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Day Four Part One - Arrival at the Moon

Corrected Transcript and Commentary Copyright © 2006 W. David Woods and Tim Brandt. All rights reserved.
Last updated: 2020-02-07

Day 4 Wake up


Status Report


Flight Plan Amendments


EMP 509 Jet Monitor Program Discussion


SPS Burn Rules Update


Lunar Photography


MCC Shift Change


Pericynthion Plus 2 Pad


Midcourse Correction 2 Burn Performance Discusion


SIM Bay Door Jettison Preparation


SIM Bay Door Jettison


LOI Preliminary Pad


Joke on IMU Problem


Discussion on Use of EMP 509 in Lunar Orbit


TEI-4 Pad


Map Update


Flight Plan Update


The Moon by Earthlight


Final LOI Pad


Go for LOI


Public Affairs Officer: Apollo Control, Houston at 66 hours, 16 minutes into the mission. We now show Apollo 16 at 19,304 nautical miles [35,751 kilometres] away from the Moon, and now traveling at a speed of 3,643 feet [1,110 metres] per second. Although we've had no conversations with them, our data here in Mission Control indicates the crew is awake - waking up on their own. We will stand by, with the air-to-ground line up, to pick up the conversations between the crew of Apollo 16 and CapCom Hank Hartsfield, should it [sic] occur. We're at 66 hours, 17 minutes Ground Elapsed Time; continuing to monitor the Apollo Control, Houston.

066 17 32 Young: Morning, Houston. How do you read? Over.

066 17 34 Hartsfield: Good morning, 16. How are you this morning?

066 17 41 Young: Pretty good there.

066 27 33 Duke: Okay, Houston. The LM/CM Delta-P is about one [pounds per square inch]. And, the cabin pressure being what it is, I guess that means that we really don't have any leakage up there much.

066 27 54 Hartsfield: Roger. Copy one psi.

066 28 07 Duke: Psid, Hank.

066 28 11 Hartsfield: Stand corrected.

Public Affairs Officer: Apollo Control, Houston, at 66 hours, 29 minutes. Apollo 16 is now 18,839 nautical miles [34,890 kilometres] away from the Moon, and now traveling at a speed of 3,652 feet [1,113 metres] per second. This is Apollo Control, Houston, continuing to monitor.

Public Affairs Officer: This is Apollo Control, Houston at 66 hours, 47 minutes into the mission. We now show Apollo 16 at a distance of 18,243 nautical miles [33,786 kilometres]; this is the distance away from the Moon. We now read Apollo 16's velocity at 3,664 feet [1,117 metres] per second. At 66 hours, 46 minutes, continuing to monitor, this is Apollo Control, Houston.

Public Affairs Officer: This is Apollo Control, Houston, 67 hours Ground Elapsed Time. Our displays now show Apollo 16 at a distance of 17,704 nautical miles [32,787 kilometres] from the Moon, and we show a speed of 3,676 feet [1,120 metres] per second]. We've had no further communication with the crew of Apollo 16 since that original greeting from spacecraft Commander John Young. But we will continue to monitor, and this is Apollo Control, Houston.

Public Affairs Officer: This is Apollo Control, Houston at 67 hours, 10 minutes Ground Elapsed Time. We show the spacecraft Apollo 16, presently at a distance of 17,350 nautical miles [32,132 kilometres] away from the Earth - away from the Moon, and traveling at a speed of 3,684 feet [1,123 metres] per second. Meanwhile in the Mission Control Center, Flight Director Phil Shaffer has just decided that a Midcourse Correction Number 4 burn will not be required. We're at 67 hours, 11 minutes continuing to monitor. This is Apollo Control, Houston.

067 15 05 Mattingly: Houston, how would you like to have a status report?

067 15 10 Hartsfield: Okay, we're waiting. Go ahead.

067 15 16 Mattingly: You're all 85-foot dishes, right? Ears, I mean.

067 15 23 Hartsfield: Roger. (Laughter)

067 15 31 Mattingly: All right, Henry. We'll start here on A section. All 22041; Alpha 3, 6 and 1/2, outstanding; Alpha 4, none; Alpha 5, 27 and 5; Alpha 6, 7, 10, and 5. Bravo 1 - Bravo 1, 15039; Bravo 3, 5, good; Bravo 4, none; Bravo 5, 37, 25; Bravo 6, 5, and 5. Charlie 1, 21075; Charlie 3, 6, good; Charlie 4, none; Charlie 5, 15 and 15; Charlie 6, 5 and - 5 and 7.

067 17 41 Hartsfield: Okay, was Charlie 6 just two entries, 5 and 7?

067 17 48 Mattingly: That's affirm. Okay, make that 5, 5, and 7.

067 17 57 Hartsfield: Roger.

067 18 06 Mattingly: And off the gourmet sheet [garble]

067 18 08 Hartsfield: Stand by, Ken. We're coming up on an antenna switch and we'll lose comm for a few minutes.

Public Affairs Officer: This is Apollo Control, Houston; at 67 hours, 18 minutes into the mission. What you just heard was Ken Mattingly passing along the crew's biomedical report following a convenience format using letters and numbers for speed in reporting. For example, A is the Commander, B is the Command Module Pilot and C is the Lunar Module Pilot. The six pieces of data reported on were radiation dosimeter readings, food, this is a negative report when the crew member followed the planned menu, amount of sleep, medication, urine, and water consumed. At 67 hours, 19 minutes we show Apollo 16 at 17,033 nautical miles [31,545 kilometres] away from the Moon and traveling at a speed of 3,691 feet [1,125 metres] per second].

067 20 10 Hartsfield: 16, Houston.

067 20 26 Hartsfield: Apollo 16, Houston.

067 20 42 Hartsfield: Apollo 16, Houston.

067 20 52 Young: Okay, go ahead.

067 20 55 Hartsfield: Okay. We're so far - You're so far out now that when we get close to antenna switching, we lose comm there for about a minute, a minute and a half. We're ready to copy the menu now; food.

067 21 14 Young: Okay, our menu reporter is stealing a cup of coffee. He'll be with you in a second.

067 21 21 Hartsfield: Roger. And the surgeon compliments the reporter on the way he reads the report down.

067 21 39 Young: Yeah, when you've got a college education, you learn to read, and boy anything can happen after that.

067 21 58 Mattingly: Okay, Henry. The happy gourmet says that for the Commander - Well, we'll start with meal A. And, stand by one.

067 23 01 Mattingly: Okay, on the Commander, you can delete the grits. On Meal B, we - we skipped the Skylab meal as Meal B and then ate it as Meal C. And on that, we skipped the peanuts. And for the second meal on the day, John had a grapefruit drink, bread with peanut butter, and - I guess that's it.

067 23 54 Hartsfield: Okay.

067 24 04 Mattingly: Okay. On mine, you can start on Meal A. Scratch the peaches, the scrambled eggs, four bacon squares, grits. My Meal B: I had the bread and peanut butter and the grapefruit drink. On the Skylab meal, I had one of the two rye breads and - out of all this chicken spread, no one ate a third of it, that's - we probably ate a tenth of it apiece. And for Charlie, he's been good. He eats everything. None of us ate the peanuts on the Skylab meal. And for the second meal of the day, Charlie had an orange-pineapple drink with potassium, and peanut butter. And you'll be happy to know that we shared our peaches with Casper. He ate just about as much of them as we did.

067 25 18 Hartsfield: Roger. Copy. That sounds kind of like it didn't work out too well.

067 25 26 Young: There's a lot of peach still on Casper's face, I'll tell you that.

067 25 34 Duke: Hank, when you open that can, you get them all at once.

067 25 42 Hartsfield: Charlie, you're going to have to work on those guys about the grits.

067 25 48 Duke: Grits are good. I can't get them to eat them, though. They - I sur - ate part of John's.

067 26 00 Mattingly: Okay, Hank. And maybe I missed it here, somewhere, but could you give us some words on what you plan to do about Midcourse 4?

067 26 12 Hartsfield: Okay. No Midcourse 4. And, I got a couple items of news here, if you're interested in that.

067 26 23 Mattingly: Okay. Is that general interest news, or like how we handle our relay setting and so forth?

067 26 32 Hartsfield: Oh, it's just general interest stuff on - We're coming up on antenna switching.

067 26 40 Mattingly: Okay, we'll catch you after that.

Public Affairs Officer: This is Apollo Control, Houston, 67 hours, 27 minutes into the mission. As you heard the crew of Apollo 16 sounds fresh and ready this morning. The principal spokesman for the crew thus far has been Ken Mattingly who provided the status reports. We show Apollo 16 at 16,736 nautical miles [30,995 kilometres] away from the Moon. We now show the velocity of Apollo 16 at 3,699 feet [1,127 metres] per second. At 67 hours, 28 minutes continuing to monitor this is Apollo Control, Houston.

067 29 43 Hartsfield: 16, Houston.

067 29 46 Mattingly: Houston, you up yet?

067 29 48 Hartsfield: Okay, 16. How do you read?

067 29 49 Mattingly: Okay, Henry. How about if we stop PTC right here at this 144-degree pass?

067 30 14 Mattingly: Henry, did you copy that?

067 30 17 Hartsfield: Roger. We copied. And we got some Flight Plan updates for you, and you can stop it now if you like.

067 30 36 Mattingly: Okay, go ahead.

067 30 39 Hartsfield: Okay, repeat no MCC-4 is required, and for your information, the data there for the UV photos is good for an hour after the Flight Plan time. So there's no real rush on that one. if you're ready to copy, we'll just charge right into these Flight Plan changes. The first one is at 70 hours and [garble].

067 30 59 Young: Okay, go.

067 31 00 Hartsfield: 70 hours and 40 minutes. We want to write in there, "Charge Bat A," and that's, for your information, for about three hours and 20 minutes.

067 31 22 Young: Okay. At 70:40 we'll charge Battery A, and that's roughly going to be in three and a half hours.

067 31 29 Hartsfield: That's affirmative. And at 71:20, we want to enter, "Load DAP with the weights and gimbal trim from MSFN, and call EMP 509."

067 32 03 Young: Okay. At 71:20, we'll load the DAP with MSFN weight and gimbals and call EMP 509.

067 32 11 Hartsfield: That's affirmative. The next thing occurs at 73:55, at the sextant star check. Want to add, in parentheses, "No Verb 41. Manually - manual only with Verb 16 Noun 91."

067 32 45 Young: Okay. I've got at 73:55, at the sextant star check, we'll do no Verb 41 and we'll do it manual with 16 91 as our check.

067 32 59 Hartsfield: That is affirmative. And EECOM advises you can [garble].

067 33 02 Young: While we're on that, Henry - while we're on that one, Henry, I didn't see where we terminated 509. Do we keep it running all this time?

067 33 14 Hartsfield: That is affirmative.

067 33 20 Young: Thank you.

067 33 24 Hartsfield: Okay. And EECOM advises you can go ahead and start that battery charge now, if you want to get Charlie started on that. And, next thing occurs at 74:08. And there we do the "Do SPS cue card through gimbal drive."

067 34 01 Young: Okay, that's at 74:08. It's SPS cue card through gimbal drive.

067 34 08 Hartsfield: Roger. And LOS - MSFN LOS time will be 74:18.

067 34 18 Young: Okay, 74:18 is LOS.

067 34 26 Hartsfield: Okay, that's the Flight Plan changes. I have some notes now. I don't know where's the best place to copy these. I've got about nine or ten of them here. Well, take it back. I got two notes on the use of EMP 509, and they read as follows.

