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Apollo 13


Day 6, part 3: Worn Out Crew

Corrected Transcript and Commentary Copyright ©2020 by W. David Woods, Johannes Kemppanen, Alexander Turhanov and Lennox J. Waugh. All rights reserved.
Last updated 2020-04-27
The crew of Apollo 13 has just spent a number of hours receiving and writing down the reactivation checklist that is to be used to bring the Command Module Odyssey back to life after several days of cold, powerless hibernation. They have recharged the reentry batteries and have made plans for stowing their equipment for the landing. Everything is still looking good, and the crew is holding on, but the extreme stress, lack of rest, proper meals and adequate water is starting to show its toll.
128:23:44 Brand: Aquarius, Houston. Over.
128:23:48 Haise: All right, go ahead, Vance.
128:23:50 Brand: Okay, Fred. Two - three things. First thing is we need a docking angle check as soon as you can conveniently get it. Second point, you're free to drink all the descent stage water you want, if that wasn't clear before. And the third point, if you have a piece of paper, stand by to get writer's cramps. We have something to give you here.
128:24:21 Haise: Okay. You want the - again a look at the docking tunnel index?
Fred sounds puzzled by the request. The docking index was reported to Mission Control early on in the mission, and is not expected to change.
128:24:27 Brand: Why don't you go ahead and look at that...
128:24:28 Haise: [Garble] ...
128:24:31 Brand: Look at that first, yes.
128:24:34 Haise: Okay.
Comm break.
This is Apollo Control at 128 hours.
128:25:46 Haise: Okay. Jim says the docking tunnel index is a plus 2.1 degrees.
128:25:52 Brand: Okay. Plus 2.1 degrees, docking tunnel index.
128:25:58 Haise: Okay. He corrects himself. He says make that sign a minus. Minus 2.1 degrees.
128:26:04 Brand: Okay. We just changed, plus to minus.
Orientation of the CSM and LM during docking operations.
128:26:09 Swigert: Okay. And your second item was, we can drink all that descent water that's left - look like about 5 percent, and I'll get book here and be ready to start writing.
128:26:23 Brand: Okay. Get - This won't be as long as - as the one T. K. read up, but you'll need several pages, probably.
128:26:35 Haise: Okay. I've got lots of pages here of Ken's photo log set to go.
128:26:41 Brand: Okay, Freddo. Okay. This is "Entry, LM Prep." Starts EI minus 6 hours. At that time, you power up the AGS. I think I'll give you a line at a time and, when I hear you say okay on that, I'll go to the next. That sound reasonable?
This checklist will be the Lunar Module side of the reentry preparations, performed simultaneously with the Command Module procedures.
128:27:11 Haise: Okay. I'll go hot mike briefly.
128:27:16 Brand: Okay. Bat 5 ...
128:27:25 Haise: Hey, how do you read now?
128:27:27 Brand: Okay. I read you okay, Fred. Okay. Battery 5...
128:27:33 Haise: Okay. [Garble]
128:27:37 Brand: Battery 5 Normal Feed, On is the first step. [Pause.]
128:27:50 Haise: Okay, Vance. ... Go ahead.
128:27:53 Brand: Okay. Use modified LM DPS/RCS 30-minute activation checklist. [Long pause.]
128:28:22 Haise: Okay.
128:28:25 Brand: EI minus 5 hours. Midcourse-7, if required. Next: LM preentry procedure. And, Fred, the time on LM preentry procedure is just ...
128:28:49 Haise: Okay. Go ahead.
128:28:50 Brand: Okay. The time on the LM preentry procedure is just as soon as you finish midcourse-7, or 5 hours ...
128:29:08 Haise: All right, go ahead, Vance.
128:29:09 Brand: Okay.
128:29:10 Haise: Okay. I've got this TEI minus 5 hours, MCC-7 if required, and now you're going to start me a new procedure called LM preentry procedure. Go ahead.
128:29:19 Brand: Roger. Maneuver to SM Sep attitude. Configure for CSM hotfire. [Pause.]
128:29:44 Haise: Okay.
The maneuver will be performed by the LM.
128:29:46 Brand: Under that, Dead Band, Max; and Attitude Control, three, to Pulse. [Pause.]
128:30:04 Haise: Okay.
The LM's attitude control will be set to maximum deadband - which allows for more rotation away from the desired attitude - and to use pulse mode, for very short firings of the RCS jets.
128:30:05 Brand: Perform CSM hotfire. Maneuver back to SM Sep attitude.
128:30:22 Haise: Okay.
Should the brief firing of the Command Module thrusters cause them to veer away from their desired attitude, the LM will then maneuver back.
128:30:25 Brand: And under that, Attitude Control, Pitch and Roll, Pulse; Yaw, Mode Control. [Long pause.]
Mode Control sets for automatic attitude control under either the computer or the AGS.
128:30:51 Brand: Okay. Next, EI minus 4 hours, 30 minutes. Configure for CM/SM Sep.
128:31:02 Haise: Okay. Hold on a minute.
128:31:03 Brand: Okay.
128:31:04 Haise: That was EI - EI minus 4½?
128:31:07 Brand: That's correct. [Long pause.]
128:31:26 Haise: Okay. That's EI minus 4½ hours, configure for SM Sep.
128:31:30 Brand: That's affirm, and under that, Balance Couple, On.
128:31:42 Haise: Okay.
This switch selects whether paired or single RCS jets are used for controlling pitch and roll.
128:31:44 Brand: AGS 404, plus 0; 405, plus 0; 406, plus 0; and 470, read out.
128:32:11 Haise: Okay. Got it.
