Apollo 16 Flight Journal Chapter 21: Day 8 Part 1

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Day 7: Lunar Observation,
Revs 35 to 45
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Apollo 16

Day Eight: Orbital Science and Preparation for LM Liftoff, Revs 47 to 51.

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Day 8 Morning Call and Flight Plan changes


Loss of Signal


Acquisition of Signal on Rev 47


TEI-55 Pad


Loss of Signal


Start of Lunar Rev 48


Acquisition of Signal on Rev 48


Water Bubble Experiment description


Plane Change Pad


Loss of Signal


Start of Lunar Rev 49


Acquisition of Signal


Plane Change Burn


Loss of Signal


Start of Lunar Rev 50


Acquisition of Signal


Loss of Signal and Shift Change


Start of Lunar Rev 51


Acquisition of Signal 173:03
Communications Check with LM 173:28
Loss of Signal


Start of Lunar Rev 52 and End of Chapter


Public Affairs Officer: This is Apollo Control [at] 162 hours, 12 minutes [162:01] Ground Elapsed Time.

[The PAO, Mission Control and Crew are using the updated GET, intended to align events to the Flight Plan. At this stage in the flight, the difference from the actual GET is 11 minutes and 50 seconds. See here for more details.]

Public Affairs Officer (continued): About 37 minutes showing on the wakeup clock until the crew of Orion is called for the start of their final days activity at Descartes landing site. Briefly summarized the EVA 3 activities will begin with some 45 minutes after depressurization being spent in the immediate area of the Lunar Module. Getting the LRV loaded with all the gear for the geological sampling. Getting everything prepared for the trek out to North Ray Crater. The arrival at North Ray Crater at what's called Stations 11 and 12 will be at 1 hour and 25 minutes after start of EVA. Total distance out to this particular point 4.9 kilometers. At 2 hours 30 minutes into EVA 3 they will return back some ½ kilometer, that is south from North Ray Crater to Station 13, arriving there some 4 minutes later. They will spend 20 minutes at Station 13 collecting documented samples and rake soil samples. Young and Duke will leave Station 13 at 4 hours and 5 minutes into EVA, return to what is called the 10 prime area, that is at Station 10 from EVA 2, going back again for a second look, therefore, it is called 10 prime. They will arrive at this location at 3 hours 31 minutes into EVA. Then they will return to the immediate area of the Lunar Module Orion at 4 hours and 5 minutes into the EVA and spend the remaining 55 minutes of the 5 hour EVA 3 in closeout. Parking - parking of the Lunar Roving Vehicle, stowing all the film gear for transfer into the Orion, all the sample bags, doing all the general housekeeping, grounds-keeping that has to be done prior to closing out the final EVA. The total distance estimated for the EVA 3, that is LRV mileage or kilometrage, will be 9.85 kilometers. Command Module Casper [is] nearing the end of its 45 - 45th lunar orbit some 17 minutes away from Loss of Signal. At 162 [hours] 16 [minutes plan GET, 162:05 actual GET], this is Apollo Control.

[Acquisition of Signal on Lunar Rev 46 at 163:49.]

163 49 43 Peterson: Casper, Houston. How do you read?

163 49 50 Peterson: Casper, Houston. How do you read?

163 50 30 Peterson: Good morning, Casper. This is Houston.

163 50 37 Mattingly: Good morning, Don. How do you read me?

163 50 39 Peterson: Read you loud and clear. How me?

163 50 44 Mattingly: Loud and clear.

163 50 46 Peterson: Okay.

163 52 34 Peterson: Casper, let's put the High Gain to Auto, please.

163 54 28 Peterson: Go ahead.

163 55 00 Peterson: And, Casper, as soon as you can, we'd like to go Accept and get a state vector up to you.

163 55 09 Mattingly: You've got Accept.

163 55 11 Peterson: Roger. Thank you.

163 55 48 Peterson: Casper, have you zeroed the Noun 26?

163 55 54 Mattingly: Yes, sir.

163 55 56 Peterson: Okay. Thank you.

163 56 48 Peterson: And, Casper, I've got about four pages of Flight Plan changes for you. A few of them take effect in the next five minutes or so.

163 57 03 Mattingly: Okay. I'll be ready to copy in five seconds.

163 57 08 Peterson: Okay. Sorry to rush you, but I just got handed...

163 57 09 Mattingly: That's all right.

163 57 10 Peterson: ...just got handed a fist full of paper here.

163 57 18 Mattingly: I hope it's green.

163 57 48 Mattingly: Go ahead and read; I'm ready to copy.

163 57 53 Peterson: Ken, give us High Gain, Auto.

163 58 00 Mattingly: You've got it.

163 58 02 Peterson: Okay. The - I guess the first thing I'd better get to you is at 164:13 [164:02]. We want to manually roll clockwise 40 degrees.

163 58 25 Mattingly: Okay. Forty degrees clockwise at 13.

163 58 30 Peterson: All right. That's in about 3 minutes away. Actually, there was a TEI-55 pad 5 minutes ago, but I'll get that to you later.

163 58 35 Mattingly: [Garble] P20 plus-X somewhere here, I bet you.

163 58 45 Peterson: At 164:16 [164:05], we want to delete everything from CMC Mode, Free, down to GDC align at 164:21 [164:10].

163 59 14 Peterson: And it's your computer.

163 59 19 Mattingly: Okay. I got that.

163 59 25 Peterson: Okay. Did you copy the deletion and also that it's your computer?

163 59 31 Mattingly: Yes, sir. Are you not copying me this morning?

163 59 34 Peterson: I guess - I guess I'm copying intermittently, Ken.

163 59 40 Mattingly: Okay. It sounds to me like I'm keying the - I'll try to talk a little louder.

163 59 46 Peterson: Okay. I'm reading you loud and clear now.

163 59 28 Mattingly: I have the manual roll 40 degrees clockwise at 13, and I have the computer, Block.

164 00 00 Peterson: Okay. And did you copy the - the deletion of CMC Mode, Free, down to the GDC align that's at 164:16 [164:05]?

164 00 13 Mattingly: No, sir. I did not. Okay. I'll delete that.

164 00 16 Peterson: Okay. It might be that I'm transmitting intermittently.

164 00 37 Peterson: Ken, I want to leave you alone now while you make this roll, but we had a ground station failure on some of my transmission.

164 00 47 Mattingly: Okay. No sweat. I got the Gamma-Ray Gainstay back on.

164 01 27 Mattingly: Why don't you go ahead, Don? I'm - I can listen and do this at the same time.

164 01 31 Peterson: Okay. At 164:18 [164:07], we want to add P20, option 5; plus-X forward SIM bay attitude; 165:32 [164:23], Noun 79, plus 000.50; and set High Gain Antenna, Pitch 10, Yaw zero for AOS acquisition.

164 02 15 Mattingly: Okay. At 18, I want to go to P20, Option 5, to the plus-X; Noun 79 to half degree, Pitch 10 and Yaw zero for AOS on the High Gain, and I want to be there by 165:32 [165:23].

164 02 29 Peterson: That's affirmative. Okay, at 164:25 [164:14], we want to add a Mapping Camera photo pad. The T-start time...

164 02 45 Mattingly: Okay.

164 02 46 Peterson: The T-start time will be 164:35:00 [164:24]. T-stop will be 168:05:41 [167:54].

164 03 06 Mattingly: Okay. Mapping Camera T-start, 164:35:00 [164:24]; T-stop, 168:05:41[167:54].

164 03 14 Peterson: that's affirmative, and at 164:35 in the Flight Plan...

164 03 21 Mattingly: Okay. Just a second let me mark that up a little bit.

164 03 25 Peterson: Roger.

164 02 01 Mattingly: Okay. Go ahead. Mapping Camera is recorded, and you said something about 164:35.

164 04 10 Peterson: Roger. At 164:35 [164:24], we want to add Laser Altimeter, On; Image Motion, On; Mapping Camera, On, at T-start; and you need your Motion, Increase, barber pole/On.

164 04 43 Mattingly: Okay. I'll put the IMC, On. Just before the camera starts, I'll get the Laser Altimeter, On, and after we get it going, the IMC will go to barber pole and On.

164 04 52 Peterson: That's affirmative. And at the same place in the Flight Plan, you can delete the manual roll clockwise 40 degrees all the way down through the High Gain Antenna, Pitch 10, Yaw zero.

164 05 06 Mattingly: Okay. I got you there.

164 05 09 Peterson: Okay. At 164:45 [164:34], we want to do a P52, Option 3, and GDC align.

164 05 21 Mattingly: Okay.

164 05 23 Peterson: And we'll use the - the same procedure we've been using on that.

164 05 32 Mattingly: Roger.

164 05 37 Peterson: Okay. At 164:50, we want to delete configure camera...

164 05 41 Mattingly: Okay. Stand - Stand by a second now and let me -

164 05 44 Peterson: Roger.

164 05 48 Mattingly: Let - let me get this manoeuvre going.

164 05 50 Peterson: Roger. Understand, Ken. I'll stand by.

164 08 00 Mattingly: Well, that should be close enough for Government work, shouldn't it?

164 08 04 Peterson: Okay. Yeah, I'll go - I'll go on with the Flight Plan here, Ken, because we are coming up on LOS, and I want to at least get you to AOS. At 164:50 [164:39], they want to delete, "Configure camera for terminator photos" and delete everything down through the "Record frame number" at 165:07 [164:56].

164 08 38 Mattingly: Okay. I got that.

164 08 40 Peterson: Okay. And at 165:02 [164:51], change that Mapping Camera pad to a Pan Camera photo pad, and the numbers to go in there are T-start, 165:07:13 [164:50]; T-stop, 165:39:13 [165:29].

164 09 10 Mattingly: Okay. I deleted all the stuff from 165 down to the record frame; the Mapping Camera; pick up the Pan Camera; T-start, 165:07:13, and stop, 165:39:13.

164 09 26 Peterson: That's affirmative, and 165:00 [164:49] in the Flight Plan, we want to add Gamma-Ray, Retract, 4 feet. The time is 2 minutes 43 seconds.

164 09 47 Mattingly: Okay: At 165, you want to Retract the Gamma-Ray to 2 minutes and 43 seconds worth.

164 09 54 Peterson: That's affirmative. At 165:03 [164:52] add Pan Camera at Standby, Stereo, Power, and Operate parentheses T-start.

Public Affairs Officer: This is Apollo Control 164 hours 21 minutes [164:10] into the mission of Apollo 16. Young and Duke at the present time are donning their pressure suits for the third and final EVA of this mission. Here in the Control Center the Orange Team of flight controllers headed up by Flight Director Pete Frank is taking over from Jerry Griffin's Gold Team and since the previous 8 hour shift with the Gold Team has been primarily a sleep shift. That is the crew was asleep, there will not be a change of shift press conference. Mattingly has been awake for several minutes, has had some brief exchanges with the spacecraft communicator, Don Peterson, who moved over from the overnight CAPCOM position. Tony England is in now for EVA CAPCOM job. The air [to] ground communications from the CSM will go into transcript in the Houston news room. At 164:22 [164:10] this is Apollo Control.

164 10 17 Mattingly: Okay, I get Pan Camera to Standby, Stereo, and Power, and we'll start her at [165:]07:13 [164:55].

164 10 27 Peterson: That's affirmative. At 165:10 - 10 - add CSM Experiments/EVA Checklist, solar corona sunrise, Page X 2-11: magazine S-S, magazine H-H, and a note to perform only the camera configuration. We'll give you the times on your next front-side pass.

164 11 06 Mattingly: Okay. What do you mean by you will give me the times? The start times?

164 11 15 Peterson: Affirmative; and at 165:15 , Image Motion, Increase, barber pole plus 4 steps/On; move that to 165:27 [165:15].

164 11 58 Mattingly: Okay. I copy [garble].

164 12 25 Peterson: Okay, Ken, if you read, at 165:18, you can delete, "Prepare for orb[ital] science visuals." And we'll try to pick you up AOS for the rest of this change.

[Loss of Signal at about 164:12.]

164 41 46 Mattingly (onboard): This tape can be used in the [garble] sunrise solar corona [garble]. Requires 5 percent of the DAC film in the [garble] camera. That's gonna start at minus 3 minutes before sunrise, or the equivalent of 4 minutes on the countdown in the checklist. Stand by for start [garble] Four, 3, 2, l, Start.

