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Adam Zovits

Adam Zovits Born in 1988, I was just old enough at 6 to become amazed when I found a description and an image of the Challenger disaster in an encyclopedia. Although at first I got enamored with high sci-fi spaceships (with dish-focused lasers for self-defense, built with LEGO pieces), I later learned that real spacecraft are much more interesting due to the simple fact that they exist and operate right now, not just in the future, in a galaxy far away.

Sadly the Hungarian space program wasn't just ready for me, so instead of becoming an astronaut, I graduated as a software engineer and admire space in my free time only. I likes sending Kerbals into orbit and sometimes bringing them back too. I have seen and touched a Buran space shuttle and own the LEGO Technic shuttle model.

My bucket list consists of only one item: Go to space.

October 2015

P.S. The photographer who created my portrait is my fiancée, Stella Konczer.