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Apollo 16

Day Three Part One: ALFMED Experiment

Corrected Transcript and Commentary Copyright © 2006 W. David Woods and Tim Brandt. All rights reserved.
Last updated: 2020-02-07

Day 3 Wake Up


INU Fault Update and Comms Fault Finding


Daily Status Report


ALFMED Preamble




ALFMED Complete


Discussion of INU Fault


G&C Checklist Update


News Update


Pan Camera and Mapping Camera Film Cycling, Meal.


INU Discussion


End of Chapter


045 59 11 Young: Houston, Apollo 16. Good morning.

045 59 56 Young: Houston, how do you read Apollo 16? Over.

045 59 59 Peterson: 16, you're loud and clear. How me?

046 00 03 Young: I read you the same. Good morning to you.

046 00 07 Peterson: How are you doing this morning?

046 00 10 Young: Doing great.

046 00 22 Young: I guess that sort of depends on what y'all can say about the old platform.

046 00 27 Peterson: Roger.

046 00 37 Peterson: Okay, 16. The gimbal lock and the coarse align that you had back at 38 plus 18 [GET] was caused by a CDU transient in the yaw axis. The transient was induced when the TVC relay was disabled. And this relay is normally enabled when the Optics is in Manual and disabled when you select P00, and that's kind of the situation that you're in when that occurred. And Ken had just selected P00, and he had, prior to that, been using the Optics in Manual. And they say that this type transient has been observed in CSM 117 [Apollo 17] testing, and we're presently looking at - a software work-around for LOI. And we'll get some more words to you later on this - on this same subject.

046 01 26 Young: Now you're talking. That's the best news I've heard today, so far.

046 01 41 Peterson: Okay. And, John, we've had some problems here getting commands up to the bird - real-time commands. And we've got a command test we want to run. And - we'll be standing by. As soon as you can get ready, let us know and we'll get into it.

046 01 58 Young: Okay. We've got some seat flops to do and we'll let you know.

046 02 05 Peterson: Roger.

PAO This is Apollo Control. 46 hours, 1 minute Ground Elapsed Time, and about 30 minutes early, the, or ahead of the scheduled wakeup time, the crew has called Mission Control. We have a few seconds of accumulated tape caught unawares. Then we will rejoin the conversation with the crew of Apollo 16 live. Let's roll the tape.

046 02 36 Peterson: 16, in the situation we're in now, we've only got one omni that we can read, and we can't command. So we're only getting about 11 minutes of low-bit rate data out of every 18 while you're in PTC. It's possible - we might lose you; if so, just stand by and we'll pick you up again.

046 02 57 Duke: Okay. We're ready for that command test, Pete.

046 03 02 Peterson: Okay.

046 03 12 Peterson: Okay, Charlie. We're gonna go one step at a time. First thing we want to do is Up Telemetry, Command Reset and then Normal.

046 03 25 Duke: Okay. I can give you - You want a Command Reset and then Normal?

046 03 32 Peterson: Charlie, we want the Up Telemetry Command switch to Reset and then Normal.

046 03 42 Duke: Roger. It's Reset, Normal.

046 03 48 Peterson: Okay, Charlie. Stand by. We're gonna try some command.

046 04 09 Peterson: Okay, Charlie. That apparently didn't work. We're going on in. But we want to cycle the Up Telemetry switch Off for three seconds and then back to Normal.

046 04 22 Duke: Roger. In work.

046 04 30 Duke: Okay, you're back to Normal.

046 O4 35 Peterson: Okay. We're trying commands now, Charlie. Stand by.

046 04 52 Peterson: Okay, Charlie. That apparently cleared it up.

046 04 59 Duke: Okay.

046 05 03 Peterson: And, Charlie, we've got commands again. We'll handle the antenna and the bit rate for you now.

046 05 09 Duke: Okay, fine.

046 05 21 Peterson: To repeat an old phrase, Charlie, we had a lot of people down here turning blue on this - until that - until that last little situation got cured there.

046 05 32 Duke: Was that that IMU problem?

046 05 35 Peterson: No, the - the - comm problem.

046 05 39 Duke: Well, you could put Fendell in the backup mode and just put him up on top of the building.

046 06 01 Peterson: We may have to put him up there anyway, Charlie.

046 06 06 Duke: (Laughter) Afraid so.

046 18 50 Peterson: 16, Houston. I've got about three - a couple, three updates to the Flight Plan. Whenever you're - it's convenient for you, we'll read them up.

046 36 08 Mattingly: Don, you about ready for a little status report?

046 36 14 Peterson: Stand by a minute, Ken.

046 36 19 Peterson: Okay, Ken. We're all set. Go ahead.

046 36 44 Peterson: Okay, Ken. We're all set.

046 36 45 Mattingly: Houston. Casper.

046 36 52 Peterson: Casper Houston. How do you read me?

046 37 10 Peterson: Casper Houston. How do you read?

046 37 32 Peterson: Casper Houston. How do you read me?

046 38 19 Peterson: Casper Houston. Do you read?

046 38 37 Mattingly: Houston. Casper.

046 38 39 Peterson: Casper we read you loud and clear. Do you read me?

046 39 07 Peterson: Casper Houston. How do you read?

046 39 20 Mattingly: Houston. Casper. Over.

046 39 24 Peterson: Casper we read you. Do you read us?

046 40 09 Mattingly: Houston. if you're reading Casper, we're transmitting in the blind. We have signal strength on the meter of about 60 percent. We're not receiving you and, based on your comment about the antennas, we'll wait about five minutes and then try again before we change the configuration.

046 40 43 Peterson: 16, you're loud and clear. Do you read Houston?

046 46 08 Peterson: Casper, Houston.

046 46 15 Mattingly: Roger. We lost you there for a while there, Don.

046 46 19 Peterson: Roger. You're loud and clear now. Do you read me okay?

046 46 24 Mattingly: Loud and clear.

046 46 26 Peterson: Roger. You were loud and clear all the time. Apparently, you just lost us.

046 46 53 Peterson: And, 16, the comm problem may have been on the ground. We'll try to find out and let you know in a minute.

046 47 09 Mattingly: Roger.

046 47 19 Mattingly: The background tone at the - the background noise that the system is making right now is a little different than it was making before, if that would help you figure out what the problem was. It's almost like it wasn't up-linking, maybe.

046 47 38 Peterson: Roger, 16.

046 47 43 Mattingly: Okay, Don; and, if you're ready, I'll give you some status reports.

046 47 48 Peterson: Stand by just a minute, Ken.

046 48 14 Peterson: Okay, Casper, go ahead with your status report.

046 48 22 Mattingly: Okay. I'm using that famous old trick on how to get someone to talk to you, by every time I pick up a juice bag and get halfway down, why it seems like we are able to establish comm. So I'll start with the Commander's list and I'll go through and I'll skip the menus since they're on separate pages and come back to them. So let's start with A-1: 22035; Alfa 3: 7, good; Alfa 4: none; Alfa 5: 19, 15, 18; Alfa 6: 6, 5, 6, and 3. That's a total of four. Going to Bravo. Bravo 1: 15035; 6: good --that's on Bravo 3. Bravo 4: none; Bravo 5: 10, 30, 25; Bravo 6: 2, 2, and 5. Charlie 1: 21059; Charlie 3: 7, good; Charlie 4: none; Charlie 5: 15, 30; Charlie 6: 7, 7, 5, 5, 5. Okay, and if you want the menu stuff, I'll go back to that now.

046 50 36 Peterson: Okay, go ahead.

046 50 55 Mattingly: Okay. For John, and that's day 2, Meal B, scratch the bread and peanut butter. On Meal C, scratch the frankfurters; add an orange drink.

046 51 50 Mattingly: Okay, on Bravo 2. Are you still there, Don?

046 51 58 Peterson: Affirmative; we're getting a lot of background noise. 16, hold off a minute...

046 52 03 Mattingly: Okay, [garble] keep on going.

046 52 04 Peterson: ... we'll switch omnis [garble] Hold off a minute, 16; we'll switch omnis.

046 54 19 Peterson: Okay, Casper. Go ahead.

046 54 26 Mattingly: Okay, just a second.

046 54 39 Mattingly: Okay, starting on - Where did you copy last?

046 54 44 Peterson: Okay, we got John, day 2, Meal Charlie complete, and we're ready, I guess, for Bravo.

046 54 54 Mattingly: Okay, Bravo 2. On Meal A, you can scratch sausage patties and - orange juice - and fruit cocktail.

046 55 37 Mattingly: On Bravo, that's Meal B, you can scratch turkey and gravy, vanilla pudding, bread, peanut butter. Meal C, you can scratch the chocolate pudding.

046 56 13 Mattingly: Going to Charlie 2.

046 56 16 Peterson: Okay.

046 56 19 Mattingly: On meal A, scratch the sausage patties. Meal B, you can scratch the bread and peanut butter. Meal C, you can delete two of the frankfurters and scratch the chocolate pudding.

046 56 40 Peterson: Okay, Casper, we copied all that.

046 56 46 Mattingly: Okay, and a couple of other words here on the - We got ALFMED coming up; and, to date, Charlie saw some flashes the other night and not a whole heck of a lot of them last night. And I'm not sure I have seen any at all yet, and John may or may not. So, what we thought we'd do here is - We've got a little more house cleaning to do here and finish our chores. And we'll probably take a look at what we see, and if Charlie is seeing sufficient - you know, enough flashes that he's pretty sure he's seeing thing, why, we'll go and run the experiment now. And if we aren't seeing a sufficient number to look like it justifies sitting here for an hour with it, why, what would you think about saving it until such time as it looks like maybe we see more of them?