Public Affairs Officer: This is Apollo Control at 165 hours 2 minutes [164:50]. We've completed our shift handover in Mission Control. Flight Director Pete Frank, and the EVA team are now on. Spacecraft Communicator for the Lunar Module Orion is astronaut Tony England, and astronaut Hank Hartsfield is handling the communicator chores for the Command Module Casper. Flight Director for the Command Module is Don Puddy. At the present time Young and Duke aboard Orion, are preparing for their third period of extravehicular activity. The Flight Activities Officer estimates that they're pretty much on the planned time line for that. We expect that they'll be getting out of the Lunar Module a little after 166 hours, perhaps 166:10 to 25 [165:59 to 166:16], or between 9:45 and 10:00 am Central Standard Time. We'll continue to keep an eye on their progress and report and update that expected egress time, as necessary. During today's 5-hour extravehicular activity, primary activities will be concentrated on sampling the North Ray Crater region, and the vicinity of the Lunar Module. Departing the Lunar Module, the traverse [will] proceed to North Ray Crater. Along the normal traverses path, there will be a single station in the vicinity of the old Station 11 and 12 area at North Ray crater, and we expect to have the crew to spend about 1 hour, 5 minutes sampling at this station. Then returning from North Ray crater, along the outbound path, they'll make a 20-minute stop in the vicinity of the old station 13, which is about 1 kilometer from the rim of North Ray crater. And here they'll do some documented sampling as well as taking a rake soil sample of North Ray ejecta. They'll then return to the area of the Lunar Module. We expect that they'll spend about 34 minutes in this area, and we'll concentrate on additional sampling. In addition, John Young will obtain an additional Lunar Portable Magnetometer reading, both with and without a rock. In the case with the rock, they'll be sitting a rock on the instrument and attempting to measure the soft component of magnetism in the lunar sampling in effort to determine if the so called soft magnetism that we've seen on return samples is actually indigenous to the sample when it's picked up on the Moon, or if it perhaps something that's introduced to the sample by the electronic equipment, rotating motors and so on in the Lunar Module, or by some other magnetic field that it encounters on Earth. For the 55, final 55 minutes of the 5-hour EVA, Young and Duke will be going through closeout. Getting samples bagged up, and boxed up and back aboard the Lunar Module, getting everything buttoned up and ready for lift-off, before the time that they climb through the hatch and seal up Orion for the final time prior to LM lift-off. Ken Mattingly aboard Casper was awakened on the last revolution. He is now behind the Moon out of radio contact. We'll be reacquiring Casper in about 11 minutes, 50 seconds. Spacecraft now on its 47th revolution of the Moon. Mattingly is again in good spirits. He has a busy day ahead of him. Now, one of his major activities will be preparing for the rendezvous and subsequent docking later today. In conjunction with this, we read him up the preliminary procedures to the lunar orbit plane change manoeuvre. This puts the Command Module in the proper plane for the rendezvous and docking with the Lunar Module. That maneuver to be performed approximately [at] 169 hours, 10 minutes [168:59], but we'll refine that time. Our flight plan for that event is still not precise. We've got in block times, but not precise times, but on the scale it will appear to be about 169 hours, 15 [minutes] [169:04], and we'll as I say, getting a more precise time on that.

[Lunar Rev 47 starts at 164:57.]

165 07 08 Mattingly: That's getting to my peace and quiet.

Public Affairs Officer: This is Apollo Control at 165 hours, 21 minutes [165:10]. The [LM] crew has completed their communications checks with Mission Control. They are now in the process getting [the] cabin closed out, ready for depressurization. Flight Director Pete Frank has just reported that they appear to be about 30 minutes ahead of their schedule at this time, a revised estimate now on egress is 165 hours, 55 minutes [165:44] or about 35 minutes from now which would put them out at about 9:35 to 9:40 Central Standard Time. We also have some updated time for the lunar orbit plane change and for the LM liftoff. We are now showing 169 hours, 17 minutes, 38 seconds [168:06] for the plane change manoeuvre that Ken Mattingly will perform in the Command Module Casper and our LM liftoff time, which is subject to change somewhat, by a matter of seconds, [will] probably now [be] 175 hours 43 minutes 30 seconds [175:31].

[Acquisition of Signal at about 165:08.]

165 08 25 Hartsfield: Casper, do you read, wide beam?

165 09 35 Mattingly: Good morning, Henry.

165 09 36 Hartsfield: Good morning.

165 09 52 Mattingly: Don couldn't take any more of that, huh?

165 09 53 Hartsfield: They hit you pretty quick this morning, huh?

165 09 58 Mattingly: (Laughter). Yeah. That's a good way to start. Don starts off with a nice little innocuous remark like we have some Flight Plan changes for you. By the way, they start in 2 minutes (laughter).

165 10 14 Hartsfield: Roger. Well, how quick can you move? I got another fistful.

165 10 21 Mattingly: (Laughter). I figured you might. Go ahead.

165 10 28 Hartsfield: Actually, I'm sorry to hit you with all these, Ken. I know it's a mess, but the PIs are trying to recover as much SIM bay science as they can, considering the changes in the overall Flight Plan.

165 10 43 Mattingly: I understand that. Go ahead.

165 10 48 Hartsfield: Okay. You've already beeped the Image Motion. Is that correct?

165 10 57 Mattingly: Ah, no, sir. I got that down here at 165:27 [165:16].

165 11 04 Hartsfield: Okay. I didn't know whether you'd gotten that change or not. Okay. We'll go by that. We want to delete the orbital science for this rev, so you can delete that little line there at about 165:18 [165:09] where it says prepare. And at 165:30 [165:19] at the top of the next page, delete Pan Camera, Standby, and Power, On. And down at 165:35, delete the Pan Camera Power, Off, MSFN cue. Okay. Let me update your times, here. At 165:31, where it says Mass Spec, Retract, to 20 feet, the new retraction time is 33 seconds. And at 165:35, retract to 15 feet. The new retraction time is 30 seconds.

165 12 16 Mattingly: And that 30 seconds is - is starting from where I stopped at 165:30. Okay?

165 12 25 Hartsfield: That's affirmative. And delete the Colombo Highlands and obs- visual observations there. And in its place, add "Pan Camera, Standby, T-stop; Gamma Ray, Deploy; Pan Camera, Off, MSFN cue. And, Ken, we're gonna move these next two Mass Spec retractions up a little bit and start your eat period earlier so we can cut it off earlier. But we'll do those real time. There's no need of scribbling up the Flight Plan. I'll just give you a call when to do it. And at...

165 13 24 Mattingly: I think that's a good plan.

165 13 25 Hartsfield: ...165:50 [165:39] there, delete that Image Motion, Increase, barber pole/On.

165 13 33 Mattingly: Okay.

165 13 34 Hartsfield: And at 165:50 [165:39], we'll start your eat period. And at 166 [165:49], down at the bottom of the page, delete Mass Spec, Deploy.

165 13 50 Mattingly: Okay.

165 13 51 Hartsfield: And in the interest of keeping your SIM status correct, at the top up there at 165:30 [165:19] the status should be plus 1211 and all twos.

165 14 08 Mattingly: Okay.

165 14 12 Hartsfield: And on the next page, at 166 hours [165:49], SIM status in the first row is plus 1121, and the same holds for 166:30 [166:19].

165 14 54 Hartsfield: And, Casper, could you give us barber pole plus 4?

165 15 01 Mattingly: Okay.

165 15 27 Mattingly: You have it.

165 15 28 Hartsfield: Okay. Going back to the Flight Plan, at 166:45 -

165 15 43 Mattingly: Okay.

165 15 46 Hartsfield: You can make that end eat period. And immediately following, prepare for solar corona sunrise photos. And the T-start for those photos is 166:52:45.

165 16 12 Mattingly: Okay. T-start for the solar corona is 166:52:45.

165 16 20 Hartsfield: That's correct, Ken. And on the next page, 167:01, add "Laser Altimeter, Off; then P20, option 5, for 40 degrees south oblique; Noun 78: plus 270.00, plus 087.75, plus 180.00." And the Noun 79 is 0.50; set High Gain, Pitch 10, Yaw 350 for AOS acq."

165 17 25 Mattingly: Okay. At 167, it's Laser, Off; P20, Option 5, 40 degrees south oblique; Noun 78, plus 270, plus 87.75, and plus 180; Noun 79's a half degree, and it's Pitch 10, Yaw 350 for the High Gain.

165 17 42 Hartsfield: Roger. And at 167:05 [166:54], starting with Mapping Camera, Off, delete everything through Enable All Jets down to about 167:14 [167:03].

165 18 05 Mattingly: Okay. It's including Mapping Camera, Off, down through including Enable All Jets. That whole block is deleted.

165 18 14 Hartsfield: That is affirmative. And in the next line, change the Yaw for the High Gain to the 350.

165 18 28 Mattingly: Okay.

165 18 30 Hartsfield: At 167:22, delete the Verb 48.

165 18 36 Mattingly: Let me see. Am I supposed to be retracting that - Hey, Hank, am I supposed to be retracting that boom now?

165 18 46 Hartsfield: Roger. You're about 30 seconds from it. Why don't you go ahead and do that, Ken?

165 18 54 Mattingly: Okay. Well, let's do that thing and get it - get something done on it, because I'm gonna have to watch it.

165 19 05 Hartsfield: That's a 33-second retract time.

165 19 10 Mattingly: Okay. It's in work, and I'm watching it.

165 19 38 Mattingly: Okay. It's Off.

165 19 41 Hartsfield: Okay. Could you give us Auto on the High Gain?

165 19 55 Mattingly: You have it.

165 20 03 Hartsfield: Okay. And, Ken, getting back to that Flight Plan, there's only one more change that - at 167:30 [167:19] -

165 20 10 Mattingly: All right - go ahead.

165 20 11 Hartsfield: We're deleting the update block.

165 20 23 Mattingly: Okay.

165 20 24 Hartsfield: And that ought to get us through another rev. Do you have your Noun 93s from your P52?

165 20 35 Mattingly: Yes, sir. Let me look back here and find them. Okay. They were minus 0.103, minus 001, plus 0.097. And I torqued those at 164:47:20.

165 20 57 Hartsfield: Roger; copy.

165 21 12 Hartsfield: And, Ken, I have a TEI-55 block data.

165 21 21 Mattingly: Okay. Just a minute. Let me get my other book. Keep an eye on the clock there. I got another retraction and a Pan Camera to worry about there.

165 21 35 Hartsfield: Roger.

165 22 00 Mattingly: Okay. I'm ready to copy.

165 22 03 Hartsfield: TEI-55, SPS/G&N; 38144; plus 0.67, plus 1.05; 182:37:26.53; plus 2864.2, plus 0396.6, minus 0096.9; 181, 095, 010; the rest is NA; Sirius and Rigel; 131, 029, 016; two jets, 17 seconds; longitude of the Moon at Tig minus 159.03; assumes LOPC-1 and lift-off REFSMMAT. And it's time for the boom retract to 15 feet.

165 23 38 Mattingly: Okay. I'll get the boom, then I'll read it back to you.

165 23 43 Hartsfield: Okay. And this is a 30-second.

165 23 49 Mattingly: Okay. Thank you.

165 23 56 Mattingly: Now, it's coming in.

165 24 25 Mattingly: And it's Off. Readback: TEI-55, SPS/G&N; 38144; plus 0.67, plus 1.05; 182:37:26.53; plus 2864.2, plus 0396.6, minus 0096.9; 181, 095, 010; Sirius and Rigel; 131, 029, 016; two jets, 17 seconds; lambda, minus 159.03. This pad's based on Flight Change Number 1 and the ascent REFSMMAT.

165 25 04 Hartsfield: Good readback, Ken.

165 25 16 Hartsfield: And real quickly here on the SIM status, Mapping Camera's perking along real good; 98-frame margin. The Laser Altimeter now is getting about 65 percent, good altitude. We've had 1431 firings. Pan Camera is overexposing by one and a half f-stops, because of a bias in the exposure-command voltage. We're 47 frames ahead on that. The rest of the SIM bay apparatus is working real - nominal.

165 25 52 Mattingly: Okay. Has the X-Ray experiment detected anything that looks unusual about the Descartes area, or anything like that?

165 26 03 Hartsfield: Okay. I'll see if I can get a reading on that.

Public Affairs Officer: One additional change in our Flight Plan schedules which affects television. During the rendezvous and docking, we had originally planned to have television coverage of this. Because of the Lunar Module High Gain Antenna, the LMP's steerable antenna is not functioning, the Lunar Module operates on the Omni directional antennas. We experienced the problem prior to the LM landing where the relatively weak signal strength of the Lunar Module coupled with the comparatively much stronger signal strength from the Command Module High Gain Antenna was saturating the receivers on the ground stations and we were blocking LM communications. In order to avoid this sort of problem, we will not use the High Gain Antenna on the Command Module so that we get a more balanced signal strength level from the two vehicles and don't run into this saturation problem. Because we won't be using the Command Module High Gain Antenna, we also will not be able to receive television during the rendezvous and docking activities.

165 27 08 Hartsfield: Casper, you're coming up on about 15 seconds to T-stop Pan Camera.

165 27 15 Mattingly: Okay; thank you.

165 27 28 Mattingly: It's Standby.

165 27 39 Mattingly: The Gamma Ray [boom] is on its way out.

165 27 41 Hartsfield: Roger.

165 28 03 Hartsfield: Verify that that's the gamma ray, Ken. We show the Mass Spec [boom] going out.

165 28 13 Mattingly: Oh, thank you.

165 28 30 Mattingly: There goes the Gamma Ray [boom] out. You want me to go out and time the Mass Spec back in, so you'll know where it is?

165 29 08 Hartsfield: Okay, Ken. What we'd like for you to do is take the Mass Spec all the way out and then retract it for 93 seconds.

165 29 19 Mattingly: Okay. That sounds reasonable. Going all the way out and back in for 93.

165 29 24 Hartsfield: That's affirmative. And that would get us back to the 10-foot point that I was just - just getting ready to call you for.

165 31 00 Mattingly: Okay. I'm gonna bring the Mass Spec boom in now.

165 31 03 Hartsfield: Okay, Ken. 93 seconds.

165 31 09 Mattingly: Okay.

165 32 50 Mattingly: Okay. Your Mass Spec is Off.