067 34 46 Young: Okay, let me get my scratch pad out and I'll copy those first.

067 35 15 Young: Okay, Henry. I'm ready to copy your notes.

067 35 20 Hartsfield: Okay. Number one: the TVC DAP is unstable with EMP 509.

067 35 48 Young: Okay, understand. The TVC DAP is unstable with 509 running.

067 35 53 Hartsfield: That is affirmative. And number two is, "At SPS cutoff plus 2.5 seconds, the TVC enable is de-energized." The EMP is off; thus, the platform alignment could be lost.

067 36 27 Young: Okay.

067 36 32 Hartsfield: Okay, and I have some Flight Plan changes now that are concerned with DOI. The first one occurs at seven [garble].

067 36 42 Young: Stand by a second.

067 36 43 Hartsfield: All right.

067 37 32 Mattingly: Okay, Henry. I'm ready. These are comments, or these are things to go into the Flight Plan?

067 37 38 Hartsfield: Roger. These are Flight Plan changes, Ken. I'm sorry I didn't get this in order a while ago. It was buried in the bottom here.

067 37 48 Mattingly: Okay, go ahead.

067 37 50 Hartsfield: Okay, at 77:57, there's a group of CSM systems checks. Move those up to 77:20.

067 38 22 Mattingly: Okay, we take the CSM systems checks and move them from 77:58 over to 77:20.

067 38 31 Hartsfield: That's affirmative. Now at 77:50, "Verb 48 21101 01111.

067 39 00 Mattingly: Okay. At 77:50, that's "Verb 48 into 21101 01111."

067 39 09 Hartsfield: That's affirmative, and immediately following that, "Start EMP 509."

067 39 38 Mattingly: Okay, Henry. I guess I don't quite understand the loading the - the Verb 48 into 21101, and then the next thing we do is to load a three in there. Could you have someone give me some rationale on that?

067 39 55 Hartsfield: The difference there, Ken, is you - when you're loading that Verb 48 for the - the EMP 509, you don't Pro on that one and activate that DAP.

067 40 09 Mattingly: Okay, I see what you're saying. All right.

067 40 13 Hartsfield: In other words, we have to get the right DAP in there before we do the EMP 509. The next item is the activities that are located between 78:03 and 78:08, we want to move back to just following the P52 at 77:53.

067 40 43 Mattingly: Okay. How about giving me the first line and last line on the block you're talking about.

067 40 48 Hartsfield: Okay, that's "P30, verify DOI TIG and Delta-Vs" through "Acquire MSFN Omni D." Move all of that back to just following the P52, or "landing site orient" at 77:53. And in that group of activities, we want to delete that Verb 48.

067 41 39 Mattingly: Okay, now what I have is - have you got any more changes to this area, and then I'll read you what I have sequentially.

067 41 47 Hartsfield: There's nothing more on that particular page, 77 through 78 hours.

067 42 04 Mattingly: Okay. Maybe I missed something here, but I have - I have not seen us - terminate 509. I'm sure we did somewhere before the LOI burn...

067 42 18 Hartsfield: Uh [garble].

067 42 19 Mattingly: [Garble] and we'll do it again.

067 42 20 Hartsfield: We're going to get to do - in that Ken, we're going to have that on your cue card. I've got cue card change coming up for you.

067 42 28 Mattingly: Okay. All right, let me give you what I have here and then - At 77:20, I do all the CSM systems checklist items that are listed now at 77:58. At 77:50, we do a Verb 48 21101 01111. We start EMP 509. Then, at about 77:55, we do all the steps which are presently listed at 78:03 down through 78:08.

067 43 08 Hartsfield: And that's with the exception of the Verb 48.

067 43 13 Mattingly: That's right; with the exception of Verb 48.

067 43 19 Hartsfield: Okay, that's all correct. Now, the next item is, at 78:22, we delete the sextant star check and move it back to 78:15. And it carries the same warning as we had before. No Verb 41, manual only with the Verb 16 Noun 91.

067 43 55 Mattingly: Okay, that's a sextant star check at 78:15 with no Verb 41, doing it manually and deleting the star check at 78:22.

067 44 04 Hartsfield: That's affirmative. And the last item for this is, at 78:18 add "do SPS cue card through gimbal drive."

067 44 38 Mattingly: Okay; that is at 78:18, it's "Do SPS cue card through gimbal drive."

067 44 45 Hartsfield: Roger. And the cue card that you'll use is the same for LOI and DOI. We're going to read you those changes.

067 44 57 Mattingly: Okay.

067 45 34 Hartsfield: 16, Houston. I have your SPS burn card changes whenever you're ready to copy.

067 45 43 Mattingly: Go ahead.

067 45 51 Hartsfield: Okay. Just as a note here for yourself. You load the DAP before starting the card, and you do not change Verb 48 after starting EMP 509. Now, we tried to indicate that in the Flight Plan, and I explained that to you while ago. Okay, first step: at the top of the card, the very first item, add "EMP 509 called."

067 46 31 Mattingly: Okay, at the very top of the card, it's "EMP 509 is called."

067 46 37 Hartsfield: Roger. And down at the fifth item, where it says "Load DAP," delete that.

067 46 48 Mattingly: Okay, we'll delete "Load DAP."

067 46 52 Hartsfield: Where it says "Boresight & sextant star check," delete the "Verb 41 Noun 91 Enter," and make the comment: "No Verb 41, manual only with Verb 16 Noun 91."

067 47 18 Mattingly: Okay, we delete "Verb 41 Noun 91," and we say "No Verb 41, manual Verb 16 Noun 91."

067 47 27 Hartsfield: That's affirmative. At the left of the card opposite "Main bus ties," where it says "54 minutes,'' change that to "40 minutes," and in parentheses "Minus 20 minutes."

067 47 57 Mattingly: Okay, we've changed "54 minutes" to "40 minutes," and "Minus 6" to "Minus 20."

067 48 03 Hartsfield: Roger. And down a little further where it says "55 and 5," we want to change that to "41 and minus 19."

067 48 21 Mattingly: Okay. We've changed "55" to "41" and "minus 5" to "minus 19."

067 48 31 Hartsfield: Okay, on the back side of the card - Let me read you the whole thing we want to get in there, Ken, so you'll know how to squeeze it. Right after it says "Accept parentheses Pro," we want to get in there, "If glitch occurs, use RHC to stop maneuver Verb 23 Noun 20 Enter Enter, Verb 40 Enter, Verb 62 Enter. Manual maneuver to attitude," so you have to kind of squeeze that in there a little bit. I'll read it to you slowly now. "if glitch occurs [garble].

067 49 02 Mattingly: Okay, stand by a minute.

067 49 44 Mattingly: Okay, go ahead, Hank.

067 49 46 Hartsfield: Okay. "If glitch occurs, use RHC to stop maneuver. Verb 23 Noun 20 Enter Enter. Verb 40 Enter. Verb 62 Enter. Manual maneuver to attitude."

Public Affairs Officer: Apollo Control, Houston 67 hours 50 minutes into the mission. We're listening to CapCom Hank Hartsfield pass along flight plan updates to the crew of Apollo 16.

067 50 46 Mattingly: Okay, now, this says that - this is after the Pro on gimbal test, and we're saying that if we - you get one of these glitches, use the RHC to stop the rates. Would there be any objection to just switching to SCS while we do the rest of this, and that's my question. Now I'll read on. It's "Verb 23 Noun 20 Enter Enter," and I have a question there, is that - I got the impression from what we were saying in our previous discussion that this wasn't restricted just to the middle gimbal; it's a possibility for - for the others. And then a "Verb 40 Enter," which will release the platform. Verb 62 will take us back. It's not - it's not clear to me, once we've put in Noun 20 as zero, that Verb 62 is a useful number. It seems to me that I must have skipped something here.

067 51 54 Hartsfield: Okay, I am a little puzzled about the Verb 62 needles. However, on the other item, the reason you only need a Verb 23 is that the - that zeros that CDU, which is the only one that locks you up in coarse align, and the others will reinitialize when we do the Verb 40.

067 52 19 Mattingly: Okay, I guess my question, though, is that, if it can happen in each of them, the only time you do the Verb 23 Noun 20 would be in the event that it did lock into the coarse align.

067 52 36 Hartsfield: That's affirmative. GDO was just saying you cover all bets when you do this, and you don't have to stop and think about it.

067 52 46 Mattingly: Okay, but if you had moved off in yaw, it seems to me I would be possibly introducing more error -

067 53 33 Hartsfield: Ken, would you - would you - state your concern again so we've got a clear picture of it.

067 53 41 Mattingly: Okay - maybe I'm off on a tangent. What it looked to me like is that if you pick up one of these glitches, I'm not sure that the rates are all going to be confined to just - just one axis by the time it stops, and if you then take and load Register 3 and Noun 20 to zeros, you may, in facts be at some other middle gimbal angle than zero. So, once you do that - I guess that - that has no effect if I do a Verb 40, huh? I guess that's the - I missed that point. That merely gets me out of the coarse align, and...

The next three entries in the Technical Transcript seem to fit the sequence of the conversation, but the timings given do not fit.]

067 53 26 Hartsfield: That - that's affirmative.

067 53 27 Mattingly: ...Verb 40 will be initialized. Is that correct?

067 53 29 Hartsfield: That's affirmative. The Verb 40 starts the whole thing running again.

067 54 32 Mattingly: Okay.

067 54 33 Hartsfield: The Verb 23 Noun 20 gets you out of the gimbal lock, if that's to be - if that's the case.

067 54 40 Mattingly: Okay. Now I'm with you. Now I guess the only other thing is that, in the event that we have the thing we had - that happened the other night and it did coarse align there, it seems to me that, before I do the Verb 40, I would want to fly back on SCS to zero middle gimbal angle. Is that correct?

067 55 02 Hartsfield: That's affirmative.

067 55 09 Mattingly: Okay. Okay, I think I understand that. Thank you.

067 55 23 Hartsfield: The concern over using the SCS, Ken, was they were afraid you'd introduce a transient - another transient in there by the switching. However, if - you can't do - can't null it out with the RHC, you might be forced into SCS.

067 55 45 Mattingly: Well, we'll sure give it a try. It's just not - Perhaps once I just get the hand controller out of detent, that'll stop it at whatever new attitude it has, and that - that ought to hold it, so that there may be no further transients. I'll try that first.

067 56 00 Hartsfield: Roger. Are you ready to go on with changes?

067 56 05 Mattingly: Yes, sir.

067 56 07 Hartsfield: Okay, out to the side there - a little arrow, I guess, is the best way to indicate it - in other words, between "Rate, High" and "EMS, Normal," we want to say "Terminate EMP 509."

067 56 50 Mattingly: Okay, when I terminate the EMP 509, you want me to write that between Rate, High and EMS to Normal? And it looks like the - I would do the Verb 48 back to my original values, but it looks like I would not be resetting the Average g flag. Or do you want that reset anyhow?

067 57 16 Hartsfield: Stand by, Ken.

067 57 32 Hartsfield: Ken, the message is do a normal terminate as - as on the procedure they read up to you: and that's after you finish the gimbal drive test. That's what it's associated with. And following that - the next item - just prior to 59 minutes - I don't know how you're going to get all of this in there. You may have to write it to the bottom and show an arrow. "At minus 6 minutes, Tape Recorder High BIT Rate, Record, Forward, Command Reset."

067 58 09 Mattingly: And you did not want to do that at minus 20? Is that affirmative?