In this step, they input four commands into the DEDA to program the AGS. The first three settings will set up the AGS to sense their acceleration on all three axes, and then the selection of address 470 will display the acceleration on the X axis, ie. in the direction of travel.
128:32:14 Brand: Translate plus-X at 0.5 feet per second. [Long pause.]
128:32:30 Haise: Okay.
This is to change their velocity by half a foot.
128:32:32 Brand: Then CM/SM Sep. After Sep, null 470 ...
128:32:42 Haise: Okay. Stand by 1.
128:32:43 Brand: Okay. [Long pause.]
128:33:00 Haise: Okay. Go ahead.
128:33:02 Brand: After Sep, null 470 to 0. [Long pause.]
128:33:25 Haise: Okay.
Once the Service Module has been separated, Fred will use the RCS jets to return to their previous velocity.
128:33:27 Brand: Attitude Control, three of them, to Pulse. [Long pause.]
128:33:43 Haise: Okay.
128:33:44 Brand: Pitch to acquire Service Module for photos. [Long pause.]
128:34:07 Haise: Okay.
128:34:09 Brand: Okay. Note: use ACA for control. [Long pause.]
128:34:30 Haise: Okay. We can use the ACA now for control.
Next step will be moving the Lunar Module to try and photograph the damage to the Service Module.
128:34:37 Brand: Roger. EI minus 3 hours, maneuver and Att Hold for Moon view, attitude... [Pause.]
128:34:59 Haise: Wait a minute. Was that maneuver in Att Hold for Moon view. Is that right?
128:35:04 Brand: For - That's affirm. - For Moon view attitude until CM platform release. [Long pause.]
128:35:43 Haise: Okay. It says maneuver in Att Hold for Moon view attitude until CM platform release.
128:35:49 Brand: That's affirm. Better worded, it would have been maneuver and hold in attitude for Moon view, et cetera.
128:36:00 Haise: Okay. That's mainly for Jack to be able to get it in the optics, you mean.
128:36:08 Brand: Yes, that's correct. Okay, Fred ...
128:36:11 Haise: Okay.
128:36:12 Brand: Could you give us a readback on everything up to this point?
128:36:20 Haise: Okay. I'll go back to Normal Voice. It, might - Or is this pretty clear?
128:36:24 Brand: Okay. Its clear. [Long pause.]
128:36:40 Haise: Okay. The master title, "Entry, LM Prep, EI Minus 6 hours." First, Bat 5 Normal Feed, On; second, use modified LM DPS/RCS, 30-minute activation checklist. Next, is at TEI minus 5 hours, MCC-7, if required. Now, we have a LM preentry procedure. First, we maneuver to Service Module Sep attitude. Second, configure for CSM hotfire. Under that, Dead Band Max, and Attitude Control, three, to Pulse. Thirdly, perform CSM hotfire. Fourth, we - The LM maneuvers back to SM Sep attitude, with Attitude Controls, Pitch and Roll to Pulse, Attitude Control, Yaw, to Mode Control. Now, you got that so far, Vance.
128:37:56 Brand: That's correct so far, Freddo.
128:37:59 Haise: Okay. At EI minus 4½ hours, configure for SM Sep. First, Balance Couple, On. Secondly, zero the counters in AGS; 404, 405, 406, plus 0; read out 470. Thirdly, translate plus-X to 0.5 foot per second. Fourth, CM/SM Sep. Fifth, after Sep, null 470 to 0. Sixth, Attitude Control, three, to Pulse. Seventh, pitch to acquire Service Module for photos. And a note, use the ACA for control. Last, we had - you gave me was TEI minus 3 hours. Maneuver in Att Hold for Moon view until the CM platform release.
128:39:19 Brand: Okay, Fred. Only - Only a minor point that we just picked up. At the very top, EI minus 6 hours, the title is "power up," above Bat 5 Normal Feed, On.
128:39:41 Haise: Okay. The title above Bat 5 Normal Feed, On, is "power up."
128:39:46 Brand: Okay. And on the last, it was maneuver and Att Hold for Moon view attitude until CM platform release. I think that's what you read. Okay. Ready to go on? EI minus - Are you there?
128:40:04 Haise: Okay. Next is - Okay. Next is TEI minus what, Vance?
128:40:08 Brand: It's - It's EI minus 2½ hours, Fred.
128:40:17 Haise: Okay. EI minus 2½.
128:40:20 Brand: Okay. The title, "Power removal from CM LM umbilical." [Long pause.]
128:40:53 Haise: Okay. "Power removal from CM LM umbilical."
128:41:00 Brand: That's correct. Next, assumes - This assumes all descent batteries on line. [Pause.]
128:41:14 Haise: Okay. I'll put that as a note. [Long pause.]
128:41:31 Brand: And Ascent Batteries 5 and 6 on Normal Feed. [Long pause.]
128:41:52 Haise: Okay. This assumes all descent Bats on line, and Ascent Bats 5 and 6 on Normal Feed. Go ahead.
All six LM batteries should be online at this point.
128:41:57 Brand: Roger. Next, CSM CB LM Power 1, Main B to Open. [Pause.]
128:42:27 Haise: Okay. CSM, CB LM Power 1, Main B, Open.
128:42:30 Brand: Next. CB, LM Power 2, Main B, Open. [Pause.]
128:42:42 Haise: Okay. CSM, CB LM Power 2, Main B, Open.
128:42:47 Brand: CB EPS Sensor Signal, Main B to Open. [Pause.]
128:43:10 Haise: Okay. CB EPS Sensor Signal, Main B, Open.
These steps in the Command Module remove power from the umbilicals connecting the two spacecraft.