165 32 58 Hartsfield: Okay. And we're ready for Power, Off, on the Pan Camera.

165 33 05 Mattingly: Okay. Pan Camera Power is Off.

165 33 20 Hartsfield: Have you had time to work up a crew status report yet, Ken?

165 33 27 Mattingly: (Laughter). In between the other things? It's a short one. It shouldn't take me a second.

165 33 37 Hartsfield: All right. Take your time; I was just trying to get all this dirty work out of the way so you'd have an uninterrupted eat period.

165 33 51 Mattingly: (Laughter). Uninterrupted only by [the] solar corona [observations]. Okay. About PRD, 15054; 7 hours; and none. And yesterday - let's see - well, shoot! They don't even have Meal A in this book. I don't know why it's split this way, but - You can delete the - Well, the only thing I had out of Meal B that's on the list there is the graham crackers and the cocoa. I also had bacon squares, coffee, and some of that pineapple fruit cake, and an apricot bar, and orange juice, and another package of graham crackers spread out throughout the - the day. Meal C: You can delete the beef steak, and the chicken and rice, and the pecans. And you can add that lobster from Meal B.

165 35 28 Hartsfield: Okay, Ken. We got that.

165 35 34 Mattingly: Okay. That should finish that - fill in that square, okay?

165 35 39 Hartsfield: Hey, Ken? How's the air-to-ground been this morning? Has there been a lot of noise on it, or it's been clean to you?

165 35 47 Mattingly: Just as quiet as ever. Beautiful comm.

165 35 50 Hartsfield: Okay.

165 37 55 Hartsfield: Casper, Houston. Could you give us Retract on the Mass Spec boom, 20 seconds? That's a change, 20 seconds.

165 38 05 Mattingly: Okay; this is 20 seconds.

165 38 18 Mattingly: Coming in now.

165 38 35 Mattingly: It's Off.

165 38 37 Hartsfield: Roger.

165 40 25 Mattingly: Hank, where is that extra crater that you said you had down. there?

165 40 33 Hartsfield: What was that, Ken?

165 40 37 Hartsfield: You said something about an extra crater down there. Aw, I've lost it now.

165 40 44 Hartsfield: Oh. That was between Double Spot over where the LM was and down to the south there towards Stone Mountain. As they were coming back from the surface, it was very apparent there was a very large depression, a subdued crater. There was a - some - they estimated 300 meters, maybe even larger in diameter.

165 41 06 Mattingly: Okay. I guess I looked in the wrong place. I looked short of the landing area.

165 50 55 Mattingly: Henry, do you remember the little helmet-shaped...

165 50 57 Hartsfield: Yeah.

165 50 58 Mattingly: ...area we had just south of the Riphaeus Mountains?

165 51 01 Hartsfield: Yes, sir.

165 51 02 Mattingly: They showed up in the color differentials. Well, it does have a different color to it. It's - in this sunlight, it seems like these - the things that were showing up on - those red-and-blue color differences - they're showing up more in the low-Suns. Because I can see the mare differences back by Lassell in low-Sun. And they don't show up so well now. And now this one shows up very dramatically as this little - little piece of [garble] out here. And it's kind of - it's just a little tanner than the rest of the mare.

165 52 00 Hartsfield: That's a little - kind of interesting to find out that the color's different there than the surroundings.

165 52 10 Mattingly: Yeah, and the texture is a little different, too. I got the binocs on it now. The mare has a large number of very small pits in it, as well as a - it's almost a random distribution of crater sizes. This little patch of ground has - oh, I guess about the same distribution of the larger craters, but the little pits don't show quite as much. It's a - it has a ropy texture across the top, not - not as ropy as a - as a pahoehoe flow or anything like that, but just kind of has a little pattern to it. It has some lineaments that run kind of - I guess that's sort of northwest. And it looks like it may be associated with these other little clumps of material that stick out around it here. And - I was trying to compare that to the Riphaeus Mountains, and it looks like - the material looks the same. And another thing I'd never noticed before that looking at the Riphaeus Mountains here - I'm looking at the - at the step of the - let's see, this eastern edge. And if you're - remember that back around Flamstead there's a little foot, a little toe or ring that goes around the inside. And the Riphaeus Mountains all have that little toe. Now whether that's a high-water mark or a second unit, it's hard to say. But all along the margin that I can see - there's that little toe. And it seems to be at the same elevation. And that's true for some of the little patches a little further back - back inland. It looks like a break in slope and a changing color both.

165 54 45 Hartsfield: What else do you see in there?

165 54 50 Mattingly: I see that it's getting dark outside, and it's time for an eat period inside.

165 54 55 Hartsfield: (Laughter). Roger.

165 54 59 Mattingly: No, it's an interesting place, you just need to have more time to look at it.

165 55 17 Mattingly: And I'm all set up for the solar corona. The cameras are all set. The checklist is complete down to turning the tape on.

165 55 28 Hartsfield: Roger. Why don't you take time to eat then, and - I'll just check out with you at AO - at LOS.

165 55 37 Mattingly: All right, sir. Thank you.

165 55 48 Mattingly: Maybe everyone else in the world knew about that little toe in the Riphaeus Mountains. I just never had heard anyone mention that before.

165 55 58 Hartsfield: Roger. That sounds interesting.

165 56 08 Hartsfield: Farouk and the boys in the backroom have been eagerly absorbing your remarks the last couple of days.

165 56 18 Mattingly: Yeah, but all the questions they ask, I can't answer.

165 57 12 Mattingly: You know, Hank, one of the things I was thinking about last night that might help remember a lot of the things we've seen - do you suppose there's a - any DAC film that I can use to, say, set to look out the window? And I'll see if I can maybe just tape the DAC up somewhere and let it take a one-frame-per-second strip, or something that would give us some reasonable overlap - around the lighted part of the Moon.

165 57 47 Hartsfield: Okay, Ken. We'll take a look at that.

165 57 54 Mattingly: I think I could probably tape the camera somewhere so it would have a - a view approximately the same as what we've been seeing.

166 03 53 Hartsfield: Casper, no need to acknowledge. Your consumables look good, and, on the RCS, we're making a little money. We're about 188 pounds now above the rescue red line.

166 04 07 Mattingly: Okay. That sounds good.

166 05 43 Mattingly: Henry, are the surface guys out cranking up their little car yet?

166 05 51 Hartsfield: Yes, sir. They got out about 30 minutes early, and they are moving on out.

166 08 40 Hartsfield: Casper, Houston. John and Charlie are powering up the LRV now, and FAO says you're cleared to use magazine EE and KK. At the present, they are on schedule.

166 08 59 Mattingly: EE and KK. Okay, what kind are they? Are they CEX?

166 09 04 Hartsfield: Both of those are CEX.

166 09 10 Mattingly: Okay. And I'll just use the settings off the photo wheel the same as we use for the 250.

166 09 18 Hartsfield: That ought to work out okay, Ken.

166 09 23 Mattingly: Okay. Thank you.

166 11 43 Hartsfield: Casper, we have been noting a little oscillation in the high gain at acquisition, and we were wondering if you're still noticing that discrepancy between the angles and the knobs when you're in the manual mode. It appears to us that it may be off a little bit in yaw.

166 12 07 Mattingly: Okay, I'll - I'll set them on the - I've been setting them on the dials rather than on the knobs.

166 12 20 Hartsfield: Right. That's preferable - to use the meter there.

166 12 28 Mattingly: Okay.

166 12 30 Hartsfield: Is that dial for setting the yaw - is it loose?

166 12 38 Mattingly: No. No. Huh-uh. It just has that bias. It had it during - I guess it was the last time we were out there in the bird before flight for some test, I noticed that it had a difference in reading. I can't remember now what the occasion was, but I know that - that - that the biggest error is in the pitch channel rather than in the yaw channel.

166 13 14 Hartsfield: Okay, we copy.

166 13 20 Mattingly: Do you have a procedure you'd rather have me try at acquisition to help out?

166 13 37 Hartsfield: Okay, if you see the signal strength oscillating a little bit, I guess the best procedure is to go to Wide and wait.

166 13 47 Mattingly: Okay.

166 15 45 Hartsfield: Casper, we are about 3 minutes from LOS. Everything is looking good. The laser has degraded a little more, but other than that, everything is okay.

166 16 00 Mattingly: Okay. I'll see you on the other side.

166 16 04 Hartsfield: All righty.

[Loss of Signal at about 166:18.]

[Start of Lunar Rev 48 at 166:55]

[Acquisition of Signal at about 167:06]

167 06 59 Mattingly: Hello, Houston. Are you there?

167 07 02 Hartsfield: Hello, Casper. How is it going?

167 07 07 Mattingly: Oh, pretty good. Got our solar corona done, and we got a little 16-millimeter strip [garble] - Unfortunately, I missed the first couple of minutes while I was changing mags, but you're pretty close to a full rev. This has turned out to be a - I was looking through the Flight Plan to see a good rev, and it looked like this one has the hatch window pointing almost straight down; it's probably the best rev we got going.

167 07 40 Hartsfield: Okay. Did you see anything worth talking about up there before AOS?

167 07 51 Mattingly: No, sir. I spent all my time getting the camera set up.

167 07 58 Hartsfield: Roger. John and Charlie are at North Ray now, and, boy, is that a big hole.

167 08 05 Mattingly: Did they have any trouble getting up there? I guess not.

167 08 08 Hartsfield: Negative. They whizzed right on up there. Unfortunately, they are not in a position they can see the bottom, and it looks like they might have to fall in it first.

167 08 21 Mattingly: Well, let's not get that picture.

167 08 24 Hartsfield: Roger. And also a surprise. They didn't see any evidence of bedding in the crater anywhere they looked.

167 08 34 Mattingly: I don't see any from here, either, it looks like a little slumping, but that's all.

167 08 40 Hartsfield: I guess those little things we saw in the photos just fooled us. It turns out that that little black spot on the east rim that was in the photo was really there. It turns out it's one huge dark-colored rock.

167 08 57 Mattingly: Is that right? Wonderful. They're going to chip it and get a piece out of the center, huh?

167 09 04 Hartsfield: Well, we wanted them to turn it over, but they decided against it.

167 09 22 Mattingly: Did they make any comment on what the material looked like on their drive up to North Ray?

167 09 29 Hartsfield: Most of it appeared to be breccia; however, they did pass one that was a frothy looking thing that - we probably saw our first basalt.

167 09 53 Mattingly: Well, it still looks like to me that path that they drove up on is part of all that furrowed Descartes unit.

167 10 38 Mattingly: Hank, would you give me a call at time 39 please?

167 10 45 Hartsfield: Okay. Will do. And could you give us Auto...

167 10 49 Mattingly: Thank you...

167 10 50 Hartsfield: ...for the High Gain?

167 10 52 Mattingly: ...stopped again. You've got it.

167 11 16 Hartsfield: And, Ken, if you like, I can go ahead and read up your plane change pad.

167 11 25 Mattingly: Okay, let me - let me do a couple more cleanup chores and I'll be ready to copy.

167 11 29 Hartsfield: Okay, and they are just putting on the finishing touches on the Flight Plan change.

167 11 38 Mattingly: Okay.

167 13 12 Hartsfield: Casper, if you will give us Accept, we'll send up your state vector and target load.

167 13 27 Mattingly: Okay, you have it.

167 14 06 Mattingly: My water spout looks like a Christmas tree ornament. It's actually very pretty. It's got a nice big bubble of water about an inch and a half in diameter sitting there on it, just looking at me. And it's just as round - it looks like the cartoons of the - the Jello that all the little mice play in.

167 14 36 Hartsfield: Roger.

167 16 17 Mattingly: And, Hank, I took a couple of pictures on frame ZZ; that's frame numbers 22 and 23, of that water bubble, so the folks can see what we're talking about when we say that - that gas separator has a big bubble on the end of it.

167 16 38 Hartsfield: Roger.

167 18 22 Mattingly: Casper, the computer is yours.

167 18 29 Mattingly: Okay, be with you - Okay, that's in Block. And do you remember the guys - I think the folks from Marshall - saying that they thought if you had bubble of water and you hit it with another bubble in zero g that one bubble ought to go through the other one?

167 18 58 Hartsfield: Roger.

167 19 03 Mattingly: It seems like they said something like that. I don't remember all the details, but I thought there was a good chance. I had one bubble, I'd try a second one. And I put the water gun on it. And from where I was standing, I really couldn't see all the dynamics; but it looks to me like it splashed out the back side, and the bubble was still intact on the front. Now whether it went through or had a reflection and bounced off the - the other side, I can't really tell. It did develop some air bubbles inside of the big bubble. So there may be some interesting dynamics there.

167 19 39 Hartsfield: Hey, that sounds real interesting.

167 19 50 Mattingly: Okay. I got my toys put up now and I guess next thing in order is to copy a little plane change pad, huh?

167 20 00 Hartsfield: Roger. Are you ready to copy?

167 20 12 Mattingly: Yes, sir.

167 20 18 Hartsfield: Okay. LOPC-1, SPS/G&N; 38585; plus 0.45, plus 1.02; 169:17:39.49; minus 0001.5, minus 0124.7, all zips; attitude is all zips; 0 pitch - roll, pitch and yaw; Noun 44, 0064.5, plus 0055.3; 0124.7, 0:07, 0113.0; the rest is NA; Sirius and Rigel; 197, 240, 301; two jets, 16 seconds; quads Bravo and Delta; other, HIGH GAIN angles for AOS and burn altitude, Pitch; plus 13; Yaw, plus 258.