046 57 45 Peterson: Okay, Ken. We'll - we'll think on that a little. And also, I've got a note on the Nikon camera light meter here in connection with the ALFMED photography.

046 58 02 Mattingly: Okay, stand by another second.

046 58 15 Peterson: Ken, you don't really need to copy much, I think. If you've got the camera handy there where you can look at it, I can give it to you in a few words.

046 58 24 Mattingly: You know one of the things we need in this program is some octopuses.

046 58 29 Peterson: Roger.

046 58 57 Mattingly: Okay, Don, I don't have the camera out, but how about just reading to me whatever it is you want to say. I'll write it down here.

046 59 05 Peterson: Okay. It's not - it's probably not worth writing down except maybe a little note to remind you the - the camera was observed to hang up in the Battery Check position full down, when you hit the camera light meter On, Check. And what we want you to do is - the little button on top of the camera there has a while band around the base of it - they want to make sure that white line is visible on the light meter switch button. If it's not visible, you can take your fingernail and catch the top of that button and pull out on it until the white line is visible. And then, verify that the meter is operating by holding the camera up to a light and observing the meter response to varying light level.

046 59 53 Mattingly: Roger. We'll make sure it works before we use it.

046 59 57 Peterson: Okay, Ken. That's all I've got on that one.

047 02 44 Duke: Houston, 16.

047 02 46 Peterson: Go ahead, 16.

047 02 50 Duke: Roger. Flash, with a hot report here. Pass on to the chefs that the grits were delicious.

047 02 59 Peterson: Say again, Charlie. I didn't copy that.

047 03 04 Duke: I say, pass on to the chefs that the grits were delicious.

047 03 07 Peterson: Roger; will do. And for Ken's information, the status report that we just got was excellent as far as format, readability, and everything. The - Doc said he really appreciates it.

047 03 25 Mattingly: Always glad to help.

Public Affairs Officer: This is Apollo Control. 47 hours and 27 minutes into the mission of Apollo 16. Crew awake now, presumably conducting either the ALFMED experiment or beyond the eat period. As a matter of fact, part of their first activities after wakeup was the status report, which [lists] all the parts not eaten; in other words, negative reporting on the meals for the three crewmen are read down. Also the problems with the commanding through the omni antennas have cleared themselves up, with the crew cycling a switch Off to back On again, which cleared the logic in the switching circuit. And everything is properly working now in that area. As soon as the crew completes the current housekeeping activities, the trouble shooting procedures for the inertial measuring unit and the Guidance and Control System, Guidance and Navigation System will be read up to the crew, and they'll pursue that problem. As a little aside to the crew food report, Charlie Duke, a good southern boy from South Carolina, said "pass on to the chef that the grits were delicious". Grits having been packed in the menu on his request. Present distance of Apollo 16, 157,253 nautical miles [291,233 kilometres] out from Earth. Velocity ever decreasing as we near the cross over point. Now 3,396 feet [1,035 metres] per second. Total spacecraft weight still 102,890 pounds [46,670 kilogrammes]. We're continuing to leave the circuit live by ground noise and all, as we anticipate resumption of communications between spacecraft communicator Don Peterson, and the crew of Apollo 16, for the day's activities. This is Apollo Control at 47:30.

047 33 32 Duke: Houston, 16. Over.

047 33 36 Peterson: Go ahead.

047 33 39 Duke: Okay, Pete, I'm up on biomed. How does it look?

047 33 45 Peterson: Stand by one.

047 34 29 Peterson: Okay, the biomed data looks good.

047 34 35 Duke: Okay, thank you.

047 34 41 Young: You can tell Charlie's still breathing, huh?

047 34 45 Peterson: It looks that way.

047 34 51 Young: We've been suspecting it up here all along.

047 34 55 Peterson: Roger.

047 35 44 Young: Houston, based on the burn yesterday, is the data you gave us for the SPS burn card still going to hold for LOI?

047 35 55 Peterson: Stand by a minute.

047 36 00 Young: And the other question is, does it look like we're going to have another midcourse, and which one and how much is it?

047 36 07 Peterson: Okay, we'll get back to you in a minute.

047 36 12 Young: Okay, thank you, Pete.

047 36 41 Peterson: Okay, 16. On the burn card, we will probably have to do some more updating, we'll get to that tomorrow. And on the midcourses, Midcourse 4, right now, is - looks like it's less than one foot per second. If it gets much bigger, we'll probably do it. But we'll advise you.

047 37 04 Young: Houston, 16. You're breaking up badly. How do you read us? Over.

047 37 16 Mattingly: [Garble], Pete, you probably read us loud and clear in the [garble] mode [garble].

047 37 15 Mattingly: Go ahead, Houston, [garble]. Say again on all [garble] on the burn card.

047 38 08 Peterson: Okay, 16, if you read. We probably will have to do some updating on that - on that pad. And we'll let you know on that and we'll update it tomorrow. And on the Midcourse 4 - Midcourse 4 is looking pretty small, less than one foot per second now. If it gets larger, we'll probably go ahead and do it, but we'll keep you advised on it.

047 38 43 Mattingly: Houston, your up-link keeps fading in and out on you.

047 38 50 Peterson: Roger, 16, We're switching on you.

047 38 51 Young: [Garble] fading [garble].

047 39 10 Young: Houston, 16. Do you read us now?

047 39 12 Peterson: I read you loud and clear. Do you read me?

047 39 17 Young: And I read you same. You faded cut on your last transmission again.

047 39 23 Peterson: Okay, hang on a minute until the comm clears up a little bit and then I'll come back to you.

047 39 29 Young: Okay.

047 39 44 Peterson: Okay, 16. Let's try it again. On that updating the pad, we'll get that to you tomorrow. And right now, Midcourse 4 looks very small, less than one foot per second. If it gets larger, we will probably do it, but we'll keep you advised on that.

047 40 01 Young: Outstanding.

047 40 16 Young: Just to review that SPS pressure system - as near as I can make out, it's purely - we don't actually have a Delta-P. It's just - of about more than five psi. What we do have is a gage difference. Is that not correct?

047 40 41 Peterson: That's affirmative, John. There's a - there's a chamber in there - a reference chamber that's supposed to be at atmospheric pressure. It has apparently vented to a vacuum condition, which brings in about - about a 14.7-psi bias. Then there's a 5-psi meter bias on top of that.

047 41 01 Young: Okay, so actually, the two meters, as we look at them now, are actually balanced. Is that not correct?

047 41 08 Peterson: I believe that's correct.

047 41 12 Young: Okay.

047 41 20 Peterson: John, the actual pressures on both meters - the actual pressures are the same, although the meters are reading differently.

047 41 29 Young: Okay, we got the message.

047 44 01 Duke: Houston, 16. Will we need to charge Battery B, just looking ahead in the Flight Plan a little bit?

047 44 07 Peterson: Just a moment.

047 44 36 Peterson: Okay, Charlie, you can go ahead and start charging the battery now.

047 44 45 Duke: Roger.

047 47 31 Duke: Okay, Pete, Bat B's on charge now.

047 47 35 Peterson: Understand. Bat B on charge.

048 00 25 Duke: Houston, 16.

048 00 28 Peterson: Go ahead, 16.

048 00 32 Duke: Okay, Pete. We got you - Finally had time to look out the window and you're just coming into view again and just as pretty as ever.

048 00 43 Peterson: Very nice. What you looking at right now?

048 00 53 Peterson: Can you tell what part of the Earth?

048 00 54 Duke: We've got a half-Earth. Say again?

048 00 58 Peterson: Can you yell what part of the Earth you're looking at?

048 01 03 Duke: Well, we got half-Earth, and we see a land mass - see the North Pole - the north polar cap with two big swirls coming out off of it to the southwest. I can see the subsolar point very distinctly. It's a big white dot in the center towards the LM, away from the terminator. And there's a big land mass that's visible in the center. And - can't really make out exactly what it is. It's clear of clouds, though. It's the only place that's fairly clear.

048 01 44 Peterson: Okay, we show you directly over North Africa. And that's just about the terminator.

048 02 00 Duke: Okay, you got North Africa at the terminator?

048 02 04 Peterson: Just about.

048 02 06 Duke: Okay, that's what it is, then, looking at it, yeah. It's - it's Africa. Looks like a good storm system up in the Atlantic Ocean and above the subsolar point.

048 02 18 Peterson: Roger.

048 02 45 Duke: The blue coloring - the white of the clouds and the blue of the ocean, Dick. Things just stayed pretty constant as we move out - still really a spectacular sight.

048 06 22 Young: Houston, 16. Over.

048 06 24 Peterson: Go ahead, 16.

048 06 30 Young: What do they think of this PTC down there in the trenches?

048 06 35 Peterson: It's looking real good.

048 06 44 Young: It really does look good. I don't know who to congratulate, Ken or the computer.

048 07 13 Peterson: I guess we'll give Ken credit for that one.

048 07 24 Young: Darn right.

048 08 31 Peterson: 16, let us know what you think about the number of light flashes and whether or not it's feasible to try the ALFMED.

048 08 40 Young: Okay. That's in work right now.

048 08 43 Peterson: Roger.

048 08 44 Young: That is, if you can work on seeing flashes.

048 08 50 Peterson: Right.

048 08 56 Young: That's a low metabolic load.

048 09 01 Peterson: Understand.

048 19 49 Young: Okay, Houston. We're going to start on the ALFMED now. I guess it'll take us about an hour and a half from the time we start to the time we finish up.

048 20 02 Peterson: Okay. And you think you are seeing enough light flashes to make it valid?

048 20 07 Young: They haven't gotten around to doing that yet, but they're working on it.

048 20 12 Peterson: Roger; understand.

