 59 minutes, Apollo 7 coming within range of Redstone now."

035:01:31 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
035:02:07 Evans: Apollo - Apollo 7, Houston. [Pause]
035:02:16 Schirra: This is Apollo 7. Do you ready
035:02:18 Evans: Roger. The dash 206 filter is the 2 Alfa filter, and it should be clear, hopefully. [Pause]
035:02:28 Schirra: Say again.
035:02:29 Evans: Roger. The dash 206 filter is the 2 Alfa, 2A filter. [Pause]
035:02:38 Schirra: Roger. Thank you. I have one question on potable water. We are scheduled to chlorinate at this time, and we have a completely full tank. OVer. [Long pause]
035:02:53 Schirra: This tank has been full for some time, Ron. And it came up several months baek, there is a question as to how much ullage volume you have to have in the top of that tank before you chlorinate. I'm kind of concerned about the fact that the chlorination that we put in yesterday is probably still in that tank. [Long pause]
035:03:16 Evans: Roger. We understand your problem, and we'll get the word to you shortly here.
035:03:18 Unidentifiable crewmember: Okay.
035:03:19 Flight Director: CAP COMM, will you tell them that [garble].
035:03:20 Schirra: We will wait till you get an answer.
035:03:23 Evans: Say again, Wally. Oh, I unerstand. We'll delay till we get an answer. [Pause]
035:03:28 Flight Director: CAP COMM from Flight. [Long pause]
035:03:42 Evans: Apollo 7. Houston. We are reading .41 on the battery charger, and you can terminate charging Battery A. [Long pause]
035:03:57 Schirra: Understand. Stop charging, .41 amp. [Pause]
035:04:01 Evans: Affirmative.
035:04:03 Cunningham: I am still reading .5 on board.
Comm break.
035:05:10 Cunningham: Houston, Apollo 7. Over.
035:05:12 Evans: Houston. Go. [Pause]
035:05:17 Evans: Go ahead, Walt.
035:05:20 Cunningham: Roger. I show that we've probably been charging battery A now for about 7 hours. Is that consistent with putting the energy back that we took out during Boost and both SPS burns? Over. [Long pause]
035:05:42 Evans: Walt, took out 9.3, and looks like we put in about 4.5 hours.we put in about 4.5 hours.
Very long comm break.
"This is Apollo Control, Redstone has loss of signal now. Water chlorination is the only task spelled out in the flight plan for the next hour; since we didn't get an answer back up to them, I suspect that they wont do anything about it till we get to Ascension. We estimate, acquisition at Ascension at 35 hours, 26 minutes, at 35 hours, 6 minutes. This is Mission Control Houston."

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control 35 hours 26 minutes into the mission. Apollo 7 coming up Ascension now in a low elevation pass but we may be able to get two to three minutes of acquisition here we'll stand by."

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control at 35 hours 29 minutes. We went by Ascension without attempting to communicate with the spacecraft on this low elevation pass. Next station to acquire will be the tracking skip Mercury. Acquisition there at 36 hours."

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control at 36 hours into the mission. Apollo 7 coming up on the tracking ship Mercury now. The station at Guam has overlapping coverage so we'll have a fairly long pass here. We have acquisition at the Mercury and we'll stand by for some communication."

036:02:13 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston.
036:02:16 Schirra: Roger. Go ahead, Houston.
036:02:17 Evans: Roger. We'd like to send a P27 update request accept, and I have a NAV check to give you. [Long pause]
036:02:41 Schirra: Ready for NAV check. [Pause]
036:02:45 Evans: NAV check 036 15 4 balls plus 1875 plus 16885 1271. Read back. [Long pause]
036:03:11 Schirra: Roger. Understand. 615 4 balls plus 1875 16885 1271. Over. [Long pause]
036:03:27 Evans: Roger. I didn't get your readback on the hours. 036 hours 15 minutes. [Long pause]
036:03:38 Schirra: Ro6er. It's just the three. [Long pause]
036:03:54 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. I've got some update for you on the RCS calculated quantities and your profile from battery status if you want to copy. [Long pause]
036:04:11 Schirra: Roger. Did you read our readback on the NAV check okay? Go with your info on the RCS quantity and that update. [Long pause]
036:04:27 Evans: Roger. This will be an update on figure 3 dash 1 on your RCS profile. At 36 hours, you have 820 pounds. [Long pause]
036:04:52 Schirra: Roger. Thirty-six hours, 820 pounds.
036:04:55 Evans: And your RCS ground calculated quantities are, in order, 56 percent, 63 percent, 47 percent, 63 percent. [Long pause]
036:05:17 Schirra: Roger. I read 56, 63, 47, 63, and the total quantity again 8 [garble]. [Long pause]
036:05:35 Evans: Roger. Your total quantity is 820 pounds.
Comm break.
036:06:54 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
036:07:12 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
036:07:36 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
036:08:25 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
036:08:48 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
036:09:30 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
036:09:53 Schirra: You read. Hey, Guam, do you read? [Long pause]
036:10:16 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston.
036:10:19 Schirra: Apollo 7, go ahead.
036:10:22 Evans: Roger. Reading you weak. The computer is yours. [Pause]
036:10:27 Schirra: Thank you. [Garble]. [Pause]
036:10:33 Evans: Say again, Walt.
036:10:35 Cunningham: Roger. At 36 hours into the flight, what number do I go on my chart? [Pause]
036:10:40 Evans: Roger. You are going in 820 pounds, 820 pounds. [Pause]
036:10:47 Schirra: Eight hundred and twenty pounds, and I copied 634767 [garble]. [Pause]
036:10:53 Evans: All right. Roger. Say it again? 56634763? [Pause]
036:11:00 Schirra: Roger. Thank you. [Pause]
036:11:05 Evans: And your battery status? [Pause]
036:11:10 Schirra: Say again.
036:11:11 Evans: Your battery status in ampere hours. [Pause]
036:11:15 Schirra: Roger.
036:11:16 Evans: Bart A 35.2, B 30.4, C 39.5.CAPCOM About A3S.2, B30.4, C39.5.
Very long comm break.
"This is Apollo Control. Guam has LOS now. Very - bad communication through those passes. Redstone will acquire at 36 hours, 32 minutes. We will not pick up the HAW station on this pass. We are still estimating a ship change here in the control center at approximately 11 to 11:30 central daylight time which would put the news conference from starting between 11:30 and midnight. At 36 hours, 12 minutes, this is Mission Control, Houston."

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control 36 hours 32 minutes into the mission. We are about to acquire at the Redstone. The sextant calibration test that was scheduled for this time and that Wally Schirra asked to be postponed until the command module pilot, Donn Eisele is awake, will be postponed looking now at about 42 hours and a half into the mission. Estimated time when the sextant calibration test will probably be performed. Redstone has acquired. There hasn't been a call up to the spacecraft yet, but we will stand by for that."

036:37:02 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston.
036:37:05 Schirra: Go ahead.
036:37:06 Evans: Roger. Did you copy battery status last pass? [Pause]
036:37:11 Cunningham: Stand by. Roger. I had 35.6, 30.4 I think it was, and 39 somthing, Ron. It looks to me like we didn't fill up battery A again, and is aaybody giving consideration to do a second recharge of that battery some other time in the flight? [Long pause]
036:37:33 Evans: Well, that is a possibility. We wanted to cut it off at the .4 limit though - just to - so we wouldn't get into overcharge type of problem we were talking about before launch. And we are working on it now, and we can't really come up with an answer at the present time. We'll work on it and let you know. And Walt, I have a Lima Sierra update for you.
Comm break.
036:39:14 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. [Pause]
036:39:21 Schirra: Go ahead, Houston.
036:39:22 Evans: Roger. I have a Lima Sierra update. [Pause]
036:39:31 Schirra: [Garble] very weak.
036:39:33 Evans: Roger. Lima Sierra update.
036:39:36 Schirra: Stand by. [Pause]
036:39:44 Schirra: Go ahead.
036:39:45 Evans: Roger. Lima Sierra 074 slach 051. [Pause]
036:39:55 Schirra: Roger. 074 slash 051. [Long pause]
036:40:16 Evans: T, Houston. One minute until LOS. Be advised Air Force 26, Navy 20. [Long pause]
036:40:28 Schirra: Roger. [Pause]
036:40:32 Evans: Sorry about that.
036:40:35 Schirra: Welcome to the club.
Very long comm break.
"This is Apollo Control 36 hours 41 minutes. Redstone has LOS now. As you heard, they passed up the bad news on the football game to Naval acadamy graduates, WalIy Schirra and Dorm Eisele. Air Force 26, Navy 20. This is mission Control 36 hours 41 minutes."

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control, 36 hours 59 minutes into the mission. Ascension has just acquired Apollo 7."