167 22 04 Mattingly: Okay. I copy LOPC-1, SPS/G&N; 38585; plus 0.45, plus 1.02; 169:17:39.49; minus 0001.5, minus 0124.7, all zips; attitude is all zips; 0064.5 plus 0055.3; 0124.7, 0:07, 0113.0; Sirius and Rigel; 197, 240, 301; two jets for 16 seconds on quads Bravo and Delta; High Gain angles at AOS, Pitch plus 13, Yaw plus 258.

167 22 44 Hartsfield: Good readback, Ken.

167 26 18 Mattingly: Hank, we didn't say anything about this Verb 48 at 167:20, but I assume we meant to delete that.

167 26 29 Hartsfield: I called that up to you, Ken. I thought you got that. You acknowledged it.

167 26 39 Mattingly: Okay. Well, that's another on my score, then.

167 28 37 Hartsfield: Casper, we done passed your 39. It's 40 now.

167 28 44 Mattingly: Okay. Thank you.

167 28 45 Hartsfield: Sorry about that.

167 28 52 Mattingly: Ha, that evens the score.

167 28 56 Hartsfield: Roger.

167 29 10 Mattingly: That's not fair. I was really going to - I really did forget, because I was going to engage you in some verbal discourse to distract you so that you would let me forget it and I could redeem myself.

167 29 25 Hartsfield: Roger. I had - I had a diversion down here. We're fighting the Flight Plan.

167 30 33 Hartsfield: And, Ken, we'd like to get your Flight Plan update up to you, and would you prefer to do it after your visuals or start on it now?

167 30 45 Mattingly: Oh, let's see. How much time have I got? Probably I'd just as soon start now.

167 30 52 Hartsfield: Okay, why don't we get going with it then? Okay, the first - the first change comes at 168:05.

167 31 13 Mattingly: Okay.

167 31 14 Hartsfield: At 168:05, Mapping Camera, Off, T-stop; Verb 49 maneuver to P52 attitude; that attitude is 142, 250, 042. Mapping Camera , Standby - that should be 30 seconds, about the time you do that maneuver; Image Motion, Off.

167 31 59 Mattingly: Roger.

167 32 05 Hartsfield: Laser Altimeter, Off - and that's a verify; Mapping Camera, Retract; X-Ray, Standby; Mass Spec Ion Source, Off; Mass Spec Experiments, Standby. And there is a caution: wait 5 minutes before Retract; Mapping Camera/Laser Altimeter Cover, Closed; Alpha Particle X-Ray Cover, Closed; Gamma Ray, Retract; Mass Spec, Retract: enable all jets.

167 33 37 Mattingly: Okay, just a second and I'll read it back to you.

167 34 03 Mattingly: How about if I read that back to you after I pass the landing site?

167 34 20 Hartsfield: Okay.

167 34 24 Mattingly: Is that going to crowd us for time? You've got a better feel for it than I have.

167 34 30 Hartsfield: I don't think so, Ken, if we can get right on it right after the visual.

167 34 37 Mattingly: Okay.

167 36 55 Hartsfield: Ken, John and Charlie are still at North Ray and they have found some basalt clast.

167 37 08 Mattingly: Very good. Around the outside or up on the rim?

167 37 14 Hartsfield: Roger. They are still on the rim.

167 37 41 Mattingly: The thing that I find most puzzling about North Ray is that the albedo comes up - and I can see - as the sun comes up the albedo change shows some, but I can see the rays around there a lot better now. And the rays lay on top of that material that seems to run, that they drove up on. Well, I take it back, it looks like there's a little tongue of that material that's probably about where they drove. It doesn't appear to be as white as the stuff just a little bit further to the east. But all that material down to the east and all the stuff that goes over - goes over to Ravine all look like the same stuff and looks very similar in character to Smoky. I see no evidence of rays in North Ray except for some blocks on the sides there, probably just slump blocks in slump patterns. And taking a quick comparison with South Ray, the - I'm not so sure South Ray is much different. Okay; I'm ready to go back to copying updates.

167 39 18 Hartsfield: Ah - Roger, do you want to read back what we had there for 168:05?

167 39 25 Mattingly: Okay. Let's see - 168:05. Okay. I wanted to question - I had a T-stop time for the camera of 05:41, and you just gave me 05. Do you want me to stop it at that, or do you want me to go on to -

167 39 43 Hartsfield: 05:41 is the correct stop time. We just - this is just putting in words what goes along about that time.

167 39 55 Mattingly: Okay. And then Verb 49 to a P52 attitude, which is 152, 250, 042.

167 40 02 Hartsfield: Correction on that. That's 142.

167 40 04 Mattingly: Mapping Camera to Standby. What did I read to you, 142, 250, 042?

167 40 15 Hartsfield: That's correct.

167 40 19 Mattingly: Okay. Then it's Mapping Camera to Standby. That's at 30 seconds after we get Off. Then IMC, Off; Laser Altimeter, verify Off; Mapping Camera, Retract; X-Ray to Standby; Mass Spec Ion Source, Off; Mass Spec Experiment to Standby; wait 5 minutes before retraction; then I can go ahead and close the Mapping Camera Laser Altimeter Cover; the Alpha X-Ray Door can be Closed; the Gamma Ray can be Retracted and after the 5 minutes I can retract the Mass Spec. Then I will enable a couple of thrusters.

167 40 58 Hartsfield: Good readback. At 168:15 H2 Purge Line Heaters, On; P52-

167 41 15 Mattingly: Okay 168 - wait a minute, say that again, Henry.

167 41 22 Hartsfield: Roger, the H2 Purge Line Heaters, On at 168:15, and following that a P52 Option 3, and then an Option 1. You are going from the landing site to the burn orient.

167 41 45 Mattingly: Okay, that will be an Option 1 and then an Option 3.

167 41 51 Hartsfield: That will be Option 3 then Option 1.

167 42 02 Mattingly: Okay.

167 42 04 Hartsfield: And just a reminder to use SCS for that, I guess you got that down as a standard procedure now.

167 42 14 Mattingly: Okay. That's a good reminder nevertheless.

167 42 20 Hartsfield: Well, what we are going to do here, Ken, is we're going - you're going to have to get a scratch pad now - we're - there's just no place in the Flight Plan we can do this conveniently. And we'll just give you times and things to do, and fill in the gap between 168:30 and 172:30. And if you want to do that, get your pad out. I'll read these things to you.

167 42 55 Mattingly: Okay. I got a pad. Do you think we know enough to - right now that it'll pretty much sequential or do we need to leave spaces for alterations? You know, we got some of those real-time checklist sheets in the Updates book, letís see if that is appropriate.

167 43 14 Hartsfield: I think that's probably a good thing to use. And Ken, I think we got a pretty good handle, too, on what should happen in sequence, so you wouldn't want to leave too many spaces.

167 43 37 Mattingly: Okay. Well, we got lots of these Flight Plan update sheets, so why don't I use them? And I'm ready. Let me mark this so I can always find this page. Just a second before you read it to me.

167 44 21 Hartsfield: And, Ken, we don't plan to update your platform before the burn, just the affirmation.

167 44 30 Mattingly: All right. Okay. I've got my paper in hand. Ready to copy.

167 44 56 Hartsfield: Okay. Time 168:30, configure for urine dump; 168:37, P30; Verb 49 maneuver to LOPC-1 attitude.

167 45 19 Mattingly: Okay.

167 45 22 Hartsfield: 168:40 H2 and O2 fuel cell purge, waste water dump, and urine dump.

167 45 44 Mattingly: Okay. And you want me to dump them both at the same time, right?

167 45 49 Hartsfield: That's affirmative. And 168:...

167 45 54 Mattingly: Okay.

167 45 55 Hartsfield: ...50 terminate waste water dump at 10 percent and H2 Purge Line Heaters, Off.

167 46 20 Mattingly: Okay.

167 46 22 Hartsfield: Okay. They couldn't work that Mass Spec dump in there, Ken. They tried, but they couldn't. 168:55, pre-SPS SIM prep; set DET counting up to LOPC-1; secure equipment for LOPC-1

167 47 13 Mattingly: Okay.

167 47 15 Hartsfield: At 169:05, P40; at 169:13, AOS and that will be those angles you have, pitch, plus 13; yaw, 258; at approximately 169:17 is LOPC-1. And we hope we'll have a good lockup, but it's only about 4 minutes, there, and we hope we'll be locked up so we can watch. At 169:20...

167 48 04 Mattingly: Okay.

167 48 07 Hartsfield: ...P00. Okay. And, also, I guess I should tell you, you can use the burn table for that LOPC burn. It's on page 223 of the Flight Plan. That's got all your burn rules and so on.

167 48 29 Mattingly: All right. Let me check that real fast.

167 49 04 Mattingly: Okay. Those look like familiar rules.

167 49 12 Hartsfield: Okay. And at 169:25 we'll up-link you a liftoff REFSMMAT, and at 169:30, your post-SPS-burn SIM prep, and that still leaves a gap there of about 3 hours, and that's your - after LOPC-1 we don't want to clutter up until we get through with that. But we'll go ahead and give you the rest of the things that fill in here.

167 49 44 Mattingly: Okay. I'll still need the - plenty of time to get the cockpit squared away for rendezvous.

167 49 51 Hartsfield: We plan to give you lots of time for that, Ken. Do you want to read back what you got there, just to make sure we agree?

167 49 59 Mattingly: Yes sir. Let's see. Have we got anything coming up here that we are supposed to be watching before I read it back?

167 50 05 Hartsfield: I'm watching your Mapping Camera.

167 50 33 Mattingly: Okay. I'll read back. 168:30, configure for urine dump; 37 to P30, Verb 49, the Lunar Orbit Plane Change Number 1 attitude; at time 40, hydrogen and oxygen fuel cell purge; we turn Line Heater On back here at 168:15. Okay, at 40 we also do waste water and urine dump; at 50 terminate waste water dump at 10 percent, and turn the Purge Line Heaters Off; 55, pre-SPS SIM prep; set the DET counting up and secure equipment; at 169:05 it's P40; at 13 it's AOS, with a Pitch 13, YAW 256.

167 51 22 Hartsfield: That's 258.

167 51 27 Mattingly: At 17, it's plane change 1, 258. Okay. I got that on the other PAD, too. All right, at 17 it's plane change 1, I use the burn rules off of page 223; at 20 I'll go to P00; at 25 you give me an up-link of the ascent REFSMMAT; at 30 I'll do the post-SPS SIM prep.

167 51 45 Hartsfield: Roger. And I guess there you will use your modified burn card with a 509 et cetera.

167 51 54 Mattingly: Okay. And I'll start the 509 right after my P52.

167 52 04 Hartsfield: 0kay.

167 52 15 Mattingly: Then do an SCS; then I'll call 509; and then I'll take 509 down and I'll use the modified card where I start at gimbals - bring the bus ties on at 8 minutes.

167 53 18 Hartsfield: That's a good plan, Ken, and the - where we are going to pick up the Flight Plan again is at 168:30, to start preparing for rendezvous, and from 168:30 on to 175 hours, if you add 4 hours to all of those times, they're close enough that we can use them all the way through the rendezvous.

167 53 46 Mattingly: All right. That's a help.

167 53 54 Hartsfield: In other words, 168:30 becomes 172:30 and so on down the line all the way through, and even the lift-off time is within a minute or so. You always get an update on that anyhow, so this section of the Flight Plan will be good.

167 54 11 Mattingly: Okay. Swing. All right sir. I guess I got my work cut out.

167 54 30 Hartsfield: And, Casper, you are about 15 seconds from T-stop on the Mapping Camera.

167 54 48 Mattingly: All right. Thank you. And it's Off.

167 55 53 Mattingly: Okay. Our - manoeuvre is underway, Mapping Camera is coming to Standby, the IMC is Off, it's barber pole at gray, the Laser is verified Off, Mapping Camera is coming to Retract.

167 56 36 Mattingly: Mark.

167 56 51 Mattingly: The X-Ray is at Standby, the Mass Spec Ion Source is Off. Mass Spec Experiment is in Standby.

168 00 19 Hartsfield: Casper, we're showing a Retract on the Mapping Camera. Does that agree with you?

168 00 25 Mattingly: I'll check; just a second. Yes sir. That's about 3 minutes and 30 seconds or so.

168 00 39 Hartsfield: Roger.

168 01 05 Mattingly: Okay. Here comes the Alpha and X-Ray Door. They're closed, and Altimeter's Off, the Camera's in, so here comes the Camera and Laser Door. That must have been in; the door closed. Okay. The Gamma is coming to Retract, and I show it's been 6 minutes, so I'm gonna bring the Mass Spec to Retract, too.

168 01 53 Hartsfield: We concur.

168 01 58 Mattingly: Okay. Then we'll start on my P52. Got the Purge Line Heaters- On a minute early so I won't forget those. Okay, I'm in SCS control and I'm gonna call P52.

168 02 28 Hartsfield: Roger.

168 04 59 Mattingly: I must have one of the planets right up there above, right in that area, too. Does that sound right? That's around Nunki.

168 05 11 Hartsfield: Well, we'll take a look.