067 58 15 Hartsfield: That's affirmative.

067 58 21 Mattingly: You want me to - to delete that from minus 20?

067 58 24 Hartsfield: Yes, I omitted that, Ken; I was going back to that. Back over here at minus 20, we want to delete - scratch through "Tape Recorder, High BIT Rate, Forward, Command Reset." And for your info, the reason we've given this 20 minutes is in both LOI and DOI, that gives us about ten minutes to watch what you're doing, watch the gimbal drive check, and if you need any help, we can give it to you from down here.

067 58 58 Mattingly: Okay. That sounds like a good plan.

067 59 17 Mattingly: Okay. You want the tape recorder, On, at minus six minutes.

067 59 20 Hartsfield: That's affirmative.

067 59 28 Mattingly: Okay, Go ahead.

067 59 29 Hartsfield: Okay. Following 00:XX ECO, enter - right in there - "Be prepared for SCS takeover."

068 00 02 Mattingly: Okay; I got that.

068 00 33 Hartsfield: You ready for the next one, Ken?

068 00 38 Mattingly: Yeah, go ahead.

068 00 40 Hartsfield: Okay. Right after "TVC Servo Power, 1 and 2, Off," we want to enter a little comment that says, "Prior to trimming Noun 85, Noun 20 should be checked against the IMU."

068 01 25 Mattingly: Okay, after "TVC Servo Power, 1 and 2, Off," and we'll put a note here that says, "Prior to trimming Noun 85, check Noun 20 against IMU," and that's because of reading the different angles of the FDAI pickoff.

068 01 40 Hartsfield: That's affirmative.

068 01 45 Mattingly: Okay.

068 01 51 Hartsfield: Okay. Now I have changes for your SPS burn rules card.

068 01 59 Mattingly: Stand by. Let me read back what I got on here.

068 02 07 Hartsfield: Go ahead.

068 02 09 Mattingly: On the SPS card, starting at the top with a note. Can you read me all right now, Hank?

068 02 14 Hartsfield: Roger.

068 02 28 Mattingly: Okay. At the top of the card, I've added a note that says, "No Verb 48 changes after entering 509. The first step on the card is "EMP 509 is called." I have deleted, "Load the DAP." Under the "Boresight sextant star check," I have deleted Verb 41 Noun 91. I have replaced that with a note that says "No Verb 41 and use manual, monitor 1691." I have changed the "Bus Tie, on" time from 54 minutes to 40 minutes, and that changes "minus 6" to "minus 20." I have deleted the tape recorder line at minus 6 minutes. I've changed the time 55 to be 41, minus 5 to be minus 19, and that's all the changes I have on the front side of the burn card. On the back side, next to the "Proceed after the gimbal test option": if the - if we get a glitch, it's "RHC to stop rates, Verb 23 Noun 20 Enter Enter, Verb 40 Enter, and then Verb 62 Enter, manually maneuver to attitude." After "Rate, High," and before 59 minutes, terminate EMP 509. At minus six minutes, "Tape Recorder goes to High BIT Rate, Record, Forward, and Command Reset." At 00:XX, at engine cut-off, it's "Be prepared for SCS takeover." At "TVC Servo Power, 1 and 2, Off," we've added a note, "Prior to trimming Noun 85, check Noun 20 against the IMU." And that's all the comments I have on the burn card.

068 04 5B Hartsfield: That's a good readback, Ken, and just to reiterate, that "Terminate EMP 509" is associated with terminating the gimbal test or ending up on that.

068 05 07 Mattingly: Roger. Any - I can do that any time after the gimbal test is completed.

068 05 12 Hartsfield: That's affirmative.

068 05 17 Mattingly: Okay.

068 05 23 Hartsfield: We would prefer that termination right after the gimbal check.

068 05 30 Mattingly: Yes sir. I don't want to get caught too late doing that.

068 05 34 Young: Okay, Houston. This procedure, it'll handle no matter what glitch we get, and I understand that. But how about some discussion of the probability of getting such a glitch. Is there any - anybody thinking about that much, down there?

068 06 02 Hartsfield: I guess all of us have been thinking about it, John, but there's just no way we can predict whether it will happen again or not. Our gut feeling on the thing is that probably never see it again.

068 06 21 Young: Understand. It's very similar to the kind of thing that we had happen back in the early part of the Apollo Program with the CDUs that would make them count different. Is that not correct?

068 06 39 Hartsfield: That's affirmative.

068 06 46 Young: Okay, thank you.

068 06 50 Duke: Houston, 16. Ready to copy the SPS burn rules update.

068 06 55 Hartsfield: Okay, the reason for these changes, Charlie, is after we watch MC-6 and look at the system pressures there, we got some new data; and, for your information, we're kind of predicting that your nominal values are going to be oxidizer 200, fuel 170, and - for your onboard readings. So based on that, we need to change these burn rules. And I believe you've already made one change to it, is that correct?

068 07 27 Duke: Yeah, but we got - I can scratch it in again somewhere else.

068 07 32 Hartsfield: Okay, on the Fuel Oxidizer press, where you put in 124 Oxidizer, you want to change that to 138 Oxidizer, and the Fuel goes from 110 to 112. In other words, instead of 124 Ox, 110 Fuel, we want 138 Ox, 112 Fuel.

068 08 07 Duke: Okay, copy. Go ahead.

068 08 09 Hartsfield: Okay, for your Fuel Oxidizer Delta-P, the new rules are: "Oxidizer greater than fuel by 50" to "Oxidizer greater than Fuel by 12."

068 08 36 Duke: Now wait a minute, I had "50 Ox less than Fuel" last time.

068 08 48 Hartsfield: Okay, but - but what - what you had before, I think was 35 and 5. Is that correct?

068 08 59 Duke: Oh, okay. You're right, 35 and 5. Okay, go ahead again now.

068 09 03 Hartsfield: Okay. The new ones become "50 Oxidizer greater than Fuel" to "12 Oxidizer greater than Fuel." In other words, your 35 and 5 rules go to 50 and 12. Both of them, though "Oxidizer greater than Fuel." What we're changing is the 35 to 50, and we're changing the 5 to 12 and changing the sign over there, "Oxidizer greater" instead of "Oxidizer less."

068 09 46 Duke: Okay. What you are telling me, that's the limit; "50 - Oxidizer greater than Fuel" can be as high as 50 or as low as 12.

068 09 56 Hartsfield: That's affirmative. 'Oxidizer greater than Fuel" in both cases, in other words, your range is oxidizer 12 to 50 psi greater them the Fuel pressure,

068 10 12 Hartsfield: Okay, and on your tight limit [garble].

068 10 14 Duke: Okay.

068 10 15 Hartsfield: [Garble] change the Oxidizer to "168 Oxidizer". What - what you have there is "168 Oxidizer, 153 Fuel." Want to change that to "183 Oxidizer, 153 Fuel"; no change in the Fuel.

068 10 51 Duke: Okay, copy tight limits: Oxidizer has to be greater than 183 and the Fuel greater than 153.

068 10 59 Hartsfield: That's affirmative.

068 11 26 Duke: Okay, Hank. Let me give you an example here on this Delta-Ps. Right now, I'm looking at about 170 Fuel and 195 Oxidizer. That says that I can go to - down to 150 - 140 on the Fuel side with a constant Oxidizer pressure before I reach my limit, or have the Fuel pressure increase up to 178 before I reach my limit. Is that correct?

068 12 06 Hartsfield: G&C's checking. Let him look at it, Charlie.

068 12 17 Duke: Okay.

068 13 56 Hartsfield: Charlie, that Fuel follows Delta-P of 50, Oxidizer follows Delta-P of 12. That was the answer I got back on that; however, on the example you gave, I thought you were right with it, except on the second part. It looked like to me you need a 12 difference there. I might of misread the thing.

068 14 24 Duke: Okay. I was just looking at my gages here, I've got about 190 Oxidizer pressure, and about 165 Fuel pressure. And so that says to me that the Fuel side could go up to 178 and I'd still be within the limit.

068 14 48 Hartsfield: That's what the rules say.

068 14 54 Duke: Okay.

068 15 02 Hartsfield: The Oxidizer could drop to 177.

068 15 12 Duke: Roger.

068 15 17 Mattingly: Roger.

068 15 24 Mattingly: Hank, do we have to get a SPS press light along with - and still be within limits on these rules.

068 15 33 Hartsfield: Stand by.

068 15 48 Hartsfield: They're checking their cal cards now, Ken. They're going to come up with an answer on that.

068 15 55 Mattingly: All right; thank you.

068 16 16 Young: Okay, Houston. The pressure equalization valve is coming open to equalize the tunnel pressure.

068 16 24 Hartsfield: Omni Alfa, 16.

068 16 38 Hartsfield: 16, G&C advises use the pressures and not the light in regard to the burn.

068 16 52 Mattingly: Roger. I'm just wondering if I'm - should expect to see it?

068 16 57 Hartsfield: That's affirmative. You may. We think the light will come on at 202 oxidizer pressure and we're predicting you going to be running around 200.

068 17 36 Mattingly: Houston, would you like to have the high gain antenna?

068 17 43 Hartsfield: That's affirmative. Flight Plan angles, Ken.

068 18 31 Young: Okay, Houston. The pressure equalization valve is closed. The CM Delta-P is 0.2 now.

068 18 37 Hartsfield: Roger; copy 0.2.

068 18 47 Young: And I think that - that 0.2 is what it reads whenever it's equalized.

068 18 53 Hartsfield: Roger; that's true.

068 19 12 Hartsfield: And, 16, we'd also like to advise that, on the tight limits, you're within 2 psi on the low pressure side for the fuel.

068 19 26 Young: Okay.

068 19 31 Hartsfield: And, 16, I have your Pericynthion-Plus-2 block data.

068 19 40 Duke: Okay. Why don't you just stand by on that and let us get these photos out of the way.

068 19 43 Hartsfield: Will do.

068 20 46 Mattingly: Hey, Hank, Charlie just noticed that we're in this Moon photo attitudes and it looks like the - the Sun is just very, very close to being along our line of sight, and it looks like we have - On one of the changes, we've gone in and opened some of these settings. Could we get a verification that where we - that this is the right setup? We can't look out the window very well and tell you if we're boresighted on the Moon.

068 21 22 Hartsfield: Roger, Ken. This is a correct attitude. We'll take another quick scan of the settings.

068 21 38 Hartsfield: 16, Houston. Would you attempt to bring up the high gain?

068 22 02 Duke: Okay, you've got Reacq in there. How does that look?

068 22 15 Hartsfield: Looks good, Charlie; and, in regards to the photos, the PI says the Sun will be very close to the Moon, but that it shouldn't be in the field of view of the camera. The settings are good.

068 22 36 Duke: Okay, we'll take them as is.

068 26 53 Hartsfield: Hey, Charlie. I've got a message for you. Consolidated Jack Pines is way up.

068 27 03 Duke: Great; thank you.

068 27 04 Young: So's Charlie.

068 27 26 Hartsfield: 16, Houston. I'm - we're going to do the changeover now, and I'll see you later on this evening.

068 27 35 Mattingly: Okay, Hank. Thank you, sir.

068 27 49 Young: Yeah, y'all go get some rest. It'll be a busy day later on.

068 27 54 Peterson: They're already on the way.

068 28 02 Young: Hello there.

068 28 04 Peterson: Hello there. Wanted to advise you, you can relax now. You're in good hands now with the Gold Team.