048 20 13 Mattingly: Don, Charlie saw some this morning when he got up. And so we're going to put the ALMED on Charlie. And we will not turn it on until we start to see some flashes, and if we don't see any, we'll just terminate it. We'll wait some reasonable time, and we'll talk it over with you. We'll tell you when we're ready to go through it. That's our present plan.

048 20 39 Peterson: Okay, Ken, we'll be standing by. And, Ken, while I'm talking to you, we've got a little more information on this platform problem and its a fairly big mouthful, so, sometime when you get a chance when you can copy some information, give me a call.

048 21 00 Mattingly: Okay. it looks like it'll be a couple of hours.

048 21 03 Peterson: Roger. We don't want you to get into another P52 before we have time to talk about it.

048 21 10 Mattingly: All righty.

048 21 18 Duke: Pete, (clear's throat) a little background on these flashes [garble].

048 24 02 Peterson: 16, Houston. We missed your comments on the light flashes. You'd started to give them to us, and you were blocked out by noise.

048 24 13 Duke: Roger, Pete. I was just telling you - the first night - during the first sleep period, whatever that was GET, I saw numerous light flashes before going to sleep, probably a - as freq - as high as three or four a minute. The next morning, they were not as numerous as that, and then last night still not as numerous. This morning, I was perhaps seeing maybe one every couple of minutes or so. If that frequency repeats itself during this test, is that good enough to go ahead?

048 24 50 Peterson: Stand by one, Charlie.

048 25 03 Peterson: Okay, Charlie. If you see one every minute or so, that's enough to go ahead.

048 25 09 Duke: Okay.

048 26 01 Peterson: And, 16. At 48:30 in the Flight Plan, there's a line that says "Synchronize mission timer to CMC clock," and it is not required.

048 26 11 Duke: Okay.

048 26 12 Mattingly: Oh, that's great. Thank you. Hey, Don, is our comm gonna be good enough the way we're going here now for you to get the marks or are we gonna - shall we count on recording them on board too?

048 26 28 Peterson: You better record on board as well.

048 26 34 Mattingly: Okay. You'll start the tape recorder, is that affirmative ?

048 25 39 Peterson: Affirmative. Call us when you're ready.

048 26 41 Duke: Or you want us to do that?

048 26 42 Mattingly: Okay. We'll do that; thank you.

048 26 52 Mattingly: Okay, if at any time, the voice quality goes down, our procedures, as I understand them described, will - I'll knock off or I'll take Charlie's place here, and I'll knock off the observations and go to recording. And other than that, Charlie will be doing all the things that I was going to be doing. But, if you want us to record them in pen and ink at the same time, just give us a call.

048 27 20 Peterson: Roger.

048 36 30 Peterson: 16, Houston. Voice check.

048 36 35 Young: Loud and clear there, Pete.

048 36 40 Peterson: Roger. You all were so quiet, you scared us.

048 36 51 Duke: Okay, Pete. I just got the ALFMED on and in position, and we're gonna see if we see anything.

048 36 58 Peterson: Okay.

048 53 33 Duke: Houston, 16.

048 53 36 Peterson: Go ahead, 16.

048 53 39 Duke: Okay. I've seen five in 15 minutes.

048 53 42 Peterson: Five in 15 minutes, Charlie?

048 53 46 Duke: That's affirm.

048 53 50 Peterson: Okay. Stand by a minute; we'll look at that.

048 53 52 Mattingly: Okay, Don. We were just about ready to call this thing off and try it another day. And then looked like Charlie was starting to see them at - at a pretty fair rate. That five in 15 minutes was like four in the last minute or so. And John has seen one; I have not seen yet. But sounds like Charlie is gonna be able to see these and I'm gonna go ahead and take the photographs and get - get all set and wait for your answer.

048 54 26 Peterson: Okay. We've been advised that we do want to go ahead with the ALFMED experiment.

048 54 33 Mattingly: Okay. It's in work. I'll tell you when we're ready to start timing.

048 54 37 Peterson: All righty.

048 54 41 Duke: Okay, Pete. They seem to come in clusters. You get one or two right after - and then - then nothing for a while.

048 54 50 Peterson: Roger.

048 58 07 Mattingly: Hey, Don. Can you help us [garble] record our [garble] 12 [garble] 0.15, 1.2, [garble] at three feet shows Charlie in the ALFMED with his face sticking out. I'm taking a picture from the LEB looking up towards the center couch.

048 58 40 Peterson: 16, that was so garbled we didn't copy, so you're gonna have to say it again.

048 58 45 Mattingly: Did you copy that, Don?

048 58 47 Peterson: Negative, Ken. We were in - had a lot of background noise, and we didn't get any of that.

048 58 52 Mattingly: Houston, Casper.

048 58 55 Peterson: Casper, go ahead.

048 59 00 Mattingly: Did you copy comments about the film?

048 59 02 Peterson: Negative; we did not. We had too much background noise. Can you say again?

048 59 09 Mattingly: Okay. I guess I'll write it down. I think that's faster after all.

048 59 13 Peterson: Okay.

049 08 42 Mattingly: Okay, Houston. We're ready to start. Could you make sure the tape recorder is running?

049 08 58 Peterson: Ken, it's been running awhile. We're going to rewind it, and I'll get it back to you in a minute.

049 09 12 Peterson: In the meantime, Ken, if you've got comments we'll take them on air-to-ground.

049 09 21 Mattingly: Does that mean you want us to go ahead and start?

049 09 25 Peterson: Affirmative.

049 09 33 Mattingly: Was that Roger or Stand by?

049 09 36 Peterson: Affirmative; go ahead and start.

049 10 12 Mattingly: Okay, Don. We're running at 49:10.

049 10 16 Peterson: Okay.

049 10 22 Duke: Mark. Okay, a bright dot in the - in my right eye in the upper - upper left center.

049 10 31 Peterson: Okay.

049 10 39 Duke: Mark. Bright dot in the left eye, upper left - right center.

049 11 11 Duke: Mark.

049 11 12 Duke: Mark. The first one was a fuzzy dot in the right eye - the left eye. The second one was a bright dot in the right eye, lower left center.

049 11 47 Duke: You copying, Houston?

049 11 49 Peterson: Affirmative. We're copying.

049 12 02 Peterson: DSE is now running.

049 12 08 Duke: Okay.

049 12 46 Duke: Mark. Light streak - white streak in the right eye, upper center - moving from up - bottom to up - top.

049 12 59 Duke: Mark. Faint left - faint white dot in the left eye - extreme left.

049 15 47 Duke: Mark.

049 15 49 Duke: [Garble] upper right eye [garble].

049 15 50 Duke: Mark again. Same spot. That was a bright dot.

049 16 31 Mattingly: Mark. Bright flash in upper left eye.

049 17 08 Mattingly: Mark. Flash across the bottom of right eye - white dot - from right [garble] left to right but I doubt it. [sic]

049 17 32 Duke: Mark. Simultaneous white dots in the right eye, upper and lower center.

Public Affairs Officer: This is Apollo Control. Apollo 16 crew now conducting the Apollo light flash experiment, using the blinders. The Apollo ALFMED, Apollo Light Flash in Moving Emulsion Detector, is the acronyms ALFMED. At 1:30 today, Central Standard Time, in the small briefing room in the Apollo News Center MSC, there will be a briefing by a panel of several scientist. The topic is "Magnetic Enigmas of the Moon". Spacecraft distance at the present time, 160,746 nautical miles [297,702 kilometres]. Velocity 3,307 feet [1,008 metres] per second. At 49:17, still up live air-to-ground, this is Apollo Control.

049 20 05 Duke: Mark. Right eye center a - just a bright flash.

049 21 52 Duke: Mark. A bright flash in the lower center of the right eye.

049 22 03 Mattingly: Hello, there.

049 22 42 Mattingly: Mark. A little light dim streak in the lower right eye - lower left.

049 23 06 Mattingly: Mark. Lower left - left eye, in the outboard, and it was a bright flash - looked like a streak - probably going from right to left.

049 23 52 Duke: Mark. Bright dot, upper right, outboard, right eye.

049 27 41 Young: Mark. Dot - bright dot in the upper right eye, center.

049 28 56 Duke: Okay, Houston. I've also added some very subtle things that - just very - looks like little dim flashes that I haven't been calling. They're just so subtle, I've been afraid to call them a definite mark.

049 29 15 Peterson: Okay, Charlie. We copied that.

049 30 00 Duke: Mark. Upper right eye going from left to right.

049 30 12 Duke: Light flash.

049 30 25 Peterson: Okay. And, Charlie, if you see any more of the subtle marks, how about calling them and just call them a subtle mark. We'd like to record that information.

049 30 35 Duke: Okay.

Public Affairs Officer: This is Apollo Control. The mysterious comments and singing and frequent repetition of "hello, hello" on the Public Affairs broadcast line a few moments ago has been identified by the network controller as a telephone company technician in Spain who inadvertently somehow got patched over onto the network line coming from the tracking station on the air/ground circuit. He has been isolated electronically that is; and hopefully, we shouldn' t have anymore of that sort of thing. Continuing with the ALFMED experiment at 49:31.

049 33 16 Young: Mark. Bright dot, right eye, center, upper.

049 33 45 Young: ... Left, right, left. [?]. I got the impression it was moving toward me. Why, I don't know, but it didn't - didn't [garble].

049 34 01 Peterson: 16, you're very weak.

049 34 13 Mattingly: Mark. Subtle one, very subtle on the left eye, outboard, upper.

049 35 14 Mattingly: Mark. Flash in the lower right eye, sort of a distant lightning flash.

049 35 41 Mattingly: Mark. Upper center of upper right eye - bright light flash.

049 39 58 Duke: Mark. Faint dot, lower left eye, inboard.

049 42 04 Duke: Mark. Flash, a - a light streak in the left eye, starting at the center going to the bottom right from upper - from upper - center down to right in movement.