168 05 51 Mattingly: (Laughter). Okay. Back and do an Option 1 now.

168 05 59 Hartsfield: Roger.

Public Affairs Officer: This is Apollo Control [at 168:09]. The [LM] crew again [are] pointing the High Gain Antenna and we expect to get approximately 20 minutes at this location, perhaps a little bit less, we're running just a little bit behind on the timeline. While we're waiting for the communications and the television to come back in we might also mention that Ken Mattingly, aboard the orbiting CSM Casper, is preparing to do a plane change manoeuvre to put the spacecraft in the proper position for rendezvous and docking later with the Lunar Module. That manoeuvre is to be performed at 169 hours 17 minutes 39 seconds. It'll be on the next revolution and on the 49 revolution of the Moon. The manoever will be performed with the Service Propulsion System engine changing the velocity 124.7 feet per second, and it will be a 7 second burn [of] that Service Propulsion System Engine. Sounds as if the crew is starting to get the antenna aligned.

168 10 05 Mattingly: Okay. I have these numbers if anybody wants them.

168 10 16 Hartsfield: We got them.

168 12 07 Mattingly: Okay. I don't think those are worth torquing, are they?

168 12 10 Hartsfield: Negative.

168 12 18 Mattingly: Yes, you have Jupiter in my field of view, and all his little moons.

168 12 26 Hartsfield: Roger.

168 12 28 Mattingly: He sure must be a longs ways off, because even now he's not very big. You can see his moons, though. That's about all you can tell from it - tell who he is.

168 12 44 Hartsfield: Okay, Ken, before LOS here, after you exit that 52, we'd like to check your boom talkbacks.

168 12 50 Mattingly: Okay. Stand by, and I'll be with you. Okay. I've got -

168 12 56 Mattingly: The CMC Mode on the Optics on Zero to resolve - All that's put to bed. I'm going to start the 509. I'll look at your talkbacks first. Oh, now I've got 2, I got 2 of these things that show barber pole. Both the Mass Spec and the Gamma Ray.

168 13 23 Hartsfield: Okay. We show that both booms are not fully retracted; however, we do show them past the point where it's safe for an SPS burn. So we'd like for you now to take the Deploy-Retract switches on both of those to Off.

168 13 42 Mattingly: Okay. They are safe for burns. I guess we ought to try that in sunlight.

168 14 18 Hartsfield: Okay, Ken. We're about 3 minutes from LOS.

168 14 21 Mattingly: Okay. We - go ahead.

168 14 23 Hartsfield: In case we don't get comm before the burn, and at this point you're Go for the burn, the only thing you haven't done is look at your target load. You still have to enable the jets, according to the Flight Plan, and when you do your pre-SPS burn card on the SIM Bay, you'll be turning the Alpha Particle and X-Ray Off and going to Boost on the Pan Camera.

168 14 53 Mattingly: That's affirmative.

168 15 31 Hartsfield: And, Ken, be sure you load your DAP before you load 509.

168 15 38 Mattingly: Wilco. I was gonna try to let you take a look at the vector P40 before we got to LOS.

168 15 49 Hartsfield: Okay.

168 16 03 Mattingly: Okay. You've got it.

168 17 36 Hartsfield: You had a good vector, Casper.

168 17 42 Mattingly: Okay. And I've got the DAP loaded.

[Loss of Signal at about 168:18.]

[Start of Lunar Rev 49 at 168:54.]

168 57 37 Mattingly Servo Power 1, AC1, Servo Power 2, AC2. Rotation Control Power Normal, Number 2, AC; Direct, two are Off. BMAGs are uncaged; 2, 3 uncaged. Going to SCS. RHC number 2 is armed. Here comes Gimbal Motor Number 1. Pitch 1 -

168 58 14 Mattingly: Mark. Good start. Yaw 1 -

168 58 17 Mattingly: Mark. That's a good start. The trim thumbwheels work - both directions - on Pitch, 7.48, 1.5. I can tell the difference. Yaw thumbwheel works in both directions set on plus 1 - 02. Okay. Pitch, MTVC; Yaw, MTVC is good. Okay; back to CMC; then go back to zero. Going clockwise. Start, Pitch 2. It trims, and MTVC. Back to neutral. I have no MTVC, Pitch and Yaw. Then back to zero. Rotation Power Number 2 is AC/DC. Direct Number 2 is Main A/Main B. Let's see. We'll take a manoeuvre and see if it gives us one. It does not. The gyros - I'll just sort of cage them to bring them up to speed and back to uncage. TVC looks good. Enter the 204. Pro[ceed]. It's a plus 2 in pitch, minus 2 in pitch, zero; plus 2 in yaw, minus 2 in yaw, and zero. And it's trimmed. I'm out of 204. The Rate switch is going to High; the Scale is 5 at 1. The DSE is running. Okay; we're going to terminate 509. That's Verb 48 Enter, Verb 21 - and I want that to be a 10101. Verb 25 Noun 7 Enter, 75 Enter, 1 Enter, 0 Enter. I will now take down the 509 flag.

169 01 01 Mattingly: And it's time to strap in my trusty machine. A piece of bread I don't need in my face.

169 02 00 Mattingly: Do not yet have Yaw Gimbal Number 2 on. But I will bring it on in just a minute.

169 02 27 Mattingly: Okay; I'm going to bring Yaw Gimbal Number 2 on.

169 02 32 Mattingly: Mask. Direct Ullage breakers are 2, In. Okay, we're at 3 minutes and 9 seconds. I'll go to Vox at - 2 minutes. Let's see, it should have Houston here in another minute or 2.

169 03 07 Mattingly: I am indeed going sideways, so I must be doing it right.

[Acquisition of Signal at about 169:03.]

169 03 42 Mattingly: Hello, Houston. How you doing?

169 03 44 Hartsfield: Hello, Casper. How's it going? Are you all set up?

169 03 50 Mattingly: All set to go. 509 is out, I'm in attitude, and we must be right, I'm going sideways.

169 03 56 Hartsfield: Roger.

169 03 58 Mattingly: Counting down at 155. I'm on Vox, and I'll give you the final couple of steps on Vox.

169 04 12 Hartsfield: Okay, Ken. We got data and everything looks good. You're still go.

169 04 22 Mattingly: Okay. Thank you, sir.

169 04 54 Mattingly: In one minute, the EMS is going to Normal. Translation Control Power is on. Translation Controller and Rotation Controllers are Armed.

169 05 09 Hartsfield: Got it.

169 05 10 Mattingly: The Arm light is out; the SPS Delta-V Thrust A is coming on -

169 05 15 Mattingly: Mark.

169 05 26 Mattingly: Average g is on. IPS [?] look good.

169 05 38 Mattingly: Ullage. Good ullage. Attitude's good. Engine enable.

169 05 54 Mattingly: There's ignition.

169 06 02 Mattingly: Auto shutdown.

169 06 18 Mattingly: Okay, residuals, I have - on Y is minus 0.1. I'll get you the Verb 6 Noun 20s, and you can watch that while I turn the Gimbal Motors, Off.

169 06 44 Mattingly: There's Number 2's Off; number 1's are Off. Normal powers are Off. Do you have the attitude, Houston?

169 06 54 Hartsfield: That's affirmative.

169 07 00 Mattingly: Okay; I see that is no trim.

169 07 30 Mattingly: My Delta-VC was minus 9.1.

169 07 36 Hartsfield: Roger; 9.1.

169 08 06 Mattingly: And I assume you're handling the DSE now so - Yeah, looks like you got it.

169 08 11 Hartsfield: That's affirmative, Ken.

169 08 16 Mattingly: Okay; the Bus Ties came Off normally. I noticed when I set it up that - just before putting them on that Bus B - Battery B was reading a little bit lower than the others. It was reading about 34.

169 08 30 Hartsfield: That's Roger, Ken. And we're - just about ready to do a Bat B charge. I'll give you a call. And if you'll give us Accept, we're ready to up-link the REFSMMAT.

169 08 43 Mattingly: You have Accept. And you want these fuel readings? I'm not sure they're valid, but it's 31.8 oxidizer, 32.8 on fuel, and a balance is now showing a minus - a decrease of 275, but we made the burn in the fixed position with secondary valves and Normal position.

169 09 11 Hartsfield: Roger; copy.

169 10 58 Hartsfield: Casper, the computer's yours, and we did your Verb 66 for you. And we'd like for you to start a Bat B charge.

169 11 t0 Mattingly: -Okay. Let me finish my SIM bay configuration, and I'll be right with it.

169 11 34 Mattingly: Okay; you'd like to have a Battery B charge.

169 17 36 Mattingly: You guys are awful quiet, Henry. You must be plotting.

169 17 45 Hartsfield: Roger. We got some more Flight Plan changes for you. Let me just read you the first one, here, and let you get going. We want you to do a Verb 49 maneuver to a P52 attitude. And it's about a 15-minute maneuver; we want you there by 46. So why don't you go ahead and load it up, and I'll give you the angles there: 180, 075, 345.

169 18 16 Mattingly: Okay; 180, 075, and 345. And can I put the computer in Block?

169 18 25 Hartsfield: The computer's yours.

169 19 22 Mattingly: Okay, Hank. What time you need me there?

169 19 26 Hartsfield: Roger; at 46. Looks like you gonna make it. And you might keep an eye on the middle gimbal angle on this thing. We're gonna watch it, too.

169 19 34 Mattingly: ... with more than a minute. Oh, it should be clear. It's got a good bit of roll to go with that yaw. But I will keep an eye on it. Okay; why don't you read on?

169 20 01 Hartsfield: Okay, at 169:46, P52, Option 1. And we want to pulse torque to the Ascent orient.

169 20 17 Mattingly: Okay. And this time you want to do a pulse torque, P52, Option 1, at 46.

169 20 21 Hartsfield: Roger. And following that, open the Alpha Particle/X-Ray cover, and then turn the X-Ray on.

169 20 38 Mattingly: Okay. Then Open the Alpha/X-Ray cover, and the X-Ray to on.

169 20 43 Hartsfield: Roger. 169:51, Verb 49 maneuver to Moulton point attitude, to be there at 170:20. And that's about a 9-minute maneuver. The Moulton point attitude is 225, 233, 358.

169 21 21 Mattingly: Okay, at time 51, I go to the Moulton point attitude: 225, 233, 358; and I have to be there by 170:20.

169 21 30 Hartsfield: Roger. And High Gain to Auto at your convenience.

169 21 37 Mattingly: You've got it.

169 21 39 Hartsfield: Okay; and following that maneuver, at that same time, go to the Experiment Checklist, Gegensehein pass Number 2, Page X/2-3, Steps 1 to 4.

169 22 04 Mattingly: Okay; that's - Experiment Checklist, page X/2-3, Gegenschein pass 2. Now you gave me some step numbers; does that mean I don't do the whole pass?

169 22 19 Hartsfield: Well, we want the photos to start at 17:28.

169 22 29 Mattingly: Okay; stand by a minute. Let me get to that.

169 22 45 Hartsfield: What that's doing, Ken, is that's one of these things where you manoeuvre around to the Moulton point, to the anti-solar point, and to the - do those sequences. So Steps 1 through 4 get you through the Moulton point sequence, then you got to do a little manoeuvre to the anti-solar point.

169 23 02 Mattingly: Okay. Okay, but like I'm gonna do the whole sequence. When you read steps, I thought maybe there was something I was supposed to leave out. Okay. So all we need is another set of attitudes and some times. Now let me have this Moulton point time? It has to be done no earlier than some given time.

169 23 20 Hartsfield: Roger. We want you to start at 170:28. 170:28.

169 23 30 Mattingly: I will certainly try. But that's also the earliest. Is that correct?

169 23 34 Hartsfield: That's affirmative. Following that sequence, at approx - well, that time is all wrong there. But we want you to do a Verb 49 maneuver to the anti-solar point. That's about a 5-minute manoeuvre. And the attitude is 279, 223, 356.

169 24 18 Mattingly: Oh, boy, - Hank, if we stick a 5-minute - a maneuver as long as that in there, I'm not sure we're gonna make it. Do you know why we're changing the roll that much? Last time we didn't change roll at all. We just made a little pitch maneuver down there.

169 24 33 Hartsfield: Okay. FAO'll check that. But that is the same place there on the page on the checklist, the next step.

169 24 45 Mattingly: Okay.

169 24 47 Hartsfield: They say here, if that is correct, that they want you at that attitude by 170:36, but as far as I'm concerned, you just step through the sequence.

169 25 00 Mattingly: That's the only thing I can do, Hank.

169 25 02 Hartsfield: Roger.

169 25 14 Mattingly: What was that target time again? 170:36?

169 25 18 Hartsfield: That's affirmative.

169 25 23 Mattingly: Okay.

169 25 24 Hartsfield: You won't be there by then if that - Oh, I see. FAO says what they're trying to do is combine deep-space measurements with the - with these photos.

169 25 47 Mattingly: Okay.

169 25 50 Hartsfield: And you're not going to be at that attitude by 36. It'll be more like 38.

169 26 00 Mattingly: At the best; yes, sir. Now we can put in a higher rate; that's up to you folks. Is it worth the gas?

169 26 13 Hartsfield: You got the gas if you want to do it.

169 26 21 Mattingly: Well, I'd like to get as much data as I can, Hank. I don't know how to assess what's - worth keeping a little RCS for rendezvous. As opposed to -

169 26 32 Hartsfield: Okay; press ahead and use the gas. Go to a higher rate and let's get these things.