036:59:11 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
036:59:50 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
037:00:47 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. [Pause]
037:00:53 Cunningham: Go ahead.
037:00:55 Evans: Roger. On the water chlorination: about 8 ounces of water, then chlorinate. [Pause]
037:01:05 Cunningham: We got you clear for that one.
037:01:08 Evans: Roger. I have a flight plan update. Ready to cupy? [Long pause]
037:01:40 Unidentifiable crewmember: [Gable]. Go. [Pause]
037:01:44 Evans: Roger. Flight plan update 38 plus 40: delete MCC update , 39 plus 40: do option 3 vice option 2. Forty plus 10: cancel rendezvous NAV at 8 ... 80 nautical miles. Forty-one plus 00: waste water dump. Forty-two plus 35: sextant calibration previously scheduled at 39 plus 35. Over.
Comm break.
"This is Apollo Control, 37 hours 3 minutes. This water correlation [chlorination] was accomplished by injecting an ampule of chlorine into the water tank with a syringelike device. It's about an ounce of chlorine. We're in a process of changing over the shift now and the shift headed by Jerry Griffin will be up very shortly."
037:03:15 Unidentifiable crewmember: Roger. Over. [Long pause]
037:04:12 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. S-band volume up at 37 plus 36. [Pause]
037:04:20 Schirra: Roger.
Comm break.
037:05:24 Slayton: Apollo 7, CAP COMM. [Pause]
037:05:29 Schirra: Go ahead.
037:05:31 Slayton: Hey, Wally, Deke here. We're not being recorded for a change. Just wanted to know how you felt about shuffling this sleep cycle around a little bit. Kind of looks to me at least - and speak up if you don't like the sound of it - but we have got a hell of a lot lost motion here when you might better be getting a little rest. [Long pause]
037:05:52 Schirra: We are getting kind of pooped, and I think that is why we started off the way we did today. [Garble] needed the sleep more than we did. [Long pause]
037:06:08 Slayton: You are very garbled. We're unable to read you. [Pause]
037:06:13 Schirra: Roger. Donn is sleeping now, and he needed the sleep more than we did. [Long pause]
037:06:27 Slayton: Roger. Understand that. I guess the question I am asking is whether you have got any allergy at all that All three to you knocking it off for a while. [Long pause]
037:06:40 Schirra: Let's stick another daf with it and [garble]. [Pause]
037:06:47 Slayton: Okay. We only have about 30 seconds left in thts pass. Why don't you think about it, and Tom or Ron will talk to you about it again over Guamas. [Pause]
037:06:56 Schirra: Roger.Copy.
Very long comm break.
"This is Apollo Control 37 hours 33 minutes into the mission. We are coming up now with a pass in the Mercury tracking ship. We did have some further communication after the change of shift here on the Ascension pass between MCC and Apollo 7. We will play and then go live into the possible communications between Mercury tracking ship and the spacecraft."
037:35:23 Stafford: Apollo, Apollo 7. This is Houston. [Long pause]
037:35:39 Evans: Apollo 7, Houston. [Pause]
037:35:43 Schirra: What do you say there, Tom?
037:35:45 Stafford: Roger. Wally, real good rendezvous you pulled off today. [Pause]
037:35:49 Schirra: Yes,that's a little more traumatic than that other bird we used to fly. [Pause]
037:35:53 Stafford: Understand. We were talking down here, and we'd like to discuss free flight [garble] period of time about looking ahead in the flight plan, about the possibility of you all going all three crewmen on the sleep cycle. I just want to discuss it for down the line, what Deke was trying to say. What do you think about it? [Long pause]
037:36:19 Schirra: I don't think I'd be afraid to do it on another flight, but we're kind of reluctant right now. [Pause]
037:36:25 Stafford: Okay.
037:36:28 Schirra: The machine is working real well, Tom. [Pause]
037:36:32 Stafford: I was looking at all the block data about 40 hours and also waste water dump at 41, and it's kind of quiet time after that for another 4 or 5 hours. [Long pause]
037:36:48 Schirra: Very good. This IVA is no problem at All. In fact, it is an asset. [Pause]
037:36:55 Stafford: Okay.
037:36:57 Schirra: All the problem we worried about the spacecraft picking up motions from the crew, no such tbing. We can knock around the capsule like mad. You get to be quite a gymnast. [Long pause]
037:37:11 Stafford: I want to ask you a question. How are the sleep bags working out? [Pause]
037:37:15 Schirra: Not so hot.
037:37:17 Stafford: Okay.
037:37:18 Schirra: You miss the 1 g lying down. With the seat belts resisting, you are held down, and you feel better controlled and better contained, I guess. Sleeping bag, you try to find a place to stick your head or your arm to hold on. [Long pause]
037:37:38 Stafford: Our analysis is the couch is probably a little better than the sleep bag. [Pause]
037:37:43 Schirra: That is correct.
037:37:44 Stafford: Okay.
037:37:47 Cunningham: We find the lightweight headsets are preferable to COMM carriers, too. [Pause]
037:37:51 Stafford: Right. Reviewed the flight plan here. Understand when you went to the lightweight headsets - [Pause]
037:37:57 Schirra: Yes. The cables for the COMM carrier is very objectionable and jabs you in the neck and the shoulder and keeps pulling your head around. [Pause]
037:38:07 Stafford: All right. [Pause]
037:38:11 Schirra: We are not at all hangry by the way. We are trying to get some exercise to keep ourselves going. That Exer-Genie's a heck of a good deal. [Long pause]
037:38:22 Stafford: Works out real good in zero g? [Pause]
037:38:26 Schirra: Hate to admit that, but it is probably one of the best spacy things we have had in years. [Pause]
037:38:31 Stafford: Okay. Okay. On the sleep thing, Wally, it is strictly your option, obviously. We just got to thitnking maybe it will work out better, give you a little more, longer aessisons of it. [Long pause]
037:39:18 Schirra: Houston, Apollo 7.
037:39:20 Stafford: Go ahead.
037:39:23 Schirra: We don't think we ought to SYNC Hasselblat here; We may be able to take one a little later. [Pause]
037:39:30 Stafford: Roger. Understand about the camera. [Pause]
037:39:35 Cunningham: Hey, Tom. I would like to log some photographs here on magazine Q, starting the same [garble] the same [garble]. We started shooting about over the Red Sea, and we are continuing up to frame 12 right now. [Long pause]
037:39:50 Stafford: Okay. We were recording, and we have it, Walt. Thank you. [Pause]
037:39:54 Cunningham: When are we going to get our tape recorders back? I see it is in motion now. Will we ever finish dumping all the tapes on the rendezvous run? [Pause]
037:40:03 Stafford: Not yet, Walt. We are still dumping. [Pause]
037:40:07 Cunningham: Okay. We would like to get a GO as soon as we get that through. [Pause]
037:40:11 Stafford: Roger. We will let you know as soon as it is finished.
Long comm break.
037:43:36 Cunningham: Houston, Apollo 7. Over.
037:43:39 Stafford: Go ahead, 7, Houston. [Pause]
037:43:45 Schirra: Houston, Apollo 7.
037:43:48 Stafford: Apollo 7, Houston. We go. [Pause]
037:43:52 Cunningham: Houston, Apollo 7. Over. [Long pause]
037:44:08 Stafford: Roger. [Long pause]
037:44:25 Stafford: Apollo 7, this is Houston. Go ahead. [Pause]
037:44:30 Unidentifiable crewmember: Roger. Tom, do you know if they ever got the voice dump right after [garble] the east end we put our comments on about the tape, and I'm not sure if they dumped [garble]. [Long pause]
037:44:45 Stafford: Apollo 7. We'll check on it. [Pause]
037:44:51 Cunningham: Thank you, Tom.
Comm break.
037:46:08 Stafford: Apollo 7, Houston. Will you give us opposite omny? [Long pause]
037:46:25 Stafford: Apollo 7, Houston. Will you give us opposite omny? [Pause]
037:46:35 Cunningham: I heard the boys in the back room talking. You got it now. [Pause]
037:46:41 Stafford: Roger. Apollo 7, Houston. It's talking quite a while to get all the voice data played back, Walt, and we won't really know for quite a while. Is there any particular GET on the voice you want us to check? [Long pause]
037:47:01 Cunningham: Roger. I know we rewound the tape at the Canaries, I think it was. I'm hoping we - right after boost, some time there about 20 minutes, I think, we put out description of [garble] by the tape and someplace the first hour [garble].
Comm break.
037:48:20 Stafford: Apollo 7, Houston.
037:48:23 Cunningham: Go ahead.
037:48:24 Stafford: Roger. First made [garble] turns out from lift-off until Canaries, and because of rewind and eVerjghing, we do not have that on voice. [Pause]
037:48:30 Cunningham (onboard): You don't have that, huh?
037:48:38 Cunningham: Okay. When we get the tape back, we'll probably try to put some on it.
037:48:41 Stafford: Okay. [Pause]
037:48:48 Stafford: Apollo 7, Houston. We are about - we're close to LOS, and you gonna have the tape back. We've just about finished all the rendezvous dump. [Pause]
037:48:58 Cunningham: Roger. Thank you. We've just finished chlorinating the water again. [Pause]
037:49:02 Stafford: Roger.
Very long comm break.
"This is Apollo Control 37 hours 49 minutes into the mission of Apollo 7. During this last pass which was rather a long pass including the Mercury tracking ship and Guam. We heard the crew complimented for a good rendezvous today. Spacecraft Commander Shirra is reluctant to change the sleep cycle, that is for all three to sleep at the same time. They indicated that the sleeping bags were not working out too well and that the seat belt in the seat works better than the sleeping mode or rather in the couches than the sleeping bags. The lightweight head are better than the com carrier because the cable jerks their heads around. They indicated a possible problem with the Hasselblad camera and just indicated before LOS that they have finished chlorinating the water onboard. The next contact will be with Redstone tracking ship. That will come at about 38 hours 47 minutes into the mission. At 37:51, this is Apollo Control."

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control 38 hours 7 minutes into the mission. The spacecraft commander and the LM pilot are now in an eating period. The command module pilot is in a sleep period. We should have contact with the Redstone tracking ship very shortly now - in 1 or 2 seconds. There's nothing scheduled in the flight plan for contact but let's stand by.