068 28 19 Young: Understand the Gold Team is got gone.

068 31 41 Duke: Houston, 16. I'm ready for the block data update.

068 31 45 Peterson: Say again, 16. You're very weak.

068 31 53 Duke: Yeah, that's because my mike's about 25 inches away. How's that?

068 31 58 Peterson: That's a lot better, Johnny [sic].

068 32 02 Duke: Okay, I'm ready for the block updates.

068 32 06 Peterson: Roger. Okay, Charlie, it's Per[icynthion] Plus 2, SPS/G&N; 66363 [garble].

068 32 24 Duke: Wait; hold the - hold the phone - hold the phone a minute, Pete.

068 32 28 Peterson: Okay.

068 32 33 Duke: Okay, I was on the P37. This is the P30 Pad?

068 32 38 Peterson: This is your abort Pad. Per Plus 2 Abort. It's a P30 load.

068 32 54 Duke: Okay; go ahead.

068 32 56 Peterson: Okay, it's Per Plus 2, SPS G&N; 66363 plus 1.21, minus 0.14; 076:26:14.49; Noun 81's, plus 2133.7, plus 1123.3, minus 2178.1; 335, 116, 018. Rest of the pad is NA. Ullage, none. Under others: number 1, docked manuever; 2, based on LOI REFSMMAT; 3, gimbal angles on PTC REFSMMAT are roll, 263; pitch, 017; yaw, 310.

068 34 33 Young: Roger, Pete; 30 Pad, Pericynthion, Per Plus 2, SPS G&N; 66363; plus 1.21, minus 0.14; 076:26:14.49; plus 2133.7, plus 1123.3, minus 2178.1; 335, 116, 081 - correction 018. Rest of the pad is NA. Ullage is none. It's a docked maneuver, based on the LOI REFSMMAT. On a PTC REFSMMAT, the gimbal angles are 263, 017, and 310.

068 35 14 Peterson: That's affirmative, Charlie, and the yaw is 018.

068 35 22 Young: That's affirmative; 018.

068 35 24 Peterson: Okay.

068 36 17 Peterson: You can go ahead. No sweat on the alert.

068 36 24 Mattingly: Roger; just going to let it time out.

068 38 48 Peterson: Okay, you can go ahead and torque them.

068 38 50 Young: You have the torquing angles?

068 38 52 Peterson: Roger; we got them. You can go ahead and torque them.

068 38 59 Young: Okay, I'll torque them at 39.

068 39 12 Young: That sure is a mighty super little platform, isn't it.

068 39 16 Peterson: Yeah, it's looking real sweet.

069 00 29 Duke: Houston, 16.

069 00 31 Peterson: Go ahead, 16.

069 00 35 Duke: Okay, Pete, how about giving us a little recap on Midcourse-2 burn as far as what y'all saw as chamber pressures and interface pressures? And how did the old SPS look, versus the calibrations?

069 00 52 Peterson: Roger. Stand by. We'll get it for you.

069 18 11 Peterson: 16, Houston. I've got the figures on this burn that you wanted, and I guess I can start out by talking about the meter biases to make sure that we're clear on that. There's a 15-psi bias on the oxygen tank pressure. It's reading high. On top of that, there is a meter bias of eight psi, which is also high, so that our total bias on the oxygen onboard pressure reading is about 23 psi high - oxidizer, I'm sorry. And, on the fuel, it's seven low, total, which is a meter bias.

069 19 03 Duke: Okay, we understand.

069 19 05 Peterson: Okay. Then, with those numbers in mind, the chamber pressure during that burn was 100 psi, and the numbers that you should have read on board prior to the burn were oxidizer tank pressure 205 and fuel tank pressure 177. And, after the burn, the numbers you should have been reading were 197 oxidizer and 170 fuel. In other words, they both dropped - well, fuel - oxidizer dropped eight and fuel dropped seven psi during the burn. The interface pressures preburn were oxidizer 184 and fuel 187; and, during the burn, they were 168 oxidizer, 172 fuel. And, after the burn, the interfaces were oxidizer 174 and fuel 179. And all those look good to us.

069 20 26 Mattingly: Roger. We got you.

069 20 28 Peterson: Okay, I don't know whether you noticed your pressures during the burn. It was a pretty short burn, but the oxidizer tank should have read about 205 and the fuel tank about 175, during the burn.

069 20 43 Young: Charlie was watching them.

069 20 45 Peterson: Okay.

069 20 48 Duke: Okay, Pete. During the burn, when the engine came on, the pressure started down.

069 20 55 Peterson: Roger. That's what - that's what should have happened. It was at 205 and 177 preburn and went to 197 and 170 postburn. That's oxidizer and fuel, respectively. And that's [garble].

069 21 12 Duke: Okay, that's what we saw.

069 21 13 Peterson: Roger. And that - and our guys say that's - a - that's a - The figures look real good to them. That's the kind of performance they expected.

069 21 28 Duke: Okay, now for LOI. When the engine comes on, the helium valves open, and I can expect the pressures to rise and my gage reading for oxidizer to sit around 200 and, for fuel, to be around - 1 - 175?

069 21 46 Peterson: Around 1 - that's 200 on oxidizer and around 170 on fuel, Charlie.

069 21 53 Duke: Okay, fine.

069 28 10 Mattingly: Houston, Casper.

069 28 13 Peterson: Go ahead, Casper.

069 28 18 Mattingly: Could you have somebody put a few words together for me on what happens if the IMU gets coarse aligned while Average g is still on? I'm thinking about the - at the end of the burn.

069 28 32 Peterson: Okay, you - you're wondering about the situation when - if you get the glitch after the burn but while average g is still running?

069 28 43 Mattingly: Yes, sir. There's no chance of terminating Average g before that happens, and I'd kind of like to have some idea of what I might expect the - the navigation to do.

069 28 55 Peterson: Roger. We - we'll get you an answer on that, Ken.

069 29 00 Mattingly: Thank you, sir.

069 30 50 Peterson: 16, Houston. Can you - can you check for us and let us know whether Ken is on the biomed? Is Ken hooked up on the biomed? We're getting some strange readings. Could be a loose sensor.

069 31 08 Mattingly: It's pretty - it's pretty loose now; it's in my pocket.

069 31 11 Peterson: If it's in your pocket, that might account for it.

069 31 15 Mattingly: I'm not ignoring your - yeah, I'm not ignoring it; I just haven't had a chance to stop and put them on yet. I'll get to it first chance I get.

069 31 22 Peterson: Roger. That's fine.

069 32 57 Young: Houston; over - this is 16. Over.

069 32 59 Peterson: Go ahead.

069 33 03 Young: How's your biomed look now?

069 33 08 Peterson: Stand by a minute. We'll look.

069 33 30 Peterson: We're still getting a noisy signal on the - on the biomed, 16.

069 35 50 Young: Okay, Houston. We're maneuvering to the SIM bay door-jett attitude now.

069 35 54 Peterson: Roger, copy.

069 36 03 Young: Don, how do you read me now?

069 36 05 Peterson: Read you loud and clear. We copied your maneuver.

069 36 10 Young: Okay. Roger. I - I had to switch back to the Snoopy hat. That lightweight headset just isn't working out.

069 36 20 Peterson: Roger.

069 36 21 Mattingly: Okay, we're going through the SIM door-jett checklist, and I've got here a - a list of verifies - I'm on Page 1-7, Step 10 - and it has SM/AC Power On, and - and we haven't been On. With your concurrence, I'll go ahead and turn it on now.

069 36 42 Peterson: Stand by one.

069 37 23 Peterson: Okay, Casper, you can go ahead and turn the power On.

069 37 28 Mattingly: Thank you, sir.

069 38 20 Mattingly: Houston, I'm ready to put the Pan Camera Power on to Power.

069 38 45 Peterson: Okay, 16. Stand by a minute.

069 38 56 Peterson: Casper, we don't have any Pan Camera data yet.

069 39 04 Mattingly: Okay, I haven't put the power On yet. I'm - the checklist says to stand by for MFSN cue. We have the Data System On, the Aux TV is in the SCI, and we have SM/AC Power On. Pan Camera switches are in Standby and Off.

069 39 34 Peterson: Okay, Casper. You can go ahead and turn the Power On and we'll cue you when you - when to go to Boost.

069 39 47 Mattingly: Okay, Power's coming on on.

069 39 48 Mattingly: Mark. Barber pole's good; back to gray.

069 39 55 Peterson: Roger; copy.

069 40 19 Mattingly (onboard): That's where not having had an opportunity to fly all these things really leaves me uncomfortable.

069 40 25 Young (onboard): [Garble] here?

069 40 27 Mattingly (onboard): Yeah. You know, it's just - like there isn't just - you know, no chance to relax and that's so [garble].

069 40 31 Young (onboard): That's exactly the truth.

069 40 33 Mattingly (onboard): Every time you turn around, even if you want to pick your nose, you got to be careful that you do it in the right sequence.

069 40 39 Young (onboard): Right [garble].

069 40 43 Mattingly (onboard): Well, I guess I broke the injector into the next [garble].

069 40 45 Young (onboard): Yeah, the injector [garble].

069 40 49 Mattingly (onboard): Well. No. I - I don't think I - I'm not aware of anything I did in that injector that was wrong. I think the capture just broke.

069 40 57 Young (onboard): [Garble].

069 40 59 Mattingly (onboard): But - all the rest of that flapping around was due to my misinterpreting what I saw. I had visions of that nut coming off and filling the [garble] with water again. Okay.

069 41 05 Peterson: Okay, Casper. You're Go for Pan Camera to Boost.

069 41 12 Mattingly: Okay.

Public Affairs Officer: This is Apollo Control. Coming up on SIM bay, our Scientific Instrument Module Bay Door Jettison, in about ten minutes - 14 minutes, that is. Present velocity is 3,872 feet [1,180 metres] per second [and] ever increasing, relative to the Moon. The current height altitude 11,618 nautical miles 21,517 kilometres]. Standing by for the SIM bay door jettison.

069 41 17 Young (onboard): High Gain angles are Pitch, minus 25; Yaw 307. But we ain't there. Maybe the High Gain [garble].

069 41 21 Duke (onboard): [Garble] gonna slide right by us or something?

069 41 30 Young (onboard): Yeah.

069 41 31 Duke (onboard): If it gets into red, is it gimbal locked?

069 41 34 Young (onboard): Well, it hasn't got a chance yet. Is the SPS gimbal locked, too?

069 41 40 Mattingly (onboard): Yes, sir.

069 42 00 Duke (onboard): I told you wrong.

069 42 03 Young (onboard): [Garble] Got a Gimbal Lock light [garble].

069 42 20 Mattingly (onboard): Okay. That happens before you get the - your red ball. Because when you hit the red dot, you do coarse align - or the maneuver stops, excuse me. You get this in - about five degrees - about 70 degrees and then 75 degrees, you stop the maneuver. At 85, you coarse align.

069 42 48 Duke (onboard): How'd you make out?

069 42 50 Young (onboard): Just no way.

069 42 52 Mattingly (onboard): Okay. Why don't you set these numbers in the GDC?

069 43 00 Young (onboard): [garble].

069 43 01 Mattingly (onboard): Okay.

069 43 02 Duke (onboard): [Garble] some?

069 43 03 Mattingly (onboard): Yeah.

069 43 04 Young (onboard): [Garble].

069 43 05 Mattingly (onboard): Garble] or something [garble] Co - What is it? Cotangent 90 degrees or something [garble].

