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David Jackson


David Jackson I was born in 1961, just after the start of the "Space Race". I grew up an Air force brat and moved around a bit. Seeing my dad climb into the massive KC135 and thunder off trailing black smoke really got my attention at about 5 years old. Flying machines and then rockets became my obsession. Grounded by a hearing loss, my dream of becoming an astronaut couldn't happen. So, as I grew older, I flew model rockets, then radio controlled aircraft. I followed with great interest the "Golden years" at NASA, and as much as I can the current programs.

My interest has recently turned to the space suits, really just small spacecraft themselves, and I have been building replicas of the early A7L, sometimes called the "A" version. I work for a small city in Ohio but, when I am not at my day job, I am probably sewing, casting or welding something for a space suit.

The photo shows me in the last replica I built, now on display in Nuremberg.

28 January 2008