038:08:03 Stafford: Apollo 7, this is Houston. We have aquisition at Redstone. [Long pause]
038:08:11 Eisele (onboard): Roger, Houston. Loud and clear.
038:08:26 Stafford: Apollo 7 Houston. Opposite omni, please.
Comm break.
038:10:32 Stafford: Apollo 7, Houston. Would you give us the opposite omny now? [Pause]
038:10:40 Cunningham: Roger. That's back where we started. Is that where you want? [Pause]
038:10:45 Stafford: Yes. You switched about the same time we say to switch, so ...
Long comm break.
038:15:32 Stafford: Apollo 7, Houston. Have 1 minute to LOS at Redstone. [Pause]
038:15:37 Unidentifiable crewmember: Roger.
Very long comm break.
"This is Apollo Control, 38 hours 16 minutes into the mission of Apollo 7. We have loss of signal at Redstone tracking ship. The next contact will be at Ascension Island 38 hours 33 minutes into the mission. This is Apollo Control."
038:20:09 Cunningham (onboard): At about 38, 8 minutes and 30 seconds, I spotted a satellite passing through the Southern Cross - at varying degrees. [Long pause]
038:20:41 Cunningham (onboard): I observed it by reflected light.
038:34:28 Stafford: Apollo 7, Houston through Ascension. [Pause]
038:34:32 Schirra: Houston, Apollo 7, stanading by. [Long pause]
038:34:46 Stafford: Roger. Read you about four-by, Wally.
038:34:47 Schirra (onboard): Roger, we're reading you weak, too.
038:34:56 Schirra: That's the time [garble]. [Pause]
038:35:01 Stafford: Apollo 7, Houston. You are comming garbled. Say again. [Long pause]
038:35:33 Stafford: Apollo 7, Houston. Say again, please. [Long pause]
038:36:02 Stafford: Roger. Out. [Long pause]
038:36:19 Stafford: Apollo 7, Houston.
038:36:22 Schirra: Go ahead.
038:36:23 Stafford: Roger. Now reading you loud and clear, Wally. You happen to be in an attitude, and you have the camera available. There is a good area that we haven't had many pictures in. It's at 38 56 30, the upper end of the Persian Gulf down and to the right. If you have some time and camera, is fine; if not, no problem. [Long pause]
038:36:51 Schirra: Roger. Say again the target.
038:36:54 Stafford: Roger. The upper end of the Persian Gulf. It will occur in 38 56 30. [Pause]
038:37:03 Schirra: [Garble]. [Pause]
038:37:07 Stafford: okay. [Long pause]
038:37:34 Schirra: Houmton, Apollo 7. Do you read?
038:37:36 Stafford: Go ahead.
038:37:38 Schirra: Roger [garble] night air glov 240 degrees [garble] all - almost all over the horizon an we sweep low. [Garble] . [Long pause]
038:37:52 Stafford: Okay. You say all around the horizon, Wally? [Pause]
038:37:56 Schirra: That's right, on the night sky.
038:37:58 Stafford: Roger.
038:38:01 Schirra: [Garble] Sirius came up [garble]. [Pause]
038:38:06 Stafford: okay.
Comm break.
038:40:18 Stafford: Hello, Apollo 7, Houston. Just looking at the DSKY. Are you pitched down about 90 degrees? [Pause]
038:40:25 Schirra: That is affirm. Camera all ready.
038:40:28 Stafford: Roger. Well, we have about 1 minute until LOS with Ascension, Wally, and we will catch you next time over the Pacific. [Pause]
038:40:36 Schirra: Okay.
Long comm break.
038:48:15 Cunningham (onboard): At 38 hours 48 minutes into the flight, we're taking color pictures Over Africa; magazine Q. These are up around frame 6. There's a beautiful shot of a crater. It might be Tabol.
038:51:03 Cunningham (onboard): At 38:50:35, got another picture of Africa. It's [garble].
039:05:17 Cunningham (onboard): LMP took one Actifed at 39 hours into the flight.
"This is Apollo Control 39 hours 7 minutes into the mission of Apollo 7. We are in the 25th revolution coming up on acquisition with Mercury tracking ship. 39 hours 10 minutes. We have a tape of the last pass over Ascension which we will play first and then we will go right into the live standby on the Mercury tracking ship. So we will now play the tape of the Ascension pass."
039:11:33 Stafford: Apollo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
039:12:11 Cunningham: This is Apollo 7. How do you read. [Pause]
039:12:21 Stafford: Apollo 7, Houston. [Pause]
039:12:25 Schirra: Apollo 7. How do you read? [Pause]
039:12:30 Stafford: I am reading you about three by-three. I had a block data, but I will give it to you over Guam, in a few minutes - about 5 minutes. [Long pause]
039:12:41 Schirra: That iS a block data over Guam.
Long comm break.
039:16:44 Schirra: Video strength in clear. [Pause]
039:16:49 Stafford: Apollo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
039:17:08 Stafford: Apollo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
039:17:34 Stafford: Apollo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
039:18:12 Stafford: ApOllo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
039:18:36 Stafford: Apollo 7, Houston.
Comm break.
039:19:38 Stafford: ADollo 7, Houston. [Pause]
039:19:42 Schirra: Roger. Houston, Apollo 7. Go.
039:19:45 Stafford: Roger. I have block data. Are you ready to copy? [Pause]
039:19:49 Schirra: Stand by one. [Long pause]
039:20:42 Schirra: Houston, go ahead [garble] could you call and stand by. [Pause]
039:20:48 Stafford: Are you ready? [Pause]
039:20:53 Schirra: Okay. Go ahead. I got it now.
039:20:55 Stafford: Roger. 027 dash 2 Bravo plus 206 minus 02514 041 26 13 4104, 028 dash 2 Bravo plus 277 minus 0288 043 02 05 4193. 029 dash 1 Bravo plus 240 minus 0633 044 27 52 4158, 030 dash 1 Alfa plus 297 minus 0662 046 03 34 42146,031 dash 1 Bravo plus 317 minus 0662 047 39 29 4430 032 dash 1 Alfa plus 291 minus 0662 049 15 09 4650. Coming up on LOS.
Comm break.
039:23:15 Cunningham: Roger. Understand. I read back later then. [Pause]
039:23:19 Stafford: Roger.
Very long comm break.
"This is Apollo Control 39 hours 23 minutes into the mission of the Apollo 7. We have just had quite a long pass through the Mercury tracking ship and Guam. The next contact with the Redstone tracking ship at 39 hours 42 minutes 34 seconds. At 39 23 this is Apollo Control."

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control 39 hours 42 minutes into the mission of Apollo 7. We are coming up on the Redstone tracking ship and a very few seconds we will stand by for whatever may transpire there."

039:42:35 Stafford: Apollo 7, Houston. [Pause]
039:42:42 Eisele: Roger, Houston.
039:42:45 Stafford: Roger. Apollo 7, Houston. Ready for your readback on block data when you are ready. [Pause]
039:42:50 Eisele: Roger. Stand by. I am right in the middle of a P52. Will be with you in a second.
039:42:53 Stafford: Roger.
Comm break.
039:45:02 Eisele: Sorry, Houston. I am ready with the readback.
039:45:05 Stafford: Roger. Go. [Pause]
039:45:10 Eisele: Roger. Area 0272 Bravo plus 06 minus 0254 041 2613 410, 28 dash 2 Bravo plus 277 minus 0288 043 02 05 4193, 029 dash 1 Bravo plus 240 minus 0633 044 2752 4128, 30 dash 1 Alfa plus 297 minus 0662 046 0334 4246, 031 dash 1 Bravo plus 317 minus 0662 047 3929 4430, 32 dash 1 Alfa plus 291 minus 0662 049 1509 4650.
Comm break.
039:46:29 Stafford: Roger. Copy readback. Check one item on the third block: 029 dash 1 Bravo; second entry, plus 240. [Long pause]
039:46:43 Eisele: Roger. Plus 240.
039:46:45 Stafford: Roger. Read-back is correct. And Also 2A advisory: we had good voice quallity on the Redstone dump that we got on the last pass. [Long pause]
039:46:56 Eisele: All very good. I got a couple of small items for you. Wally took a couple of aspirin and an Actifed, and he only took one Actifed. Walt took one Actifecl only. He feels fine. He has just got a little stuffy head cold, and I put some nose grease in mine because my nostrils are a little dry - because it smells good. [Long pause]
039:47:17 Stafford: Roger. Understand. Wally took two aspirins and one Actifed, and Donn took one Actifed, and you took some nosedrops was it or cream? [Long pause]
039:47:29 Eisele: Nose cream. It is a fluid they gave us in two tubes. Walt is the one that took the Actifed, not Donn. [Pause]
039:47:35 Stafford: Oh, okay, Donn. Sorry.
039:47:37 Eisele: Yes. Log us about 16 clicks of water here in the last 45 mtnutes or so. [Long pause]
039:47:56 Stafford: Okay. And that is Donn.
039:47:58 Eisele: Right.
039:47:59 Stafford: Okay. [Pause]
039:48:04 Eisele: You can tell them I had two good solid 7 hours of very good sleep and feeling great. [Pause]
039:48:10 Stafford: Roger. Thank you. [Long pause]
039:48:52 Stafford: Apollo 7, Houston. We would like the BIOMED to number 1. [Long pause]
039:49:04 Eisele: Understand. And I will do that after I - after I do this aligment. Does that mean you want to [garble] test counts? [Pause]
039:49:12 Stafford: Roger. We lost the downlink on the BIOMED, and this is just to see if it's actually the circuit Or in the BIOMED harness. [Long pause]
039:49:26 Unidentifiable crewmember: Roger. I will do that in a couple of minutes. [Pause]
039:49:31 Stafford: Okay. Fine. We have about one and a half minutas to LOS. [Pause]
039:49:38 Unidentifiable crewmember: You mean I get until next pass to secure this alignmet.
039:49:41 Stafford: Okay.
Very long comm break.
"This is Apollo Control 39 hours 51 minutes into the mission of Apollo 7. We have just completed our pass with the Redstone tracking ship. Next contact will be Canary Islands, which should come about 40 hours 14 minutes 17 seconds. During this last pass, we went through an inertial measuring unit realignment. The inertial measuring unit of course provides basic reference against which you can measure spacecraft movement and it has to be realigned periodically. We were informed that Astronaut Schirra took one Actifed and two asprins and Astronaut Cunningham one Actifed and Astronaut Eisele some nose cream was applied to his nose. We have had no biomedical readouts during this last pass and the medical people and the Flight Director now conferring in tracking down the situation to see if we can tune that up and get some biomed readouts in the next passes. At 39 hours 52 minutes, this is Apollo Control."

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control, 40 hours, 14 minutes into the flight of Apollo 7. We are in the twenty sixth revolution coming upon Canary Islands in a few seconds. We will join such conversation as we have at the Canary point now."