069 43 13 Young (onboard): Yeah.

069 43 14 Mattingly (onboard): Infinity minus 1. Some such...

069 43 19 Young (onboard): Well, we'd better [garble]...

069 43 20 Mattingly (onboard): [garble] Yeah. Okay. How about Fuel Cell Valves - Reactant Valves to Latch. SM/AC Power to Off.

069 43 44 Mattingly (onboard): Circuit breaker Logic Power, two, close. Two, close. Logic Power, two, to Jettison. Oh, I'd hate to do this.

069 44 01 Young (onboard): Why? Ken - why?

069 44 05 Duke (onboard): Why?

069 44 07 Young (onboard): Afraid you might jettison something besides the door?

069 44 09 Mattingly (onboard): No, I want to make sure it doesn't. The momentary switches, unless they got - unless they have solder balls in them, you can't go. That can't go without a solder ball.

069 44 25 Young (onboard): Ken, [garble] one step away from jettison [garble].

069 44 29 Mattingly (onboard): Yeah. I think I'm gonna stop right there - until we get our - until we do those things and actually torque to go for door jett. And all we have to do to jettison the door is - I'll take my Logic Powers to Jettison, and I'll jettison the door, and then we power back down. Be sure we check the propellant to see if we shook any of the - RCSs...

069 44 53 Young (onboard): Keep your eye on the Reactant Valves, Ken. You [garble].

069 44 56 Mattingly (onboard): We've got them in Latch...

069 44 59 Young (onboard): Keep an eye on them anyhow.

069 45 00 Mattingly (onboard): But - anyhow. That's right.

069 45 03 Young (onboard): What's the other thing, this talkback?

069 45 04 Mattingly (onboard): Okay. These guys won't have talkbacks so we'll have to check these.

069 45 08 Young (onboard): [Garble] close one.

069 45 10 Mattingly (onboard): Yeah. We'll just do that as a matter of course. And that's all here in the checklist. I mean, it's not like - like we'll have to - we'll have to remember these things.

069 45 21 Young (onboard): Yeah.

069 45 25 Mattingly (onboard): Okay. Let's see, the other thing is the - oxygen and cryo - Oxygen Tank 3 and Hydrogen Tank 3 sit right on top of the Service Module door. So that's a good thing to be monitoring.

069 45 47 Young (onboard): Think we ought [garble].

069 45 59 Mattingly (onboard): Okay. Turn the page and we'll see what's coming after this [garble]. Your left one's off. It's moving around [garble].

069 46 15 Young (onboard): Garble] over here [garble].

069 46 19 Mattingly (onboard): Okay. I can do these things while I'm maneuvering. By definition, it's got to be 180 degrees. I've looked at the Flight Plan to check my [garble] maneuvers. Minimum 180 degrees. Yeah, [garble] into the computer. Okay. They haven't called up the - Well, I guess - pericynthion - DIUS 2 has the right weight and angles. We ought to get those before we get in there, I guess. Okay, we do this, we get the gyro

069 46 52 Duke (onboard): [garble].

069 46 54 Mattingly (onboard): Yeah. Put - put the Pad in the - in the book.

069 47 01 Duke (onboard): The Updates Book?

069 47 02 Mattingly (onboard): Yeah.

069 47 03 Duke (onboard): That's what I was gonna do.

069 47 04 Mattingly (onboard): It's still in here, too. Just in a useful place. Just. [Garble].

069 47 09 Young (onboard): Put that in there, too?

069 47 14 Mattingly (onboard): The [garble] coming up. Let's just put these in here, just in the right place. Yeah, let me get moved up. We got an eat period in there. I'll change my sensors during the eat period [garble] or something. Somewhere in here, we got to get - the cockpit [garble] set up for lunar orbit.

069 47 42 Duke (onboard): Yeah.

069 47 43 Mattingly (onboard): Then we'll get out our cameras and all that stuff.

069 47 45 Young (onboard): [Garble].

069 47 46 Mattingly (onboard): Yeah, I will need to use that mag but not until we get some stuff in here, get the booms and the [garble].

069 47 50 Duke (onboard): Okay, [garble].

069 47 52 Mattingly (onboard): [Garble] me your lens.

069 47 53 Young (onboard): Are we using [garble]?

069 47 55 Mattingly (onboard): Doesn't matter [garble]. Got to make a correction - orbital chart; and after that, sports fans, I think we're probably back in business.

069 48 22 Young (onboard): Okay. You want to take that door off, that boom off there?

069 48 28 Mattingly (onboard): Okay. Do you want to see what kind of thing you've got to do out there? Doesn't look right.

069 48 35 Young (onboard): Yeah. Coming down.

069 48 40 Mattingly (onboard): Yeah, it does. Okay. You want a - you want a helmet wipe? You want to - I - You want to wipe off all the little windows in the cockpit?

069 48 52 Young (onboard): We'll have to do that before we go into lunar orbit.

069 48 56 Mattingly (onboard): Just wait and do it then? Do it when - because - [garble] off one of those visor wipes in just a minute.

069 49 02 Duke (onboard): I don't [garble].

069 49 04 Mattingly (onboard): I just want something I can clean the windows with. They're sticky. Need a whole bunch of them.

069 49 17 Duke (onboard): [Garble]?

069 49 18 Mattingly (onboard): Okay.

069 49 43 Mattingly (onboard): There you go.

069 50 02 Duke (onboard): Okay?

069 50 03 Young (onboard): [Garble].

069 50 13 Young (onboard): You want to take that window right there off [garble]. shade? [Garble].

069 50 23 Mattingly (onboard): Charlie, [garble] by that power cable. These window shades work pretty good, but they still leak. They leak, but they get enough of a seal on them sometimes that it's hard to get [garble].

069 50 54 Young (onboard): [Garble].

069 51 02 Mattingly (onboard): What - what's wrong with getting a [garble].

069 51 04 Young (onboard): [Garble].

069 51 07 Mattingly (onboard): Well. No.

069 51 16 Young (onboard): Garble]. Call that up. Isn't that what you're gonna do?

069 51 22 Mattingly (onboard): Yeah, we're only a couple of minutes late.

069 51 29 Young (onboard): Are we?

069 51 31 Mattingly (onboard): Aren't we supposed to go at 59?

069 51 34 Young (onboard): Yeah [garble].

069 51 36 Mattingly (onboard): Yeah? And maybe they'll [garble].

069 51 40 Young: Okay, Houston. Are we Go for SIM door jettison? Over.

069 51 45 Peterson: Stand by one.

069 51 52 Young: Okay.

069 51 53 Young (onboard): Have you got the Logic Power enabled?

069 51 55 Mattingly (onboard): No. I've got them - closed. They can't see it with the [garble]. I'm down to here - three steps from jettison. There's -

069 52 02 Peterson: 16, we're standing by to arm the SM power buses.

069 52 11 Mattingly: Okay, I was going to hold up on that. I'll go ahead and give you a Logic Power to jettison at this time.

069 52 18 Peterson: Roger.

069 52 26 Mattingly: Here comes Logic Power Jett 1 to Jett and Number 2, Jett.

069 52 36 Young: Okay, they're armed.

069 52 39 Peterson: Roger; we show them armed.

069 52 49 Peterson: And we're Go for door jett.

069 52 54 Young: Okay, understand Go for door jett.

069 52 56 Peterson: That's affirmative.

069 53 01 Mattingly (onboard): Okay. And we checked that the cabin regs - emergency regs are set. They're in Both. The surge tank pressure looks good. Does it? Hey, Charlie, watch your [garble].

069 53 12 Duke (onboard): Yeah.

069 53 13 Mattingly (onboard): [Garble] toes [garble].

069 53 15 Duke (onboard): Yeah, [garble]. Man, thank you.

069 53 17 Mattingly (onboard): (Laughter)

069 53 20 Duke (onboard): Okay. I'm ready with the camera.

069 53 22 Mattingly (onboard): Okay. But really, we're about - 4 minutes out.

069 53 27 Duke (onboard): Then let's go. Let's go. You have to be right on the second.

069 53 34 Mattingly (onboard): Well, I don't see any reason why we shouldn't do it on the second.

069 53 36 Duke (onboard): Okay. Well, I'll get out of this position then.

069 53 39 Mattingly (onboard): I'm sorry. I didn't realize you were in - Okay. Surge 3 - surge is good. Hydrogen pressures are good; quantities - there's three [garble] could be -

069 54 01 Duke (onboard): Is there any more?

069 54 08 Mattingly (onboard): No. That lower trajectory - probably going to have a hard time picking them up initially. You ought to go right out that way. And - there's a little particle that's just floating - look at that little guy just coasting along there, just sitting there.

069 54 33 Mattingly (onboard): Okay, repress package is good.

069 54 51 Young (onboard): [Garble].

069 55 06 Mattingly (onboard): Okay, John, if you'll just give me a little countdown at 69:59.

069 55 12 Young (onboard): Okay.

069 55 18 Mattingly (onboard): Why don't you get the platform [garble]. There we go.

069 55 39 Young (onboard): [garble]

069 55 41 Mattingly (onboard): Man, I feel like if going to P00 coarse aligned the platform...

069 55 44 Young (onboard): Yeah.

069 55 45 Mattingly (onboard): (Laughter) You know, the - the most natural thing in the world, the safest operation you can ever think of, is go to P00. And what happens? The platform coarse aligns.

069 55 59 Duke (onboard): [Garble] that attitude [garble].

069 56 04 Mattingly (onboard): But according to my friend Murphy, it will occur just prior to the circ burn, just prior to the TPI [garble].

069 56 12 Young (onboard): [Garble] that.

069 56 14 Mattingly (onboard): Yeah (laughter).

069 56 17 Young (onboard): I didn't realize [garble] circ burn that [garble].

069 56 20 Mattingly (onboard): Oh, don't tell me. Sounded like they hadn't researched that one this way. Sounded like they'd researched it for the factors [garble] it's safe, you know, we aren't in [garble].

069 56 32 Young (onboard): Yeah.

069 56 33 Mattingly (onboard): But you know what? I believe, just like the - you know, I think that the general attitude that we have seen, a one-in-a-million glitch, is probably quite correct.

069 56 47 Young (onboard): [Garble] our luck.

069 56 50 Mattingly (onboard): (Laughter) We - we uncovered [garble].

069 56 52 Mattingly (onboard): [Garble] somebody else's glitch. Well, that's part of the statistics, I guess. One in a million, when you've had yours, don't mean that you ain't gonna get the - that somebody hadn't gone two million hours without a [garble].

069 57 03 Young (onboard): [Garble] down there since 1972. Now maybe zero g puts the little things closer to [garble].

069 57 12 Mattingly (onboard): Yeah, maybe. There's so many subtleties to this program we ain't figured out yet. Lot of [garble] very subtle things. That's why [garble] glitches. I'm just amazed that we worried about anything happening.

069 57 20 Young (onboard): Yeah, that's amazing [garble]. It's really [garble] Okay. A minute and 15.

069 57 48 Mattingly (onboard): You notice, that signal strength doesn't stay as high as I thought it would, do you think? Has it ever come up full on the High Gain, Charlie? Or is that as high as it's gotten?

069 57 57 Duke (onboard): .[Garble].

069 58 05 Mattingly (onboard): Okay. It's up on a minute. Give me a call at 30 seconds.

069 58 17 Young (onboard): Okay.

069 58 32 Young: Thirty seconds to door jett.

069 58 35 Peterson: Roger; 30 seconds.