128:43:14 Brand: Okay. Next, the LM. CB, EPS panels 11 and 16, Cross Tie Balance Loads to Close. [Pause.]
128:43:55 Haise: Okay. On the LM side now. CB EPS 11, panels 11 and 16, Cross Tie Bal Loads, Close.
These breakers allow the two main buses in the LM to be connected together.
128:44:04 Brand: That's correct. Next, CB EPS panel 16, Bat Feed Tie, two of them, Open. [Long pause.]
128:44:40 Haise: Okay. LM, CB EPS, panel 16, Bat Feed Tie, two, Open.
This opens the crosstie battery feeds.
128:44:50 Brand: Okay. CB EPS 16, Ascent ECA Control to Close. [Long pause.]
128:45:12 Haise: Okay. CB EPS panel 16, Ascent ECA Control, Close.
128:45:18 Brand: Correct. Battery 1, Hi Volt - High Voltage to Off/Reset. [Long pause.]
128:45:40 Haise: Okay. Battery 1, Hi Volt, Off/Reset.
128:45:42 Brand: Battery 5, Off/Reset. [Long pause.]
128:45:55 Haise: Okay. Battery 5, Hi Volt - or, it should be Battery 5 Normal Feed to Off/Reset.
128:46:04 Brand: Roger. And - Stand by.
128:46:13 Haise: Or did you mean battery 2?
128:46:17 Lovell: Yes. I think that's what he meant.
128:46:22 Brand: Okay. We mean Battery 5 to Off/Reset.
128:46:30 Haise: Okay.
128:46:33 Brand: That's a Normal Feed.
128:46:34 Haise: Battery 5, Normal Feed - Normal Feed, Off/Reset. Got you.
128:46:39 Brand: Okay. Bat 2, Low Voltage, Off/Reset then On. [Long pause.]
128:47:05 Haise: Okay. Battery 2, Low Volt, Off/Reset, then On.
128:47:11 Brand: Next. Bat 2, Hi Volt, Off/Reset, then On. [Long pause.]
128:47:59 Haise: Okay. You still there, Vance?
128:48:01 Brand: Roger. I didn't catch your readback, Fred.
128:48:05 Haise: Oh, okay. The last item was item 9, and that was Bat 2, Low Volt, Off/Reset, then On.
128:48:12 Brand: Roger. After that, I gave another one. Bat 2, Hi Volt, Off/Reset, then On. [Long pause.]
128:48:39 Haise: Okay. Bat 2, Hi Volt, Off/Reset, then On.
128:48:42 Brand: Correct. Bat 1, Hi Volt, On. [Pause.]
128:48:55 Haise: Okay. Bat 1, Hi Volt, On.
128:49:00 Brand: Bat 5, Normal Feed, On. [Long pause.]
128:49:15 Haise: Okay. Bat 5, Normal Feed, On.
128:49:20 Brand: CB, EPS, 16, Bat Feed Tie, two of them, Closed. [Long pause.]
128:49:45 Haise: Okay. CB, EPS, 16, Bat Feed Tie, two, Closed.
This long litany resets and then reconnects the batteries to the buses.
128:49:49 Brand: Roger. Next. The LMP should transfer to the CM. [Long pause.]
128:50:12 Haise: Okay. I'll underline that one. LMP transfer to CM.
128:50:17 Brand: Don't let them forget you. [Pause.]
128:50:29 Brand: Okay. And just before LMP transfer to CM, we'd like to have you add another step, Fred. That is ...
128:50:40 Haise: Go ahead.
128:50:41 Brand: That is, CB, EPS, Ascent ECA Control, Open. [Pause.]
128:51:08 Haise: Okay. You want CB - CB, EPS, that's on 16, I assume, Ascent ECA Control, Open.
128:51:19 Brand: Affirm. Okay. This is EI minus 1 hour 45 minutes, next. [Long pause.]
128:51:44 Haise: Okay. Go ahead.
128:51:47 Brand: Okay. Maneuver to CM LM Jett attitude. [Long pause.]
128:52:01 Brand: And you'll have a PAD for that attitude. [Pause.]
128:52:12 Haise: Okay. Maneuver to CM LM Jett attitude.
128:52:16 Brand: That's affirm. Matter of fact, Jack has a listing of your PADs there, Freddo, so you can review them after this is over.
128:52:25 Haise: Okay.
128:52:30 Brand: EI minus 1 hour 35 minutes. Configure...
128:52:40 Haise: ...EI minus 1 hour 30.
128:52:42 Brand: That's correct. Configure for jettison. [Long pause.]
128:52:58 Haise: Okay.
128:52:59 Brand: Under that, verify CM free. [Long pause.]
128:53:12 Haise: Verify CM free.
This refers to Command Module's attitude control selection switch.
128:53:16 Brand: Okay. Next, the Comm configuration. S-Band, PM, Prim.
128:53:33 Haise: Hold on. Say again now.
128:53:35 Brand: Okay. Next, Comm configuration.
128:53:40 Haise: This is for the Command Module?
128:53:42 Brand: Negative. The step above for CM free was Command Module, but the Comm is for LM again. [Pause.]
128:53:55 Haise: Okay. Go ahead.
128:54:01 Brand: Okay. S-Band, PM, Primary, Primary again, Off, PCM, Range, Off, and Hi. [Pause.]
128:54:49 Haise: Okay. Our S-Band Config is: PM, Prim, Prim, Off, PCM, Range, Off, Hi.
This comm configuration selects PM mode for the radio, Primary transceiver, primary power amplifier, Voice Off, telemetry On, ranging Off, and high bit rate. Vance listed the choices in the order the comm selection switches are arranged in the console.