049 42 39 Duke: Mark. Bright dot, center- right eye.

049 43 01 Duke: Mark. Left eye, sort of subtle, towards inboard center, a white flash.

049 43 55 Duke: Mark. Subtle dot - white dot - in the inboard center of the right eye.

049 44 03 Mattingly: Mark again. That was the left eye. That was the center upper, white dot, left eye; both of those were left eye.

049 44 23 Mattingly: Mark. Upper right - part of right eye, white flash, small.

049 44 51 Duke: Mark. Subtle white flash, inboard upper right eye, inboard corner, that was.

049 45 01 Duke: Mark. Same spot. A white streak.

049 46 15 Mattingly: Mark. Right eye, center, white dot.

049 46 26 Mattingly/Duke: Mark.

049 46 27 Duke: White dot, center - center right; lower of the left eye.

049 46 34 Mattingly: Same here. All at the same time Charlie did. Only mine were in the lower left side and not the right.

049 46 46 Young: Mark. Flash across the bottom of the left eye, high speed.

049 49 11 Young: Hey, Don. Can you tell us how we're doing on time?

049 49 15 Peterson: Stand by one; I'll let you know.

049 49 20 Peterson: You've got about 20 more minutes.

049 49 27 Young: Okay, thank you.

049 49 35 Duke: Don, this thing was made for about a size 6-1/4 or something head. It's really tight on me.

049 49 48 Peterson: Okay, Charlie. We'll make a note of that.

049 49 52 Duke: I'm not complaining, it's just a little tight.

049 49 55 Peterson: Roger.

049 50 34 Duke: Mark. Bright flash down at the right center of the right eye ...

049 51 11 Mattingly: Mark. A dull fuzzy spot in the outboard center of the left eye.

049 52 05 Young: Mark. Flash in the center of the right eye - sort of like a small flash.

049 52 56 Mattingly: Mark. Flash in the center of left eye, just a faint flash - much more like a dot.

049 56 36 Mattingly: Mark. White dot, outboard, right eye, center.

049 57 09 Mattingly: Mark. Small flash in the lower center of the right eye.

049 58 02 Mattingly: Mark. Very tiny flash in the lower center of the left eye.

049 58 14 Mattingly: Mark. Streak across the lower left of the left eye, on the inward side. The light's going from left to right to left.

049 58 39 Mattingly: Mark. Two little dots, flashes in the upper right center of the right eye - left eye, excuse me.

049 59 38 Mattingly: Mark. Small flash in the upper right center of the ...

050 00 08 Crew: [Garbled.]

050 00 11 Duke: Mark. My last mark was the upper center right eye, little flash.

050 00 21 Duke: Mark. Small flash in the left center of the right eye.

050 01 04 Duke: Mark. Mark. A - one - the first one was right eye, a streak going from inboard center to the upper right. Left one was a streak, pencil shaped - a pencil line, left eye from center to upper right.

050 02 04 Duke: Mark. Very subtle flash in the light - right eye, upper cen - upper right.

050 02 13 Duke: Mark. Another subtle one just below that, center right, right eye.

050 03 12 Duke: Mark. Left eye, a streak starting in the center.

050 03 16 Duke: Mark. Right eye, dot, center. The left eye was a streak starting in the center going out to the right. It increased in size as it went from right to left.

050 04 02 Duke: Mark. Subtle dot, outboard side, center left eye.

050 06 26 Duke: Mark. Mark. Faint dot in the right eye, center, upper, and the inboard side is a white dot in the left eye - and the second one - was in the inboard side, center.

050 07 09 Duke: Mark. Dot, right eye, outboard center.

050 07 31 Mattingly: Mark. Streak in the lower left of - left eye, moving from top to bottom.

050 08 29 Duke: Mark. Simultaneous white dots, right and left eye. Left one was in the upper right, inboard center. Left - right one was in the inboard bottom, left.

050 09 24 Duke: Mark. Subtle flash in the right eye, upper inboard.

050 09 31 Mattingly: Mark. Flash in the right eye, right side.

050 10 57 Duke: Houston, 16. How's the time?

050 11 08 Peterson: 16, we figure the time is about up on the ALFMED experiment. We'd like to know if the motor is stopped.

050 11 19 Mattingly: No, it's still running.

050 11 20 Duke: Mark. A streak in the lower left side of the left eye, moving down.

050 11 28 Peterson: Okay, Ken. Keep going until the motor stops.

050 11 35 Mattingly: Okay.

050 11 37 Duke: Mark. Thin white dot upper right, inboard, left eye.

050 13 18 Duke: Mark. Lightning-flash-type phenomena, lower right, inboard, left eye.

050 14 34 Duke: Mark. White dot, center, left eye.

050 15 22 Duke: Mark. White dot, left eye, outboard, center.

050 15 29 Mattingly: Mark. White dot, left eye, center.

050 15 41 Duke: Mark. Right eye, center, inboard, a white dot.

050 15 48 Peterson: Okay, Ken, we've got all the ALFMED data we need. We want you to give us a mark when you shut the motor off.

050 16 08 Mattingly: Okay, Pete.

050 16 10 Mattingly: Mark. ALFMED is off.

050 16 14 Peterson: Roger.

050 18 37 Peterson: 16, Houston. Whenever you can copy, I've got some words on the IMU problem that we had. Also some - an entry to the G&C Checklist.

050 18 47 Mattingly: Okay, Don. How about standing by, would you? Stand by until we clean up all the [garble].

050 18 54 Peterson: Roger.

050 18 58 Mattingly: You're cutting out pretty bad, Don.

050 19 03 Peterson: Okay.

050 28 05 Peterson: 16, the PI advises on the ALFMED experiment that we got about 70 counts, and he's very happy with the results, and he wants you to verify that the clutch is in the Stow position.

050 28 19 Mattingly: That's a verify.

050 28 23 Peterson: Roger; thank you.

050 28 24 Duke: Okay, great. Those things - those things are really something, Don. There were a couple of the phenomena that I had seen previously that I didn't see today, but there were some other ones today that were different too. The phenomena - the flashes leave no afterglow and they're - they're just instantaneous. All the colors are white - were all we saw. We saw no colors at all; neither John nor I. It was - every one we saw was white.

050 28 55 Peterson: Roger, copy that.

050 32 16 Mattingly: Okay, Don. I'm ready to copy some things now.

050 32 22 Peterson: Say again, Ken.

050 32 23 Mattingly: Before we get into copying stuff, let me confirm what Charlie said about that clutch. Now I listened to that thing retract before, and as soon as we went to the mid-position on the clutch - why, you can hear the plates come down. And we went ahead and rapped it once, anyhow, just to be sure, but I didn't hear anything jiggle. And we cycled it to Operate and then back to Stow, and it all felt normal and the - the plate travel sounded proper.

050 32 56 Peterson: Okay, we copied that, Ken.

050 33 00 Mattingly: Okay, and I guess my only comment on ALFMED is that I think those light flashes are made by the same guy that makes the emperor's clothes.

050 33 08 Peterson: That makes what?

050 33 13 Mattingly: I think they're made by the same guy that makes the emperor's clothes.

050 33 17 Peterson: Roger; understand.

050 34 19 Mattingly: Hey, Don, I'm standing by to copy - the words you got about P52s and G&N and any of those other subjects pertaining to our operation.

050 34 28 Peterson: Okay, Ken, I'll - we'll talk about the platform problem first, and I'm gonna back up and talk about the original data that we passed up because there are some small corrections to that. And then I'll - I'll try to break it down into about four shovel-fulls here for you, because it's a fairly big mouthful if we try to do it all at once.

050 34 50 Mattingly: Okay. You have some stuff that I probably should copy, huh?

050 34 54 Peterson: Yes, I will have some items for you to copy.

050 35 01 Peterson: Hold off a minute, 16. We're coming up on an omni switch.

050 35 10 Mattingly: Roger.

050 36 53 Peterson: Okay, 16. How do you read now?

050 36 58 Mattingly: Loud and clear.

050 37 00 Peterson: Okay, we'll start here on this thing. First of all, the - the problem occurs, apparently, in CSM-117 when the TVC relay changes state, either going from enable to disable or from disable to enable. And it causes an electric glitch that makes the CDUs go to 90 degrees; in particular, the yaw CDU, and therefore the CMC thinks it's in gimbal lock and goes into a coarse align mode. The - some of the cases that could cause this, for example, are when you go to - when you select Manual Optics, you have the TVC relay enabled and then if you go from Manual to Auto, or if you hit the Zero Optics switch with Manual Optics selected, or if you go from P52 to P00 with the Manual Optics selected, you will reset the TVC relay, and that can cause the glitch. This is apparently what happened last night.

050 38 15 Mattingly: Okay, is it important for me to copy those things that cause this, or are you going to give me a way to prevent it?

050 38 21 Peterson: Negative. You don't have to copy those. That's just background. Now we're going to talk about what you can do here in P52s and maybe subsequently in - for the LOIs and for P40s. There are two ways to approach the P52. There's a - there's a quick and dirty way which is to simply go to SCS Control, because with SCS control, the TVC relay is not enabled. And, by doing that, you don't run the risk of generating this glitch. That's not the way, however, that the guys are recommending, because they have a procedure that they think will handle not only the P52, but the burn cases. And they'd like you to get that procedure, and you're going to have to copy that one.

050 39 11 Mattingly: Okay. How about running down that list of things that causes the TVC enable to change state again? Let me - let me copy those this time.

050 39 23 Peterson: Okay, will do. And - now - these cases are not all inclusive. These are just some examples that - that we can bring up to you. First of all, the TVC relay is enabled when you select Manual Optics. It is then subsequently disabled if you go from Manual to Auto or if you go to zero the Optics with Manual selected, or if you go with Manual - with the Manual Optics selected, if you go from P52 to P00. But these are probably not the only cases; they're probably just some examples that we know of.