069 58 34 Mattingly (onboard): Thank you. I've got the switch guard up.

069 58 44 Young (onboard): I'll count you down from ten.

069 58 45 Mattingly (onboard): All right.

069 58 53 Young: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 -

069 59 01 Young (onboard): Jett.

069 59 02 Duke (onboard): Man alive!

069 59 03 Young: There it goes!

069 59 02 Young: Jett. There it goes.

069 59 04 Duke (onboard): Beautiful. Beautiful!

069 59 05 Peterson: Roger.

069 59 06 Mattingly (onboard): Can you see it?

069 59 07 Duke (onboard): Yes, sir. Just great.

069 59 08 Young (onboard): Okay. Reac valves, you guys.

069 59 10 Mattingly (onboard): Reacs - they're good.

069 59 14 Young: Okay, the door went, and I don't think anything changed much from what we could tell.

069 59 18 Duke (onboard): It was a big bang. Look at it spinning around in there. See it, Ken?

069 59 21 Peterson: Roger; copy.

069 59 24 Mattingly (onboard): Yeah.

069 59 25 Young (onboard): Can you see it?

069 59 26 Duke (onboard): Yeah. Sure is beautiful.

069 59 28 Young (onboard): Oh. Yeah. You can see it out this window, too. Give me the camera quick. I think I can -

069 59 32 Mattingly (onboard): Oh.

069 59 33 Duke (onboard): I got it right in the middle of the...

069 59 34 Young (onboard): You got it? Okay. That's beautiful.

069 59 39 Mattingly (onboard): Yeah. There's the satellite and everything. (Laughter) Probably shouldn't tell them that. That'll scare them. That'll - that'll upset them.

Public Affairs Officer: This is Apollo Control. The SIM bay door referred to by someone on Apollo 15...

069 59 48 Young: Okay, Houston, we can watch it spinning around, out both the center window and Charlie's window, and it's [garble].

069 59 53 Duke (onboard): Okay. Cameras [garble].

069 59 54 Young: [Garble] quite a sight. Every time it comes around the bright side, the bright side front really flashes.

069 59 58 Duke (onboard): Let's go over the checklist.

069 59 59 Mattingly (onboard): I am. Logic Power, two, Off. SM/AC Power coming on. Fuel Cell Reactant Valves to Normal.

070 00 00 Peterson: Roger.

070 00 13 Duke (onboard): Normal. Go on.

070 00 15 Mattingly (onboard): Service Module RCS Propellant talkbacks, eight, gray.

070 00 17 Duke (onboard): They are all gray. Are we gonna [garble]?

070 00 22 Young (onboard): He already did.

070 00 24 Mattingly (onboard): Helium talkbacks, eight, gray?

070 00 25 Young (onboard): Go.

070 00 30 Mattingly (onboard): We got the Secondaries, Closed?

070 00 31 Young (onboard): Yeah.

070 00 32 Mattingly (onboard): Self Test to Heaters. Excuse me, Charlie.

070 00 36 Duke (onboard): Sure.

070 00 39 Young (onboard): [Garble] lose something [garble].

070 00 43 Mattingly (onboard): [Garble] When you find it floating around, I think you'll [garble] might not even get it.

[Break in CM tape to 074 22 33]

Public Affairs Officer: SIM bay door was referred to by someone on Apollo 15 as the world largest lens cap. At the time of jettison, the spacecraft was 11,142 nautical miles [20,635 kilometres] out from the Moon, approaching at a velocity of 3,896 feet [1,187 metres] per second.

070 00 55 Young: Okay, Houston, that was a pretty good bang.

070 00 59 Peterson: Roger.

070 01 01 Young: The reason it was is on account of we're standing around here in our underwear, you know. That is, helmets and gloves off.

070 01 10 Peterson: Roger; copied that.

070 01 12 Duke: And - I guess the - the sound - the sound of it was about half of what you hear when the - when you're in the LM and - and the CMP's in here and he hears the pressure reg - the pressure release valve closing on him.

070 01 32 Peterson: Roger.

070 01 35 Duke: The cabin repress valve, that is.

070 01 42 Mattingly: Okay, Don. All of the SIM bay configurations have been completed if you want to take a look at the data and see if there is anything that looks funny to you, I can recheck it.

070 01 52 Peterson: Okay, Casper. Stand by one and we'll take a look.

070 02 39 Duke: Okay, and we're going to P52 attitude now.

070 02 44 Peterson: Roger; copy. P52 attitude.

070 03 26 Duke: Okay, the door has rapidly receded from us, and it's certainly hard to tell how far away it is, but it's plenty far away; certainly no recontact problem.

070 03 38 Peterson: Roger; copied. And, Casper, the SIM bay looks okay.

070 03 47 Mattingly: Roger; thank you.

070 03 49 Young: That's a good start. And, we used only about 15 percent; we're reading magazine BB, 85 percent remaining.

070 03 58 Peterson: Magazine BB, 85 percent.

070 09 02 Mattingly: Houston, 16. Our LM/CM Delta-P is 0.2 and the pressure equalization valve is open. Our cryo systems are configured.

070 09 11 Peterson: Roger; copied. LM/CM Delta-P, 0.2.

070 24 59 Peterson: 16, we've got an LOI preliminary PAD and, if you'll go Accept, we'll up-link data.

070 25 08 Young: Okay, going to Accept.

070 26 03 Duke: Houston, 16. Go ahead with your PAD.

070 26 06 Peterson: Roger, 16. It's LOI preliminary, SPS/G&N; 66314; plus 1.21, minus 0.14; 074:28:25.63; minus 2780.8, minus 0219.7, minus 0252.2; Roll is all zips, Pitch 001, Yaw is all zips; Noun 44 is 0170.0, plus 0058.3; 2800.8, 06:14, 2793.5; sextant star, 16, 242.9, 27.1; the rest of the pad is NA; set stars, Sirius and Rigel; 132; 196; 006. Ullage, none. Other: LM weight, 36287; single-bank burn time, 06:28.

070 28 11 Young: Okay, Houston. On the P30 PAD readback, preliminary LOI, SPS/G&N; 66314; plus 1.21, minus 0.14; 074:28:25.63; minus 2780.8, minus 0219.7, minus 0252.2; 000, 001, 000; 0170.0, plus 0058.3; 2880.8 [sic], 06:14, 2793.5; 16, 242.9, 27.1; Sirius and Rigel; 132; 196; 006; no ullage; LM weight, 36287; single-bank burn time 06 plus 28.

070 28 58 Peterson: Charlie, let's check Delta-VT. It should read at 2800.8.

070 29 15 Duke: Okay, 2800.8. Thank you.

070 29 18 Peterson: Roger; that's adjusted correct.

070 29 37 Peterson: 16, you can have the computer and back to Block.

070 29 47 Duke: Back - back to Block, Houston.

070 29 52 Peterson: Roger.

070 31 13 Peterson: And, Casper; Houston. We haven't forgotten your question about what happens if the glitch occurs while Average g is running. We're still putting together a nice neat summary for you; we'll come up with it a little later.

070 31 31 Young: Okay, and I guess it's to tell us what the residuals are doing more than anything else and we'd like to know that.

070 31 38 Peterson: Okay.

070 32 32 Peterson: 16, we're still seeing intermittent data which indicates that one biomed sensor is probably loose on the CMP.

070 32 48 Duke: Okay, Houston. You've been looking at John's biomed; Ken's getting suited up right now with his.

070 32 58 Young: Okay, which one is it, ZPN or heart rate? Over.

070 33 03 Peterson: It's EKG, John.

070 33 15 Peterson: 16, you can terminate Battery A charge.

070 33 24 Duke: Okay.

070 45 41 Young: Houston, Apollo 16. Over.

070 45 43 Peterson: Go ahead, 16.

070 45 48 Young: Okay, in a minute and 40 seconds, the bias went from 100 to 101.1.

070 46 00 Peterson: Roger; we copy and...

070 46 01 Young: [Garble] a hundred.

070 46 02 Peterson: The G&C says that's okay.

070 46 08 Young: Sounds good to us, too.

070 46 11 Peterson: Roger.

Public Affairs Officer: This is Apollo Control and 70 hours, 51 minutes into the mission of Apollo 16. Countdown clock showing 3 hours, 26 minutes remaining until the spacecraft passes behind the Moon. At the start of the first lunar revolution, with [the] Lunar Orbit Insertion maneuver taking place shortly thereafter. The preliminary data passed up to the crew by the spacecraft communicator a short time ago. As the ignition time for the Lunar Orbit Insertion burn at 74 hours, 28 minutes, 25 seconds. This is subject to some refinement. Probably within a few seconds as we get down to the final maneuver information which will be passed up about, here comes a voice.

070 52 25 Peterson: 16, Houston. Voice check.

070 52 29 Young: Roger; we're still here.

070 52 31 Peterson: Roger; loud and clear.

Public Affairs Officer: The final maneuver Pad will be passed up to the crew at about 73:20 and, at the same time, the times for re-appearance of the spacecraft around the eastern limb of the Moon will be passed up to the crew with and without a successful LOI burn. There's a slight amount of concern about the Sun impinging on the SIM bay experiments because of the present attitude of the spacecraft and the procedure for rolling out of that particular attitude is being generated now to pass up to the crew, [in order to] get some of the solar heat out of the experiments. Standing by for the balance of the activities leading up to Lunar Orbit Insertion, this is Apollo Control, at 70:53.

070 54 46 Young: Houston, let me read you a note I found in the Flight Plan here right at 38 hours. Over.

070 54 53 Peterson: At 38 hours?

070 54 58 Young: That's affirmative. I woke up after the first night and I find this note in here from Ken. It says: 'John' - says - 'We have had some sort of IMU or CMC hardware problem. Right after you went to sleep at 38 hours, the platform coarse aligned itself; we got it back with an Earth/Sun alignment. Fortunately, MCC had high belt [sic] rate all the time and we'll work it out tomorrow. Sleep tight.' Signed, TK (laughter). And I got up the next morning and I saw that in there, and I said, 'Boy, that Ken's sure got a funny sense of humor.'

070 55 37 Peterson: Yeah, I - I guess we would concur with that funny sense of humor. We had some guys here laugh all night.

070 55 50 Young: Yeah, I (laughter) I guess I didn't believe the note (laughter).

070 55 56 Peterson: I - I can understand that.

070 58 35 Mattingly: Hello, Donald. Are you still there?

070 58 37 Peterson: Affirmative, still with you.

070 58 43 Mattingly: Okay, you want to have them take a look at the biomed data?

070 58 52 Peterson: Roger, Ken. We're doing that now.

070 59 13 Peterson: 16, it looks like the SIM Bay temps are coming up a little. We may have to change our roll angle. We'll come up with an angle for you in just a minute.

070 59 24 Mattingly: Okay.

070 59 25 Peterson: And the biomed - med data looks good now.

070 59 31 Mattingly: All right, sir. And just as a curiosity item, you might note that it takes - with two of us working on putting those things on, it took us 15 minutes to put the data on and get hooked up. And I guess by yourself, it takes about 20 because you've got to use a mirror to see some of that.

070 59 49 Peterson: Roger.

071 00 16 Peterson: Okay, 16. We want you to go to a Roll of 020 with the same Pitch and Yaw angles that you have now. And you should be able to do the P52 in the new attitude, and the High Gain should stay locked up.

071 00 34 Mattingly: Roger.

071 01 07 Mattingly: Okay, [garble].

071 05 53 Young: Delta [garble] 59 [garble].