169 26 39 Mattingly: Okay. I'll - I'll set the - right after I get to the Moulton attitude, I'll change the DAP to the high rate.

169 27 06 Hartsfield: Okay, is there any question on that Gegenschein thing there, Ken?

169 27 13 Mattingly: I'm just looking it over. Just a second. Okay; I'm going - I'm on my way to the P52 attitude, which we're gonna get, I guess, here in daylight. That should be no problem. That's why we're gonna do a pulse torque, and I'll open the alpha/X-Ray covers and get the X-Ray on. And at time 51, I'm gonna try to do a Verb 49 to the Moulton attitude, which is 225, 233, and 358, to be there at 170:20. I'll then do those - pictures, and try to start them at 170:28. If I get in attitude, I'm gonna change the DAP to 10102. Then do a maneuver to the anti-solar point at 279, 223, and 356. And those pictures should begin at 170:36. At the conclusion of that sequence, I'll turn the DAP to 10101.

169 28 27 Hartsfield: Okay. That sounds good, Ken. And at 171 hours, we want to turn the X-Ray to Standby and Close the Alpha Particle/X-Ray Cover.

169 28 48 Mattingly: Okay, at 171, you want X-Ray to Standby and Close the Alpha/X-Ray Cover.

169 28 53 Hartsfield: Roger; that's for Sun avoidance.

169 28 59 Mattingly: Roger; thank you.

169 29 14 Mattingly: Okay; is there something that comes after that? Do I go to another attitude, or what?

169 29 23 Hartsfield: Stand by a minute, Ken.

169 29 28 Mattingly: Okay.

169 30 01 Hartsfield: Okay, Ken. Following this, we want you to - this attitude'll be good, all the way up to 172:30. And we want you to get an eat period in there. And at 172:15, do a P52.

169 30 19 Mattingly: Okay. Just a second. You caught me without my book.

169 31 15 Mattingly: Okay, Hank. Say again those events.

169 31 18 Hartsfield: Okay. The attitude that you're in at the completion of the Gegenschein will be good for that time until we pick up on the - in the Flight Plan at 172:30 where we marked it up. And the only thing we want you doing in this period is to eat. And at 172:15, do a P52.

169 31 49 Mattingly: Okay. I'll eat, do a P52 at 172:15, and be in the Flight Plan at 172:30.

169 31 56 Hartsfield: That is affirmative. And for your information, the next AOS is at 171:14.

169 32 06 Mattingly: Okay. Thank you, sir.

169 32 25 Mattingly: Okay, Hank, I got 23 frames used on magazine ZZ. I assume that's enough to get me through this new sequence. Right?

169 32 37 Hartsfield: That's affirmative. That should be a seven-frame sequence.

169 32 44 Mattingly: Okay.

169 33 27 Hartsfield: And, Ken, for planning purposes, we're gonna delete your suit donning for the rendezvous, so you won't have to be worried about that.

169 33 39 Mattingly: Okay. All right. That'll unclutter the time a great deal. Thank you.

169 37 30 Mattingly: Can I go ahead and open the Alpha cover?

169 37 41 Hartsfield: Stand by.

169 38 01 Hartsfield: Roger; go ahead, Ken.

169 38 06 Mattingly: Okay. That baby's open.

169 40 52 Mattingly: That ought to get your attention, shouldn't it?

169 40 58 Hartsfield: Roger.

169 42 00 Mattingly: Okay, the X-Ray is On.

169 42 10 Hartsfield: Copy.

169 45 36 Mattingly: Well, we finally got a little serendipity, Hank.

169 45 40 Hartsfield: How's that?

169 45 41 Mattingly: I was almost in the right attitude to start with. Hey, now, would you guys, in a little bit, not look? It sure is nice to get somewhere more than a minute before you have to be there. And we're all set up. I got the window shade up and the camera installed, and we're all ready to go.

169 46 49 Hartsfield: Casper, Houston. We'd like you to configure for a SIM bay jett.

169 46 58 Mattingly: Okay.

169 47 11 Mattingly: Got it.

169 47 23 Hartsfield: And, Casper, could you Reacquire on the High Gain? We're having a little trouble. Pitch, minus 30; Yaw, 80.

169 47 48 Mattingly: How's that?

169 47 50 Hartsfield: Hey, that looks good.

169 51 16 Mattingly: Hank, just out of curiosity, all this - minor material that's sticking up through the mare down here has that same little bench on it that I described at Riphaeus Mountains. That includes some of these circular craters that are sticking up.

169 51 37 Hartsfield: Roger; that sounds pretty interesting.

169 51 45 Mattingly: It has both a different color, and I think it has a different slope. But it looks just like a high-water mark on them, because everything around here is uniform.

169 52 02 Hartsfield: Roger. Are you talking about the swirls?

169 52 08 Mattingly: Twirls? No, sir. I'm talking about these little benches that are on the side of every piece of material that sticks up through the mare surface.

169 52 17 Hartsfield: Roger.

169 58 43 Hartsfield: Casper, Houston. After you get the Alpha particle/X-Ray cover door closed at 171 hours, you can go back to coupled RCS.

169 58 59 Mattingly: Okay, let's see. After I close the door at 171, then you want me to go back to couples.

169 59 07 Hartsfield: We want you that way at LOS so FDO'll get some good tracking on you.

169 59 15 Mattingly: Okay.

170 02 41 Mattingly: Hank?

170 02 47 Hartsfield: You call, Ken?

170 02 52 Mattingly: Yes, sir. I'd like to verify what I'm supposed to be pointing at. It doesn't look like - you've got the camera in the 30-degree position according to the checklist. And it was my understanding that mark on my checklist on that star chart was the Moulton point, and it doesn't appear to me that my camera is pointing at that spot.

170 03 15 Hartsfield: Stand by.

170 03 25 Hartsfield: Okay. The checklist calls for the camera in the X position.

170 03 27 Mattingly: Looks to me like my camera is pointing about Gienah.

[Gienah is the name of the star Gamma Corvi.]

170 03 39 Mattingly: Oh, there it is. Okay. Now I'm glad we checked that.

170 08 00 Mattingly: Hank, it still looks to me like I'm pointing closer to Spica than I am to Antares.

170 08 10 Hartsfield: Ken, FAO's verified that attitude, and they say it's good.

170 08 16 Mattingly: Okay. That's fine then.

170 13 33 Hartsfield: Casper, Houston. We're a little over 2 minutes from LOS, and everything's looking good. INCO's got your recorder.

170 13 42 Mattingly: Okay. Thank you very much.

[Loss of Signal at about 170:15.]

170 51 56 Mattingly (onboard): That's on Standby. No, it's actually Forward.

[Start of Lunar Rev 50 at 170:52.]

170 52 18 Mattingly (onboard): [Garble].

171 00 57 Mattingly (onboard): One, 2, 3, 4, 5. This is a test of the recorder. Over.

171 01 08 Mattingly (onboard): This tape will be used for the solar -

171 01 19 Mattingly (onboard): One, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. This is a test of the recorder - recording capability. One, 2, 3, 4, 5- Over.

171 01 39 Mattingly (onboard): Three, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. This is a test of the recorder - recording capability.

171 01 51 Mattingly (onboard): That's a way; it works.

[Acquisition of Signal at about 171:04.]

171 04 58 Mattingly: Hello, Houston.

171 05 00 Hartsfield: Hello, Casper. How's it going?

171 05 05 Mattingly: Oh, we're still here. Done all our chores. Got your SIM bay buttoned up. We're in couples; and, in lieu of anything else, I just switched to Wide Deadband just - because it didn't seem like there was any reason not to.

171 05 24 Hartsfield: Okay.

171 05 35 Mattingly: I understand from your comment last time, Hank, that there are no other activities tentatively scheduled until the rendezvous sequence starts, so I can go ahead and start stowing things and getting set up for that in the next [garble].

171 05 54 Hartsfield: Roger, Ken. The only thing scheduled is that P52 about an hour from now.

171 06 02 Mattingly: Okay. And I got you a P52 on the last pass if that'll help. And I used starts 27 and 31, and the torquing angles were plus 0.108, plus 0.061, plus 0.001, and I torqued that at time 170:59:30.

171 06 29 Hartsfield: Roger, copy. Okay, you can delete the P52 an hour from now, then.

171 06 40 Mattingly: Okay, thank you.

171 06 54 Mattingly: And the plan is still to do the nominal rendezvous sequence up through bringing some of the basic equipment over, and then power down, and we'll jettison the LM tomorrow. Is that correct?

171 07 11 Hartsfield: That's affirmative, Ken. That's still the plan.

171 07 18 Mattingly: Okay.

171 07 33 Hartsfield: Casper, Houston. We're riding right at the edge of the High Gain scan limit; we would like for you to roll left 15 degrees.

171 07 43 Mattingly: Okay. Roll left 15.

171 09 52 Mattingly: Okay, Henry. Is that angle gonna be all right now?

171 09 58 Hartsfield: Roger, Ken. That's good.

171 14 51 Hartsfield: Casper, Houston.

171 14 55 Mattingly: Yes, sir.

171 14 57 Hartsfield: I got some updates for you in the Flight Plan, back in Table [sic - means Page] 2-15, the transfer-after-docking table; Table Number 2-8, Page 2-15.

171 15 11 Mattingly: Okay, could you just - could you stand by for just a minute?

171 15 16 Hartsfield: Will do.

171 15 58 Mattingly: Okay. Where's this now, Hank?

171 16 02 Hartsfield: Roger. In the table, under item Number 8.

171 16 12 Mattingly: (Chuckle) Well. Tell me the page again.

171 16 16 Hartsfield: Oh, it's Page 2-15; it's transfer-after-docking table - Table 2-8.

171 16 36 Mattingly: Okay.

171 16 38 Hartsfield: Okay; under Item 8, where - We want to delete the LCG plugs; the PGA electrical connector covers, and the neck-ring dust covers. Those three items will be on the suits. And delete the DSEA. They'll take care of that tomorrow.

171 17 06 Mattingly: Okay. I take it from that they're coming up unsuited.

171 17 17 Hartsfield: They're gonna take their suits off in the LM, Ken.

171 17 23 Mattingly: Oh, I see what you mean. Okay.

171 17 26 Hartsfield: And the - the rest of these deletions are because they'll be taken care of tomorrow, also. Delete Item Number 12. And on the next page...

171 17 40 Mattingly: Okay.

171 17 41 Hartsfield: ...Item Number 15, delete the second and third lines. And delete Items 26, 27, and 28.

171 18 13 Mattingly: Okay. Let's see if I got all that, now. I got - under Item 8, delete the LCG plugs, the PGA pocket, contents, the neck-ring dust covers, and the DSEA. I deleted Item 12. I deleted the second and third lines of Item 15. I deleted Number 26, 27, and 28.

171 18 37 Hartsfield: That's affirmative.

171 18 22 Mattingly: Okay.

171 20 25 Hartsfield: And, Casper, I have two P24 pads for you, whenever you're ready. The first one is at 173:20, in the Flight...

171 20 32 Mattingly: Okay.

171 20 35 Hartsfield: ...Plan.

171 20 39 Mattingly: This is after the numbers have been changed, right?

171 20 22 Hartsfield: That's affirmative.

171 20 47 Mattingly: Okay, how far - let me see here how far ahead I need to change the numbers. I better do that right now, so we don't get - at first.

171 20 55 Hartsfield: Okay. That's at the old 169:20.

171 21 01 Mattingly: Well, we're gonna - Let's all talk in the - in the real GETs and I'll change my numbers in the book right now.

171 21 08 Hartsfield: Okay. 173:20.

171 21 50 Mattingly: Okay. I'll copy those numbers down.

171 21 59 Hartsfield: Okay. And all of these are at 173 hours plus, Ken; so T1 is 173 plus 15:02, 19:52, 21:32, 22:20; south 10 nautical miles.

171 22 26 Mattingly: Okay. And I guess we got another one over here at 173:50.

171 22 37 Hartsfield: That's affirmative. They're all 173 for the first number. T1 is 39:18, 44:08, 45:48, 46:36; north 1 nautical mile.

171 23 02 Mattingly: Okay. For Descartes, 173:39:18, 44:08, 45:48, 46:36, north 1. F-1, 173:15:02, 19:52, 21:32, 22 - that's 22:20 for T3, and south 10.

171 23 28 Hartsfield: Good readback, Ken.