050 40 11 Mattingly: Okay.

050 40 12 Peterson: Another important point, Ken, is that it changes state during the TVC gimbal drive check.

050 40 22 Mattingly: Yes, that's what I was afraid of. Okay.

050 40 24 Peterson: Okay. We're going to - this next procedure that I have to read up to you is probably going to be the one that we'll use to try to get around that. And also, we'd like you to use it in the P52s because it allows us to monitor for the glitch, and at the same time prevents the glitch from bringing your platform down.

050 40 44 Mattingly: Okay.

050 40 47 Peterson: Okay, if you're ready to copy...

050 40 48 Mattingly: [Garble]...

050 40 49 Peterson: ...I'll read you up the procedures.

050 40 51 Mattingly: ...[garble] copy this or - Okay, I'll just copy this on a scratch pad, and we'll put it in the appropriate place, if that sounds reasonable.

050 40 57 Peterson: Roger. That sounds real good. Number 1, we want you to key Verb 48 Enter and load Noun 46, Register 1. The first digit should be loaded as a 3. The rest of the numbers can be left as they are.

050 41 25 Mattingly: Okay, why don't you read on at about that pace, Don, and I'll just copy, and then I'll read it back to you?

050 41 31 Peterson: Okay, the second step is key Verb 25 Noun 07 Enter, 75 Enter, 1 Enter, 1 Enter. That sets the Average g flag, but does not turn Average g on. The combination of those two will prevent the CMC from going into coarse align. After you've done that, you can select P52 and use your normal alignment procedures And, when you've completed the P52 to terminate this - EMP, we'll have you key Verb 48 Enter, load Noun 4 Register 1 with its original value, whether that was 2 or 1 in the first digit. Step 2, we'll have you a key Verb 25 Noun 07 Enter, 75 Enter, 1 Enter, Enter. That will then return your - you to the correct DAP and also reset the average g flag.

050 43 18 Mattingly: Okay, that - that was, in Verb 25 Noun 07, that was a 75 Enter, 1 Enter, and then zero Enter or a 1 Enter?

050 43 26 Peterson: Zero Enter.

050 43 30 Mattingly: Okay.

050 43 32 Peterson: Okay, that's the whole procedure.

050 43 37 Mattingly: Okay, let me look it over here for a second. At first glance, the first thing I see here looks like - do I - should I [garble]?

050 43 58 Peterson: 16, we're switching omnis; hold off a minute.

050 45 50 Peterson: Okay, 16. How do you read now?

050 45 55 Mattingly: Loud and clear.

050 45 56 Peterson: Okay. We lost comm there temporarily. You can go ahead now with the readback on that any time you're ready.

050 46 05 Mattingly: Okay. Did you get my questions about the Verb 46?

050 46 09 Peterson: Negative, but we have a caution note that says, "Do not key Verb 46 Enter while this EMP is in to prevent Sap - Saturn DAP actually coming on."

050 46 20 Peterson: Okay, thank you.

050 46 34 Mattingly: Okay, what you would do then is - we're gonna set Saturn DAP in Average g in order to prevent coarse aligning in the event middle gimbal picks up spurious signals. And to do this, we set Verb 48 with a Noun 46. Digit A is set to a 3, and we set the Average g flag with a Verb 25 Noun 07, address 75, bit 1, set it to the 1. Then we should call P52 normally, and if the glitch occurs, it'll be ignored. I assume from this if the glitch occurs some time while we're in the process of taking marks, that we get some kind of garbage out of P52, but it should be obvious. And from what you gave me on this list up at the top, it looks like normally we would not run across TVC Enable during that period. At the completion of a 52, we go back into a Verb 48, and now we take Noun 46 back to its original values. Then we reset the Average g flag by taking channel 75 bit 1 to a zero, using Verb 25 Noun 07, and the restrictions on this EMP is that we will not use Verb 46 at any time while this is punched in.

050 48 04 Peterson: That's affirmative, Ken.

050 48 12 Mattingly: Okay, do you have some words on how - on how we handle the P40?

050 48 30 Peterson: Okay, Ken, and - in the P40 is what we're thinking about and we haven't completely decided now is we probably use this EMP before and after the TVC gimbal check, and we may move the TVC gimbal check earlier or before the burn so that we have plenty of time to get this thing in and out.

050 48 56 Mattingly: Okay, that sounds like a good plan.

050 49 00 Peterson: Okay, now I've got the last shovel-full here if you're ready to copy.

050 49 06 Mattingly: Okay, I've got my bucket out.

050 49 08 Peterson: Okay, if you should lose the platform alignment, we'll do the same thing we tried last night, a Verb 23 Noun 20 Enter, Enter, Verb 40 Enter, and then go to the checklist, G/7-1, and do the rapid IMU realign.

050 49 44 Mattingly: Okay, Don. If we tumble the thing again, we're going to release the platform by setting Noun 20 to - to zeros, and we do that with the Verb 23 Noun 20 Enter, Enter. Then we release the platform with the Verb 40 Enter, and then we go through page G/7-1 and get a rapid alignment to the GDC. Now that - that assumes that what happened to us was the glitch in the middle gimbal. If I understood your conversation, it's possible to have a glitch in one of the other gimbals. Is that correct?

050 50 23 Peterson: That's correct. That will not, however, get you into the - into the problem that causes the platform to go into coarse align. And also, we were advised that while this EMP is in, you shouldn't have the problem with losing the platform alignment.

050 50 41 Mattingly: Okay. If we - if we get this glitch in one of the other axes - I - and we have the controls enabled, I assume one of the things we would - we'd see would be some unusual thruster activity.

050 50 58 Peterson: That's affirmative, and in that case I guess all you need...

050 51 00 Mattingly: [Garble] proper correction. Well, I'm trying to figure out what we'd do if we have a - say we're in attitude hold. If we have that glitch occur right now and - with our engines disabled, I don't think there would be any way I'd see it until I went to use some auto optics or something. And that - if we were in an attitude hold, it appears to me that I would see a - a DAP that appeared to be unstable in the axis that it was going for, or at least it would take off for some place other than where it is. And we would go to SCS momentarily, and the proper response would be a Verb 40, Enter, and allow the CMC to zero and recount the IMU CDUs. Is that correct?

050 51 50 Peterson: Right on.

050 52 00 Mattingly: This TVC enable that we're talking about that's used for the gimbal drive test - now that's a function only of the gimbal drive test and not a function of the setting of the trims in P40. Is that correct?

050 52 15 Peterson: That's affirmative.

050 52 20 Mattingly: Okay, so, our P40 then would be something like we would go out and we'll get a gimbal drive check to you folks early, then we'll turn the gimbals back off probably, and I'm just ... what I'm [garble].

050 52 35 Peterson: Omni switch coming up, 16. Stand by. Stand by, 16; we're switching omnis.

050 52 46 Mattingly: Roger.

050 54 19 Peterson: 16, how do you read now?

050 54 23 Mattingly: Loud and clear, Don.

050 54 24 Peterson: Okay. Go ahead with your question.

050 54 25 Mattingly: I'm trying to give you my impression of what we're gonna be - the general approach to the burn - and we check out the gimbal drives and the gimbal trims and then, when we come into P40 for the actual burn, we would go ahead and use the SCS gimbal checks to verify all the gimbals are properly hooked up. Then we would bypass the flashing 202 with an Enter, and we'd just let the gimbals go to trim, and everything else would be done nominally.

050 55 07 Peterson: Ken, I think your general impression is right. I guess we're not yet ready to commit ourselves to a - a set of procedures. We're going to have Stu take a look at it in the simulator here, and we'll come up to you later with some detailed procedures specifically for the burn.

050 55 27 Mattingly: Roger. I understand that; I just wanted to make sure I had a general understanding in case we had to do some original thinking.

050 55 35 Peterson: Roger. I think we concur with what you said so far.

050 55 51 Mattingly: Okay. And the other thing, that out of curiosity - if the guys in the back room, after they get through getting all the important things squared away, that they could kind of think some more about their list of things that causes this enable relay to change state. I'll compile a list of those things in case we come across something later on that we hadn't thought about.

050 56 16 Peterson: Okay, Ken, we'll do that for you. And there's one last note here, that, prior to your P52s, it'd be a good idea to align the GDC just prior to going in .

050 56 30 Mattingly: Yes, sir. I don't think I'll let that guy get very far away from us.

050 56 33 Peterson: Roger.

050 56 54 Peterson: And, Ken, I've got an update to the G&C Checklist on page 9-4 any time you're ready to copy.

050 57 09 Mattingly: Okay, pencil in hand.

050 57 13 Peterson: Okay, on Page 9-4 line 07, column A ...

050 57 20 Mattingly: Yes, sir.

050 57 21 Peterson: Column A, line 07, should read "76747." Line 11 should read "77552." Line 12, "77756"; line 13, "77307."

050 58 05 Mattingly: Okay, I 'm on page G/9-4, reading down column A. On line 7, I replace "77426" with "76747." On line 11, I replace "00214" with "77552." On line 12, I replace "77714" with 77756." Line 13, I replace "77446" with "77307."

050 58 49 Peterson: That's correct, Ken.

050 59 10 Peterson: And we've got, Ken, here some notes on this jet-on monitor EMP. We'd like to do a check on it at 54:25, and I can read you up the procedure for that any time you're ready to copy.

050 59 24 Mattingly: Go ahead.