071 06 00 Peterson: 16, you're very, very weak. Say again.

071 06 12 Young: I said, we're there. I guess your temps will be stabilizing now.

071 06 18 Peterson: Roger; copy.

071 03 48 Mattingly: Don, how about if we go ahead and do our P52s now?

071 08 55 Peterson: Okay. Go ahead, Ken.

071 09 00 Mattingly: All righty, thank you.

071 11 06 Peterson: Casper, would you verify that you are gonna load the - the DAP and then the EMP 509 before you do the P52?.

071 11 16 Mattingly: That's in work right now.

071 11 19 Peterson: Roger. Thank you.

071 11 29 Mattingly: Yeah, I guess you saw us get out of sequence there a little, but we're - we're back on now.

071 11 34 Peterson: Roger. We understand.

071 13 29 Peterson: Casper, hold up on your procedure there a minute.

071 13 35 Mattingly: Okay; holding. You're pretty good. You stopped old Casper in midpunch.

071 14 32 Peterson: Casper, apparently it's necessary to load the normal DAP before you load the EMP, because once you've loaded the Saturn DAP, the LM weight and that sort of thing will not be accepted by the CMC. So we'd like to have you take the EMP out, load the normal DAP, and then load the EMP back in. We should of told you about that earlier, I guess. It slipped by.

071 15 08 Mattingly: Well, that's okay. I stopped and wondered about it, and then I decided I couldn't think of any reason why it wouldn't work the way we did it. Okay, we're back in sync now. Now we can start with 509. Is that affirmative?

071 15 20 Peterson: You've loaded the - the normal DAP now?

071 15 29 Mattingly: That's affirmative.

071 15 33 Peterson: Stand by just a minute. We're looking at it.

071 15 45 Peterson: Okay, Ken. It looks real good, and you can go ahead now with the EMP and the P52.

071 15 54 Mattingly: Okay, will do. I kind of like this attitude you picked, Don. It's got the old Earth in the telescope.

071 16 02 Peterson: Hey, wonderful ...

071 16 03 Mattingly: [Garble] pretty.

071 16 06 Peterson: Plot board says you should be just about over Africa...

071 16 08 Mattingly: ...[garble] picked this attitude for aesthetic reasons. Well, it's orange. I guess that - that's sort of saying something.

071 16 20 Peterson: Right.

071 18 10 Mattingly: Don, would you ask the guidance guys to take a look at [garble] I'm sure it's a typical thing, I just never noticed. I was watching the optics zero the other night, and using 1691 as the way to do that. And here again I - I watched it, and at the completion of the zero, it looks like it went to - the Register 2 display now, and I'm still in zero. I just thought that was kind of curious. Is that a bit size or something?

071 18 40 Peterson: Stand by one. We'll look at it.

071 18 56 Mattingly: I've taken it out of Zero now. That's why it's counting. Then we'll go ahead with the 52.

071 18 58 Peterson: I understand you're taking it out of Zero now.

071 19 03 Mattingly: It was out of Zero when it started counting. It went from 403 up to what you see now.

071 19 09 Peterson: Roger.

071 19 10 Mattingly: And that's due to trunnion trip.

071 19 15 Peterson: Roger.

071 22 23 Mattingly: Don, is there any reason to torque these since we're getting ready to go to an option one?

071 22 27 Peterson: Stand by a minute.

071 22 34 Peterson: Go ahead and torque them. And, Ken, could you check your - your mike placement? You're very, very weak.

071 22 59 Mattingly: Okay, Don. Is that any better?

071 23 01 Peterson: Yes, that's some better, Ken. Thank you.

071 23 07 Mattingly: And we'll torque them at 23:10.

071 23 10 Peterson: Roger.

071 31 30 Mattingly: Don, just out of more academic interest, it turns out that the pea [?] packs and the - and the Noun 91s are exactly the same.

071 31 40 Peterson: Roger; understand.

071 32 10 Mattingly: Yeah, Don, what I was gonna say is that the - the peapacks [?] on the shaft are within - yeah - the readability of the DSKY. The trunnion then seems to be off by about 2/100, which I think is a pretty fine agreement. And for the interest of some of those people who are talking about these optics and whether they drift or not, if you can watch 1691 right now, you'll find that I'm in - the Mode is Manual and I'm in Direct, and you can watch them drift slowly. And at low rate, I'll go to Resolve, and they drift at approximately the same rate. There seemed to be some question about that earlier. I thought - some of the guys in the back might be interested in that.

071 33 02 Peterson: Roger. Copy. Thank you.

071 33 32 Peterson: Okay, Casper, for your information, although we had you going ahead and load EMP 509 prior to the P52, it was not absolutely necessary at that point because you did this P52 under SCS control. And anytime you're under SCS control, that TVC relay is not enabled. So you really don't have the problem. There's no way that glitch can get to you. But we wanted - we had to have the EMP 509 loaded eventually, so we figured we'd go ahead and let you get it in now.

071 34 07 Mattingly: Okay. I understand that, and thank you very much.

071 34 14 Peterson: Roger.

071 34 15 Mattingly: And with all this stuff over the next few days, it wouldn't hurt to keep a list of those things down there and connect - and kind of stay with me on those things to be sure I don't get one of them out of sync.

071 34 28 Peterson: Roger. We'll follow you.

071 46 22 Peterson: Casper, Houston. When you get a few minutes to talk, we've got a little philosophy - philosophy on the use of the EMP 509 in lunar orbit.

071 46 48 Duke: Okay, can you stand by just a minute, please?

071 46 50 Peterson: Roger. Will do.

071 46 52 Duke: Pete, we moved the eat period up a little bit. We're getting all the food ready here.

071 46 58 Peterson: Roger. This can stand by for quite a while.

071 47 07 Mattingly: Okay, I'll come back to you in about ten minutes with all that.

071 47 09 Peterson: Okay, Ken. Good enough; thank you.

071 54 23 Mattingly: Okay, Don. I'm - I got some free hands now, and got my little note pad out, and I'm ready to listen and copy and discuss anything you got on this stuff.

071 54 31 Peterson: Okay. I guess, Ken, the first thing we'll talk about is the use of the EMP in lunar orbit, that is when you're - when you're alone in the spacecraft. We - we do not plan to run EMP 509 continuously, primarily because if you do, you don't have gimbal lock through gimbal lock protection. What we will do is we will run it during programs that involve TVC enable relay cycling, except for P52. Now, that means that we will run it for SPS burns, and you already have the procedures for LOI and DOI, and for other burns. The procedures will stay the same except that we may change the time sequences for doing some of the items. We will also run the EMP 509 for P24 and for rendezvous, and we're having MIT verify that compatibility at the present time. We'll come back to you on those with more details later. And during P52 with the P20 option 5, our current procedures call for going CMC, Free. Instead of doing that, what we'll do is we'll go to this Spacecraft Control, SCS; put the Rate switch High; and BMAG Mode, Rate 2. And that way, the rate damping level is below your orb rate, and so your SCS, as far as control is concerned, will be equivalent to CMC, Free. However, by going to SCS control, if you want to check back on that list of set and reset conditions, you'll find that by going to SCS control, we eliminate the possibility of getting this glitch.

071 56 43 Mattingly: Okay; would you say again how we're gonna handle P - nominally P20 option 5; we will not use 509. Is that correct?

071 56 55 Peterson: That's affirmative. We will not use 509 during P20 option 5.

071 57 03 Mattingly: Okay. And when we come to do a P52, we will still not use the option - the 509 - we're gonna go to SCS control and use Rate High and Max Deadband. Is that correct?

071 57 23 Peterson: Okay; Rate High and Max Deadband is okay, but G&C tells me you really - that the Deadband - you don't need to go to Max, it's - it's kind of immaterial which position you put the switch in. You do need the Rate switch in High, and you need BMAG Mode, Rate 2. That way you don't have an attitude control situation. You have a rate control situation, but the level is high enough that it's well above the orb rate, and so the SCS will be equivalent to going CMC, Free.

071 58 02 Mattingly: Okay; I understand that. Thank you.

071 58 03 Peterson: Okeydoke; and...

071 58 04 Mattingly: I'll leave it in Deadband and Rate, High.

071 58 06 Peterson: Roger. And we'll get more details to you later on the P24 and the rendezvous.

071 58 17 Mattingly: Okay. Doing good work.

071 58 37 Peterson: Ken, there's one other comment here. If you are gonna, at some point in lunar orbit, do quite a bit of Optics switching, like Manual and Automatic and that sort of thing, we would suggest in that case that you load EMP 509 before you start playing with the optics and take it out again when you're finished.

071 58 55 Mattingly: Okay; any time we're doing that - I assume that means like in - when we're doing the landmark tracking, both High and Low, and it's my understanding from the comments we got now that the only time 509 can get me in trouble is if I leave it enabled during thrusting.

071 59 21 Peterson: That in general is...

071 59 22 Mattingly:...and also [garble] the automatic gimbal stop.

071 59 26 Peterson: That's absolutely correct, Ken. Those are the two cases.

071 59 30 Mattingly: All right, sir. Thank you very much. Hey, you might tell Tom Holloway that his little note pad has really come in handy. That's super.

071 59 40 Peterson: He's sitting here smiling and giving me the thumbs up right now.

072 00 10 Mattingly: Charlie just asked that everybody lock the doors until he finds his pea soup.

Public Affairs Officer: This is Apollo Control. 72 hours, one minute Ground Elapsed Time. Two hours, 15 minutes prior to the time of Apollo 16 passes behind the Moon [on] the beginning of the first lunar orbit. The crew has moved up their meal period a few moments earlier, than scheduled in the flight plan, and are now having their noon meal. Spacecraft presently 6,322 nautical miles [11,708 kilometres] out from the Moon, approaching at a velocity of 4,281 feet  [1,304 metres] per second. Continuing to stand by as we approach lunar orbit. Maneuver for lunar orbit coming up in a few hours, about two hours and 26 minutes from now. [At] 72:02, this is Apollo Control.

072 03 06 Mattingly: Don, how about if I put off this scan ratio thing another ten minutes?

072 03 13 Peterson: Stand by one.

072 03 17 Mattingly: Okay, we're going ahead and get it out.

072 03 19 Peterson: Okay.

072 03 21 Mattingly: Shield is Off at this time; we'll turn back in ten minutes.

072 03 25 Peterson: Roger.

072 05 31 Peterson: And, 16, I've got a TEI-4 pad, if you're ready to copy.

072 05 41 Mattingly: You caught us at dessert.

072 05 44 Peterson: Roger; we'll stand by.

072 05 49 Mattingly: Thank you, Don.

072 06 34 Duke: Okay, Pete. Go ahead with you P30 pad.

072 06 39 Peterson: Stand by just a minute, Charlie.

072 06 51 Peterson: Okay, Charlie. TEI-4, SPS/G&N; 41534; plus 0.64, plus 1.35; 083:07:14.13; plus 3289.6, plus 1150.1, minus 0327.6; 181, 056, 022. The rest of the pad is NA. Set stars, Sirius and Rigel; 131; 071; 014. Ullage, two jets, 17 seconds. Under Other: 1, burn undocked; 2, assumes no DOI; 3, assumes landing site REFSMMAT; 4, with LOI REFSMMAT; roll, 179; pitch, 183; yaw, 014.