Public Affairs Officer: This is Apollo Control at 171 hours, 36 minutes [171:24]. We're continuing to experience the noisy communications that we'd had to Orion on the lunar surface, due to the fact that we don't have the LM steerable antenna, the High Gain more directional antenna and we're using the Omnidirectional antennas on the Lunar Module. At about 173 hours [172:48] or a little bit beyond that we'll be able to cover the landing site with the 210-foot dish antenna at Goldstone, California. And we'd expect the noise on the circuit to drop somewhat at that time. While the crew on the lunar surface, Young and Duke, have been busy with their third Extra Vehicular Activity, Ken Mattingly has also been active aboard the Command Module, Casper, completed the plane change maneuver at 169 hours, 17 minutes, 39 seconds [169:05]. Flight Director Don Puddy, who's been following the CSM's activities says that the maneuver was almost precisely as planned; 124.7 feet per second change in velocity, this was a 7-second burn with the spacecraft Service Propulsion engine. And changed the plane of Casper's orbit a little over 1 and 1/3rd degrees and placing it in the proper position for rendezvous with the Lunar Module. The current CSM orbit is 65 by 55 nautical miles. For Ken Mattingly, this is a relatively quiet revolution there letting him have a break from his scientific duties, getting the Command Module cleaned up and ready to go - ready for the rendezvous and docking with Orion. And the subsequent large amount of material that will be transferred from the Lunar Module to the Command Module. The LM lift-off is currently scheduled to occur at 175 hours, 43 minutes, 30 seconds [175:31] Ground Elapsed Time. We have about 48 minutes left before we lose radio contact with Mattingly in the Command Module and he's now coming up approaching the Descartes landing site, he'll be passing over that in the next few minutes. At 171 hours, 39 minutes [171:27]; this is Apollo Control, Houston; continuing to monitor activities aboard Orion on the lunar surface.

171 26 33 Hartsfield: Casper, Houston. For your planning, I don't know whether it's been passed up or not, but no TV for rendezvous or docking.

171 26 44 Mattingly: Oh, okay. No, I hadn't gotten that.

171 27 03 Hartsfield: The reason for that, Ken, is that the - the television interferes with the LM comm. They've been having a comm problem there with their steerable.

171 27 14 Mattingly: Okay. Well, that's one less big item to not have to unstow.

171 30 11 Hartsfield: Casper, Houston. While you're working there, I'll just read you part of a little note I got from Farouk in the backroom. He says that "We feel that your descriptions of the visual targets have been very accurate and extremely significant." Also, concerning your comments on the site, the traverse planning troops were very happy to have them, and many of your comments were taken into consideration in planning EVAs 2 and 3.

171 30 42 Mattingly: Thank you. That's awfully kind.

171 36 28 Mattingly: Hey, Hank.

171 36 30 Hartsfield: Go ahead.

171 36 34 Mattingly: How about giving me a call about 5 minutes before we pass over the landing site and about 5 minutes before we hit the Riphaeus Mountains.

171 36 47 Hartsfield: Will do.

171 37 38 Hartsfield: Ken, I think you just passed the landing site.

171 37 43 Mattingly: Oh. Okay. Well, better luck next time. How about the Riphaeus Mountains, then?

171 37 50 Hartsfield: Okay. I'll give you a call 5 minutes prior.

171 43 33 Hartsfield: Casper, Houston. You're approximately 5 minutes from the mountains.

171 43 40 Mattingly: Okay. Thank you very much.

171 48 50 Mattingly: Sorry about that.

171 49 05 Hartsfield: What's that you're sorry about, Ken?

171 49 12 Mattingly: Oh, the camera got the Velcro on the lip mike and caught it in the Velcro on the back of the camera. I thought it was probably making a lot of noise at you.

171 49 22 Hartsfield: We could hear the camera cycling.

172 01 16 Mattingly: Hank, before I throw out the electrophoresis, I'd like to verify that's still the intention.

172 01 22 Hartsfield: Okay. I'll have them check on it.

172 02 09 Hartsfield: That's still in the plan, Ken.

172 02 13 Mattingly: Okay.

172 03 27 Hartsfield: Casper, Houston. I know you're gonna love these words, but I got one more Flight Plan change.

172 03 38 Mattingly: (Laughter) Okay. Hang on a second and I'll be with you. Let me get things tied down. Well, it looks like that last - last month of training was well worthwhile.

172 04 54 Mattingly: Okay, Hank. Read away.

172 04 56 Hartsfield: Okay. First one is at 173:50.

172 05 09 Mattingly: Okay.

172 05 19 Mattingly: Go ahead.

172 05 25 Hartsfield: Okay. At - Does it say something there about a Verb 49 maneuver to a P52 COAS cal? That's after that. 173:55. Want to change that attitude to 180, 255, 357?

172 05 44 Mattingly: Okay, that COAS cal attitude will be 180, 255, 357.

172 05 49 Hartsfield: Roger. And the high gain angles are minus 75, 249.

172 06 00 Mattingly: Okay. Minus 75 and 249.

172 06 03 Hartsfield: Okay. Next page, 174:09; delete the configure for urine jump - dump, and the H2 Purge Line Heaters, On.

172 06 17 Mattingly: Okay.

172 06 18 Hartsfield: Same page, at the bottom, 174:28. Delete the fuel cell purge and the dumps.

172 06 30 Mattingly: Okay, that's done.

172 06 32 Hartsfield: Next page at 174:36, starting with CM4 TV bracket. Delete all through don PGA.

172 06 53 Mattingly: Okay. I ought to be well ahead by then. If you'd like for me to wear the suit, why, it's no problem. I'm not requesting to wear it, but if you'd like for me to, why, it's no sweat.

172 07 07 Hartsfield: Not required, Ken. That takes some time out after the docking, Ken. That helps that time line.

172 07 24 Mattingly: Okay. Anything there is a big help.

172 07 26 Hartsfield: Okay. At 175:13.

172 07 29 Mattingly: Okay. I got those deletions. Go ahead.

172 07 34 Hartsfield: At AOS, we want to change the angles there to minus 75, 249; and put these Reacq and Wide. And this Reacq and Wide's gonna help the LM comm.

172 07 52 Mattingly: Okay.

172 07 54 Hartsfield: At 177:19 -

172 08 06 Mattingly: Say again the time?

172 08 08 Hartsfield: 177:19.

172 08 20 Mattingly: Okay.

172 08 21 Hartsfield: Delete TV, on. And anywhere else in there you run across that TV, just delete it.

172 08 32 Mattingly: All righty.

172 08 33 Hartsfield: And the last change is at 178 hours, at the top of the page.

172 08 45 Mattingly: Okay.

172 08 46 Hartsfield: P20, Option 5, minus-X forward SIM bay attitude. I'll get you your deadband on that in a second. Following that, "Alpha Particle/X-Ray Cover, Open. Alpha Particle, On"...

172 09 10 Mattingly: Hey, you give me minus-X - Start that whole P20 thing again, Hank.

172 09 20 Hartsfield: Okay. It's P20, option 5, minus-X forward. That's the SIM bay attitude.

172 09 27 Mattingly: Okay. And do you say you do not have a deadband yet?

172 09 33 Hartsfield: Three degrees.

172 09 38 Mattingly: Say again?

172 09 40 Hartsfield: Noun 79 will be a 3-degree deadband.

172 09 45 Mattingly: Okay.

172 09 47 Hartsfield: Okay. "Alpha Particle/X-Ray Cover, Open. Alpha Particle experiment, Alpha On. X-Ray, On. Gamma Ray, Deploy. Mass Spec, Deploy." And after the Mass Spec is Deployed, "Mass Spec Experiment, On. Ion Source, Standby."

172 10 33 Mattingly: Okay. Got all that. P20, Option 5, minus-X; 3-degree deadband, the Alpha Door comes Open, the Alpha comes On; the X-Ray comes On; the Gamma goes out; the Mass Spec goes to Deploy; the Mass Spec Experiment comes On when it is Deployed, and Ion Source to Standby.

172 10 49 Hartsfield: That's a good readback, Ken. That should take you on up past rendezvous and docking.

172 10 56 Mattingly: (Laughter) You care to have a little friendly wager?

172 11 07 Hartsfield: Negative, because I just got another change, if you'll flip back a page to the 177:55?

172 11 17 Mattingly: (Laughter) Okay, go ahead.

172 11 22 Hartsfield: Want to delete the Verb 49 maneuver to LM jets since we're not doing that tonight.

172 11 32 Mattingly: Okay.

172 11 38 Hartsfield: And that's about revision U - Uniform, I'll have Victor for you here shortly, probably.

172 11 49 Mattingly: Okay, no sweat. Whenever you get it, give me a call. Meanwhile, I'll be picking up toys here.

172 12 18 Hartsfield: Casper, you're looking good going around the hill, and INCO has your recorder.

172 12 26 Mattingly: Okay. Thank you very much. I'll see you in a few minutes.

Public Affairs Officer: This is Apollo Control at 172 hours 24 minutes [172:12]. That was John Young reporting that they have a problem with dirt in connectors. He's advising us that they plan to remove their helmets sc that they can blow the dirt out of the suit connectors, and get everything fitting in tightly. At the present time Young and Duke are getting the cabin back in order, getting equipment stowed, and preparing to jettison equipment that they will not need further - such things as the Portable Life Support Systems. They'll open the hatch and deposit this unneeded equipment on the Lunar surface. That time in the Flight Plan is around 172 hours 30 minutes [172:18]. We're running a little bit behind. It'll probably come out closer to 173 hours. And at the present time Ken Mattingly aboard the CSM Casper is nearing the end of his 50th revolution of the Moon. We're just about to lose radio contact with that vehicle. It's been a quiet revolution for Mattingly. Flight Director, Don Puddy, advised that this period had been intentionally left open so that Mattingly could get the Command Module cabin in order to receive all of the rocks and other equipment from the Lunar Module, including the two passengers. And also to get everything set up for the rendezvous and docking, which will occur on the 52nd and 53rd revolutions of the Moon. As we mentioned previously we do not expect to get television of the docking. This was originally scheduled, however, it has to be dropped because of the fact the Lunar Module steerable antenna is not working. With this situation it becomes necessary for the Command Module while the two vehicles are operating separately and in close concert such as they will be during the rendezvous and docking procedures. It becomes necessary to operate the Command Module with its Omni Directional antennas, rather than with the High Gain antenna, so that we don't block the receivers at the Manned Spaceflight network station while we have one vehicle operating with a much greater signal strength than the other as we found out prior to the landing. We tend to get better saturation in the receivers in order to keep this balance proper and to avoid that sort of problem, the two vehicles will be operated in a rendezvous and docking stage using comparable signal strengths and comparable antennas. And we therefore will not be able to get the television. The signal strength will simply be too low for a good television transmission.

[Loss of Signal at about 172:13.]

Public Affairs Officer: This is Apollo Control. We're in the process of completing our shift handover at the present time. Flight Director Gene Kranz and the White Team of flight controllers coming on to replace Pete Frank and the Orange Team for the Lunar Module. The Flight Director for the Command Module will be Phil Shaffer replacing Don Puddy at that position. And our Capsule Communicator at the moment is still Anthony W England. Dr Tony England was the Capcom also during the EVAs. And we resume will be relieved shortly, although he's still holding down those duties. And the Capcom for the Command Module is Astronaut Henry Hartsfield We're planning to have a change of shift press briefing in about 15 or 20 minutes. Best estimate is probably for about 5:00 p.m.

[Start of Lunar Rev 51 at 172:50.]

[Acquisition of Signal at about 173:03.]

173 03 07 Mattingly: Hello, Houston. Do you read?

173 03 13 Hartsfield: Casper, Houston. Reading you weak and noisy.

173 03 45 Mattingly: Hello, Houston. Do you read?

173 03 47 Hartsfield: Casper, Houston. I'm reading you very weak with lots of noise. Over.

173 04 11 Hartsfield: Casper, Omni Delta.

173 04 44 Mattingly: Houston, do you read Casper?

173 04 48 Hartsfield: Casper, Houston. Reading you very weak. If you read, go Omni Delta.

173 06 20 Mattingly: Houston, can you read Casper? Over.

173 06 26 Hartsfield: Casper, Houston. How do you read?

173 07 00 Hartsfield: Casper, DAC on.

173 07 46 Mattingly: Houston, how do you read Casper?

173 07 48 Hartsfield: Casper, Houston. Reading you very weak. Coming up on 10 seconds to T-2.

173 11 02 Hartsfield: Casper, Omni Delta.

173 11 15 Mattingly: Okay. How about that one?

173 11 17 Hartsfield: Hey, a lot better now, Ken. We had a bad antenna, I guess, on this acquisition. The mark should have gone on the tape recorder, though.

173 11 31 Mattingly: Okay, I - The tape recorder wasn't running. So I started it on Low Bit Rate for you.

173 11 37 Hartsfield: Thank you.

173 12 38 Hartsfield: Ken, for your information, the LM is not going to do a P22.

173 12 45 Mattingly: Okay: thank you.

173 15 04 Hartsfield: Casper, Houston. It looks like we got a - about 10 minutes here or so that's free. I got Flight Plan change Victor here.

173 15 17 Mattingly: (Laughter) Okay. Let me make one quick note on what I marked on there and - on F-1 and I'll - be with you.

173 15 31 Hartsfield: Okay.

173 15 32 Mattingly: That's an awfully big target to be marking on. So I picked a little target on the side of it.

173 16 14 Mattingly: Okay. I'm ready for change Victor.

173 16 18 Hartsfield: Okay. And for your information, Ken, the stowage for the items transferred from the LM to the CSM will be nominal. First change is at 179:20. And guess we should have brought that page up to add the 4 hours to.

173 16 39 Mattingly:179:20. I did that. That's 79:20. Go ahead.

173 16 51 Hartsfield: Okay, just to make sure we're at the right place, that's the old 175:20.

173 16 58 Mattingly: Yes, sir.

173 17 00 Hartsfield: Okay. At that place...

173 17 02 Mattingly: Big blank area right there.

173 17 03 Hartsfield: Right. At that place put, "On LM request, connect LM/CM umbilical and transfer over to the CSM."

