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James Hill

My parents tell me that from the age of nought, in 1968, I was forced to sit in front of their black and white TV and watch every Apollo TV transmission. This has undoubtedly scarred me for life and I believe I have spent the 35 years since Apollo 17 trying to work out what happened... it seems I'm not alone...

Manchester, UK. November 2007


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James at the Cape

James on tour at the Cape.

"I was there about 10 July 01 for the launch of STS 105, for which I had tickets etc;
but, as I remember, STS 104 (Atlantis) was delayed and rescheduled for 12 July.
Perfect for my visit, so we went to see it instead!
Night launch - the sky turned blue as it rose!"

Editor's Note: The launch of STS 104 was at 0504 EDT, 1 hour 35 minutes before local dawn.