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Charlie McDonald

Journal Contributor Charlie McDonald writes:

I'm only casually interested in the US space program, and have been poking around on the Internet over the past several years. I only found the ALSJ a few months ago, but it has provided me with many hours of distraction, much to the dismay of my wife. My interest in space and space exploration began as I watched Apollo 11 land on the Moon when I was 12, and I think that helped inspire me to later earn a B.S. in Physics at Texas A & M. I didn't get to do any space-related work after school, but did move to L.A. and got an avionics engineer position with Northrop working on cockpit displays and instrumentation on the B-2 bomber. While I was working at Northrop's main B-2 facility in Pico Rivera, it was very cool knowing that I was right up the street from the North American Aviation/Rockwell plant in Downey that produced the Apollo service and command modules, then later the Space Shuttle orbiters.

February 2009