128:54:55 Brand: That's correct. Stand by 1. [Long pause.]
128:55:24 Haise: Do you have any druthers about which Omni?
128:55:26 Brand: Yes. Select best Omni.
128:55:30 Haise: Select - Did you say Aft, or best?
128:55:33 Brand: Best. Best in the west.
128:55:38 Haise: Okay. I was wondering if that's still going to be best after it leaves - But, okay. Select best Omni at the time.
128:55:43 Brand: That's affirm. Okay. We've covered Comm, Fred. Next, ECS. [Long pause.]
128:56:01 Haise: Okay. Go ahead.
Next comes the configuration for the Environmental Control System. It will have little to do in terms of life support once the crew is gone, but will maintain operational temperature of the equipment until the end.
128:56:04 Brand: Okay. Under ECS, Forward Dump valve, Close. [Long pause.]
128:56:21 Haise: Okay. Forward Dump valve, Close.
Cross section of the LM Forward Cabin Relief and Dump Valve
Close setting on the dump valve prevents onboard atmosphere from being vented out even if the pressure rises beyond the normal limit. During typical operations, this valve would be used to depressurize the cabin while on the lunar surface.
128:56:24 Brand: Suit Circuit Relief, Auto. [Long pause.]
128:56:46 Haise: Suit Circuit Relief to Auto.
In Auto mode, the suit circuit will be relieved into the cabin if the pressure rises too high.
128:56:49 Brand: Cabin Gas Return, Egress. [Long pause.]
128:57:18 Haise: Cabin Gas Return, Egress.
This closes the valve that allows cabin air to flow into the suit circuit for replenishment.
128:57:20 Brand: Suit Gas Diverter, Egress. [Pause.]
128:57:32 Haise: Gas Diverter, Egress.
This prevents the suit circuit air from flowing into the cabin.
128:57:35 Brand: Suit Isolation valves, two of them, Disconnect. [Long pause.]
128:57:51 Haise: Okay. ISO valves, two, to Suit Disconnect.
These close the oxygen flow into the suit hoses.
128:57:55 Brand: Roger. Pressure Regs A and B, Close. [Long pause.]
128:58:13 Haise: Regs A and B to Close.
This stops all oxygen flow into the suit circuit.
128:58:17 Brand: Cabin Repress Valve, Close. [Long pause.]
128:58:31 Haise: Repress Valve, Close.
Closing the repress valve prevents oxygen flow into the cabin.
128:58:35 Brand: Suit Fan, Off.
Finally, they turn off the suit fan.
128:58:41 Haise: How many more steps, Vance?
128:58:43 Brand: Two after this, Freddo.
128:58:47 Haise: Okay. Stand by.
128:58:52 Brand: Maybe you need a scroll, yet.
128:58:56 Haise: Yes.
128:58:58 Lovell: I want to ask him why all these steps just to get rid of a LM that's going to burn up in a half hour. Seems ridiculous. God damn it. Too many guys...
128:59:08 Haise: Suit Fan, Off.
128:59:10 Lovell: ...got in the act.
Although Jim was ostensibly resting, he has been roused by the continous radio chatter and the Vox Fred turned on earlier picks up his outburst, heard muffled and not meant for Mission Control to hear.
128:59:15 Brand: Okay. The last one was Suit Fan, Off. Hey, Jim, Deke said he thought you were asleep. [Long pause.]
Vance tries to be as diplomatic as possible, and implies that the astronaut boss Deke Slayton has already given his word on the matter.
128:59:38 Lovell: Okay. All these steps woke me up.
128:59:46 Brand: Okay. We'll try to be quieter. Except I don't know how. Okay, Freddo...
128:59:55 Lovell: I got my audio breaker on.
128:59:57 Brand: Did you get Suit Fan, Off?
129:00:01 Haise: Yes. Suit Fan, Off.
129:00:05 Brand: Okay. Circuit breakers, panel - circuit breaker panel 16 rather. ECS, Cabin Repress to Open. [Long pause.]
129:00:37 Haise: Okay. CB panel 16, ECS, Cabin Repress, Open.
This pulls power from the automatic cabin repress system.
129:00:42 Brand: Roger. Overhead Dump Valve, Closed. Maybe Jim has a point there, though. [Long pause.]
129:00:56 Haise: Yes. Overhead Dump Valve, Close, and it is already.
This valve is in the docking hatch into the tunnel that leads to the Command Module.
129:01:02 Brand: Right. Okay. That's all for the ECS. Next, Attitude Control, three, to Mode Control.
129:01:23 Haise: Okay. Stand by 1. [Pause.]
129:01:31 Brand: Oh, stand by 1, Fred. We'd like to - change the position of that Attitude Control, three, Mode Control to be just under CM free. That's a more convenient time.
129:01:51 Haise: Yes, I agree. Okay. Under, it'll be my item B, after verify CM free, it's Att Control, three, to Mode Control.
129:02:04 Brand: And, along with that, Dead Band, Max.
129:02:11 Haise: Okay. Three to Mode Control, comma, Dead Band to Max.
129:02:18 Brand: Next verify...
129:02:20 Haise: If I don't sound too clear, it's because I'm holding a flashlight between my teeth. [Pause.]
129:02:29 Brand: Roger.
129:02:33 Haise: Okay.
129:02:35 Brand: Okay. Now...
129:02:36 Haise: Okay. I think I'm - I'm up with you. Go ahead, Vance.
129:02:39 Brand: Okay. Now again down at the bottom beneath ECS, verify transfer list. [Long pause.]
129:03:02 Haise: Okay. Verify transfer list.
129:03:06 Brand: IVT to CM, and close hatch.