050 59 27 Peterson: Okay, at 54:25 in the Flight Plan, we would like to add "P20 option 5," in the "LM checkout attitude'', Noun 78, minus 09000, minus 03000, plus 25500; Noun 79, plus 00050; Noun 70, plus 00047. We will up link the jet-on monitor loads and, when the P20 maneuver is complete, you can do a Verb 74 Enter. And the P20 attitude that we've selected will be the attitude that you're already in, so there is actually not a maneuver involved here.

051 00 49 Mattingly: Okay, when you say when maneuver complete, - does that mean that you would want us to maneuver to the LM checkout attitude using P20, or are you going to let us go to Verb 49 for that? And then, I'll call it up and bypass the maneuver, is that correct?

051 01 06 Peterson: You can use a Verb 49 for that, Ken.

051 01 11 Mattingly: Okay, I understand. A Verb 49, and then we'll call P20, and then you can command the same attitude I'm in.

051 01 17 Peterson: That's affirmative.

051 01 18 Mattingly: In other words, I've got the 50:18 the second time. Then you want the Verb 74, Enter.

051 01 24 Peterson: That's affirmative. Coming up on an omni switch, 16. Stand by.

051 03 24 Peterson: 16, how do you read now?

051 03 29 Mattingly: Loud and clear, Don.

051 03 31 Peterson: Okay, the only other thing is at 56 hours, that's 56:00, we want you to terminate the jet-on monitor EMP.

051 03 53 Mattingly: Okay, can you tell me what dead band you are gonna be setting in there?

051 04 35 Peterson: Okay, Ken, it'll be a one-degree dead band.

051 04 49 Mattingly: Okay, you're setting me in the EMP at one-degree dead band; is that affirm?

051 04 55 Peterson: That's affirmative.

051 05 15 Peterson: Ken, on the Noun 70, I read you a - a plus 00047. You actually don't need that plus; that's an octal number.

051 05 25 Mattingly: Roger. I understand.

051 05 29 Mattingly: Okay, it's not clear to me - if we are going to exceed this or not; we normally would not. Do you want to try letting us drift out of the dead band and see if the monitor works?

051 05 55 Peterson: Negative; that's - that's not the intent, I think. They just want to get the program in and look at it.

051 06 03 Mattingly: Okay. Well, sometime before we get through, would you ask them if they would object to letting us see if that thing triggers the same response that we're used to?

051 06 16 Peterson: Okay, Ken; we'd like to think that over. We'll get back to you on that.

051 06 21 Mattingly: Okay, fine. Thank you.

051 06 23 Peterson: Okay. Now I've still got this note that we've had since about 24 hours ago on changing the angle on that Sun wheel and if you have that out now, we can clear that up otherwise, I'll hold it a while.

051 06 37 Mattingly: I don't have it out, but why don't you tell me what it is. I think I know what you're talking about. It's due to the REFSMMAT angles on there being changed.

051 06 44 Peterson: That's affirmative. And we (belch) inked "27 degrees" on it. We should have written in "37 degrees".

051 06 59 Mattingly: Okay. It turns out we're at - is inked in at 27 and it should be 37.

051 07 06 Peterson: That's affirmative.

051 07 11 Mattingly: Okay, thank you. I'm glad you remembered that.

051 07 14 Peterson: Roger.

051 10 12 Peterson: 16, terminate battery Bravo charge.

051 10 17 Young: Okay. Okay, it's in work.

051 10 24 Peterson: Roger.

051 10 42 Young: What's the probability of this - glitch happening? Is it about one in a million?

051 10 47 Peterson: Stand by 1

051 10 59 Young: Say again, Pete. You cut out.

051 11 01 Peterson: 16, I guess we really don't know the answer to that. That's one of the reasons we want to get this EMP in to kind of watch for it and see if it's occurring frequently or infrequently. Omni switch, 16.

051 11 53 Young: Okay, Don, we're going to go ahead and punch through this P52 and we'll start with our little procedure here, and you might kind of watch us through and make sure we do it right the first time.

051 12 05 Peterson: Will do.

051 13 23 Young: Okay, Houston. You're watching this, right?

051 13 25 Peterson: That's affirmative. We're watching and you can go ahead.

051 13 30 Young: Okay, and what did you say the probability was of this thing happening?

051 13 34 Peterson: I think we don't know the answer to that, John. That's why we want to load this software program so we can monitor to see if that glitch is occurring frequently - or it may never occur again, we really don't know.

051 13 48 Young: Understand.

051 13 51 Mattingly: Okay, I've got it in. I'm going to call P52.

051 13 55 Peterson: Roger.

051 14 15 Peterson: Can you get the GDC aligned up?

051 14 20 Mattingly: Oh, yeah.

051 14 21 Young: You better believe it.

051 17 23 Mattingly: Houston, how do you like those angles?

051 17 30 Peterson: Stand by one.

051 17 36 Peterson: Look real good, 16.

051 17 41 Mattingly: Do you want us to torque some that small?

051 17 50 Peterson: Go ahead and torque them.

051 17 53 Mattingly: Okay. We'll do it at 17 minutes. Yeah, I guess that's 51:18, excuse me.

051 18 07 Peterson: Understand 18 minutes.

051 18 12 Mattingly: Okay, would you like for me to return it to zero with the switch in Manual this time, just to see if you get that glitch?

051 18 22 Peterson: Affirmative.

051 18 34 Young: Going to zero.

051 18 36 Young: Mark.

051 18 59 Peterson: And, 16, we didn't see any glitch. There, we're coming up on an omni switch.

051 22 19 Peterson: And, 16, that EMP that we loaded to protect the platform - we'll refer to it as EMP 509.

051 22 34 Young: Okay, 509; sounds familiar.

051 22 37 Peterson: Roger.

051 30 32 Peterson: 16, if you'll go Accept, we've got an up-link for you. And I've got news, if you're interested.

051 30 43 Young: Okay, here's P00 and Accept. And, yeah, we're interested.

051 30 48 Peterson: Okay. Former President Lyndon Johnson is resting comfortably after he was hospitalized again following an increase in his heart rate. He's hospitalized in San Antonio. Vice President Agnew, speaking here in Houston, has asked the nation's supermarket executives to hold the line on prices. If prices for food continue to soar, Mr. Agnew hinted at mandatory Federal controls. President Nixon added a stop during his scheduled trip to Moscow. Prior to returning home, he will stop off in Poland to discuss Polish-American relations. The Moscow trip in late May is still on, despite some fears that recent developments in the Vietnamese conflict could affect the President's visit to the Soviet Union. State news: The Texas governor's race is still a hot item, but no word yet from John Connally, who said he may speak out on the wide-open race. Congressman Bob Eckhardt says the U.S. needs at least three large super ocean ports to keep in contention with the world market. He says the Galveston-Houston area is a prime superport site. And on sports news: The Astros captured their first victory of the year with a 7-2 win over the L.A. Giants.And some scores on the other games: in the American League, Cleveland 4, Boston 0; Baltimore 4 New York 0. In the National League, St. Louis 5, Philadelphia 4; Los Angeles 8, Atlanta 3. The Boston marathon, run yesterday on Patriots Day in Best. Town, was won by a 25-year-old engineering student from Finland. Strangely enough, they have omitted his name. A 33-year-old Long Island, New York, woman, Nina Kuscsik, won the special ladies division. The Los Angeles Lakers and the Milwaukee Bucks are tied 2-2 in their Western division playoffs in the NBA.

051 33 00 Young: Charlie wants to know how (laughter) - how Consolidated Jack Pine is doing.

051 33 08 Peterson: (Laughter) Was that Consolidated Jackpot?

051 33 13 Young: Jack Pine.

051 33 14 Peterson: Roger.

051 33 21 Young: Probably lost 3 or 4 points again yesterday.

051 33 25 Peterson: Roger. Charlie, I guess I haven't got those figures handy. We'll see what we can do.

051 33 44 Duke: If you can find out, Pete, you're a better man than I am. I've been trying to find it for 10 years.

051 33 50 Peterson: Okay, Charlie, And you can have your computer back, 16.

051 34 10 Young: Yeah, that compensation you guys put up there really fixed that baby.

051 34 15 Peterson: Yeah, seems to have.

051 34 18 Duke: Plus Ken's marks.

051 37 42 Mattingly: Don, we're gonna put off the Skylab [garble] until our [garble] and take the time to do it right. And we're gonna - gonna mix up [garble] snacks and try to get back [garble].

051 37 57 Peterson: We've got an omni switch, 16. Stand by.

051 38 11 Mattingly: Houston, do you read Casper?

051 38 24 Peterson: You're pretty weak.

051 38 38 Peterson: 16, can you read now?

051 38 41 Mattingly: Yeah, I read you now. Did you copy when I commented about the Skylab food?

051 38 45 Peterson: Negative.

051 38 55 Duke: Pete, I'm back on the Biomed. How does it look?

051 38 58 Peterson: Stand by one.

051 39 34 Peterson: Charlie, they're just now starting to get it. They'll take a look at; I'll let you know in a minute.

051 39 42 Duke: Okay, thanks.

051 39 49 Peterson: Okay, you want to go ahead with your comments on the Skylab food, now?

051 40 10 Mattingly: The comment I made, Don, was that, because we're behind the time line here, we - we thought we would put the Skylab food off until tonight, so we have time to do it right. And we're just going to eat snacks for now and try to get caught up a little bit.

051 40 16 Peterson: Okay; we concur with that, Ken.

051 40 21 Mattingly: Roger.

051 43 15 Peterson: 16, we'd like to get the High Gain up on this next rev. You're about ten minutes away from it now. Do you think you can make that? If not, we can wait another rev.

051 43 25 Duke: We'll get it to you.

051 43 27 Peterson: Okay, it's Pitch, minus 40; and Yaw, plus 90, 90.