040:14:24 Stafford: Apollo 7, Houston. Acquisition Canary. [Pause]
040:14:29 Unidentifiable crewmember: Roger, Houston. [Long pause]
040:15:09 Stafford: Okay.
Comm break.
040:17:37 Stafford: Apollo 7, Houston. About 2 minutes LOS Canary. Next acquisition will he Redstone at 41 plus 17. That will be about 1 hour. [Long pause]
040:18:19 Stafford: Apollo 7, this is Houston. [Pause]
040:18:25 Eisele: Go ahead, Tom.
040:18:26 Stafford: Roger. Donn, did you get P52 finished? [Pause]
040:18:32 Eisele: Yes. I did it two or three times.
040:18:35 Stafford: Roger.
040:18:36 Eisele: Turned out fine.
040:18:38 Stafford: Good show. [Long pause]
040:19:14 Stafford: Apollo 7, Houston. We have about 30 seconds to LOS. [Pause]
040:19:20 Eisele: Okay. LOS. [Garble] take about one half hour [garble]. [Pause]
040:19:29 Stafford: Okay.
Very long comm break.
"This is Apollo Control. We have had lost of signal, Canary Islands. Apollo 7 will now go for about an hour before we have contact at the Redstone - Redstone tracking ship. That will be - 41 hours, 17 minutes, 24 seconds into the mission. The program 52, inertial measurement, measuring unit realinement was confirmed to have been completed. The only thing that should take place between now and the next station contact will be the water waste tank dump and the environmental control system which will take place at 41 hours into the mission. At that point also, the spacecraft commander and the lunar module pilot will enter their sleep period. And Don Eisele, the command module pilot will be awake and on duty. So we have a long dry spell for 1 hour before the next station contact. At 40 hours, 20 minutes into the mission, this is Apollo Control."

Public Affairs Officer - "This Apollo Control 41 hours 17 minutes into the mission of Apollo 7. We're approaching the Red Stone tracking ship and astronaut Stafford is endeavoring to make contact with the spacecraft. Let's join them now."

041:17:41 Stafford: Apollo 7, Houston through the Redstone. Over. [Pause]
041:17:45 Eisele: Roger, Houston. Go ahead.
041:17:48 Stafford: Roger. Donn, reading you about three-by. I want to check a couple of items. Have they performed the waste water dump that was scheduled for around 41 hours? [Pause]
041:17:57 Eisele: Negative, Tom. We're going to wait until it gets to about 90 percent. That way we won't have to do it so often. [Pause]
041:18:04 Stafford: Okay. Spec-1, we're going to give you the MC - we're going to send you an MCC update previously scheduled for 44 40 at 44 hours. [Long pause]
041:18:21 Eisele: Roger. Understand. [Pause]
041:18:28 Stafford: And we're planing the S-IVB tracking previously scheduled at 46 10. It will now be at 44 36. You should have a good update vectored on that, and the S-IVB will be at about 170 nautical miles. [Long pause]
041:18:52 Eisele: Okay. Tom, how [garble] as soon as I get them, I'm going to write them down, and then you can give it to me a little later. [Long pause]
041:19:03 Stafford: Roger.
Long comm break.
041:24:43 Eisele: Tom, are you still there? [Pause]
041:24:52 Eisele: Houston, Apollo 7.
041:24:53 Stafford: Go. Apollo 7, Houston.
041:24:56 Eisele: Roger. We've just completed the 23 sextant calibrations. I think that your data [garble] is downrange. [Long pause]
041:25:08 Stafford: Apollo 7, Houston. We're about 1 minute to LOS, and you're starting to fade out. I understand you've completed the sextant calibration. [Pause]
041:25:16 Eisele: Roger.
041:25:17 Stafford: Apollo 7, Houston. Did you experience a restart a couple of minutes ago? [Pause]
041:25:23 Eisele: I experieced a restart during part of program 52 that I was using to find some stars I needed, I think it happened - it happened once before, the other day - when you go from zero optics to CMC and also hit the feed and you haven't waited 15 seconds. It's a procedural error, and it's just a momentary restart, almost program alarm. [Long pause]
041:25:47 Stafford: Okay. [Pause]
041:25:51 Eisele: Incidentaly, I have an O2 FLOW HI light. I suspect it's the same problem we had earlier - sensor failure. I haven't had time to troubleshoot it is sure yet, though. [Pause]
041:26:01 Stafford: Okay. We'll pick you up - about 15 seconds to LOS, and we'll pick you up over the Canaries.onds to LOS and we'll pick you up over Canary's.
Very long comm break.
"This is Apollo Control 41 hours 26 minutes into the mission. We've finished our Redstone tracking ship pass. The next point will be Antigua at 41 38. They spoke about when to dump waste water. The crew desires to dump it when 90 percent quantity is reached, however they're talking about it now. It's possible that that would be reached right in the middle of the spacecraft commander and LM pilot sleep period; in which case astronaut Schirra would have to be disturbed so they could get the equipment out to dump the excess water. That will probably be resolved by the time we have contact at Antigua. We're still getting no bio-medical data readouts and they can only assume that there's some mechanical difficulty with some of the equipment. At 41 hours, 27 minutes into the mission into the mission this is Apollo Control."
041:26:53 Schirra (onboard): This is CDR with ATC high light. I suspect the same problem we had earlier. Except that I hadn't had time to [garble].
041:27:13 Schirra (onboard): Alright.
041:34:08 Eisele (onboard): Time, 41:34; I'd like to record the results of the P23 sextant calibration test. On this test I used Canopus as the bright star and Rigel as the dim star. Unfortunately, there wasn't any third star within the field of view of Canopus, but I just went ahead and put Canopus at the center reticles for the only other star we could get to, and that's Rigel. I started the P23 as per checklist, and [garble]. The only comment I have is that it's a rather tedious, timeconsuming, and fuel-costly procedure, and the benefits we gain by it, I don't think, justify it.
041:35:01 Eisele (onboard): The trunnion bias check: when it was first displayed, NOUN 87 - P23 came up with 00000.
041:35:20 Eisele (onboard): The second NOUN 87 which is the shaft and trunnion one - I had the two stars superimposed - was plus 29188, plus 1764 - correction plus 17674. The time was 41 hours 24 minutes into the flight.
041:37:45 Eisele (onboard): At 41 hours 37 minutes, I'd like to record a fecal elimination. It took place about 40:45. My experience is about the same as Cunningham's. It's not too bad, if you take your time. I did strip down, took underwear off to do it. It's a process of hooking - reconnecting the BIOMED afterwards. I could only get one of the little screw-in plugs to stay up.
"This is Apollo Control 41 hours 38 minutes into the mission of Apollo 7. We're coming up and should have access with Antigua just about now. Let's join the conversation and see what goes on."
041:38:47 Stafford: Apollo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
041:38:50 Eisele (onboard): Houston, go.
041:39:14 Eisele (onboard): Houston, Apollo 7. Go.
041:39:38 Stafford: Apollo 7, Houston.
041:39:41 Cunningham: Houston, Apollo 7. Go.
041:39:44 Stafford: Roger. In reference to the water dump: we're reading 70 percent now, predicting a 90-percent level at approximately 45 hours but no later than 46 hours. We'll have to dump at that time. It's right in the middle of a sleep period. Suggest dumping as soon as you can in order to prevent interrupting them in the middle of their sleep cycle. [Long pause]
041:40:17 Cunningham: Roger. I got you, Bill. They're already asleep, and the way we've got it rigged, it won't disturb either one of them. So I'd just as soon wait till 45 hours. [Long pause]
041:40:29 Pogue: Okay.
041:40:32 Cunningham: Good thinking. Bill, could you give me those flight plan updates that Tom called awhile ago? I was right in the midle of a G&N exercise and didn't get to write it down. [Pause]
041:40:42 Pogue: Okay. I'll start talking. I have about a minute and 15 seconds. Okay. At 44 hours, we will give you the MCC update previously scheduled for 44 plus 40. [Long pause]
041:41:03 Cunningham: Roger.
041:41:06 Pogue: Okay. At 44 plus 36, perform S-iVB traking. That was previously scheduled ut 46 plus 10. At that time - this new time - the S-IVB will be at 169 nautical miles. The last item, at 45 plus 30, delete P52 IMU realign.
Long comm break.
041:41:48 Eisele (onboard): Roger, understand, delete the P52 IMU realign. You want us to do a fine align at that time?
"This is Apollo Control. Our next contact will be Canary Islands at 41 hours 47 minutes, about 5 minutes from this time. The most significant thing in the last two contacts, of course, has been in the flight plan we have changed the S-IVB tracking time from 46 hours and 15 minutes into the mission back to 44 hours and 36 minutes into the mission. The reason being that the S-IVB will be at 169 nautical miles from the spacecraft at 44 36 where if they waited another revolution, it would be farther away from the spacecraft. They desire to track it at roughly that 170 nautical mile distance. We'll come up again when we have contact with the Canary Islands in some four minutes or so from now. At 41 hours 43 minutes, this is Apollo Control."
041:46:54 Pogue: Apollo 7, Houston.
041:46:56 Eisele: Roger, Houston, go. [Long pause]
"This is Apollo Control 41 hours 47 minutes into the mission of Apollo 7. We're coming up in a few seconds with acquisition with the Canary Islands tracking station. We'll join them now."
041:47:12 Pogue: Apollo 7, Houston. [Pause]
041:47:18 Eisele: Roger, Houstou. Go ahead.
041:47:20 Pogue: Roger. How far did you copy on the flight plan update. [Pause]
041:47:27 Eisele: Stand by [garble]. [Long pause]
041:47:47 Eisele: I think I got it all, Bill. I've got the S-IVB tracking at 44 36 instead of 46 hours and delete the P52 realignment at 45 30. [Long pause]
041:48:03 Pogue: Roger. That completes the flight plan update. I have a couple of items. We're still monitoring an O2 FLOW HI, check waste dump closed. Second item: we'd like BIOMD CMP. Okay. We're monitoring it now. Forget the BIOMED; it's okay. [Long pause]
041:48:31 Eisele: Okay. Are you getting anything on me?
041:48:33 Pogue: Yes, we are.
041:48:35 Eisele: Okay. You're only getting half of it. One of those little plugs, I can't make up. I'll try again later to get it to plug in. [Pause]
041:48:44 Pogue: Okay. [Pause]
041:48:48 Eisele: I did have the waste vent open now, but I don't think that interferes with the O2 FLOW HI. [Pause]
041:48:55 Pogue: Roger. Understand. It was open.
041:48:57 Eisele: Roger. It was open for a little while there. It was stowage compartment. However, I've still got the O2 FLOW HI, and I just turned the vent off. [Long pause]
041:49:08 Pogue: Roger. [Pause]
041:49:13 Eisele: Cabin pressure looks normal. I suspect it's still a sensor problem. [Pause]
041:49:19 Pogue: Okay. We're watching it. We have about 6 more minutes here. [Pause]
041:49:28 Eisele: Okay. Any help you can give me on that, I'd appreciate it.
041:49:31 Pogue: Roger. We'll keep you informed.
Long comm break.
041:53:03 Pogue: Apollo 7, Houston. We have about 2 minutes to Los Canaries. Your O2 manifold is dropping off. It's dropped from .96 to .74 in the last few minutes - O2 flow. [Long pause]
041:53:23 Eisele: Okay. O2 flow.
041:53:25 Pogue: Right.
041:53:26 Eisele: Roger. I'm seeing the same thing. My onboard procedure leads me to believe it's still a failing sensor. Do you confirm that? [Long pause]
041:53:55 Eisele: Bill, what do you have down there for O2 tank pressure? Mine is reading low - about 840. [Pause]
041:54:01 Pogue: Okay. Stand by. [Pause]
041:54:09 Eisele: Correction. Number 2 is reading low. Number 1 is about 860. [Long pause]
041:54:25 Pogue: Coming up on LOS, you have 876 and 853 in one and two, and 846 in the surge tank. [Long pause]
041:54:36 Eisele: Okay. Is that all right with everybody down there?
041:54:39 Pogue: I think so. Stand by.
041:54:41 Eisele: I guess you would tell me if it was not.
041:54:43 Pogue: Roger. That's good.
041:54:45 Eisele: [Garble] everybody [garble]. [Pause]
041:54:52 Pogue: We'll need the S-band volume up for our Honeysucle pass at 42 plus 32. [Pause]
041:55:00 Eisele: Roger. I'll change it.
041:55:02 Pogue: Thank you.
Very long comm break.
"This is Apollo Control, 41 hours 57 minutes into the mission. We are out of range now with Canary Islands. At 42 hours 32 minutes, they will be in range of Honeysuckle in Australia. They have checked the O2 flow high rate as the readout was before, the check waste vents were closed and when that happened, the O2 rate came down from 94 and it came down to 70.7 ah .94 to .72 pounds per hour which is quite acceptable. So, with everything looking good at 41 hours 58 minutes into the mission, this is Apollo Control."