129:03:12 Haise: What was that - What was the first part of that?
129:03:15 Brand: Transfer yourself to the CM. Or rather, IVT, that's the Commander to the CM, and close hatch.
129:03:25 Haise: Okay. [Long pause.]
129:03:46 Haise: Actually, it's commander transfer to CM and you mean close hatches. Plural, right?
129:03:53 Brand: That's correct. Yes.
129:03:56 Haise: Okay.
129:04:01 Brand: Okay. That's all for the time line, Fred. Now the contingency checklist, if it's handy.
129:04:12 Haise: Okay. Which page?
129:04:15 Brand: Turn to 30-minute activation on page 24. [Pause.]
129:04:25 Haise: Okay. I'm there.
129:04:28 Brand: Okay. Now, at this point, you have this section marked up already, so what I give you now represents additional Deltas to your previously marked up checklist.
129:04:43 Haise: Okay. That's all right. I've got a different color pen, so it'll show up nicely. Go ahead.
129:04:47 Brand: Okay. Okay. Go down to item 4.
129:04:54 Haise: Roger.
129:04:56 Brand: Verify AGS Status switch, Off. That's an addition.
129:05:09 Haise: Do you mean, under IVT to the LM, number 4, RCS System A/B-2, Quads 4, Auto? That 4?
129:05:21 Brand: That's affirm. Yes. It's the - the only 4 on that page 24 and it's a - presently has after it RCS System A/B-2, Quads, 4, to Auto. Under that put...
129:05:34 Haise: Roger.
129:05:36 Brand: ...put verify AGS Status switch to Off. [Pause.]
129:05:45 Haise: Okay. Verify AGS Status switch Off.
129:05:49 Brand: Okay. At the bottom of the page - Okay. You already have that. Mode Control, both, Off. [Pause.]
129:06:05 Brand: Okay. Next, page 26, circuit breakers. [Pause.]
129:06:13 Haise: Okay. Go ahead.
129:06:16 Brand: Okay. First row is okay as is. Second row, under Flight Displays, GASTA should be closed.
129:06:33 Haise: Okay.
129:06:34 Brand: Under AC Bus A, close GASTA. [Pause.]
129:06:43 Haise: Okay. GASTA Flight Displays and AC Bus A will be closed.
129:06:47 Brand: Roger. That's all on the second line. Now the third line, under Stability and Control, ATCA (PGNS) to closed. [Pause.]
129:07:03 Haise: Okay. ATCA (PGNS) to Close.
129:07:05 Brand: That's all on that line. Fourth line, near the right side, LGC Standby to Close. And...
129:07:21 Haise: Wait a minute. You mean LGC/DSKY.
129:07:25 Brand: LGC/DSKY. I'm sorry.
129:07:29 Haise: Okay.
129:07:30 Brand: And IMU Operate, Close.
129:07:35 Haise: Okay. IMU Operate, Close. [Long pause.]
129:07:49 Haise: Okay, Vance. IMU Operate, Close.
129:07:52 Brand: That's correct. Okay. Fourth row is okay as is. Now we would like to add - add in a late arrival to row two. Under ...
129:08:09 Haise: Go ahead.
129:08:10 Brand: Under Flight Displays, Mission Timer, Closed. [Pause.]
129:08:19 Haise: Okay. Flight Displays, Mission Timer, Closed. We can look at the ghosties right to the end.
129:08:26 Brand: Yes, that's right. Okay. That's all for that page, Fred. That should add up to six circuit breakers all closed, on that page.
They add a few circuit breakers with the intention of providing more telemetry data from the LM after they separate.
129:08:39 Lovell: Vance, Jim.
129:08:41 Brand: Go ahead, Jim.
129:08:43 Lovell: Have we looked seriously now at just the essential things required to make a safe LM jettison? We're not - I don't think we have the time to really do any engineering data that people might want to look at as this thing goes into the atmosphere. [Pause.]
After his earlier outburst, Lovell has now come on the line to speak his mind directly to Mission Control.
129:09:06 Brand: Well, Jim. I - I think that that was what everybody aimed for, and people down here feel that it's the essentials, that it's what you need.
129:09:19 Lovell: Well, we'll do everything you think essential, but I just don't want to be throwing switches at the last minute. What we're really thinking about, getting that Command Module in good shape. [Pause.]
129:09:35 Stafford: Hey, Jim. This is Tom. The only reason we're bringing up the PGNS is to have another reference system just to control the LM when you jettison the thing. Over.
129:09:45 Lovell: Okay. Okay, Tom. It's - I thought the - an AGS Att Hold would have been sufficient for this, when we first thought about this.
The arrival of the Astronaut Office boss Tom Stafford has made Jim sound more diplomatic than before.
129:09:53 Stafford: Yes. I agree. But we decided just in case we have any glitch with the AGS, we want to make sure we get that LM off in a good shape. And I agree with you on keeping out all the garbage on it.
129:10:03 Lovell: Okay, Tom.
129:10:05 Slayton: Hey, would you like to have...
129:10:06 Lovell: Good night.
129:10:07 Slayton: Would you like to have us play you some guitar music to put you to sleep?
129:10:10 Lovell: (Laughter) Oh, you know how to get to a guy.
129:10:14 Slayton: We'll even have a 12-string guitar for you, Jimbo.
129:10:20 Lovell: Okay.
Deke Slayton returns to the airwaves to deliver a joke that the editing team has not been able to decipher.
Lovell's outburst was dramatized for the Apollo 13 movie. The movie adaptation could even be called somewhat toned down, surprisingly enough, consisting of a brief monologue from Lovell about demanding the procedures to be ready sooner rather than later.