072 08 46 Duke: Okay, Houston. TEI-4 is SPS/G&N; 41534; plus 0.64, plus 1.35; 083:07:14.13; plus 3289.6, plus 1150.1, minus 0327.6; 181, 056, 022. Sirius and Rigel; 131; 071; 014; two jets, 17 seconds. One is burn is undocked; 2, assumes no DOI; 3, landing site REFSMMAT; 4, LOI REFSMMAT; 179; 183; 014. Over.

072 09 20 Peterson: That's affirmative, Charlie.

072 13 02 Duke: Pete, 16 here. Looking through the telescope at the Earth - It's sure apparent that we live on a pretty planet. The colors are just such [garble] such [garble] such [garble] lot more vivid (laughter) than any of the photographs.

072 13 26 Peterson: Roger. We understand. We were just sitting here enjoying some of the beauties of Earth ourselves.

072 13 37 Young: Somebody new serving coffee, huh?

072 13 42 Peterson: That's affirmative.

072 13 48 Young: I'm wise to you new people.

072 13 56 Duke: How many pots has the MOCR gone through already?

072 13 59 Peterson: We'll have to get you a count, but Jerry says it's a new record.

072 30 12 Peterson: 16 - 16, Houston. I've got a map update, Rev 1. It's at about 73:20 in the Flight Plan, and also I've got some answers to Ken's earlier question about this glitch and what if it occurs following a burn.

072 30 34 Mattingly: Go ahead.

072 30 37 Peterson: Okay. Map update, Rev 1. LOS: 074:17:41; 180 degrees: 074:31:39. AOS with LOI: 074:50:05; without LOI: 074:42:08.

072 31 10 Mattingly: Okay; 074:17:41; 074:31:39; 074:50:05; 074:42:08.

072 31 25 Peterson: That's affirmative. Okay. Now, Ken, on this other question. As we understood your question, you're concerned about what happens after - at 2.5 seconds after the burn when you switch back to the RCS DAP and cycle this relay. What happens if you get the glitch, and it looks like there are two cases. Either you get a - a yaw glitch of sufficient magnitude to put you into coarse align, or you get some kind of glitch that could be in roll, pitch, or yaw but does not put you into coarse align. If you go into coarse align, the nav is no good, and the Noun 85s are no good, and in that case, we'd like you to exit Average g as soon as possible by - by exiting the program. If you're not in coarse align, the nav is good, but the Noun 85s are still no good.

072 32 37 Mattingly: Okay. Okay. We've got you.

072 32 42 Peterson: Roger.

072 32 45 Mattingly: Particularly in LOI, since there's no trim; that's only a problem for - for recording purposes anyhow.

072 32 53 Peterson: Roger. That's correct.

072 32 57 Mattingly: Okay. Thank you very much.

072 39 32 Peterson: 16, Houston. I've get three items to go in the Flight Plan. At about 79:29 is the first one, and if we can get these in, that will finish up the Flight Plan updates for today.

072 39 49 Mattingly: Okay. Press on.

072 39 51 Peterson: Okay. At 79:29 right at the bottom of the page there, we want to add "Load 509," and at 79:3...

072 40 07 Mattingly:... [garble] behind "Load Noun 89."

072 40 12 Peterson: That's affirmative. After. It should follow the "Load Noun 89."

072 40 23 Mattingly: Okay. I've added "Load 509" after "Load Noun 89."

072 40 29 Peterson: That's affirmative. And at 79:38, we want to delete the Verb 48 there, and thats not associated with the 509. That's simply because that's redundant. You're already in that DAP configuration.

072 40 51 Mattingly: Okay.

072 40 53 Peterson: And at - 79:42 right after the MSFN update block there, add "Terminate EMP 509 after P24 completed."

072 41 19 Mattingly: Okay "Terminate 509 after P24 completed." Now let me - Is that the last one or you got some more?

072 41 26 Peterson: That's all of them.

072 41 30 Mattingly: Okay. Let me read them back to you where I've got them to make sure I have it all right. At about 79:29-1/2 on the page, I've written "Load 509." I have deleted the Verb 48 which occurs at 79:38; and 79:41 - 42, I've got "Terminate 509 after P24 is completed."

072 41 55 Peterson: That's correct, Ken.

072 41 59 Mattingly: Okay. Thank you.

072 42 19 Mattingly: And, Don, on this first rev, if we wanted to take some pictures or something, can we stick with magazine November November? I can't tell right now what that's scheduled for. Or should we use magazine Victor?

072 42 38 Peterson: Stand by. We'll let you know.

072 42 42 Mattingly: Thank you, sir.

072 44 38 Peterson: Casper, November November looks pretty low on the Pad. You should get a magazine Victor.

072 44 48 Duke: Thank you.

072 44 50 Mattingly: Okay. Thanks.

072 48 16 Peterson: 16, Houston. We've got a couple more words on the LM paint-peeling problem. Apparently, it has been duplicated now in a vacuum chamber, and it does not appear to be any kind of a problem as far as the mission is concerned.

072 48 37 Mattingly: Well, that's fine to hear. Thank you now.

072 48 40 Peterson: Roger. It's nothing leaking; it's just the paint itself.

072 48 48 Mattingly: Okay.

072 52 10 Young: Don, we're getting ready to start into the secondary glycol loop check.

072 52 19 Peterson: Okay. We're ready to follow.

072 52 33 Young: Okay. The Secondary Cool Loop Pump is about to go Off.

072 52 39 Peterson: Roger.

072 53 45 Young: Pump AC1's on the Secondary Loop.

072 53 49 Peterson: Roger.

072 54 27 Young: Okay. And we see the outlet temperature decreasing.

072 54 29 Peterson: Roger.

072 56 28 Mattingly: Houston, 16. Are y'all satisfied with the nitrogen pressures on the SPS?

072 56 34 Peterson: That's affirmative.

072 56 41 Mattingly: Thank you.

072 58 57 Mattingly: Houston, LM/CM Delta-P is 0.2 again.

072 59 04 Peterson: Roger. LM/CM Delta-P, 0.2.

073 02 23 Young: Houston, I just got my head unlocked and wiggled it out of window Number 1, and we have a half-Moon in Earthshine. It is really pretty.

073 02 36 Peterson: Roger.

073 02 38 Young: Got so many [garble] You can see all the - you know, you can see all the prominent features and little sharp craters like - I think I'm looking at Kepler. It's out there in the middle of the mare. It's just beautiful. And that's all Earthshine.

073 02 53 Peterson: Roger.

073 02 56 Young: Yes, and it's just about - it's like two-thirds of the window, if I've got my hand no more than 6 inches from it. You know, on the - on the dark side, you can see a big dark disk, and I think the reason I can see it is it's the solar corona that's illuminating around the back side. And I can see a star within - well, maybe it's within a degree of the Moon's disk.

073 03 26 Peterson: Roger.

073 04 21 Peterson: Could we get the Duke to confirm that that's really the Moon and not the Earth you're looking at?

073 04 28 Duke: Hey, babe, this is really the Moon. It's the most awe-inspiring sight I've ever seen in my life. Looks like the door that just hung out there in the middle of blackness. It's really beautiful, Pete.

073 04 42 Peterson: Roger.

073 04 43 Mattingly: And you can make out all the features on the thing. I can see [garble], and you can see up into the Procellarum - and in the basins in there. You can even see the outer rings of Orientale. And you can't see the basin itself but you can see it's outer rings.

073 05 07 Peterson: Sounds beautiful, Ken.

073 05 13 Mattingly: And looking at our present orientation, I can tell that our new attitude will be perfect for LOI.

073 05 29 Peterson: Roger.

073 06 57 Peterson: Ken, just for your information - The reading that you got when you zeroed the optics on the Noun 91s there was considered normal, and it's like a single-bit - or less than a single-bit error. And the other thing I wanted to pass on was that this. EMP 509 has been verified by MIT for use with P24 and during rendezvous.

073 07 26 Mattingly: Okay, thank you.

073 0T 50 Mattingly: Don, we're gonna waste the two frames of VHBW. Could you tell me if it's better to - to use SS or TT?

073 08 01 Peterson: Stand by.

073 08 33 Peterson: Magazine TT, Ken.

073 08 44 Mattingly: We copy.

073 10 39 Mattingly: Okay. I'm up to three exposures on magazine TT.

073 10 43 Peterson: Roger.

073 11 30 Mattingly: Houston, 16. Do you have any objections to our going to the burn attitude now?

073 11 40 Peterson: Stand by a minute.

073 11 57 Mattingly: Was that affirmative or negative? Over.

073 11 59 Peterson: Stand by one.

073 12 06 Peterson: 16, give us P00 and Accept, and we'll give you your up-links, and then you can maneuver.

073 12 18 Mattingly: P00 and Accept.

073 12 20 Peterson: Roger.

073 14 08 Young: Okay, Houston. The reason we would like to go now is it looks to me like you can't get there without going through gimbal lock, but we want to see what the DAP wants us to do.

073 14 17 Peterson: Roger. Understand.

073 15 12 Peterson: Okay, 16. You can start maneuvering, and we'll help you watch the gimbal lock situation, and also, I have an LOI pad when - whenever you're ready to copy.

073 15 28 Duke: Go ahead, Pete.

073 15 31 Peterson: Okay. LOI, SPS/G&N; 66314; plus 1.21, minus 0.14, 074:28:27.22; minus 2781.6, minus 0219.6, minus 0256.2; 000, 001, 000; Noun 44 0170.0, plus 0058.3; 2802.0, 6:14, 2794.7; sextant star 16, 242.9, 27.1. Rest of the pad is NA. Set stars, Sirius and Rigel; 132; 196; 006. Ullage, none. LM weight, 36287. Single-bank burn time, 6:28.

073 17 24 Duke: Okay. We copy LOI, SPS/G&N; 66314; plus 1.21, minus 0.14; 074:28:27.22; minus 2781.6, minus 0219.6, minus 0256.2; 000, 001, 000; 0170.0, plus 0058.3; 2502.0, 6:14; 2794.7; 16, 242.9, 27.1.Rest of the pad is NA. Sirius and Rigel; 132; 196; 006. No ullage. LM weight, 36287. Singlebank burn time, 6:28. Over.

073 18 15 Peterson: That's affirmative, Charlie.

073 25 37 Peterson: Omni Delta, 16; Omni Delta.

073 28 27 Peterson: 16, Houston. How do you read?

073 28 32 Duke: I read you five by here in Omni Delta.

073 28 35 Peterson: Roger. You're five by also.

073 32 31 Peterson: 16, Houston. Voice check.

073 32 37 Duke: Roger; 5 by, Pete.

073 32 39 Peterson: You're loud and clear, Charlie.

073 32 44 Duke: Okay. We're going to the sextant star check.

073 32 47 Peterson: Roger.

073 36 01 Duke: [Garble] sitting right in the middle there, Houston.

073 36 06 Peterson: Roger. Very good.

073 56 55 Peterson: 16, would you stow the High Gain Antenna, please?

074 04 21 Peterson: 16, you're Go for LOI.

074 04 28 Young: 16. Roger. Go for LOI.

074 12 22 Mattingly: Houston, we're preparing for the gimbal drive check.

074 12 25 Peterson: Roger.

074 12 56 Mattingly: Okay, we've completed the gimbal drive check. We're now going to terminate 509.

074 13 02 Peterson: Roger.

074 13 43 Young: Okay, 509's out of there. How's it look?

074 13 50 Peterson: Looks real good, 16.

074 13 56 Young: Okay.

074 15 43 Peterson: 16, we're a couple minutes from LOS. See you on the next pass.

074 15 52 Young: Okay, we'll be there.

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