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control, 42 hours 32 minutes into the mission. We are coming up on our pass over Honeysuckle Creek. We're halfway through Australia now and we should have contact with the spacecraft in a very few seconds. We'll stand by for such contact."

042:33:06 Pogue: Apollo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
042:33:22 Pogue: Apollo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
042:33:46 Pogue: Apollo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
042:34:08 Pogue: Apollo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
042:34:30 Pogue: Apollo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
042:35:06 Pogue: Apollo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
042:35:30 Pogue: Apollo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
042:35:58 Pogue: Apollo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
042:36:41 Pogue: ApoLlo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
042:37:24 Pogue: Apollo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
042:38:01 Pogue: Apollo 7, Houston.
Very long comm break.
"This is Apollo Control 42 hours 39 minutes into Apollo 7. We had no response from the spacecraft during this pass at Honeysuckle Creek in Australia. We should have some contact at the Redstone tracking ship which will have acquisition at 42 hours 52 minutes into the mission. At 42 39, this is Apollo Control."

Public Affairs Officer - "PAO This is Apollo Control 42 hours 52 minutes into the mission. We are coming up on the Redstone tracking ship acqusition period now. Let's listen in."

042:52:03 Pogue: Apollo 7, Houston. [Pause]
042:52:10 Eisele: Houston, Apollo 7. Go.
042:52:13 Pogue: Roger. Reference the O2 FLOw HI. Analysis here indicates your O2 flow high. Indication on board was valid; at the time, you had 5.0 cabin pressure when the waste vent was open. Upon closing, the pressure gradually increased to 5.1. [Long pause]
042:52:54 Pogue: Apollo 7, Houston. Do you still have an O2 FLOW HI? [Pause]
042:52:58 Eisele: Negative. Down to normal now.
042:53:01 Pogue: Okay. One other item, the waste water dump. Recomend dumping 85 percent instead of 90 percent. They're not sure it's safe to wait till 90 percent due to possibility of overboard drain freeze. [Long pause]
042:53:48 Pogue: Apollo 7, Houston. Is the commander's and the LMP's cobra cable unconnected? Verify that it is not connected. [Long pause]
042:54:02 Eisele: Roger. They're not connected up here. They're off of it.
042:54:05 Pogue: Thank you very much. Also I have a - disregard. [Pause]
042:54:12 Eisele: Say again.
042:54:13 Pogue: Disregard.
Comm break.
042:55:27 Eisele: Hey, Bill, would you log me 12 clicks from the water gun? [Pause]
042:55:32 Pogue: Roger, 12 clicks from the water gun.
Long comm break.
042:59:50 Pogue: Apollo 7, Houston. One minute LOS Redstone; Antigua at 43 plus 10. [Pause]
042:59:58 Schirra (onboard): Roger [garble]. You got the [garble] okay.
042:59:59 Eisele: Roger. 43 plus 10. You got the night shift, eh? [Long pause]
043:00:55 Pogue: Apollo 7, Houston. Coming up on LOS. I will have a flight plan update. Just a couple of items at Antigua.
Very long comm break.
043:01:00 Schirra (onboard): Houston, Apollo 7. Go Antigua.
"This is Apollo Control 43 hours 1 minute into the mission. We will have the next station contact at Antigua, 43 hours 10 minutes, 9 minutes 8 from now. At 43 02, this is Apollo Controll."

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control 43 hours, 10 minutes into the mission of Apollo 7. We're now coming into Antigua. We should have contact any second with Antigua. Let's join the conversation."

043:11:14 Pogue: Apollo 7, Houston.
043:11:17 Eisele: Apollo 7. Go ahead.
043:11:20 Pogue: Roger. I have a couple of things for flight plan update. [Pause]
043:11:26 Eisele: Okay. Go ahead.
043:11:28 Pogue: Roger. Fuel ceil O2 purge at 45 plus 30. That's over Carnarvon. [Long pause]
043:11:50 Eisele: Roger. Fuel cell O2 purge at 45 plus 30. [Pause]
043:11:56 Pogue: Roger. And just as a matter of information, have you checked any of the G&N control modes? [Long pause]
043:12:07 Eisele: Roger. We've used - maneuvered manually and DAP half degree per second and our deadband; we've done auto maneuvers, auto trip maneuvers, and same deadband; and I also used the minimum impulse controller in the LEB. [Long pause]
043:12:27 Pogue: Roger. Five degrees per second, minimum deadband, auto trim, minimum deadband, and a minimum impulse controller in the LEB. [Pause]
043:12:37 Eisele: Roger.
043:12:38 Pogue: Thank you.

[Ground elapsed time in TEC.pdf file is 01 19 16 and in CM.pdf file 01 19 17]

Long comm break.
043:16:33 Eisele: Houston, Apollo 7.
043:16:34 Pogue: Apollo 7, Houston. Co. [Pause]
043:16:44 Pogue: Apollo 7, Houston. Go.
043:16:45 Eisele: Houston, Apollo 7.
043:16:48 Pogue: Roger. Apollo 7. Houston.
043:16:50 Eisele: There is a high pitched interference noise coming over VHF. Have you got any idea what it is? Are you picking it up down there?
Comm break.
043:18:01 Pogue: High pitched interference on VHF negative. Stand by. [Pause]
043:18:08 Pogue: Donn, this is about the same place last night where you picked up the music. [Pause]
043:18:14 Eisele: There's some music along here, too. [Long pause]
043:18:31 Pogue: Apollo 7, Houston. The NET is looking at it.
Long comm break.
043:18:33 Eisele (onboard): Okay. It's gone now.
"This is Apollo Control 43 hours 19 minutes into the mission of Apollo 7. We'll have acquisition by Canary Islands at 43:21:59, that's only two or three minutes from now. We heard from Mr. Eisete that the VHF high pitch interference noise was coming in as they were passing Antigua and astronaut Pogue indicated that that was the same place where the spacecraft had picked up the spurious noise of last night. They are now looking into this to see if we can track it down. At 43 hours 20 minutes into the mission, this is Apollo Control."

Public Affairs Officer - "Minutes into the mission. We're coming up on Canary Islands now, 43:21:59 about 30 seconds from now. We'll see if we get any resolve on what the VHF interference was. Let's listen in."

043:24:04 Eisele: Houston, Apollo 7. [Pause]
043:24:08 Pogue: Apollo 7, Houston. Go.
043:24:11 Eisele: Roger. I've got a hydrogen purge scheduled here at 44 hours. Do you want me to do that, or are we doing that just on demand, so to speak? [Pause]
043:24:21 Pogue: Negative. That one has been deleted.
043:24:24 Eisele: That's what I thought.
043:24:26 Pogue: That's the hydrogen purge - fuell cell purge - at 44 hours. That has been deleted. [Pause]
043:24:32 Eisele: Roger. [Long pause]
043:25:11 Pogue: Apollo 7, Houston. We will be giying you a CSM and S-IVB state vector update over Carnarvon. We will reqire ACCEPT when you get to Carnarvon, and we're estimating AOS Carnarvon at 43 plus 57. [Long pause]
043:25:35 Eisele: Apollo 7. Understand.
Long comm break.
043:28:43 Pogue: Apollo 7, Houston. One minute till LOS at Canary. If you need contact, we have about 2 minutes S-band after that at Madrid. [Long pause]
043:28:56 Eisele: [Garble] Apollo 7. Understand. Thank you.
Very long comm break.
"This is Apollo Control 45 hours 31 minutes into the mission. We have our next station contact coming up which will be Carnarvon, Australia and that will be coming up 43 hours 57 minutes, some 27 or 28 minutes from now. At 43 hours 31 minutes into the mission, this is Apollo Control."