051 44 12 Peterson: And, Ken, you can go on; your - in your checklist there down to the MSFN cue any time, you're ready.

051 45 00 Duke: Houston. 16. Over.

051 45 03 Peterson: Go ahead, 16.

051 45 06 Duke: Okay, Pete, I hit a Command Reset there. I went to the - went to High Gain too soon; and we're operating now in Omni Bravo. And give me a Mark. The High Gain just didn't seem to work; it looks like I ought to be able to get High Gain now. I'll try it.

051 45 25 Peterson: Negative. You won't be able to get it yet.

051 45 31 Duke: Okay. Okay, you're on Omni Charlie now.

051 45 47 Peterson: 16, we'll handle the omnis until we're ready to go to the High Gain, and we'll tell you when to go to High Gain at the angles we just gave you.

051 45 59 Duke: Okay, we're all set, and you're on Omni Charlie. Will you want me to reconfigure?

051 46 06 Peterson: Come back to Bravo.

051 46 10 Duke: Okay, back to - back to Bravo. Okay, you're in Omni Bravo.

051 46 21 Peterson: Okay. Thank you, Charlie.

051 47 30 Peterson: 16, would you go ahead and start the Pan Camera and Mapping Camera film cycling procedures down to the point in the checklist where it calls - where it calls for a MSFN cue?

051 52 57 Duke: Houston, how much longer until we get the High Gain?

051 53 08 Peterson: A couple of minutes, Charlie.

051 53 13 Duke: Okay.

051 55 04 Peterson: Okay, 16, you can bring up the High Gain.

051 56 13 Peterson: 16, bring up the High Gain now, please.

051 56 26 Duke: Okay, there you go. You got Reacq and Narrow on the High Gain.

051 56 34 Peterson: Roger.

051 57 13 Peterson: 16, we're ready to proceed with the film cycling.

051 57 20 Duke: Okay.

051 57 53 Duke (onboard): That's verified.

051 57 55 Mattingly (onboard): Mapping Camera Image Motion is Off.

051 57 59 Duke (onboard): That's verified.

051 58 02 Mattingly (onboard): That darn [garble] Data System is On. PCM Bit Rate, High?

051 58 11 Duke (onboard): Okay, go ahead.

051 58 12 Mattingly (onboard): System - S-Band Aux TV to SCI?

051 58 17 Duke (onboard): Go ahead.

051 58 19 Mattingly (onboard): SM/AC Power is coming On.

051 58 34 Mattingly: Okay, the Mapping Camera is coming on to Standby.

051 58 38 Peterson: Roger.

051 59 08 Mattingly: Okay, you ready for Mapping Camera and Pan Camera operations ?

051 59 14 Peterson: Stand by one.

051 59 17 Duke (onboard): And that one.

051 59 33 Peterson: 16, stand by. We're checking a couple of temperatures.

051 59 35 Mattingly (onboard): Man, that peanut butter...

051 59 36 Peterson (onboard): [Garble].

051 59 43 Mattingly (onboard): ...peanut butter was really good.

051 59 44 Peterson: Okay, proceed, 16.

051 59 47 Mattingly: Okay. The Mapping Camera is coming On. And the Pan Camera Self Test has been hit .

051 59 47 Mattingly (onboard): Okay. Mapping Camera is coming On.

051 59 51 Young (onboard): I just might eat the peanut butter with no bread. How would that be?

051 59 57 Duke (onboard): Borrow some.

052 00 00 Young (onboard): Can't find the bread.

052 00 06 Duke (onboard): Got to.

052 00 07 Young (onboard): Yeah, I know it.

052 00 09 Mattingly (onboard): And the Pan Camera Self Test is completed..

052 00 20 Duke (onboard): Well, I - I saw the [garble] around here - this morning.

052 00 38 Young (onboard): [Garble] you say is true ...

052 00 39 Duke (onboard): [Garble] peaches are delicious.

052 00 40 Young (onboard): Oh, that ...

052 00 42 Mattingly (onboard): Charlie?

052 00 43 Duke (onboard): Yeah. They're good. Want a bite?

052 00 52 Mattingly (onboard): No, thanks.

052 00 53 Duke (onboard): Want a bite, John?

052 00 54 Young (onboard): No, I just had some peaches. I had to throw mine in the jett bag [garble].

052 01 04 Duke (onboard): What are you waiting for, a word from them?

052 01 05 Mattingly (onboard): No. Waiting for the time to run out.

052 01 10 Mattingly: Okay, the Pan Camera Mode barber pole has gone back to gray. That took about 40 seconds.

052 01 15 Peterson: Roger.

052 01 27 Young (onboard): Now I lost my peanut butter [garble] I lose some of my peanut butter.

052 01 38 Mattingly (onboard): I was only kidding. If you find it floating around, I bet you'll have a hard time finding the guy who hid it.

052 01 49 Duke (onboard): It's really good. Peaches is one of the best things we have.

052 01 53 Young (onboard): [Garble] good.

052 01 54 Mattingly: Mapping Camera is to Off.

052 01 58 Duke (onboard): How did you cycle the film?

052 02 00 Young (onboard): I didn't.

052 02 01 Duke (onboard): Huh?

052 02 02 Young (onboard): Ken did it.

052 02 26 Mattingly (onboard): The - was there something you wanted to say at the end of this thing, Charlie?

052 02 29 Duke (onboard): Huh? No. I just wanted to be sure at the end of this thing that the Mapping Camera to Standby Mode...

052 02 33 Mattingly (onboard): Huh? Oh...

052 02 34 Duke (onboard): ...on Page 1-16...

052 02 35 Mattingly (onboard): Oh, okay. While [garble]...

052 02 36 Duke (onboard): That's after - after you've cycled the Pan Camera switch.

052 02 40 Mattingly (onboard): Yeah. Well, let me see the Flight Plan. Thank you.

052 02 44 Duke (onboard): I [garble]

052 03 02 Mattingly: Houston, do you copy Casper?

052 03 04 Young (onboard): I've just been contemplating [garble]...

052 03 04 Peterson: Read you loud and clear, Casper, Go ahead.

052 03 07 Mattingly (onboard): Okay.

052 03 08 Young (onboard): ...get to [garble]

052 03 08 Mattingly: Okay. The next item here is to take the Mapping Camera to Standby mode, and I assume I should do that before I turn the SM/AC Power Off.

052 03 21 Peterson: That's affirmative, 16.

052 03 28 Duke (onboard): Can they see that down there? ...

052 03 34 Mattingly (onboard): Yeah. Well, [garble] they can tell it, too.

052 03 42 Duke (onboard): [Garble] cycle.

052 03 44 Mattingly (onboard): Could it take the cassette? Will it sit one place and still - corners it has to go around and [garble] cassette?

052 03 52 Duke (onboard): You could have, yeah.

052 03 53 Mattingly (onboard): Probably you would ...

052 03 54 Duke (onboard): Wait, yeah.

052 04 00 Young (onboard): Oh-ho.

052 03 58 Peterson: Alright, Casper, after you turn the Mapping Camera to the Standby mode, we want you to add Pan Camera Self Test to Heaters.

052 04 11 Mattingly: Okay, you've got Heaters now. And we're in Standby, and I'm about to turn the SM/AC Power Off unless you want me to hold it.

052 04 18 Peterson: Leave it on, Casper. Leave that Power on.

052 04 24 Mattingly: Okay.

052 04 30 Duke (onboard): [Garble] he say [garble] Standby Mode that I leave it? [garble]

052 04 31 Young (onboard): [Garble], yeah.

052 04 32 Duke (onboard): Uh-huh.

052 04 34 Mattingly (onboard): Well, [garble]

052 04 38 Duke (onboard): I doubt it.

052 04 39 Young (onboard): Number 2, a 3, a 4, a 5, a 6, [garble] all be [garble].

052 04 52 Duke (onboard): John, I tell you what I'll do [garble].

052 04 59 Peterson: 16, go Omni Bravo. You can stow the High Gain.

052 05 00 Young (onboard): I'll [garble].

052 05 01 Duke (onboard): Wait a minute.

052 06 25 Mattingly: Houston, Casper.

052 06 27 Peterson: Go ahead, Casper.

052 06 32 Mattingly: Okay, after the film cycling, it normally calls for our taking the SM/AC Power Off, and you asked that we hold there. Do you want us to complete the rest of that powerdown, or do you want to just stop there and you're going to pick it up later or - what would you have in mind?

052 06 49 Peterson: We want to leave the Heaters on for a while and the Power on. And we'll pick it up again later at about 58 hours, but we'll call you.

052 07 00 Mattingly: Okay. We'll leave that in your care.

052 07 03 Peterson: Roger.

052 08 21 Mattingly: And, if you're ready, Houston, we'll go ahead and stop PTC and go over to the UV attitude.

052 08 30 Peterson: Okay.

052 08 45 Mattingly: It's really a shame to kill a PTC that looks as nice as this one.

052 08 49 Peterson: Yeah, it does.

052 09 38 Peterson: Casper, you might try killing this roll at 208, which is your next roll attitude.

052 09 49 Mattingly: We' re with you.

Public Affairs Officer: This is Apollo Control; 52 hours, 17 minutes Ground Elapsed Time. Apollo 16 now being maneuvered into a High Gain Antenna attitude leaving the Passive Thermal Control after all night and most of the day. Midcourse correction 3 will not be performed and it's likely that Midcourse 4 will not be either. In as much the present calculations show that correction would about 1.4 feet per second [0.4 metres per second] at the present time. We should be getting some improvement in communications when we do get locked up on the High Gain Antenna. And we're continuing to stand by at 52:18.

052 26 19 Mattingly: Hey, Don.

052 26 20 Peterson: Go ahead, Ken.

052 26 25 Mattingly: Let me tell you, all our plans for peanut butter were - were correct. That's the ideal space food.