129:10:23 Brand: Okay, Fred. Page 28.
129:10:28 Haise: Okay. I'm looking at panel 16 now.
129:10:32 Brand: No - No changes to panel ...
129:10:33 Haise: [Garble]
129:10:34 Brand: No changes to panel 16.
129:10:38 Haise: Okay. I'm on 28 now.
129:10:41 Brand: Right. Okay. At the top of the page, under step 4, just above "VHF/S-band activation," put in, "Delete Power AMP and LGC." These are caution lights.
129:11:07 Haise: Okay. You mean delete Preamp.
129:11:10 Brand: I'm sorry. Preamp and LGC. [Pause.]
129:11:18 Haise: Okay.
129:11:21 Brand: Okay. Under "VHF/S-band activation and checkout," step 2, we have changes to the Comm as follows.
129:11:34 Haise: Go ahead.
129:11:40 Brand: Okay. Scratch - Scratch out the Down and Down Voice. That leaves - That'll give you Voice.
129:11:50 Haise: Okay. That's the way we had it last time.
129:11:54 Brand: Okay. And, we'd like to insert Ranging.
129:12:01 Haise: Okay. Instead of Off/Reset put Ranging.
129:12:04 Brand: That's correct. [Pause.]
129:12:15 Haise: Okay.
129:12:17 Brand: Okay. Under "PGNS turn-on," add in steps 1 and 2 again, which are No Attitude light off, Verb 96 Enter, and set Event Timer.
129:12:35 Haise: Okay. Steps 1 and 2 back in.
129:12:38 Brand: That's affirm. And underneath "Set Event Timer," add the following: Verb 25 Noun 07, Enter; 1257, Enter. [Pause.]
129:13:04 Haise: Okay. Go ahead, Vance.
129:13:06 Brand: Okay. If you got the 1257, Enter, then 252, Enter and Enter.
129:13:18 Haise: Okay. After event, set Event Timer, it's Verb 25 Noun 07, Enter; 1257, Enter; 252 Enter; Enter.
129:13:28 Brand: Roger. And this activates your upfiring jets.
129:13:35 Haise: Say the last again, Vance.
129:13:36 Brand: Roger. What this does, Fred, is activate upfiring jets.
129:13:41 Haise: Oh, okay.
129:13:43 Brand: They're all - actually, all vertical jets. [Long pause.]
129:14:00 Haise: Okay. I got it.
129:14:01 Brand: Next, the same page, under "DAP set gimbal drive," go to step 2. Okay. Add in after Noun 46, 32021. [Pause.]
129:14:31 Haise: Okay. 32021.
129:14:35 Brand: Okay. Proceeding on down below the Noun 47, to the Proceed, insert Verb 34, Enter, after the Proceed. And that would come before the Noun 48. [Pause.]
129:14:59 Haise: Okay. To Pro and then do a Verb 34. [Pause.]
129:15:13 Brand: Roger. Okay. We have some noise here, Fred. Stand by a minute. [Pause.]
129:15:29 Haise: I switched OMNIs. How's that?
129:15:31 Brand: Hey, that helped. Okay. No changes now on 29, 30, and 31. Next page is 32. [Pause.]
129:15:45 Haise: Okay. I'm on 32.
129:15:48 Brand: Okay. At the very first step above "Guidance Control, AGS," put in Verb 76, Enter. [Pause.]
129:16:02 Haise: Okay. Verb 76, Enter.
129:16:05 Brand: Okay. Below "Guidance Control, AGS," the third step should be changed to be Mode Control, both, to Att Hold.
129:16:18 Haise: Okay. You want Mode Control, both, to Att Hold.
129:16:21 Brand: That's affirm.
129:16:31 Haise: Okay.
129:16:32 Brand: Okay. At minus 6 - 6 hours - or 6 minutes rather, under Mode Control, PGNS, Att Hold, which was scratched out, insert Verb 41 Noun 20, Enter, and three more Enters. So - So it's as shown in your procedure there.
129:17:13 Haise: Yes.
129:17:14 Brand: Okay ...
129:17:15 Haise: Coarse align 000.
129:17:17 Brand: Below that, put in DEDA, 400 plus 5. [Long pause.]
129:17:35 Haise: Okay. DEDA, 400 plus 5.
129:17:38 Brand: Okay. Okay. We want back in again the next step which is "At burn attitude: Verb 40 Noun 20, Enter." [Pause.]
129:17:56 Haise: Okay. [Pause.]
129:18:08 Brand: Okay. Proceeding on down, delete "At burn attitude" and the step above it, which is 400 plus 5. [Pause.]
129:18:24 Haise: 400 plus 5 and the "at burn attitude."
129:18:28 Brand: Correct. [Pause.]
129:18:39 Brand: Okay. That's all for page 32, Fred. Next, page 33. [Pause.]
129:18:46 Haise: Go ahead.
129:18:49 Brand: Okay. Under 4 minutes, minus 4 minutes, add back in Mode Control, both, to Att Hold. [Long pause.]
129:19:10 Haise: Okay. Mode Control, both, to Att Hold.
129:19:15 Brand: Okay. Two steps below that, add back in TTCA Commander Throttle min DPS, and add in DPS. [Pause.]
129:19:36 Haise: Wait a minute.
129:19:39 Brand: Stand by 1.
129:19:41 Haise: TTC - Yes. Seems like you should be in Jets, since this is going to be - is this going to be RCS or a DPS burn?
129:19:49 Brand: Okay. This will be Jets for RCS and Throttle for DPS.
129:20:00 Haise: What I don't understand is, what is this SPS likely to be? I thought it was going to be an RCS.