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control 45 hours 57 minutes into the mission of Apollo 7. We are approaching Australia now and we will be in contact very shortly with Carnarvon. At this pass there will be an MCC update in preparation of the S-IVB tracking which will take place at 44 hours 36 minutes into the mission, so let's monitor this conversation."

043:57:55 Pogue: Apollo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
043:58:20 Pogue: Apollo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
043:58:49 Pogue: Apollo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
043:59:14 Pogue: Apollo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
043:59:34 Pogue: Apollo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
043:59:51 Pogue: Apollo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
044:00:10 Unidentifiable crewmember: Houston, Apollo 7.
044:00:11 Pogue: Roger. Apollo 7, Houston. How do you read?
044:00:14 Eisele: Loud and clear.
044:00:16 Pogue: Roger. If you'll go to ACCEPT, we'll send up your state vectors. [Pause]
044:00:20 Eisele: Going to ACCEPT. [Pause]
044:00:27 Pogue: And I have a NAV check when you are ready to copy. [Pause]
044:00:32 Eisele: Roger.
044:00:34 Pogue: NAV check reads: 044 03 0000 minus 2170 plus 12234 1513. [Long pause]
044:01:09 Unidentifiable crewmember: Roger. Could you send that one again?
044:01:12 Pogue: Roger. NAV check: 044 03 0000 minus 2170 plus 12234 1513. Read back. [Long pause]
044:01:40 Eisele: Roger. 044 03 0000 minus 2170 plus 12234 1513. [Long pause]
044:01:52 Pogue: Roger. Readhaek correct.
Comm break.
044:01:40 Pogue: Okay. Apollo 7, Houston. The computer is yours. We have a little less than 2 minutes LOS Carnarvon. Request S-band volume up in about 1 minute or 2 minutes.
044:01:54 Schirra: Roger.
Very long comm break.
"This is Apollo Control. We still have one more minute of acquisition at Honeysuckle Creek but it doesn't appear that any more transmission will take place. The CapCom Pogue here in the Control Center indicated and then we sent up an update front the Control Center for the purpose of preparing the spacecraft for the S-IVB tracking which will take place 44 hours 30 minutes into the mission. That will be in the 28th revolution, it will be coming out of the night side pass, going into the daytime. They will track the S-IVB which will be about 169 nautical miles away and he will track between the Redstone tracking ship and Central American coast. The next point we will have contact with the spacecraft will be the Redstone tracking ship, that will take place at 44 hours 28 minutes into the mission. At 44 14, this is Apollo Control."

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control, 44 hours, 28 minutes into the mission of Apollo 7. We're coming up on acquisition with the Redstone tracking ship in a few seconds. We'll monitor that conversation now."

044:28:57 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston through the Redstone. Standing by.
Long comm break.
044:32:00 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. One minute LOS Redstone. Pick you up at the Bahamas in about 12 mtnutes. [Pause]
044:32:10 Eisele: Roger. Jack, I read you a bit faint. [Pause]
044:32:14 Swigert: You're five-by, Donn.
Very long comm break.
"This is Apollo Control, 44 hours, 32 minutes into the mission. We have just lost contact with the Redstone tracking ship. The next contact will be Grand Bahamas Islands, 44 hours, 43 minutes into the mission, some 8-1/2 - 9 minutes from now. At 44 hours, 36 minutes we will begin the S-IVB stage tracking at 169 nautical miles distance from the Spacecraft. Now we will go back and have in this period of time - we have here a couple minutes of update of what went on in the last 7-1/2 to 8 hours of the mission. At 37 hours, 2 minutes we had a flight plan update. We also found that everybody has evidence of Astronaut Stafford telling the crew that it was a very good rendezvous that day - yesterday. Astronaut Schirra was reluctant to change his sleep cycle as inquired into from the Control Center by Deke Slayton. He indicated the sleeping bags were not working out too well, that the astronauts being in their couches with the seat belt buckled were much more comfortable and it worked much better than when they used the sleeping bags. The light weight head-sets, he said, were better than the com carrier. Because with the com carrier, the cable jerks the head around when they move around tile cockpit. He indicated they had a problem with the Hasselblad camera, what that problem was - what extend it was I do not know. They finished chlorinating the water again and also astronaut Schirra indicated that the Exergenie, the exercise device onboard the spacecraft was "the best one of the best spacie things we've had in years". He also indicated they were getting around in the spacecraft very well and they were becoming gymnasts. We had normal inertial measurement unit realignments, we had an indication that astronaut Schirra took a decongestion tablet, an Actifed tablet plus 2 aspirin, and that astronaut Cunningham had taken one Actifed tablet, and Astronaut Eisele had used some nose cream for his nose. This was at 39 hours, 43 minutes into the mission. There was no particular physical problem indicated beyond the indication that they had taken that medication. At that time we had no biomedical readouts. Later on in the mission at 41 hours, 47 minutes, the biomedical readouts begin coming in to the MCC, satisfactorily. They performed a waste water dump, as they had the day before and there is no problen in the ECS system in dumping the water and having the ECS operate properly. They completed a sextant check well into the tour at 41 hours, 17 minutes and had a flight plan update on the S-IVB tracking time. That was when we changed the tracking time to 44 hours, 36 minutes into the mission instead of 46-1/2 hours. Due to the fact that the S-IVB would be in the 169 nautical mile proximity at 44 hours, 36 minutes and it would be too far away a revolution later. This tracking procedure with the S-IVB will begin very shortly, in fact, it has begun over 1 minute ago. It was indicated at 41 hours, 47 minutes that the O2, the oxygen flow rate as monitored at MCC in Houston, was indicating a high flow rate. It was also indicated to the crew at that time, that they should check the waste vent and close it if it were open, which it was. After that was accomplished, the O2 rate came down satisfactorily and is now riding around 0.35 lbs per hour - 0.35 pounds per hour. Waste vent was turned off, still had onboard that was high at that time, but it did come down to that 0.35 pounds per hour. The last - one of the last contacts that was indicated by astronaut Eisele that the VHF high pitch interference noise was coming in. That was indicated to him through - around the Antigua area by Astronaut Pogue that last night the same type of interference came in when he picked up music and voice conversation in that particular area. The crew appears to be in good condition. The spacecraft commander and the LM pilot are in their sleep period and command module Eisele is now should be in tile process of tracking the S- IVB. At 44 hours 39 minutes into the mission, this is Apollo Control."

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control, 44 hours, 43 minutes into the mission of Apollo 7. We are now coming up to the acquisition point at Grand Bahama Islands. We'll stand by for any possible conversation."

MILA through BERMUDA (REV 29)
044:43:26 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. Standing by. [Pause]
044:43:30 Eisele: Roger. Jack, I'm doing the P20 navigation right now. [Pause]
044:43:34 Swigert: Roger.
044:43:34 Eisele (onboard): I'll check the target out over Texas.
044:43:35 Eisele: [Garble] section.
Long comm break.
044:51:52 Eisele: Houston, this is Apollo 7.
044:51:54 Swigert: Go ahead, 7.
044:51:56 Eisele: Roger. The target's still visible in the sextaut here. It's not as good as it was earlier. It's a different set angle because of the bright Earth background. I see through the base line of sight, but it's still there, and you can still track it one more time. [Long pause]
044:52:16 Swigert: Roger. I've been following your marks, Donn, and it looks like you are getting in VERBAL 649; it looks like you're getting real good marks. [Long pause]
044:52:40 Eisele: Yes. We update this thing on the order of optics tracking rate within, I guess, a couple of minutes at the last of the [garble]. [Long pause]
044:52:54 Swigert: Roger. [Long pause]
044:53:43 Eisele: Target's not in sight here; it was earlier, but it's... [Pause]
044:53:47 Swigert: Say again, Donn.
Long comm break.
"This is Apollo Control 44 hours 54 minutes into the mission. We won't have acquisition at Canary Islands for another 2 minutes and 20 seconds or so. Astronaut Eisele indicated to the MCC that the tracking with the sextant, the visual tracking of the S-IVB was going along. He said it was not as good as it could be due to bright Earth shine. However, it was still there and you could still track it with the sextant. We'll be coming up at Canary Island pass in just a couple of minutes now. At 44 hours 54 minutes this is Apollo Control."

Public Affairs Officer - "This is Apollo Control 44 hours 56 minutes 35 seconds into the mission of Apollo 7. Canary Islands will acquire in about 10 seconds from this time. We will monitor that pass."