052 26 33 Peterson: Roger. You guys gonna do the Skylab thing tonight?

052 27 39 Peterson: 16, Houston. How do you read?

052 27 44 Mattingly: Loud and clear.

052 27 45 Young: Loud and clear.

052 27 46 Peterson: Okay, we're just doing a subcarrier voice check.

052 27 57 Young: Your sub - your subcarrier has good voice ...

052 28 00 Peterson: Right.

052 28 01 Young: ...and Ken's right about that peanut butter sandwich. It's like when we were aboard ship. We can get that peanut butter sandwich when we're in too much of a hurry to do something else - to do anything else, and it works!

052 28 15 Peterson: Okay. We'll pass that along.

052 29 33 Peterson: Casper, I've got that list of TVC relay set and reset conditions any time you're ready to copy.

052 29 50 Young: I'm all pencil.

052 29 55 Peterson: Okay, the conditions that set the relay are: one, Spacecraft Control switch, CMC; Optics Zero switch, Off; and Optics Mode switch, Manual.

052 30 24 Young: What to Manual?

052 30 25 Peterson: Optics Mode switches Manual. And number two, another way to set it, is start a CMC TVC gimbal drive check in P20. Okay, the different ways that it can get reset are: number one, Optics Zero switch, Zero; number two, Optics Zero switch, Off and the Optics Mode switch to CMC; number three, Spacecraft Control ...

052 31 38 Young: Hey, Don, would you stand by for a minute, please?

052 31 40 Peterson: Sure will.

052 31 41 Young: Let's get our UV. Give us a rough on that time and I'll come back with you.

050 31 45 Peterson: Roger.

052 37 51 Young: Houston, 16.

052 37 53 Peterson: Go ahead, 16.

052 37 56 Young: Okay. On your plat board, Pete, what do you show over now?

052 38 02 Peterson: Just about over Florida. Kind of down over the tip of ...

052 38 10 Young: Okay.

052 41 04 Peterson: 16, could you verify the position of the S-Band Aux TV switch?

052 41 12 Young: Yeah, it's still in SCI, waiting for you guys to tell us to finish up our film cycling checklist.

052 41 19 Peterson: Understand; it's in SCI?

052 41 23 Mattingly: Affirmative.

052 41 31 Peterson: You can take that switch to Off, but leave the Pan Camera Heaters and stuff on.

052 41 38 Mattingly: Okay. Well, since we - you don't want us to do the exact checklist, we'll - we'll turn the SCI off and the Data System Off, or do you want the Data System On? You're not reading anything now, I don't think.

052 41 56 Peterson: Just leave the Data System On. We've commanded it Off on the ground.

052 42 03 Mattingly: Okay; Data System On.

052 42 07 Peterson: Okay.

052 42 57 Duke: Houston, with the binocs out looking at the Earth, we can see Florida and the - the real blue water around the Bahamas. On around the Gulf of Mexico, looks like you might have some clouds near Houston and on down in New Mexico and the Great Lakes up in the North, where there's lots of clouds on up north of that.

052 43 20 Peterson: Roger. It is overcast here, Charlie.

052 43 22 Duke: [Garble] and up in the polar icecap, there is a big broken line; it looks like a river or something running down off to the southwest. Wonder what that feature might be?

052 43 43 Peterson: Does it look like - Is it a feature on the ground or a feature in the clouds?

052 43 55 Duke: I - I thought the whole thing was just snow and ice up there; maybe it is the clouds up in - it looked like to me it's - it's just up at the North Pole in the icecap area.

052 44 08 Peterson: Roger; understand. I don't ...

052 44 10 Duke: And it's been there since we laun - it's been there ever since we launched.

052 44 15 Peterson: Roger.

052 44 17 Duke: What it appeared to me to be was some places thawed out up there, but - and I was looking at water, but that might be the clouds actually.

052 44 26 Peterson: Okay. Tony is sitting here. I'll see if he knows anything about it.

052 44 36 Duke: Okay, and that storm system that was out west of Alaska or thereabouts appears to be still there.

052 44 47 Peterson: Okay.

052 45 06 Mattingly: Okay, Don. I'm ready to copy the rest of those things that we sent, the TVC and the [garble]

052 45 12 Peterson: Okay, stand by just a minute. They're adding a couple of notes to it.

052 45 16 Mattingly: Sure thing. Can I read back the ... when I read back the ones that said it?

052 45 27 Peterson: Say again, Ken.

052 45 32 Mattingly: I'll just wait until you get it all; I was going to read back the one that sent it. Everybody's talking about those binoculars. We pulled those things out in Earth orbit as we were going over the States, and it's pretty impressive. It works out well in other places; it really does enhance things you can see.

052 45 53 Peterson: Roger. Okay, I've got this list on the TVC Relay set/reset conditions again, if you want to go back into that now.

052 46 03 Mattingly: Okay, all set.

052 46 04 Peterson: Okay. The note they added was back up on the very first thing I gave you: the number 1, conditions to set the relay. Those conditions only work in certain programs or extended verbs, and those are P20, 22, 23, 24, 52, or Verb 41 Noun 91.

052 46 38 Mattingly: Okay.

052 46 39 Peterson: Okay, and I believe we'd gotten down through numbers - -

052 46 41 Mattingly: Is it all options to P20?

052 46 52 Peterson: Stand by a minute, Ken; we'll get you an answer on that.

052 46 58 Mattingly: Okay. Go ahead.

052 47 00 Peterson: Okay. While we're waiting for them to decide whether it's all options or not, I believe we got down through number 2, reset conditions.

052 47 11 Mattingly: Okay. I copied the Optics to Zero and the Optics Zero to Off when in CMC Mode control.

052 47 21 Peterson: Okay, and that was number 2. Number 3 is Spacecraft Control switch, SCS. Number 4 is THC, clockwise. Number 5 is Verb 37 Enter, XX Enter. Number 6 is fresh start, Verb 36. Number 7 is Verb 34 or PRO; in the sighting mark routine, R53 display. Number 8 is Auto Enter RCS DAP at SPS cut-off plus 2.5 seconds in P40.

052 48 46 Mattingly: Okay. I didn't understand that one, Don.

052 48 49 Peterson: Okay. It's the - it's what happens to you immediately following the burns. The SPS cuts off, and then 2.5 seconds later in P40, the TV relay gets reset.

052 49 16 Mattingly: Okay.

052 49 18 Peterson: Okay, and on the question of options, back up under set condition number 1, it's all options except number 2 in program 20.

052 49 36 Mattingly: Okay.

052 49 39 Peterson: And that's all of them.

052 49 44 Mattingly: Okay, and I understand that this - this can happen when you either set or reset the enable relay, is that correct?

052 49 52 Peterson: That's affirmative. They say it can happen going - any change of state on the TVC relay.

052 50 06 Mattingly: Okay. Can you tell me if it's the change of state of the relay, or just the command to change? For instance, if we already had it in some of these things like a Verb 37, any program resets it; but if it's already in the reset position, is that a condition that's likely to trigger one of these things, or is that one of the safe conditions?

052 50 34 Peterson: We - we think, Ken, it's the actual relay set/reset changing, not - not the command.

052 50 44 Mattingly: Okay.

052 51 20 Mattingly: Don, let me read back what you read to me, and then I'll want to mull that over for a while and see if I have any other questions.

052 51 27 Peterson: Okay.

052 51 34 Mattingly: Okay, and I think that, except the TV enable [garble].

052 51 43 Peterson: 16, you're fading out.

052 51 53 Peterson: 16, we are unable to read.

052 51 56 Mattingly: Okay, the things that will set the TVC enable are the Spacecraft Control switch to CMC, the Optic Zero to Off, the Optics Mode to Manual, and the CMC TVC gimbal test in P40. These things occur only if I'm in P20 options 0, 1, 3, 4; P22, P23, P24, P52; and a Verb 41 Noun 91.

052 52 29 Peterson: Okay, Ken. On that, the first three of those constitute one set of conditions; and the last one, that is, the start of CMC thrust vector control, is another condition that is sufficient by itself.

052 52 48 Mattingly: Okay, understand. The first three go with those programs, and the CMC thrust vector control is sufficient by itself.

052 52 57 Peterson: Okay.

052 53 01 Mattingly: Did you - I don't remember if we concluded whether that was when it - the CMC sets the gimbal in preparation for the burn or only during that test.

052 53 12 Peterson: I don't think that's - at least, I haven't been advised as to which set of conditions we're talking about there.

052 53 21 Mattingly: Okay, now I'll read you the reset ones.

052 53 24 Peterson: Okay.

052 53 26 Mattingly: It's Optics to Zero, Optics Zero to Off when in CMC Mode, Spacecraft Control to SCS, translation hand controller to clockwise, and Verb 37 Enter to XX Enter, a fresh start, a Verb 34 or PRO when in the sighting mark display, and the Auto engine off or AUTO TVC reset after a burn in P40.

052 53 58 Mattingly: That's affirmative. There are eight different reset conditions; number 2 actually contains two separate items.

052 54 12 Mattingly: That's affirmative. Can you...

052 54 16 Peterson: Okay.

052 56 11 Young: Okay, Houston. We're starting the fuel cell purge and waste water dump.

052 56 16 Peterson: Roger; Copy.

053 05 52 Young: Houston, Casper.

053 05 54 Peterson: Go ahead, Casper.

053 05 58 Young: Okay, we've got a LM/CM Delta-P of 0.6. We'd like to go ahead and pressurize the cabin and then get ready for the LM entry.

053 06 10 Peterson: Stand by one.

053 06 17 Peterson: Okay, Casper. We copied, and you can go ahead.

053 06 22 Young: Thank you, sir.




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