129:20:05 Brand: Well, we - We expect that, but we're remaining flexible.
129:20:11 Haise: (Laughter) Okay. Okay. I'll put in TTCA Throttle min for DPS, Jets for RCS.
129:20:18 Brand: That's correct. Okay. That's all on the page 33. Go to page 34. [Pause.]
129:20:36 Haise: Okay; 34.
129:20:39 Brand: Okay. Beneath everything on that page, add in the following. Return to "Entry, - LM Prep" check - return to "Entry, LM Prep" checklist...
129:21:00 Haise: Hold on, Vance; I don't understand. We want to delete everything on page 34?
129:21:07 Brand: No, that's not correct, Fred. What we want to do is leave everything the way it is on 34, and add this one comment I'm giving you at the - at the bottom of it.
129:21:17 Haise: Oh, okay. Okay. I misunderstood. Okay. Go ahead with your added comment.
129:21:22 Brand: Return to "Entry LM Prep checklist." [Pause.]
129:21:35 Brand: Add "EI"...
129:21:36 Haise: [Garble] turn to - return to "Entry, LM checklist?"
129:21:43 Brand: That's affirm. At EI minus 5 hours.
129:21:48 Haise: Okay. At EI minus 5 hours. Let me take a look and see how that flows, now.
129:22:00 Brand: Okay. And also you have a ...
129:22:02 Haise: Okay. That would be the LM - the LM preentry procedure. Yes. Okay.
129:22:08 Brand: That's correct, and, also on that page, you - from our last correct - or addition exercise, you have a section called "Reestablish PTC." We'd like to scratch all of that, of course.
129:22:22 Haise: Roger. [Long pause.]
129:22:46 Brand: Okay, Fred. That's all except for one comment that we have, and - Just a second.
Long comm break.
129:25:09 Brand: Stand by 1. Fred, we're polling the room for comments here, any last minute thoughts from people. We'll be right back with you.
129:25:18 Haise: Okay.
Long comm break.
129:28:11 Brand: Aquarius, Houston.
129:28:17 Haise: Okay. Go ahead.
129:28:19 Brand: Okay, Fred. Just two changes, comments to what we just gave you. The first is near the front at EI - in the section under "EI minus 2½ hours, power removal from CM LM umbilical." We'll let you turn to that.
129:28:44 Haise: Okay, I'm there at "EI minus 2½ hours, power removal CM LM umbilical."
129:28:49 Brand: Okay. Under LM, we have a step, Bat 2, Low Voltage, Off/Reset, than On. Next we have a step Bat 2, Hi Voltage. Off/Reset, then On. We request that you wait in between these two steps for us to give you a Go. In other words, we'd like to look and see that all the relays closed and all that sort of thing before you throw Bat 2, Hi Voltage, to Off/Reset, and On. [Long pause.]
129:29:33 Haise: Okay, After Bat 2, Low Voltage, Off/Reset, I'll - then On, I'll wait for a MSFN Go before proceeding.
129:29:42 Brand: Right-o. Okay. Next, at - Under the section of "EI minus 1 hour and 45 minutes" - No, change that. Correction, "EI minus 1 hour, 35 minutes," refer to the ECS section, and we have a change. [Long pause.]
129:30:13 Haise: All right. Go ahead, Vance.
129:30:17 Brand: Okay, Jim's right. We should cross out all this stuff with a couple of exceptions. Forward Dump valve, Closed, the first step, should remain. All other steps should be scratched, except for the last one, which is Overhead Dump valve, Closed. That leaves two steps. [Pause.]
129:30:45 Haise: Okay. Under ECS, we delete all except the first step, Forward Dump valve, Close, and step 10, which is Overhead Dump valve, Closed, and leave in verify transfer list. [Pause.]
129:31:06 Brand: That's affirm. Leave in what follows, which is verify transfer list and IVT and all that. [Long pause.]
129:31:28 Brand: IVT, of course, meaning CDR transferring to the CM. [Pause.]
129:31:38 Haise: We wouldn't forget it.
IVT stands for Intravehicular Transfer and is NASA lingo for 'moving from one spaceship to another'.
129:31:43 Brand: Okay, Freddo. That's - That's the changes. Not quite as extensive as the CSM had, but still pretty long. Any comments or questions to the house here? [Pause.]
129:32:02 Haise: No, it looks pretty good to me, Vance.
129:32:06 Brand: Okay. Very good. Only other comment, aside from the checklist, we've been watching your descent stage water, and it looks - or your ascent stage water, and it looks real good.
129:32:22 Haise: Okay. [Long pause.]
129:32:42 Brand: Okay, Fred. We're going to try to refrain from calling you from now on, so that you can maybe get a couple of winks. We're getting a status around the room first, to see if anybody has any comments for you and, after that, we'll try to leave you alone for awhile.
129:33:06 Haise: Thank you.
Long comm break.
129:37:36 Brand: Aquarius, Houston. [Long pause.]
129:38:00 Brand: Aquarius, Houston. [Long pause.]
129:38:25 Brand: Hey, Freddo. Are you there?
129:38:29 Haise: All right, go ahead.
129:38:30 Brand: Okay. We polled the room. We don't have much for you. Only comments as follows: your consumables are looking good; your entry gamma right now is minus 6.01. We're expecting a midcourse of 2.81 foot per second which should be about 21 seconds of RCS.
129:38:56 Haise: Okay. It sounds good.
129:38:58 Brand: Okay, Fred. See you in the morning.
129:39:01 Haise: Roger.
Comm break.
129:40:14 Lousma: Aquarius, Houston. Request you open the Power Amplifier circuit breaker and Down Voice Backup, please. [Long pause.]