044:57:15 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston throgh Canaries. Standing by. [Pause]
044:57:24 Eisele: Houston. [Pause]
044:57:28 Swigert: Roger. Go ahead, Donn. [Pause]
044:57:35 Eisele: [Garble]. [Long pause]
044:57:47 Swigert: I couldn't read that, Donn. You brought two-by. [Pause]
044:57:53 Eisele: I think the spacecraft [garble]. [Long pause]
044:58:05 Swigert: Donn, we can't quite make that out. We've got you here for about another 5 minutes, and maybe signal strength will get a little bit better.
Comm break.
045:00:12 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. How do you, read now? [Pause]
045:00:19 Eisele: Loud and clear, Jack.
045:00:20 Swigert: Okay. Donn, you are a little better there on S-band. [Pause]
045:00:24 Eisele: Okay.
Long comm break.
045:03:52 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. You are about 1 minute LOS Canaries. We'll pick you up over Carnarvon in about 28 minutes. [Long pause]
045:04:05 Eisele: Roger.
Very long comm break.
045:31:53 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston through Carnarvon. Standing by. [Pause]
045:32:00 Eisele: Roger, Houston. [Long pause]
045:32:26 Eisele: Houston, the lights are still flashing on the S-IVB. [Pause]
045:32:30 Swigert: Roger. Copy that.
045:32:32 Swigert: And, Donn, as we go along here toward the end of our pass, which is about another 8 minutes, we'll pick up Honeysuckle. So you'll want to turn up your S-band. [Long pause]
045:32:45 Eisele: Okay. [Pause]
045:32:49 Swigert: And we have Honeysuckle for about a 9 minute pass, so we'll have you for about another 16 minutes; and then you've got a long stretch without anthing. [Long pause]
"This is Apollo Control Houston 45 hours 32 minutes into the flight. Donn Eisele just put in a call to us via Carnarvon. He said he could still observe the flashing lights on the S-IVB. Here is a rundown on the weather today around the world, some of which the crew may be able to observe on this upcoming rev as they go through the Windward Islands area. Taking it from the top: in the west Atlantic recovery area the weather will be partly cloudy to mostly cloudy with a few showers, winds will be mostly easterly, ranging from 10 to 18 knots, sea is 5 feet and the temperature is in the upper 70's. In the eastern Atlantic, weather will be mostly fair, with northeasterly winds of 15 knots, sea is about 3 feet, temperature in the 70's. In the west Pacific landing area, weather will be fair to partly cloudy with a few showers, winds will be mainly northerly 15 knots, seas 5 feet and temperatures in the 60's. In the mid-Pacific, weather will be cloudy with showers, strong easterly winds and moderately rough seas in the more northern landing areas. In the southern part of the zone, weather will be partly cloudy, winds southerly 12 knots, seas 4 feet and temperature in the 70's. An interesting weather feature that the crew may be able to observe today will be a disturbance in its formative stage in an area a few hundred miles east of the Windward Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The command pilot and the lunar module pilot remain asleep, and the sleep period is programed to last several more hours. As a matter of fact, it is programed to last 5 more hours, so it looks like a nice quiet morning ahead of us. At 45 minutes hours and - we do have some tape from Carnarvon and we will play it for you now."
045:33:01 Eisele: Okay.
Comm break.
045:35:32 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. Go ahead. [Pause]
045:35:39 Eisele: [Garble], Jack.
045:35:40 Swigert: Okay. I'm sorry, Donn.
Long comm break.
045:40:13 Swigert: Apollo 7 Houston. You want to turn up your S-band volume? We're just about to lose you over Carnarvon. [Pause]
045:40:22 Eisele: Roger.
045:40:23 Swigert: And, Donn, we want to make a radio check through this backup site at Honeysuckle, just to check it out. [Long pause]
045:40:38 Eisele: Okey, Jack. [Long pause]
045:41:27 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston through the Wind Site. How do you read?
Comm break.
045:42:54 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston through the Wlnd Site. How do you read? [Pause]
045:42:59 Eisele: Weak, but clear, Jack. I'll turn the volume up.
045:43:02 Swigert: Okay. You're loud and clear here. [Pause]
045:43:06 Eisele: Roger. Sounds pretty good. [Pause]
045:43:10 Swigert: Roger. Thts is a backup site there in Australia.
045:43:12 Eisele: Understand. Jack, I've been looking at this horizon preparing for this midcourse navigation business; and at night, there just isn't any horizon that you can define in the sextant at all. There is one in the telescope, but I don't think that's accurate enough. [Pause]
045:43:22 Swigert: Okay. [Long pause]
045:43:33 Eisele: The airglow band - or whatever it is - rides above. The real Earth is so wide that there's no way to use it that I can see for navigation. [Pause]
045:43:43 Swigert: Okay. We copy that. [Long pause]
045:44:02 Swigert: Donn, can you confirm whether you did the O2 purge on the fuel cell? [Pause]
045:44:10 Eisele: Negative. I did not. I was working the LEB. I'll do that now.
045:44:13 Swigert: Okay. Real fine.
Long comm break.
045:48:01 Swigert: Okay. Apollo 7, Houston. You've 1 minute LOS. The Wind Site will pick you up over Guaymas in about 24 minutes. [Long pause]
045:48:16 Eisele: Roger, Jack.
Very long comm break.
046:13:36 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. Standing by. [Pause]
046:13:40 Eisele: Roger, Houston.
Long comm break.
"Apollo Control Houston, you're 46 hours, 13 minutes into the flight. Jack Swigert just put in a call to Apollo 7 and gave them a standing by message. We'll monitor and see if any conversation developed."
046:20:15 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. [Pause]
046:20:23 Eisele: Roger, Houston. Go.
046:20:24 Swigert: Roger. Opposite omni, Donn, and we're reading now 87 percent on the waste quantity. We are recommending that you initiate the dumping of the waste tank. [Long pause]
046:20:40 Eisele: Roger. Opposite omni and 87 percent waste water. We've got a good lock with this antenna. [Pause]
046:20:48 Swigert: Roger. [Long pause]
046:21:07 Eisele: Jack, log me 12 click of water. [Pause]
046:21:11 Swigert: Say again. Say again, Donn. [Pause]
046:21:17 Eisele: I said just record 12 clicks on the water gun for me. [Pause]
046:21:22 Swigert: Okay.
Long comm break.
046:25:26 Swigert: ADollo 7, Houston.
046:25:29 Cunningham: Roger, Houston. Go.
046:25:31 Swigert: Roger. You have a GO for 47 dash 1. [Pause]
046:25:35 Cunningham: Roger. GO for 47 dash 1 and log the LMP for 12 clicks on the water gun. [Pause]
046:25:40 Swigert: Will do, and good morning.
046:25:43 Cunningham: Good morning.
Comm break.
046:27:07 Cunningham: Hey, Jack. So far this urine dump system has been pretty doggoned good. [Pause]
046:27:17 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. Go ahead.
046:27:20 Cunningham: Roger. I said the urine dump system has been working beautifully so far. [Pause]
046:27:25 Swigert: Okay. Fine. Walt, did you have the VHF off just a minute agO? [Pause]
046:27:34 Cunningham: Yes, I did. I just got up, and I hadn't turned it on yet.
046:27:37 Swigert: Okay. Fine.
Long comm break.
046:32:01 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston through Canary. Standing by.
046:32:04 Cunningham: Roger. Hey, Jack. We have yet to activate the SPS line heaters. [Pause]
046:32:13 Swigert: Roger. Copy that. They look like they're holding real good. [Long pause]
046:32:31 Cunningham: And I'm wondering, what are we planning on doing with the preliminary water boiler? [Long pause]
046:32:50 Swigert: Roger. Walt, we're having a meeting down here on that very subject. We'll come up to you with a procedure for activatlng that primary water boiler to take it out. [Long pause]
046:33:05 Cunningham: Roger.
Comm break.
046:35:59 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. [Pause]
046:36:03 Cunningham: Go, Houston.
046:36:05 Swigert: We have a flight plan update here. The landmark tracking that was planned for about 47 40 - the weather is very, very bad in those areas, and we are recommending that - we are asking you to delete that landmark tracking exercise. [Long pause]
046:36:30 Eisele: Roger. I just did a little bit using clouds as unknown landmarks and ran through the program. Seems to work okay. I got zero updates. [Long pause]
046:36:41 Swigert: Okay. Real fine, Donn. [Long pause]
046:37:27 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. We are showing the waste quantity down below 20 percent now; it looks real good to us here. [Pause]
046:37:34 Eisele: Roger. We're shutting it off right now.
046:37:36 Swigert: Okay. [Long pause]
046:38:29 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. you're one minute LOS Canaries. I'll pick you up in about 14 minutes at Tananarive. [Pause]
046:38:38 Eisele: Roger.
Very long comm break.
"This is Apollo Control 46 hours, 42 minutes into the flight. The crew was advised during a recent pass through the Canary Islands area to scrub, to forget about, some LM mark tracking that was to take place on the West Coast in the next several hours. Clouds apparently obscure the area that was to be observed in a pass across either California or the Western United States. The flight director Glynn Lunney has gone around the room and gotten a very thorough status report from each area, from each console, in the room and other than that, we are witnessing one of the longer scheduled sleep periods of the flight. I show the commander of the Apollo 7, Wally Schirra, and Walt Cunningham are scheduled here for an 11 hour rest sleep period. Walt Cunningham has just talked to us briefly and rather sleepily and probably will drowse on back to sleep. He woke up, had a drink of water, and talked a bit on the last pass. Here is some tape from that pass."
046:53:16 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston through Tananarive. Standing by. [Pause]
046:53:21 Eisele: Roger.
Long comm break.
046:57:48 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. One minute LOS Tananarive; Carnarvon in about 9 minutes.
046:57:49 Eisele: Roger.
Long comm break.
047:06:58 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston through Carnarvon. Standing by. [Pause]
047:07:03 Cunningham: Roger. [Pause]
047:07:10 Cunningham: Jack, could you give us a map update?
047:07:12 Swigert: Will do. We're working on it. [Long pause]
047:08:00 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston with your map update. [Pause]
047:08:08 Cunningham: Roger. Go.
047:08:09 Swigert: REV 29: your GET is a node of 46 plus 06 plus 31; longitude will be 129.2 degrees west; the right ascension was 06 plus 01. [Long pause]
047:08:32 Cunningham: Roger. 46 plus 06 plus 31, 129.2 west. [Pause]
047:08:38 Swigert: Roger. That was for REV 29. You are on 30 now. [Pause]
047:08:48 Cunningham: Thank you. [Pause]
047:08:54 Cunningham: What's the news this morning? [Pause]
047:08:58 Swigert: Give you some scores if you would like. [Pause]
047:09:02 Cunningham: Go.
047:09:05 Swigert: Any particular ones you're interested in? [Pause]
047:09:09 Cunningham: USC, UCLA. [Long pause]
047:09:47 Swigert: Okay. Walt, Penn State beat UCLA 21 to 6. [Pause]
047:09:57 Cunningham: Boo. [Pause]
047:10:03 Swigert: And USC beat Stanford 27 to 24. OklahomA beat Houston 21 to 17. [Long pause]
047:10:14 Cunningham: That's a sUrPrise. [Pause]
047:10:19 Swigert: And here is a good one. Ohio State beat Purdue 13 to 0. [Pause]
047:10:25 Cunningham: Who beat Purdue?
047:10:27 Swigert: Ohio State. [Pause]
047:10:31 Cunningham: Eat'em up, Buckeyes.
Comm break.
047:11:38 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston.
047:11:40 Cunningham: Roger, Houston.
047:11:42 Swigert: Roger. Big news in the paper today was Apollo meets with second stage. [Pause]
047:11:49 Cunningham: What was that?
047:11:50 Swigert: That was the big news. Apollo meets with second stage, front page stuff. [Pause]
047:11:59 Cunningham: Almost makes it worth it. I tell you, you had three of us sweating up here.
Comm break.
047:14:04 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. Do you want to turn up your S-band? We are about 1 minute LOS Carnarvon. We Will pick you up over Honeysuckle and - almost instantaneous here. [Pause]
047:14:14 Cunningham: Wilco. [Long pause]
047:14:45 Swigert: And, Apollo 7, just continuing with the morning news - basically, the headlines this morning are all about the rendezvous. They had another heart transplant in Houston early this morning. It is going well at last report. [Long pause]
047:15:04 Cunningham: Thank you.
047:15:05 Swigert: Have you got the Air Force-Navy score? Air Force over Navy 26 to 20, Southern Cal over Stanford, Ohio State over Purdue, Texas 26 Oklahome 20, Notre Dame beating Northwestern 27 to 7. [Long pause]
047:16:00 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. I have same flight plan updates here for you when you are ready to copy. [Pause]
047:16:07 Cunningham: Roger. Wait one. The last score we got was 27 to 7. Ready to copy in a second. [Pause]
047:16:13 Swigert: Okay.
047:16:15 Cunningham: Ready to copy. GO.
047:16:17 Swigert: Okay. At this G&N attitudes control test over Hawaii, we want to make sure that we have the high bit rate before we start it, and we acquire Hawaii at 49 08 45. It's a little bit different than it is in the flight plan; we just wanted to make sure we had the high bit rate before we started it. And the same way with the attitude control test which is at 50 40. On REV 33, the P52 IMU realign at 51 30, we would like you to - [Long pause]
047:17:02 Cunningham: A little slower, please, Jack.
047:17:04 Swigert: Okay. The IMU realign at 51 30, we would like you to use option 3 instead of option 2. We would like to keep the current REFSMMAT, and also we would like you to report your giro torquing angles at the conclusion of this realignment. [Long pause]
047:17:23 Cunningham: Roger. Got you. [Long pause]
047:17:35 Swigert: Okay. The - at 52 hours to P20 navigation, sunrise will he at 52 06. This might be useful for your S-IVB tracking at 320 miles. [Long pause]
047:17:59 Cunningham: Roger. 52 06.
047:18:02 Swigert: And that's it right now. [Pause]
047:18:09 Cunningham: Okay. I have a question here on the attitude control test. You've got high bit required 20 to 30 minutes on the G&N attitude control test. Very shortly thereafter, you have 10 to 20 minutes of C_N attitude control test. How are we going to get all that and - are they going to get all that dumped so we can have our tape back? [Long pause]
047:18:30 Swigert: Okay. Stand by here. I'll get EECOM on that. [Pause]
047:18:34 Cunningham: Can't you get a lot of that in real time, rather than in tapes? [Pause]
047:18:38 Swigert: Yes, we can. Stand by, Walt. [Long pause]
047:19:03 Swigert: Apollo 7, say again. [Pause]
047:19:08 Cunningham: We didn't call.
Very long comm break.
"This is Apollo Control Houston 47 hours 40 minutes. We are about to acquire through the ship Huntsville parked off the California coast and we'll monitor that conversation when and if it develops. For your information our orbit this morning is 120 by 155 nautical miles. 120 by 155 miles. And for those keeping precise times of the starts of revolutions, the next Cape crossing time will be at an elapsed time of 47 hours, 54 minutes, 32 seconds. That will be the start of the 31st revolution. Here's the pass."
047:40:47 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston through the Huntsville. [Long pause]
047:41:23 Communication technician: Two-way lock. Out of range. [Long pause]
047:41:36 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston through the Huntsville. Standig by.
Long comm break.
047:45:16 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston through Guaymas. [Pause]
047:45:22 Eisele: Roger, Jack. [Pause]
047:45:26 Swigert: Roger. Donn, we'd like to get some continuing remarks on your habitability there: how things are going, your living conditions, sleep and crew condition, and things like that. And by the way, Walt, we would like to ask you how you are feeling this morning and if that one Actifed that you took helped out. [Long pause]
047:45:58 Cunningham: Roger. I took one Actifed; my nose was slightly stuffy last night, but it didn't give me any problem while sleeping. I feel fine this morning. I feel in good shape. [Pause]
047:46:08 Swigert: Okay. Reel good news.
047:46:10 Cunningham: [Garble]. [Pause]
047:46:15 Swigert: If you feel like you want to take any more, let us know, okay? [Pause]
047:46:21 Cunningham: Roger. All of us are somewhat concerned. We all drinking out of the same water system and everything, and we all have one cold. But Wally seems to be getting a lot better, too. [Pause]
047:46:29 Swigert: Okay. That's real fine news.
047:46:32 Cunningham: In general, it's been going reel well up here. It's reasonably comfortable: air temperature is fine, the humidity is fine. We're just perking along; and with a little extra time, everybody is in pretty good shape. Little exercise now and then so everybody is in good shape. [Long pause]
047:46:52 Swigert: Okay. That's fine.
047:46:54 Eisele: I got 7 solid hours of sleep last night; and Walt just had about six, and he's up Wally's still asleep. [Pause]
047:47:01 Swigert: Okay. That's fine.
047:47:04 Eisele: As far as humidity goes, I'd say it's relatively comfortable in here. Several things - small things we've noticed along the way, but most of the things we've worked out ahead of time, it looks like. [Long pause]
047:47:19 Swigert: Okay. Copy.


