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Andreas Gossweiler

Andi Gossweiler


I’m 47 years old, born 19 days before Apollo 8 reached the moon and told the first verse of book Genesis to "the good earth". I live in Bern and I’m married with a lovely wife from Ukraine for 15 years now. Since my early childhood, I have been interested in space travel and exploration. In school I shocked my teachers with homemade hobby rockets. I read everything I could find on the subject of the US space program. My space interests may have been a reason that I later studied electrical and electronics engineering. Unfortunately, in Switzerland there are not so many possibilities to work in space technology. I have a good job as software architect here in a small company near Berne. My hobby interests are - in addition to space technology and the history of space exploration - general history, computer technics, hiking in the alps and listening to good music (classical and modern, especially electronic music). I’m also a great friend of old films. You can find me at facebook: https://www.facebook.com/andreas.gossweiler.16. September 2016