173 17 33 Mattingly: Okay. "On LM request connect the LM/CM umbilical and transfer power to the LM" at 179:20.

173 17 42 Hartsfield: Roger. At 179:45, "Close LM hatch -

173 17 48 Mattingly: And?

173 17 52 Hartsfield: "Hatch installation decal, LM Tunnel Vent valve to LM/CM Delta-P; tunnel lights, off."

173 18 29 Mattingly: Okay. You want to close the LM hatch, and I take it you want to install the Command Module hatch.

173 18 36 Hartsfield: That's...

173 18 37 Mattingly: And we'll do a LM/CM Delta-P for the position, and the tunnel lights off.

173 18 24 Hartsfield: Roger. And delete the update block, the weight block, and the Verb 40 load - Verb 48 load. And right under that, put "Mass Spec Ion Source, On."

173 19 08 Mattingly: Okay. All right, go ahead.

173 19 11 Hartsfield: That's right under where I had the Verb 48. This is 280 hours but - just to get it in there. Mass Spec Ion Source, On. VHF AM B, Off, Center." And begin the eat period.

173 19 34 Mattingly: Okay. Now somewhere I need to load the - the LM weight into CS - add it to the CSM weight. Or at least I have the LM weight on there for the DAP. Let's see - Is that already taken care of? You're gonna give me a LM weight sometime earlier. So it will be covered. Okay.

173 20 02 Hartsfield: Okay, that ought to occur right after docking, Ken.

173 20 10 Mattingly: Yeah, I got it. Okay.

173 20 14 Hartsfield: Okay. You can start turning pages now, I guess, and we want to - at the old 176, we want to scrub that whole page. Actually, we are gonna scrub everything from 176 on up through 181 up - well, up to 181. So page 176, 176:30, scrub those two columns. On the next page, the 177, the...

173 20 45 Mattingly: You're not gonna want to use them again tomorrow?

173 20 48 Hartsfield: Negative. They say not. Don't scrub them too heavily.

173 21 01 Mattingly: Okay. I don't want to copy all that over again tomorrow (laughter).

173 21 05 Hartsfield: At this point, let's just skip over them...

173 21 07 Mattingly: Yeah, we won't do anything [garble].

173 21 17 Hartsfield: Okay. Anyhow, go on over to 181 hours. And this is the real...

173 21 28 Mattingly: Okay, 181...

173 21 29 Hartsfield: ...181. What it says right there in your Flight Plan. And put LiOH canister change...

173 21 36 Mattingly: Okay, and that's the same for both, huh?

173 21 39 Hartsfield: That's affirmative.

173 21 42 Mattingly: LiOH change?

173 21 44 Hartsfield: Roger; 15 into Bravo. Stow 12 in Alfa 3.

173 21 55 Mattingly: Okay.

173 21 57 Hartsfield: And if you want to write "Hallelujah" or something in there, we're back on the nominal plan again.

173 22 05 Mattingly: (Laughter)

173 22 09 Hartsfield: Still in the morning. You notice...

173 22 10 Mattingly: (Laughter) I think that's called a champion event.

173 22 12 Hartsfield: Roger. We just got in there for the rest period.

173 22 18 Mattingly: (Laughter) Well, I'm glad you didn't decide to scrub that one.

173 22 28 Hartsfield: And that's it for right now, Ken.

173 22 33 Mattingly: (Laughter) Okay. I'll go back and see if I can pick up the - Orion and the landing site.

173 22 41 Hartsfield: Okay.

173 23 07 Mattingly: Okay, Hank. One of the things we didn't talk about was I got 509 running now, and I'm gonna turn it off when I finish this next P24. Does that sound alright?

173 23 18 Hartsfield: Stand by.

173 23 37 Hartsfield: that's a good plan, Ken.

173 27 18 Hartsfield: Ten seconds to T-2 - T-1.

173 27 25 Mattingly: Okay. Thank you.

173 28 24 Hartsfield: Casper, are you gonna do the comm check with the LM?

173 28 31 Mattingly: Okay. It has another minute or so.

173 29 28 Mattingly: Orion, Casper on Victor Hotel. How do you read? Over.

173 30 09 Mattingly: Orion, this is Casper. Over.

173 30 14 England: Casper's trying to call you now. And the configuration is on 7-12, on your checklist.

173 30 23 Hartsfield: Ken, they should be configured here in just a second.

173 30 36 Mattingly: Hello, Orion. You got the combination. Good afternoon.

173 30 41 Young: Okay, Casper. This is Orion. How do you read? Over.

173 30 44 Mattingly: Loud and clear, John.

173 30 47 England Okay, Orion. Casper is reading you.

173 31 00 Mattingly: Orion, this is Casper. Reading you loud and clear.

173 31 04 Young: Okay, I'm not reading him.

173 31 12 England Orion, Verify that your B Receiver's On.

173 31 15 Mattingly: Loud and clear, John. How me?

173 31 24 Hartsfield: Casper. DAC on.

173 31 26 Young: Okay, Casper. How do you read? Over.

173 31 29 Mattingly: Loud and clear, John. How me?

173 31 35 Young: Roger. We read you 5 by, Ken. With a little squeal.

173 31 42 Mattingly: Okay. You're loud and clear, Charlie.

173 31 46 Duke: How's things up there?

173 31 48 Mattingly: Oh, just fine. Smile, I'm gonna take your picture here in a minute.

173 31 52 Young: Good show.

173 31 59 Hartsfield: Casper, the DAC should be running.

173 32 04 Mattingly: DAC is running.

173 32 12 Hartsfield: And you're coming up on 10 seconds to T-2.

173 32 19 Mattingly: Okay.

173 32 44 Mattingly: Man, that's hard to see in this sunlight.

173 33 19 Mattingly: Okay. On target.

173 33 30 Mattingly: In this Sun angle, that Flag and Spook are hard to see until you are right on top of them.

173 34 19 Mattingly: Okay, on target. By this Sun angle, that Flag and Spook are hard to see until you're right on top of them.

173 39 15 Hartsfield: Casper, Houston. We've got a bunch of pads to get up to you. The first one I've got for you is your - a range update, whenever you're ready to copy.

173 39 29 Mattingly: A range update.

173 39 30 Hartsfield: Roger. The - the - ranges that you have are a little bit in error. I'd like to give you the correct ones, so that when you compare your ranging, it'll look more better to you.

173 39 46 Mattingly: You mean the nominal ranges in the rendezvous profile?

173 39 51 Hartsfield: That's affirmative, sir.

173 39 55 Mattingly: Oh, okay. All righty.

173 40 00 Hartsfield: Okay. Range at insertion should be 171 nautical miles.

173 40 15 Mattingly: Okay, that'll be 171. Ready.

173 40 20 Hartsfield: insertion plus 6 is 142.

173 40 31 Mattingly: Okay.

173 40 33 Hartsfield: Omni Alfa, Casper.

173 40 42 Mattingly: You've got it.

173 40 43 Hartsfield: Okay. Insertion plus 9 is 129.

173 41 00 Hartsfield: And insertion plus 12 is 120.

173 41 12 Mattingly: Okay, let's see, that's - those aren't the same figures I've got in here, are they?

173 41 25 Hartsfield: They should be about 15 miles different as I understand.

173 41 35 Mattingly: Hey, what was the last one you gave me? Insertion plus how much?

173 41 39 Hartsfield: Plus 12. And it was 120.

173 41 43 Mattingly: Okay.

173 42 02 Mattingly: Mattingly: Okay.

173 42 06 Hartsfield: And I have that big bug-a-boo, the P27 update.

173 42 22 Mattingly: Okay, I'm ready to copy.

173 42 24 Hartsfield: Okay. CSM L - Correction, 71; GET, 175:43:30; index, 21; starting with 02, 01501, 00002, 00337, 02513, 00006, 35240, 77727, 75532, 77055, 73120, 61613, 77570, 70222, 51111, 07425. Break, Omni Bravo.

173 44 08 Mattingly: You got it.

173 44 10 Hartsfield: Roger. And starting with 21, 04510. And that's the end of that column. Starting on the next one, LM 71 -

173 44 25 Mattingly: Hang on a minute, Hank. Stand by.

173 44 51 Mattingly: Okay, Henry, go ahead.

173 44 53 Hartsfield: Okay, starting with LM, vector 71; GET, 175:55:00; index 21; data, 01501, 77775, 00270, 04377, 77662, 70436, 77660, 74724, 67755, 61614, 62362, 55364, 72047, 52342, 07431, 13320. End of pad.

173 46 30 Mattingly: Okay. Suppose I read it back to you as Verb 71, CSM 175:43:30; 21; 01501, four balls 2, 00337, 02513, four balls 6, 35240, 77727, 75532, 77055, 73120, 61613, 77570, 70222, 51111, 07425, 04510. LM Verb 71; 175:55:00; 21; 01501, 77775, 00270, 04377, 77662, 70436, 77660, 74724, 5 - Correction, 67755, that's line 12. Starting on line 13, 61614, 62362, 55364, 72047, 52342, 07431, 13320. Over.

173 48 01 Hartsfield: Good readback, Ken.

173 48 05 Mattingly: Amazing.

173 48 08 Hartsfield: And if you'll give us Accept and bring up the high gain, we'll get your state vector up.

173 51 10 Hartsfield: Casper, I have a correction to that range update I gave you.

173 51 19 Mattingly: Okay. Stand by just a second.

173 51 34 Mattingly: Okay. Go ahead.

173 51 36 Hartsfield: Roger. The Insertion plus 12 should read 116.

173 51 52 Mattingly: Okay. Plus 12 is 116.

173 51 55 Hartsfield: Okay, I owe you a consumables status. Everything's great there. We're nominal. And on the RCS, we're 153 pounds over the redline.

173 52 07 Mattingly: Okay.

173 52 09 Hartsfield: And the CSM weight that's stored in the CSM - CMC is okay.

173 52 21 Mattingly: All right.

173 52 31 Mattingly: You want to give me a hack at the LM weight, or I'll just guess at 5900 again.

173 52 41 Hartsfield: Stand by, Ken.

173 53 00 Hartsfield: LM weight is 5953

173 53 05 Mattingly: Okay, thank you.

173 55 18 Hartsfield: Casper, you can terminate the BAT B charge now.

173 55 24 Mattingly: Okay. Battery B charge is off.

173 56 03 Hartsfield: Casper, the computer's yours

173 56 09 Mattingly: Okay, thank you.

173 58 04 Hartsfield: Casper, I have an ascent pad for you.

173 58 09 Mattingly: Okay, stand by.

174 00 01 Hartsfield: Okay. You got the numbers?

174 00 18 Hartsfield: We got the angles, Ken. Torque them.

174 00 35 Hartsfield: You copy, Casper? You're clear to torque?

174 00 41 Mattingly: Roger. Torqued.

174 02 04 Mattingly: Hey, Hank. Do we have enough time to let me take a look at this COAS star, or do you want to get your pad first?

174 02 15 Hartsfield: Okay, we've got about 10 minutes to LOS.

174 02 22 Mattingly: Okay, Ed. We're in good shape then, because the star is right here.

174 02 25 Hartsfield: Okay. Why don't you press ahead with the COAS?

174 02 28 Mattingly: Okay. All righty. I'll be done with it in just a jiffy.

174 04 06 Mattingly: That's pretty close, isn't it?

174 04 10 Hartsfield: Roger.

174 04 11 Mattingly: Okay, I'm ready to copy your pad.

174 04 16 Hartsfield: Okay. Direct ascent first.

174 04 22 Mattingly: Okay.

174 04 25 Hartsfield: Tig is at 175:43:35.18; Noun 37 176:37:52.00. Co elliptic: lift-off, 175:46:09.37; Noun 11, 176:44:33.91; Noun 37, 178:37 all zips.

174 05 24 Mattingly: Okay, direct lift-off: 175:43:35.18; TPI, 176:37:52.00. Co elliptic pad: lift-off, 173:46:09.37; CSI, 176:44:33.91; TPI, 178:37:00.00.

174 05 50 Hartsfield: Good readback, Ken.

174 07 42 Hartsfield: Hey, Casper. You better stand by for a load. John and Charlie are bringing 271 pounds of rocks.

174 07 50 Mattingly: (Laughter) Outstanding.

Public Affairs Officer: This is Apollo Control, Houston, at 174 hours 20 minutes [174:08] Ground Elapsed Time. For Orion's ascent burn into orbit, Mission Control is looking at the following data. Time of ignition 175 hours 43 minutes 35 seconds [175:32]. Duration of the Ascent Burn 7 minutes, 16 seconds, 60,000 feet in altitude at shutdown. Velocity of 5,525 feet per second at shutdown. Orbit at insertion for Orion an apolune of 41.1 nautical miles with a perilune of 8.9 nautical miles. Orion should be about 160 nautical miles down range from its Descartes station at insertion. We're at 174 hours, 21 minutes Ground Elapsed Time [ 174:10 actual GET]. We will follow the air [to] ground conversation live as it occurs. This is Apollo Control Houston continuing to monitor.

174 09 57 Hartsfield: Casper, Houston. About 3 minutes from LOS. Everything looks good here.

174 10 04 Mattingly: Okay. See you next time around.

174 10 09 Hartsfield: Roger.

[Loss of Signal at about 174:12.]

[Start of Lunar Rev 52 at about 174:49]

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