047:47:21 Cunningham: I feel very strongly on the sleeping bit. The sleeping bag is not as good to have the shoulder harness and lap belt to strap you down against something, and I think we all feel kinda that way. [Long pause]
047:47:34 Swigert: Okay. Copy that. [Pause]
047:47:41 Cunningham: Other than that, I think it is rather amazing how well and quickly we all been able to adjust to IVA. [Long pause]
047:47:52 Swigert: Okay.
047:47:54 Cunningham: You might log that - from my personal observation at least - that there's far too much sweet in the diet, and I feel like we have more food than we need. I think Wally feels the same way. Donn seems to be eating most of his, though. [Long pause]
047:48:14 Swigert: Okay. [Pause]
047:48:18 Cunningham: I would suspect that in another couple of days I'm probably just going to skip a whole meal in order to keep up with him. [Pause]
047:48:26 Swigert: Okay. Copy. [Pause]
047:48:35 Cunningham: Another comment is that the exerciser is very, very good thing to make you feel better up here. I find that after we're up here - about the midle of the first day - we started noticing that your lower abdominal muscles seem to be a little sore. Always floating around in this seat position, and there is certainly enough strain taken off them, and now they kinda want to bunch up, and if we exercise once in awhile, we feel a lot better. [Long pause]
047:49:03 Swigert: That's a good note. [Long pause]
047:49:16 Cunningham: Did you read that, Houston?
047:49:18 Swigert: Roger. Copy that. That's real fine news. [Long pause]
047:49:29 Swigert: And Walt, sometime - Walt and Donn, sometime after Wally gets awake and the three of you have a real good chance, we'd like to get a O good status check on your windows. [Long pause]
047:49:40 Cunningham: Roger. I can give you that now if you'd like.
047:49:42 Swigert: Okay. Let's do. [Pause]
047:49:46 Cunningham: Okay. Window number 5 is still - I'd say - in very good shape, nothing compared to the pictures I've seen of a bad window in Gemini. Window number 4 is still in good shape - I mean, no concern about taking pictures out of it at all. Window number 3 has been continually deteriorating since about the first day, and you can see moisture collected on the inside of the outer pane and kinda spotty in the middle. You can see horizons out of it, but not a beck of a lot more. Window number 2 is still in good shape. On the left front side of it, you can see a slight amount of discoloration that may eventually work its way in on it. And window number 1 is similar to window number 5 except that it seems to have a lot of these little snow flakes settling on it. Window number 1 is right close to the urine dump and probably is coming from there.
Comm break.
047:51:03 Swigert: Okay. Copy that. [Long pause]
047:51:23 Swigert: Okay. We'll have you all the way across the States; we'll just keep standing by. [Pause]
047:51:28 Cunningham: Okay. You might make note that I haven't had any problems with food bags yet. Several comments though; that pill is supposed to be broken up, and you're doing well when you get the pill inside the bag. I don't know anybody who's got fingers strong enough to break it. Also, the gum doesn't have any Velcro on it whenever it shows up, and it's turning out that it's pretty significant that everything have a patch of Velcro on it. [Long pause]
047:52:02 Swigert: Okay. We copy that.
047:52:04 Cunningham: Also, the wet wipe that's packed with the fecal bags, they do not have Velcor on it, and they need it. [Long pause]
047:52:15 Swigert: Okay. [Pause]
047:52:22 Cunningham: The temperature inside the cabin has been very comfortable. Wally and Donn put on their inflight coveralls. They got out of the suit. I've been in my GWG ever since, and I guess when we start with the show business, I'll have to get dressed for it. [Long pause]
047:52:51 Swigert: Okay. Copy that.
Long comm break.
048:00:00 Swigert: Apollo 7, Houston. [Long pause]
048:00:52 Cunningham: Roger, Houston. Go.
048:00:54 Swigert: On the C&N control check that you were asking about - over Hawaii - that will be done over the states in high bit rate and real time. It won't require any DSE operation other than normal. [Long pause]
048:01:10 Cunningham: Roger. we will stand by for your verification that you have high bit rate before we start it. [Pause]
048:01:16 Swigert: Okay. That's real fine.
"This is Apollo Control Houston 48 hours 04 minutes into the flight. We are out at the far end of the ship Vanguard's area of acquisition and we will probably have no more contact for this pass. This pass did bring us a very complete summary of the crew status on board and among the things we heard was that Donn Eisele got 7 solid hours, as Walt Cunningham described them, of sleep. Cunningham said he had 6 hours and he reported that Schirra was still sleeping and he was still sleeping. We don't know precisely how long Wally Schirra has been asleep. Cunningham also reported some improvement in the - in what was beginning to be described yesterday as sick bay. Schirra's cold is better he said before he went to sleep, and he felt much better after taking a decongestant tablet last night before - Walt Cunningham took one before he went to sleep. At 48 hours and 05 minutes into the flight, that is our situation."