129:40:30 Haise: Complete.
129:40:32 Lousma: Roger.
Very long comm break.
This is Apollo Control at 129 hours, 43 minutes. Recounting events since the change of shift about 3 hours ago. We've completed passing up to the crew checklists for both the Command and Service Module and the Lunar Module - entry checklist. At about 128 hours, 30 minutes we had the crew switch over from the descent water tanks which were down to about 5 per cent to the LM ascent stage water tank for cooling. We instructed the crew that they could drink all the water from the descent tank. At about 127 hours, 59 minutes, the battery charging was terminated. This had been accomplished by using power from the LM batteries and using that to charge the Command Module entry batteries, two of the three CM entry batteries. At the present time, Fred Haise is on watch, and Jim Lovell and Jack Swigert are scheduled for about 5 hours rest. We're also planning to place a minimum of calls to the spacecraft to allow Fred Haise to get a bit of rest also, at this time. Flight Dynamics Officer, and the Retro Officer - the Return to Earth Officer have currently predicted that our Entry Interface angle will be minus 6.03 degrees without a mid-course correction. We're presently planning for a mid-course correction - Mid-course correction 7 which would be 5 hours prior to Entry Interface. And as it looks right now, this mid-course correction would be quite small to put us on the desired flight path angle of about 6½ degrees - negative 6½ degrees interface angle. To accomplish this, it looks as if we'll have about a 2.8 second - 2.8 foot per second burn with the Lunar Module Reaction Control System thrusters. This would require about about 21 seconds of thrusting. During the course of the evening, both Deke Slayton and Tom Stafford have been standing by the CapCom console. Occasionally interjecting a comment. At one point, while Fred Haise was receiving a Lunar Module entry checklist, with a hot mike, with his mike open, we heard a comment from Lovell which prompted a remark from Deke Slayton to the effect that he would play up some guitar music if they thought that would soothe Lovell into getting a bit of rest. Ken Mattingly has also been here a good part of the evening. We don't see him at the console at this time. Our Capsule Communicator up until just a few minutes ago was Astronaut Vance Brand and he has since turned over those duties to Astronaut Jack Lousma. At 129 hours, 46 minutes; Apollo 13 is 87,684 nautical miles - correction 74,900 nautical miles from the Earth, and travelling at a speed of 6,999 feet per second. All of the consumables aboard the LM remain in good shape at this time. We had Fred Haise remove the LM power amplifier and in effect reduce the effective power output - radio frequency power output from the LM from about 20 watts to about 1 watt, which is the normal powered down configuration we've been in with the LM for communications. We expect it will, as it has in the past, give us periods of noisy communications as the LM antennas rotate through the so-called null areas, where the signal to noise ratio drops off. We get a high noise level and this will persist until the spacecraft rotates through to where we have good lockup on the LM antenna. And again at 129 hours, 47 minutes; this is Apollo Control, Houston.
Distance is now 138,715 km, speed, 2,133 m/s.
This is Apollo Control at 130 hours, 36 minutes. The Flight Dynamics Officer just reported that continued tracking data shows the spacecraft to be within the entry corridor still at about the same Entry Interface angle as previously reported. The tracking at this time shows that our Entry Interface angle remains at about minus 6.03 degrees. The midcourse correction plan for 5 hours prior to reentry which will be about 7 hours, 3 minutes from now. It is planned at this time to be 2.81 feet per second. That would be about a 21 second burn with the spacecraft, the LM Reaction Control System thrusters. In about an hour, Flight Director Milton Windler plans to go over once again with the flight controllers all of the step by step procedures which the crew will be following tomorrow prior to entry while with the Command and Service Module. At the present time, Apollo 13 is 71,483 nautical miles from the Earth; traveling at a speed of 7,192 feet per second. All of our consumables on the LM remain unchanged. We're in good shape on water, battery power, and lithium hydroxide. The present level of carbon dioxide as measured in the spacecraft telemetered back to the ground is about 4 tenth of a millimeter of mercury which is very good. We're showing a total average current on the LM, at this time, of between 10 and 12 amps, which has been the normal amount we've been running in the powered down mode with the Lunar Module. At the present time, all 3 of the astronauts are apparently resting. Astronauts Lovell and Swigert were to have begun a rest period at about 128 hours, 17 minutes. We did hear once or twice Jim Lovell after that period. At the 129 hours, 39 minutes or about 1 hours ago, we completed passing the Lunar Module a preentry checklist up to Fred Haise and advised him that we would keep communications to a minimum, and hoped he would be able to get a little rest also. At 130 hours, 39 minutes; this is Mission Control, Houston.
Distance, 132,387 km, speed 2,192 m/s.
This is Apollo Control at 131 hours, 14 minutes. Our last conversation with the spacecraft came at about 129 hours, 39 minutes; a little more than an hour and a half ago. Since that time it's been relatively quiet here in Mission Control. Within the next hour, Flight Director Milton Windler plans for review again the procedures to be followed during the reentry with each of the flight controllers. These entry procedures were passed up to the crew, prior to the time they began their rest period. At this time we presume that all three crewmen aboard the spacecraft are resting. At the present time we show Apollo 13 to be 68,857 nautical miles from the Earth. The velocity increase now up to 7,346 feet per second and increasing ever more rapidly as the spacecraft nears Earth. We're now 6 hours, 25 minutes from the scheduled midcourse correction which will put Apollo 13 in the center of the entry corridor. And we're 11 hours, 25 minutes from the beginning of reentry. At 131 hours, 16 minutes; this is Mission Control, Houston.
Distance, 127,523 km, speed, 2,239 m/s.
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